Last Quarter Moon Astrology Aug 28 to Sept 5

  • The New Moon was August 4 – This month’s theme is “Expressing Your Creativity”
  • The Last Quarter Moon is Wednesday, Aug 28 at 2:35 am PDT
  • Sun is 6° Virgo, Moon is 6° Gemini
  • Next New Moon is Thurs, Sept 5
  • Sun entered Virgo on Thurs, Aug 22
  • Fall Equinox is Sun, Sept 22

Last Quarter Moon Bodhi Prana Tree

Current Lunar Cycle

The Last Quarter Moon supports integration as well as letting go, especially in terms of the gifts and lessons you have received in the last 3 weeks. What new awareness will you carry forward? What old beliefs and habits will you release? Your decisions and actions this week will help you to prepare for the manifesting wave that arrives with next week’s New Moon.

Going Deeper with Venus and Mars

This week’s astrology offers a special opportunity to connect with your inner vitality and creativity, and at the same time release old habits of identifying with external circumstances.

August Last Quarter Moon 2013The relationship between Venus and Mars is the keynote of this week’s chart . These planets are normally complementary, however this week they are out of sync. Their relationship this week will raise circumstances of contrast and conflict that require you to go within. This is because internally, they are still working in harmony. It’s only in the external world that they are seemingly in conflict.

A Summary of the Contrast

  • Venus is giving us the urge to sustain ourselves through the value of relaxing.
  • Mars is contradicting this urge through the desire for action by rushing into new situations.

These two contrasting forces will require you to make a choice. The decision you face this week may be a choice to let go of some deeply needed relaxation in order to pursue a great opportunity. On the other hand, perhaps you will be called to let go of activity and over-extension in order to rest up and recharge.

Either way, this decision represents the opportunity to choose from within – to re-sync these two ways of being at a deeper level within yourself. The opportunity of Venus is for self care and honoring your limitations. The opportunity of Mars is to release patterns of over-extension and to work with more subtle form of energy that come from within.

Going Within

Deep inside, your vital energies, your chi or prana, are active and waiting for an opportunity to be creatively expressed. During this coming week, Venus and Mars may be conflicting externally, but they will sync and work together at the deeper levels of your being.

It’s often mistakenly thought that vital life force can only be accessed through crisis, or unconsciously in life and death situations. Some have also learned to access it intentionally during deep meditation or possibly through an intense yoga practice.

It is time to let go of these limiting ideas. It’s time to learn to consciously access our inner life force. Your vital chi is inseparable from your creativity, and what enables you to revitalize and regenerate. When you learn to operate from within you can merge self care with creative activity in the world.

This week you have a special opportunity to practice this skill, by using your vital life force for your own creative expression.

In Closing

It is our deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you. Thank you again for your participation in The Lunar Matrix community.

Have a wonderful week,
Steven and Elizabeth,
The Matrix Team

Senate Hearing on Extra-Terrestrial Disclousre – Paul Hellyer

Transcription of a May 2013 address at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, by Paul Hellyer –  the former Canadian Minister of National Defense

Paul Hellyer speaks openly in front of a Senate sub-committee about ET’s current activity on Earth.

Paul Hellyer’s Senate Address:

“Just as children survive the idea of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus when they become adults, I believe that taxpaying citizens are quite capable of accepting the new and broader reality. That we live in a Cosmos teeming with life of various sorts. The fact that some other civilizations are more advanced than ours may be humbling, but it exists, and is being kept secret by the same vested interests who control our destiny.”

“Who are these vested interests and what are they up to? Well, Senator, we’re talking about a military junta. In my opinion that is true but I have broadened and deepened the definition to the Cabal, and the Cabal comprises members of the three sisters, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organizations, and select members of the military junta, who together have become a shadow government, of not only the United States but much of the Western World.

“The aim of the game is a world government comprised of members of the Cabal who are elected by no one and accountable to no one. And according to Mr. Rockefeller, the plan is much advanced. Does this help you to understand why our civil rights are being taken away from us? I say “Us” because Canada, too, is included in the Grand Plan.”[testimonials_single id=”1499″ style=”pullquote1″ align=”right”]

“So here we are more than a decade later fighting another war that cannot be won. There is no country on earth powerful enough to protect its citizens against fanatical hate, as we learned from the Boston Marathon. The mere attempt to pursue the impossible pits neighbor against neighbor and the state power structure against everyone. All of the freedoms won by the millions of men and women who fought and died in WWII are being flushed unceremoniously down the drain.”

“The only hope of peace is negotiated settlement. This will require a paradigm shift in American attitudes. It involves a de facto renunciation of the plan for a new American energy, and a pledge of cooperation with all of human kind, to build the kind of world which we all are capable of.”

“Young people everywhere need to be challenged by a noble cause. They need to be involved in arresting global warming. They need to create a banking system that is just and sustainable. And they need to lead the way in the transformation to the new reality that we have to live in harmony with our celestial neighbors as well as seeking peace on Earth. In a word, we have to become spiritual beings and practice the one tenet that the world’s religions have in common, that is, The Golden Rule.”

Paul continues his testimony by speaking about a species of ET’s called the “Tall Whites” and speaks of two ET’s currently working with the USA.

For full testimony see the video:

For expanded article and video clips of testimony see:

Cosmic Update – Full Moon Astrology Aug 20 to 28

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. This week look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Choosing Your Path: A Clear Creative Choice

Steven’s astrology reading offers insight into the specific potentials of Cosmic support available to us at this time.

Recently, I had someone ask me why they are feeling so heavy and uninspired if there is so much creative energy available for us to tap into this month. The answer to this question is embedded in the Full Moon astrology chart, which clearly expresses this experience of contrast. There is still an abundance of creative energy available. At the same time, there is also a pattern of stability and integration. This stability, if we resist it, can feel like a thick layer of density and heaviness.

In the coming days, especially this week leading up to next week’s Last Quarter Moon, we are faced with one of two paths. On the one hand there is expansion, creativity, and inner freedom. On the other hand there is security, integration, and stability. The contrast is clear, and from the chart it appears that many of us will be predominantly in one or another of these patterns.

The Astrology Kite and the Grand Square

Full Moon Astrology Chart Aug 2013There are two contrasting experiences available this week. The Astrology Kite brings an experience of creative expansion, an inspired sense of destiny, and feeling of moving forward with inner freedom. At the same time the Grand Square, with a powerful Moon/Neptune conjunction opposite a Sun/Mercury conjunction, brings feelings of stability and the opportunity for integration. The sense of life without change will be very comfortable.

Both of the forms hold a shadow, or uncomfortable side. The Kite’s expansion can be unpredictable and lead to stress and instability. The Grand Square’s security can lead to heaviness and a feeling of density. Neither is “good” or “bad.” These are simply the normal patterns of depletion within the form.

Each of us will be making a choice (whether conscious or unconscious) at the Full Moon. The pattern with which we align will highly impact the two weeks to follow. We are choosing between aligning ourselves with either the Expansion of the Kite or the Stability of the Grand Square. Some will make this choice consciously, while others will be making this choice unconsciously, completely unaware they are even making a choice.

Making a Wise Choice and Living in Trust

Don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that there is only one good or correct choice to make. You can trust that both scenarios hold opportunities. In once sense, you may already know from your experiences of the past several days which of these patterns is most ideal for you right now.

If you are recovering from an illness, or traversing a difficult life circumstance, perhaps choosing stability, integration, and security (the Grand Square) is a wise choice. If this is your choice it’s prudent to remember that a certain level of uninspiring heaviness may be part of this package deal.

If creative expansion, inner freedom, and a chance for destiny to reveal itself is first on your list, then by all means make this (the Kite) your conscious choice. Just remember that this choice comes with rapid expansion, uncertainty, an element of stress, and possibly unpredictable outcomes.

Whatever path you choose this Full Moon, choose it with conscious intention. If you’re unclear about the most beneficial form then simply hold the clear intention to align with the highest and best of your own potentials. Your Inner Being and Source will respond!

Cosmic Update: Aug 14 to Aug 20

Weekly Cosmic Update – Aug 14 to Aug 20

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon provides the opportunity to take actions that put you in alignment with your intentions for the future. Last week’s New Moon released a wave of creative potential. Circumstances this week may create tension or a possible “crisis” in order to allow you to shift direction and come into alignment with the new potentials. Right action and good decisions will keep your momentum on track.

This Week’s Astrology – “Asserting Your Creativity”

This week there is an abundance of creativity, which is inspiring us and supplying us with new ideas. The First Quarter Moon is supporting your natural assertiveness to take charge of the creative energies available this week. With so many new possibilities and directions to pursue, the challenge in the coming days is in choosing among the options and then taking action.

The amount of creativity may be overwhelming. In this case, it may be easiest just to do nothing resulting in procrastination. Or, it may seem like what you really want to do is out of reach resulting in discouragement. Either way, the opportunity for you this week is to move through your own patterns of overwhelment. Use your assertiveness to move through inertia, or to creatively pursue new options where perhaps they didn’t exist before.

As you work with the natural assertive energies available this week it’s important to note the differences between assertiveness and aggressiveness. In the context of creativity, aggressiveness is when your personal expression is at someone else’s expense. Assertive creativity, on the other hand, is when you act for the good of all by using your willpower to push through any barriers which are holding you back.

Your potential for creative success is infinite. The key in moving forward this week is in using the extra boost of assertive energy to make it happen.