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Steven Shroyer Professional AstrologerSteven Shroyer is our senior astrologer and is currently providing all of our astrology readings. Steven’s life purpose is to help others discover their highest potential. He uses a pure principle astrology approach, synchronicity, and a clarity of insight to help unlock everyone’s intuition.

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“I’ve consulted many astrologers over the years. Steven’s readings are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend his life changing work.”

Testimonial – Sara B.

Astrology Classes

Class size is limited for increased individualized tutoring. A unique feature of Seattle Astrology's cutting-edge classes is your own astrology chart is used during the class. Your hands on learning starts immediately.

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Steven Shroyer is Seattle Astrology’s senior astrological researcher, teacher, and writer. He currently consults and advises individuals throughout the world. Astrological Services Articles · Readings ·  Classes · The Lunar Journal Astrology Articles Enjoy hundreds of well written astrology articles on a variety of topics. Astrology Readings Each astrology readings is profound in what it […]

Biography of Steven Shroyer

A Short Biography Steven Shroyer is an intuitively gifted professional astrologer. During his lifetime he has trained with some of most brilliant minds of the 20th century. Mr. Shroyer first learned astrology during a near-death experience at age twelve. While in an extended coma, he was taken to an astrological astral realm where he was […]

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Early Registration Form Ensure your spot in a limited sized classroom. Limited to only 8 to promote the highest quality learning environment. Dates TBA