Charting Your Own Path in the World: New Moon Astrology

New Moon Astrology Jan 1, 2014

  • The New Moon is Wednesday, Jan 1 at 3:14 am PST
  • Sun is 11° Capricorn, Moon is 11° Capricorn
  • New Moon Theme (thru the Jan 30 New Moon): Charting Your Own Path in the World
  • Next Full Moon is Wednesday, Jan 15

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

New Moon New Years Day 2014

Astrology Article: Charting Your Own Path in the World

Happy New Year to all my friends.

This month’s New Moon occurs early in the morning on New Year’s day (3:14 am). This provides the opportunity to use the New Moon energies to not only to set the intentions for the coming monthly Lunar Cycle, but to use it as an anchor for your intentions for the entire year.

The chart itself is extremely interesting. There are three distinct patterns available to help bring into alignment your goals for the month and even the entire year. The New Moon chart involves three interactive configurations: a grand square, a 5-planet stellium, and a prominent Jupiter retrograde.

The energies in the world are extremely complex and challenging right now. This is reflected in the chart which is complex, but potentially also very creative and dynamic. I would like to explain how to use some of these complexities to your advantage and at the same time make you aware of their shadow side to avoid any unnecessary hardships.

Grand Square: Stability and Security

New Moon on New Year's Day 2014The stability of a grand square leads to a solid feeling about life. Security and a feeling of stability will keep your feet on the ground in a practical way. With a grand square, change comes slowly and with plenty of warning. The grand square can also be rigid and limiting.

Successfully using its stability is based on flexibility, a sense of humor, and knowing when it’s time to make decisive decisions instead of “just letting things work out on their own.”

When it’s time change your perspective about something, don’t dig in and put up a needless fight. Often times, it’s a willingness to adjust your point of view which allows for your stability to continue to grow. Grounding practices are supported by this form and will help you remain flexible rather than stubborn.

The Stellium: Creative Ambition

With 5 planets lined up and focusing all their energies in Capricorn (capitalizing on the power of resources) there will be plenty of opportunity to line up the resources you’ll need to feel successful in the world. Capricorn will help you capitalize on the power of resources that become available. Your creativity will feel a new sense of power and conscious control.

With the New Moon conjunct Pluto, your sense of your own power combined with your projects will make you at times feel unstoppable. It’s important not to misunderstand the energy of the grand square and think to yourself, “Wow I’m invincible, there’s no way things can go wrong.”

In fact, the Moon-Pluto conjunction may lead to unpredictable results, so be prepared to release to attachment to outcome and remain flexible to what unfolds.

Use your creativity to expand your flexibility and ways to see challenges in a new light. See yourself building resources that will benefit others. The shadow here is ambition for the sake of your own power and control. The energies are aligning for the power you are feeling to benefit others or a future generation. Hording this type of power is short sighted and can have an unexpected outcome, much like misusing nuclear power without fully understanding the long-term effects of radiation.

Jupiter: Dynamic Internal Expansion

Jupiter governs both expansion and integration. In this particular chart, Jupiter’s position is also governing the distribution and quality of energy available for your personal use. It’s quite clear from looking at the chart that Jupiter plays a super important role in the overall pattern. The challenge is to understand how it might be working in your own life.

The way you will recognize Jupiter’s energy working is in the expansiveness you feel on the inside. This is an internal experience, because Jupiter is retrograde and in opposition to the 5-planet stellium. It will be working as an internal process to access your sense of power. This is not the power of “controlling in the world,” but the internal power that allows you to act from inner guidance. This is the type of power that comes from owning your own creativity and managing (a Jupiter function) your own perspective, even when your perspective doesn’t fit into the norm.

Ultimately, this Jupiter influence can start a new internal process of Self-realization. It’s an extremely dynamic process where your sense of stability begins to shift from circumstance and resources to the ever-creative presence of the Higher-self.

The shadow side of Jupiter in this configuration is the feeling that everything will work out without any effort, change, or decisions on your part. Another common misconception or shadow side of Jupiter in this position is related to the idea of false humility. This is where the ego expands its spiritual identity or ambition through piousness or anything short of authenticity.

Remember, Jupiter’s expansion and integration takes effort, diligence, flexibility, and a desire to fully know yourself and your Higher-self.

Complexity of Life

Life is complex and difficult in so many ways right now. This New Moon and the beginning of a new year presents many complex issues we all must navigate. I hope that the insights from this New Moon article will help you to navigate your own complexities.

Use this time to feel your own creativity emerging as a form of help from your Higher-self. Feel your own sense of stability and don’t be afraid to expand your sense of self this month and this year. This is an excellent time to integrate more of your Higher-self in a conscious way. Happy New Year.

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Winter Solstice Full Moon: Finding Your Hidden Light

Winter Solstice Full Moon Astrology Dec 17

  • Full Moon is Tuesday, Dec 17 at 1:28 am PST
  • Sun is 26° Sagittarius, Moon is 26° Gemini
  • Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Recognizing Opportunity
  • Next New Moon is Thursday, Jan 2, 2014
  • Winter Solstice is Dec 21 at 9:11 am PST

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. This week look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Winter Solstice 2013

Astrology Article: Finding Your Hidden Light

This Full Moon occurs only four days before the Winter Solstice and it illuminates your ability to understand your hidden role in the world. I say “hidden” because we often don’t understand the role we play in inspiring others and bringing others together. With the solstice taking place between the Full Moon and New Moon, you have an opportunity in the coming days to recognize your own role as someone who is instrumental in creating an atmosphere which others can rally around and find inspirational.

The Full Moon always represents a type of illumination which occurs in relationship to the New Moon monthly theme. Our New Moon theme this month is focused on Recognizing Opportunity and following the Full Moon you have the opportunity to see your own role in inspiring others.

The solstice energies this week will support this opportunity with the rebirth of light. Cultural tradition during this time of the year provides an example of this with stories of the Christ child emerging as a historical figure of inspiration and a personality in which people have rallied around for centuries.

A Story of Light and Hope

The story of the birth of the Christ child is a story of future hope. It’s a story of a new source of light and illumination around which the world can rally. This story also describes the essence of the winter solstice, which represents the hope of the returning day-force. Light once again is reborn.

The Winter solstice is the point of the year in which our solar light is reborn and starts to grow in strength as the daylight once again begins to lengthen. The longest night of the year marks the end of the night-force reign and its power no longer continues to grow unchecked. The promise of light and the day-force once again returning the Sun to its glorious throne of power fills our imagination with hope for a better future.

The birth of Light at the Winter solstice is the hope of something new. The Light is alive and it’s beginning to grow in our consciousness. This is the hidden theme of the Christ child story and also the theme of the solstice.

The realization available at the Full Moon rests on your recognition of the role you play in bringing others together in the spirit of unity. Whatever the action, whether it’s something you do, organize, or create, if others are inspired to come together, you’ll be instrumental as a symbol of light. In this way, each of us connects with the Christ child within and the light reborn at the Winter solstice.

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New Moon Astrology: Recognizing Opportunity

  • The New Moon is Monday, Dec 2 at 4:22 pm PST
  • Sun is 10° Sagittarius, Moon is 10° Sagittarius
  • New Moon Theme (thru the Jan 1 New Moon): Recognizing Opportunity
  • Next Full Moon is Sunday, Dec 16
  • Winter Solstice is Dec 21

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

December Moon, New Moon Astrology, Seattle Astrology website.

Astrology Article: Recognizing Opportunity

This month’s wave of New Moon potential brings new opportunities. Opportunity comes in variety of forms. The key to success this month is recognizing that all opportunities aren’t equal. It is important this month to check with your inner guidance before you act. In this way you will check to see if an opportunity is supporting your highest good.

One way to understand this New Moon wave of Sagittarius energy is to recognize the help you received during the last Lunar cycle involving the theme of authenticity and integrity. The last weeks were about connecting with your Higher Self. You can use this connection now to make decisions, by “feeling” when circumstances are in alignment with your highest good.

Recognizing whether or not an opportunity has integrity (supporting your larger life picture) will be the key to your success. In other words, connect with your guidance before making decisions or jumping on board your next adventure.

Rest assured that ultimately all opportunities are good, because every circumstance has a purpose. However, all opportunities do not support you in the same way. The question the New Moon raises is your ability to choose from your own guidance. Sagittarius energy is fantastic for recognizing and expanding through opportunity, but Sagittarius also needs guidance from inner principles which recognize the hidden benefits of the bigger picture.

The key concept to remember this month is that each opportunity you encounter will have its own energy and momentum. Look for indicators and clues as to whether what is being offered fits into your larger scheme of things. Connect with your inner guidance to stay in the flow and avoid detours.

The New Moon Astrology Chart

New Moon Chart Dec-2, 2013Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) is providing a lot of momentum forward, while Uranus retrograde (shaking loose the hidden value) is raising the question of whether or not your next move serves your highest interest or that of someone else.

There is a triangle of success (a trine and two sextiles) involving Mars, Venus, and Mercury. You’ll be aware of multiple opportunities and choices. The important thing to realize is that they may not all be “yours.”

Pay attention to your inner guidance, even if on the surface everything looks solid. This is your Higher-self, with the help of Uranus, assisting you. During a New Moon your intuition is highly active. Use it to trust your feeling nature. Ask if you are aligned with the greater good, or if greed or ambition (yours or someone else’s)’s) are part of your impulse to act.

This month your inner guidance is supporting your highest good. Trust it. Move forward.

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Last Quarter Moon Astrology: The Freedom to Expand

  • Last Quarter Moon was Monday, Nov 25 at 11:28 am PST
  • Sun is 4° Sagittarius, Moon is 4° Virgo
  • Last New Moon Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Connecting More Authentically

Current Lunar Cycle

The Last Quarter Moon supports integration as well as letting go, especially in terms of the gifts and lessons you have received in the last three weeks since the most recent New Moon. What new awareness will you carry forward? What old beliefs and habits will you release? Your decisions and actions this week will help you prepare for the manifesting wave that arrives with next week’s New Moon.

Astrology Article: The Freedom to Expand

Expansion occurs in many different forms. This week, leading up to Monday’s New Moon, provides an opportunity to get out of your own way by allowing your personal maturing process to precede on schedule. You’re expanding your use of personal power by letting go of perspectives that keep you boxed in.

By making a slight adjustment to your outlook in the world you’ll have an opportunity to move more easily into your own power. This is a mature type of power capable of balancing justice with compassion. It’s the authentic part of you which desires freedom over conflict. It’s free of bias, strong opinions, and preconceived ideas.

For this maturing process to continue on schedule, expansion is necessary. Without the willingness to expand, conflict will feel like the most appropriate response to life’s struggles. This may require some discipline on your part. Concentration and the ability to look within will be the key to expanding your perspective.

Look at your own biases and limiting perspectives in areas where you are finding conflict. This objective viewpoint will enable you to let go of limitation and expand into a more authentic version of yourself. Letting go will give you the freedom and ease needed to get out of your own way and embrace your own power.

Astrology Chart and Patterns

Jupiter’s in a powerful position in this week’s chart. It’s in opposition to both Venus and Pluto and offers a path for your personal expansion. The reason it’s so powerful is that it activates a connection (trine and sextile Venus ) to the Saturn/Mercury conjunction.

There a tremendous amount power available both in the Venus/Pluto positions and the Saturn/Mercury positions. The key to accessing this power is maturity, and expansion from limiting ideas of how we are all connected. The mental discipline required (Saturn/Mercury) to go within (Jupiter retrograde) is strongly supported by Mars (new level of control) and letting go.