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  • Leo Full Moon Opposed by an Aquarius Sun

    Claiming Your Life Instead of Reacting to Chaos

    Sun in 8 Aquarius Moon in 8 Leo Lunar phase is Full Full Moon Jan 26th, 8:38p Pacific The Full Moon energies are supporting a shift toward embracing a new level of “claiming” your life experience, instead of reacting to circumstances that don’t seem to …

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  • The Lunar Esoteric Journal is a Seattle Astrology Bi-monthly Publication

    Lunar Esoteric Journal

    The Lunar Esoteric Journal is published bi-monthly and follows the MOON cycles from an esoteric perspective. It’s an Astrology Journal that provides practical insight and advice to allow you to work with the Lunar energies in a positive way. From an esoteric point of view, …

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  • January New Moon

    A Graceful Inner Strength

    New Moon, Friday, Jan 11th, 11:44a PST. This is when the magic happens. When the Moon’s orbit comes between the Sun and Earth, the Moon’s light is hidden. Past traditions have referred to this Sun-Moon conjunction as “The Dark Moon.” as if there were an absence, But the Moon’s dark period is when the activation occurs.

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