Winter Solstice New Moon: Awakening the Solstice Light

Article Window: Dec 21 to Jan 20
• The New Moon is Sunday, Dec 21, 5:36 PM PST
• The Full Moon is Sunday, Jan 4
• Sun is 1° Capricorn, Moon is 1° Capricorn
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Jan 20): Personal Empowerment

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn. This is a major shift, where the Sun reaches its northern-most destination in the sky and begins its annual journey southward. This shift is most strongly experienced in terms of light, as the length of daylight begins to increase and the hope of spring and the rebirth of nature first begins to take hold.

Winter Solstice 2014

Astrology Article: Awakening the Solstice Light

This week we anticipate Winter Solstice, the annual gift of light, and perhaps the most inspiring turning point of the astrological calendar.

Since the Summer Solstice on June 21, each day has been progressively shorter. Over the past six months, as the day-force has withdrawn, the magnificent night-force has gained in strength. This week the night-force reaches it pinnacle in the days and hours before the winter solstice arrives.

Then, as if magic were in the air, the light is once again re-awakened and along with the light the hopes, the dreams, and the magic of rebirth are re-ignited as well.

I refer to this experience as ‘magic’ because we can feel it, but we can’t see it. This magic is the great Mystery of the Christmas spirit revealed within Nature. The birth of the light brings the hope of something better to come. This is the light of Christ-consciousness re-awakening. If we can claim it as our own, the light has the power to heal us and even bring humankind together in love with the promise of what that light can bring to the world.

The Season of Empowerment

The Winter Solstice is marked by the shortest day of the year. The actual moment of Solstice is also marked by the time that the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It is Capricorn’s energy that fuels this birth of light.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and its energies are extremely powerful, holding a tremendous amount of spiritual potential. This energy is spiritual in the sense that the night-force is still operating at almost full strength, but there’s a hidden power which has been awakened. This is the power of pure light and love functioning in the physical realm.

The light is present in the same way that the dormant seeds awakening in the ground feel the energizing promise of spring. By its very nature, Capricorn understands this power. When this power is claimed at the individual level, then Capricornian energy will find a way to express and organize this power in the physical world.

With power comes responsibility. Capricorn brings both empowerment and the responsibility that goes along with it. It is necessary that these two aspects be balanced. All too often, the sense of taking responsibility over-shadows one’s claim to their personal power. In other words, overwhelming responsibility can limit one’s capacity for personal empowerment.

The solstice light balances these qualities of empowerment and responsibility through Capricorn’s excellent capacity to work within the earth realm. Usefulness, management, and community are all terms describing Capricornian energy, bringing this balance into the world in a practical way.

The other secret of Capricorn is hope in a better tomorrow. Without hope, Capricornian responsibility and sense of power can become self-destructive and cynical. The unique combination of astrological energies at this year’s Winter Solstice is directly emphasizing this hope of new opportunity.

This year’s astrology chart illustrates the opportunities available to us. New hope arrives through a well-positioned Jupiter and Uranus (see below). In addition, the chart also shows the opportunity for abundance and prosperity.

Individual financial success is strongly indicated, provided that the combination of hope, responsibility, and practicality are able to work for the betterment of the larger good. The ‘larger good’ can most easily be understood by extending your actions to include those you care most about.

As your sense of self expands, the larger good also expands. You understand that what benefits the Whole is also what most benefits your individual Self. Once this form of selflessness is embraced, prosperity is the end result (Venus in Capricorn).

These next winter months hold the promise of opportunities for financial expansion, along with the sense of optimism that everything will work out in a positive way. The path for success this winter lies in claiming your power, acting in alignment with the larger good, and then seeing and feeling a bright future for yourself.

Astrology Pattern

Winter Solstice Astrology Chart- 2014Capricorn energy is always present at the Winter Solstice, but in this year’s chart that energetic potential is amplified. This is illustrated by the fact that this year at Solstice there are five planets in Capricorn. This stellium delivers an increased sense of empowerment, responsibility, and hope.

The Sun and Moon are at 1° Capricorn (the chart only looks like they’re in Sagittarius). The Sun and Moon together (New Moon) on the 1st degree of Capricorn strongly emphasize your ability to personally claim this power as self-empowerment. This extra dose of momentum is gained from the start of the new Lunar cycle coinciding with the Solstice.

With Pluto at 13° it is time to claim that personal power as the end result of intentional action, hard work, and doing the right thing. (Sun/Moon are balsamic to Pluto.)

Venus represents the end result of your hard work and this can easily be experienced as a new level of prosperity. The Sabian symbol for our New Moon supports this very idea.


With the Sun and Moon falling on the powerful first degree of Capricorn, a new cycle of prosperity and hope can be seen as a definite possibility for things to come. Jupiter trine the New Moon brings leadership, once the Capricornian power is claimed and integrated.

Jupiter trine Uranus in Aries also inspires a deep sense of hope and the inspiration to access your empowered self to move forward in life with light and the freedom to realize more of your potential than you have in the past.

The traditional tidings of “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All” are emphasized in this chart. Prosperity and personal success in all your endeavors is the overwhelming theme for moving forward.


This year’s Winter Solstice is full of magic, hope, and prosperity. With our New Moon falling directly on the Solstice there is a sense that the next six months will be full of light, empowered living, and a bright future. Your holiday season may feel more alive and full of hope. This is a time to feel a new sense of empowerment as you lay claim to an inspired future.

Peace and blessings to all.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

Winter Solstice New Moon Tarot Video

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Creativity is Fully Available: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2014

Article Window: Dec 6 to Dec 21
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Dec 6, 4:27 AM PST
• Sun is 15° Sagittarius, Moon is 15° Gemini
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Dec 21): The Power of Reflection
• Next New Moon Dec 21 (Winter Solstice)

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon over Mount Baker, Washington.

Full Moon Astrology Article:
Creativity is Fully Available

With our current Full Moon there’s a definite shift toward creativity with a powerful ‘grand fire trine’ pattern which is bringing creativity, passion, and inspiration into our lives.

You can clearly see this powerful astrology pattern in our Full Moon chart as the triangle created by the blue circled planets. These three planets are activating the energizing aspect of the element of fire through the three fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The Full Moon chart emphasizes the positive characteristics of both Sagittarius (Sun) and Gemini (Moon). Sagittarius energy produces a deeper understanding from new experiences, and Gemini is able to take the wisdom distilled from those experiences and organize effective ways to make those experiences real in your everyday life.

Your opportunity to take advantage of this powerful grand fire trine will come through your ability to embody or put to use what you have recently learned about yourself. What you have learned may have unfolded over the past several months, or specifically involve any profound insights you may have experienced since the recent New Moon.

Sagittarius energy plays an expanded role during the next two weeks. Not only is the Sun in Sagittarius, but Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is one of the planets involved in our grand fire trine. Jupiter has the ability to integrate and expand all the creativity being felt with the grand trine. The Gemini Full Moon will further integrate that creativity with an increased awareness of the importance to share and exchange with others, thus anchoring your creative energy flow in a concrete expression.

The next two weeks are perfect for taking advantage of this creative energy. Embrace your ideas and creative impulses and then expand them through sharing and communicating them with others. Each person has her or his own unique style of creativity. Whether it’s through visual art, writing, speaking, or something as simple as cooking special food, the next two weeks are fully supporting your own unique creative expression.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Chart December 2014The Full Moon Astrology pattern is being supported by a grand trine in all three fire signs of the Zodiac. Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius.

This astrology pattern is emphasizing the creative factor found in the fire element and is directly accessible through an objective and mental expression, as seen in the pattern of Mercury conjunct with the Sun. Uranus and Jupiter are also working to expand and express your ability to communicate that creativity with others.

Even the Sabian symbol at the exact degree of the Full Moon is supporting this idea.


With the Full Moon in Gemini there’s an additional impulse to share your creativity with others. It’s clear from the Sabian symbol that this creative impulse includes expansive communication, symbolized by the children’s two-way exchange, in order to support a more complete integration of the fiery creativity of our grand trine.


Our Full Moon astrology is providing an enhanced level of creativity which needs to be shared and exchanged with others in order to be full activated. The energies available during the next two weeks are full of positive outcomes, provided you able to creatively express your ideas and feelings. This is an ideal time to expand your goals through creative planning and sharing your ideas with like-minded people.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

New Moon Astrology: Profound Meaning from Your Most Challenging Life Situations

Profound Meaning from Your Most Challenging Life Situations

  • Article Window: Nov 22 to Dec 21
  • The New Moon is Saturday, Nov 22, 4:32 AM PST
  • The Full Moon is Thursday, Dec 6, 4:27 AM PST
  • Sun is 1° Sagittarius, Moon is 1° Sagittarius
  • Current New Moon Theme (thru Dec 21): The Power of Reflection
  • Next New Moon Dec 21.

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

Winter Moon November 2014

Astrology Article: Profound Meaning from Your Most Challenging Life Situations

There comes a time when struggle is part of the fabric of life. Throughout this past month, with the Sun moving through Scorpio, many of you have experienced difficulty. Ultimately you can take heart, knowing that difficult times aid in providing a new level of wisdom.

Struggle comes in different forms, and encompasses different challenges, but the one common denominator found in all types of struggle is your ability to reflect after the fact. This New Moon releases a new wave of energy capable of transforming your efforts during current challenges and struggle into a deeper understanding.

Last month you had the opportunity to widen your experience and take a big step forward in your life. This month’s Sagittarius New Moon gives you another big opportunity. This one is centered on discovering a more profound meaning to your most challenging life situations.

The Art of Reflection

Reflection, the art of remembering and re-awakening past struggles or efforts, can be a powerful key capable of unlocking new meaning, and along with it, a deeper understanding of its positive benefit.

An important theme within Sagittarius is the ability to understand or comprehend how your beliefs and values can shape what your truth is and what feels right to you.

In Sagittarius there’s a need to live by principles born of understanding through meaningful relationships and a greater good. This month the New Moon falls on the very first degree of Sagittarius. The quality of understanding associated with 1° Sagittarius implies that it’s through reflection and contemplation that new perspective is gained.

What’s important during the this Lunar month is your ability to see the deeper meaning of life’s struggles so that moving forward is with the reassurance that no effort is truly ever lost. This first degree of Sagittarius emphasizes that your effort, sacrifice, and struggle is never in vain. However, this is true only if you have the courage to revisit challenging past events and remember them in a new light, born from maturity.

A memory that has been re-awakened has the chance to be transformed. The key for success when challenging memories are re-wakened is to acknowledge that your past efforts are always connected to something greater.

This something greater will vary from person to person. A warrior may reflect on sacrifice made for the great good of a nation. A healer might contemplate how their own vitality serves the lives of everyone they contact. A hero might see their efforts being a testament to a greater destiny. A mystic might ponder how the struggle releases the karma to build a more encompassing “tomorrow”.

As a child, I heard my father say that “good comes from everything.” As a philosophy for life, Astrology would say, “Live by principles of understanding and meaningful relationship, and the greater good will always be embraced.”

As our Sun moves into Sagittarius, there is still a significant energy remaining in Scorpio with Saturn and Mercury. This remnant of Scorpio’s energy will be difficult for some people. Struggle can come both from our inner life or through relationships. The positive aspect of Scorpio’s struggle is hidden in the symbol of the phoenix rising from the ashes with new understanding of the greater good. Our Sagittarius New Moon is providing momentum for the rising phoenix, in the subtle form of wisdom and understanding, and from the knowledge that no situation has the power to destroy.

The key for success this month is in the art of reflection.   In the process, what is being reflected back to your consciousness is not pain, or fear, or feelings of demise. What’s being reflected is that you were able to rise to the realization and the wisdom that you are greater because of your struggle. This is the deeper understanding, and with it a new perspective.

Astrology Pattern

November New Moon Chart 2014One of the spectacular patterns that stands out in this New Moon chart is the grouping of five planets in the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. (The Sun and Moon are included as planets.)This grouping presents an interesting dynamic between the changing energies of Scorpio into Sagittarius. As the Sun moves from Scorpio to the 1st degree of Sagittarius, there is still power being generated in Scorpio, especially with Saturn and Mercury, that must be combined with the distributing energy of Sagittarius. To be successful that Scorpio energy must go into forming new meaning (Sagittarius).

Saturn conjunct Mercury in a balsamic (approaching) position represents the necessity to reflect (Mercury) on the foundational beliefs (Saturn) in order to fully release the New Moon potential. On the other hand, Venus is in a new phase position and separating from the Sun. In this case, Venus signifies the value you place on a past event. In other words, it’s the end result of a situation which is the determining factor whether it becomes framed as either positive or negative. Therefore, Venus plays a big role in determining how you move forward in life.

Jupiter and Uranus are working together to create additional momentum to break free from the status quo. This is exactly the most beneficial type of energy possible. It provides a great deal of integrative power (Jupiter in Leo) that aids Uranus in breaking free from old patterns and the remnant, or ghost, of previous cycles (Aries).

The first degree of Sagittarius is also quite fascinating in that it holds a visual picture of the art of reflection.


The retired warrior is giving himself the opportunity for a new perspective and understanding. Old memories are only painful until they are transformed into principles and values capable of inspiring a new perspective. This suggests you must use your will to reaffirm the value of all struggle, knowing that you are not alone, as all of humanity is connected in bringing forward the “greater good”.


Our New Moon astrology has additional energies focused from a powerful grouping of planets with extra help from Jupiter and Uranus. This combination provides a powerful opportunity to re-frame and transform past efforts and struggles through the use of reflection. The result is a re-beginning based on the wisdom and understanding of the purpose or meaning of past difficulties.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.

Have a wonderful month,

Take Your Next Big Step: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2014

  • Article Window: Nov 6 to Nov 22
  • The Full Moon is Thursday, Nov 6, 2:23 PM PST
  • Sun is 15° Scorpio, Moon is 15° Taurus
  • Current New Moon Theme (thru Nov 22): Widening of Experiences
  • Next New Moon Nov 22

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Taurus Full Moon in Seattle.

Astrology Article: Take Your Next Big Step

Each Full Moon is a powerful astrological event that facilitates growth to meld into the fabric of your being, especially in your life force and your ability to adapt and change. The power of this monthly cycle is dramatically amplified when the degree of the Full Moon occurs on one of the four power nodes of the Zodiac.

Passed down from ancient astrological traditions, these four Zodiac power nodes have been recognized as the four most potent releasers of energy in the entire year. These major release points are located at 15° Taurus, 15° Leo, 15° Scorpio, and 15° Aquarius.

This Full Moon is occurring at two of these four power points: The Moon is at 15° Taurus while the Sun is at 15° Scorpio. The entire Taurus/Scorpio Zodiac axis is being completely activated. As a result of this very strong Sun/Moon activation there is powerful energy being released.

In your personal experience, this powerful energy can be expressed along a full spectrum, from powerful challenges to powerful opportunities. In its most positive expression, the opportunity can result in the motivation you need to step forward toward a significant goal in your life.

The challenge can be expressed as a need to purposefully harness the power of these energies without feeling overwhelmed, lost, or confused.

Besides the release of these powerful energies associated with Taurus and Scorpio, this month’s Full Moon also carries with it an extra amount of tension resulting from the influence of Saturn and Venus conjunct the Sun. This is the type of tension that suggests “something big needs to shift to move forward.” It demands you do something positive in your life.

Unless it’s understood and expressed, this powerful Scorpio/Taurus energy release amplified by the natural tension of the Full Moon could easily be overwhelming.

The extra tension you may be feeling is a natural by-product of the ongoing and dynamic nature of our solar system. Once this dynamic tension is recognized for its potential, it’s much easier to tap in and create positive momentum to any area of your life.

In the current chart, Jupiter is providing the opportunity for release and positive expression of this powerful force.

This Full Moon opens the doorway to a perfect time to take “your next big step” in life. The Full Moon in Taurus is supporting your need to make your next big step feel real, or concrete. You can also experience a new perspective while working with some of the deeper energetic patterns contained within Scorpio.

The support and perspective of this Earth/Water duo of Taurus and Scorpio gives room for more transformative types of action to take hold in your everyday world. With Jupiter’s role strongly emphasized at the Full Moon, if you’re able to navigate the focused release of these energies, you have the opportunity to feel balanced and energized as you purposefully expand more fully into your larger destiny.

Astrology Pattern

Nov-Full-Moon-2014A Full Moon astrology pattern always places the Moon and Sun in opposite Zodiac signs exactly 180° apart. Our current pattern also groups the Sun with the two additional planets Saturn and Venus. With the Sun, Venus, and Saturn in Scorpio all focusing their energies through the Full Moon in Taurus, there is the possibility of a reaction of stubbornness to emerge. With so much energy being released in Taurus the possibility for implosion exists if there isn’t a sufficient avenue of release available.

Jupiter provides the perfect avenue for this type of positive release to occur. Jupiter’s position forms a T-square to the Scorpio/Taurus Sun/Moon polarity. This square is a positive influence once this energy is managed and directed. It offers an outlet and a needed direction for that energy to flow. Jupiter can act like an absorber to harness, organize, and convert the release of energy and direct it into your larger life’s work and purpose.

The shadow side of Jupiter absorbing all this energy is the feeling of being overwhelmed and losing faith in yourself. Unconscious patterns will more easily emerge and your imagination could become negatively activated, without any true sense of hope and growth. The key to Jupiter’s shadow in this pattern is centered on your determination for purpose, which allows an internal direction for the excessive energy to flow and release.

Mars in Capricorn can help here by supporting your ability to access will power and determination to expand into the positive potentials available.

The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter’s exact degree of 22° Leo clearly expresses this larger potential that is available to us all.


In the context of this chart, the symbol expresses the energy of you stepping into your life’s mission or destiny, or an aspect of your destiny being expressed.

Your capacity to tap into this Full Moon astrology pattern lies in your capacity to manage such a large release of energy.

Since it’s a Full Moon chart, this meaning applies on many levels, from personal, to group, to planetary.
Although this article’s focus is centered on a personal response, it’s important to remember that this pattern is happening at a world level as well.

Within the different societies of the world unconscious patterns will be activated and released. A conscious prayer and affirmation for the highest outcome for all through this process will fulfill one of your “carrier pigeon” missions.


There’s a tremendous amount of energy being released during this Full Moon. There is the potential for stress, implosion, and chaos but also simultaneously the opportunity for expansive growth.

The key to harnessing these energies in the highest possible way is through understanding the direction in which this energy will naturally want to flow. The planet Jupiter holds the key for positive release. It wants to use these energies to energize your life path and keep you moving in the right direction.

Your power these next two weeks lies in the opportunity to take the next big step in your life. Even if it looks like a small step from the outside, it will channel and focus all of this potential into the momentum of your life purpose. In the moments that you may be feeling overwhelmed, remember that you can tap into the power of hope as a tool to direct your energies in the right direction.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

Widening Your Experiences through Relationships: New Moon Astrology for Oct 2014

Article Window: Oct 23 through Nov 22
• The New Moon: Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm, PDT
• Sun is 1° Scorpio, Moon is 1° Scorpio (A Solar Eclipse)
• New Moon Theme (thru Nov 22): Widening of Experiences
• Next Full Moon is Thursday, Nov 6

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

A Solar Eclipse occurs at the New Moon immediately following a Lunar Eclipse. It supports the energies released at the Lunar Eclipse by blocking the Sun for a short period of time. This blocking period places the Moon between the Sun and the Earth to reinforce the organic influences of change initiated by the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago.

Scorpio New Moon October 2014

Astrology Article: Widening Your Experiences through Relationships

As the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, relationships will take on an increased importance, especially considering the New Moon is also conjunct with the planet Venus. Venus’ energy when combined with the New Moon’s brings an energizing element to all types of relationships. This will be especially true with your own willingness to seek out a deeper experience within your intimate relationships.

Neptune is playing a key role in expanding your understanding of your relationships to include all types of social and personal relationships. Although the New Moon and Venus specifically involve the energizing of personal relationships, Neptune is also supporting a broadening of all of your experiences in general. This widening of experiences brings all types of social and cultural interactions into clearer focus, not just your intimate relationships.

Re-Vitalizing Your Relationships

This Lunar month (until the next New Moon) is an excellent time to bring new life and vitality into all the relationships you cherish. Because the New Moon is increasing the potential for vitality within relationships, this can be an especially useful time for relationships which have become stagnant or depleted.

Scorpio’s desire is to relate and connect, even if it is through conflict. However, stagnation is a quality Scorpio won’t easily tolerate. With this New Moon there is a solution to any feeling of stagnation or conflict. The solution is through the developing of a more conscious awareness of how polarizing energies can bring both tension and vitality into a relationship. Tension is a shadow quality, where as vitality is a beneficial quality.

Polarizing energies need not be divisive or negative. Day and night are two examples of polarizing energies which, when harmonized, result in vitality. Polarizing energies are always in some type of relationship. Widening your experiences to discover the hidden vitality of these relationships is an important key in working with this New Moon.

Another type of polarizing energy we all carry internally is the masculine and feminine principle. This isn’t a specific reference to only male and female. All of us have both masculine and feminine energy. We manifest the combination of these in ourselves as different expressions of creative, intuitive, decisive, and active energies.

Polarizing energy can be one of the cornerstones of relationship if the focus is on vitality. Vitality becomes the dominate quality if there is a healthy exchange of compassion, intimacy, and empathy which feeds this vitality. When these are in depletion, or polar energy isn’t adequate exchanged, tension can be the result.

As you widen your perspective though embracing polarity, especially through the dynamics of relationship, the possible tension will be replaced with vitality.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon astrology chart for Oct 2014.With the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn all in the sign of Scorpio, it’s necessary to dive into the depths of all types of relationship in order to widen your experience and find the commonality of opposite energies.

Scorpio has a depth associated with it that can become murky if it’s not fully penetrated in the context of relationship. Within these depths you’ll to find a “common ground,” which is Scorpio’s strength. With the New Moon and three planets in Scorpio, there’s access to a great deal of untapped energy. This can be useful in directing energy toward a positive outcome, but it must be directed, or a becomes murky.

To offset this concentration of Scorpio energy, we have both Neptune and Uranus in excellent positions.

Neptune in Pisces brings a universal and shared beneficence to Scorpio’s search for commonality. With Pisces there’s the shared compassion and empathy that is needed to sustain relationships under stress.

Uranus take on an extremely unique role in providing a powerful solution (Pluto T-squared Mercury/Uranus) to prevent getting stuck in Scorpio’s intoxicating journey into the depths of the unknown. Uranus sits on 14° ARIES and hold a powerful archetype as seen in its Sabian Symbol.


The archetype speaks to the conscious acceptance of polarizing energy in intimate relationship. It also speaks to a solution to the problem of individualism without integration in one’s community (Aries New Moon trine Neptune). In this case, individualism is one polarity and community is the other. As such, Uranus offers a new vitalizing energy into all types of Scorpio relationships.


A new wave of New Moon energy is providing a new depth of experience to all types of relationship. It’s through a more conscious use of polarity within relationship that you can experience greater vitality to re-energize all forms of stagnation. As a result, you can experience a widening of your experience in the world and integrate your purpose more easily in your community.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,
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Lunar Eclipse: Using Change to Break Free and Pursue Your Goals. Oct, 2014

Article Window: Oct 8 to Nov 8
• Greatest Eclipse Oct 8, 3:56 AM (According to NASA)
• The Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 8, 3:51 AM PDT
• Sun is 16° Libra, Moon is 16° Aries
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Oct 23): The Alchemy of Change
• Next New Moon Oct 23

Current Lunar Cycle

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal that offers a unique activation stemming from the power of the Full Moon. The portal releases a special cosmic gift resulting in new ability you can use for inspired action in your life. The Eclipse portal will remain open until the next Full Moon.

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Space Needle and the Lunar Eclipse

Astrology Article: Using Change to Break Free and Pursue Your Goals

This month’s Lunar Eclipse will trigger within the patterns of your own consciousness a more complete understanding of how nature is working with you to achieve your goals and desires. New internal patterns including freedom and a vision of your goals will emerge.

It’s all too easy to forget how we are inseparable from the powerful rhythms and changing energies which surround us, support us, and create constant change. These rhythms are part of nature and constantly helping us achieve our desires. With Pluto working through the current spectrum of Capricorn, the rhythms of change become our friend and ally.

Restrictive Trends Lessen as Individual Freedoms are Supported within a Society

Restrictive trends in society come from Capricorn’s energy and its ruler Saturn. This is not because Capricorn is bad, but because the nature of Capricorn is a crystallizing type of energy which is used to protect and stabilize our most cherished ways of life. By its nature, Capricorn doesn’t like to give up any of its power or control. As a result, over time this energy can manifest within a society as a form of control by those in power.

Limits, sanctions, and laws are Capricorn’s way of protecting and stabilizing for “the good” of the people. It’s noble in desire, but can problematic in its longevity. When Capricorn’s sense of control is expressed through the use of power it can deemphasize the individual’s freedom. This polarity is the basis of endless debates between the protection of laws and importance of individual freedoms.

The Lunar Eclipse Balances Capricorn’s Desire to Control

Capricorn needs constant change in order to balance out the constant need to stabilize. As mentioned, the need to stabilize can result in control and crystallization. The Lunar Eclipse brings the “gift of attunement to nature” as a balancing agent to this influence of Capricorn. With this attunement comes greater inner freedom and balance.

Nature is constantly changing and this is the antidote to Pluto’s power in Capricorn. It’s through the alchemy of change that new opportunities emerge. These current opportunities for change challenge the rigid structures of Capricorn power.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was approximately 1762-1778. A look back that time period clearly shows how natural cycles of change were a catalyst for new directions. Examples include the printing press, and the harnessing of some of nature’s hidden secrets in chemistry and electricity. These changes upset the status quo and set the stage for modern culture to develop along a new and different trajectory. This is precisely the power of change that can have on the world moving forward from this Eclipse.

The invisible forces of change as observed in the force of nature will reveal themselves to you during the Lunar Eclipse. There is an opportunity deep with all human consciousness to realize the power of changing factors and to leverage the changing patterns in ways to break free from the hold of oppressive control and abuse of power.

Once the realization of the power of naturally occurring change is made, the conscious thought pattern of all things takes a leap forward. What was once hidden becomes clearly visible and clarity resumes. This can result in a new sense of freedom, or a clearer vision of how to use change to shatter crystallized controls in your personal life, community, or even broader political systems of control.

No system of control can last forever. Nature itself has seen to that. This Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to wake up to new, naturally occurring changes. Subtle though they may be, you can use these changes to create more freedom in your life. This is inner freedom that moves you toward your goals and desires.

The Lunar Eclipse Chart of Oct 8th, 2014Astrology Pattern: Lunar Eclipse 2014

The astrological pattern that’s occurring during our Oct 8th Eclipse is spectacular and unusual. Pluto and Uranus each play a special role along with a prominent Kite formation. Overall, this is an extremely powerful pattern that holds the potential for a shift in how we understand and process change in our lives.

The Kite pattern contains the energy of vision as well as the organizational skills for implementation. It also holds the realization needed to link the outcome of action to one’s larger destiny or dharma. The Kite also supports integration. By linking all four quadrants of the horoscope, the Kite brings a new level of integration to one’s circumstances. This pattern often holds a type of fate, in the sense that changing factors are so interwoven and dynamic that key events or circumstances seem to naturally to fall into place.

Now let’s turn our attention to Uranus which is making a conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse (Moon). This is huge! The Eclipse is energized with a new sense of inner freedom (Uranus). Its location at 16° Aries indicates that any act of self-realization can have a profound effect on the fulfillment of one’s desires and goals.

Pluto indicates the nature of realization that is possible. Pluto’s position (T-square the Sun, Moon in Capricorn) presents an ongoing crisis in your relationship with all institutionalized areas of society (Capricorn). This would include the financial sectors, governmental controls and any type of authority that limits your experience of personal freedoms.

The entire focus of this current astrological pattern is to provide the insight for effectively using normal and naturally occurring forces of change to create an opportunity for something new. This includes dissolution of what has already crystallized and is resistant to change. This change can occur through new world developments, natural phenomenon, or new discoveries. It can also occur on a personal level from changing circumstances, unexpected developments, or just the ups and downs of life.


This Lunar Eclipse astrological pattern, using change to break free of constraint, will stay in effect until the next Full Moon on Nov 6th. The forces of change are represented through a Kite pattern which offers a deeply integrative attunement to natural energies. During this time you have an opportunity to increase your sensitivity to naturally occurring change. Change becomes your ally to introduce a new quality of energy for the purpose of creating more freedom in your life.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

Alchemy of Change: New Moon Astrology for September 2014

Article Window: Sept 23 through Oct 23
• The New Moon: Tuesday, September 23, 11:13 pm, PDT
• The astrology chart was run for Cairo, Egypt. Local time 8:30 am Sept 24.
• Sun is 2° Libra, Moon is 2° Libra
• New Moon Theme (thru Oct 23): Alchemy of Change
• Next Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 8 (Lunar Eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

New Moon at twilight by the Great Pyramid

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

Astrology Article: The Alchemy of Change

Special Note: This New Moon chart was run for Cairo, Egypt in dedication to a group of my Seattle friends who have been traveling there this month. These individuals are modern-day mystics who are exploring the roots of consciousness anchored in the rich land of Egypt.

This month’s New Moon in Libra is releasing a wave of potential that contains a very special quality called “transmutation.” Transmutation is another way of talking about alchemy, which is the process of changing one state of being into another.
The alchemy of this New Moon centers on a special transmutation of your inner energies and your very consciousness itself.

The alchemy of consciousness occurs astrologically in the form of a powerful Grand Trine (the blue triangle in the astrology chart). The trine is formed by three planets, all housed in the element of fire. The form of the Grand Trine provides the experience of inspiration, and the element of fire provides the experience of excitement and new possibilities.

Hidden within this excitement of new possibilities lies a spark of creative power which has traveled through time.  This is power filled with ancient wisdom that can transform your life today. This gift of wisdom and power may come to you in the form of a vision, a plan, or a new direction in which you are able to focus.

Three Mystical Processes

To access this mystical transforming energy, you need to tap into your own creative vision, which is opened by the Grand Trine of fire.

The following three mystical processes are hidden within the Grand Trine and will help you access your inner creative spark. These processes are deep and have the potential of sparking hidden creative power within you. Contemplation on these three mystical processes will help ignite your own spark of transmutation.

With each process I have included an example from the ancient Egyptians.

Psychic Gestation (Mars in Sagittarius)

Within the deepest layers of your psyche, a change has been initiated. The gestation is allowing a new level of awareness and response to life (Mars) to emerge from deep within. This deep response is aroused by ancient wisdom and emotions

In Egypt, the Sphinx represents this ancient wisdom. It is a symbol of initiation.

Enlisting of Organic Force (Uranus in Aries)

You can now come into a deeper relationship with the natural forces working for the betterment of the planet. You have the opportunity to expand beyond a traditional mechanistic world view and instead experience the planet as a living organic being, working in partnership together with you and the larger collective.

Ancient Egyptians knew how to harness the natural forces of sound and light, for example using them to lift giant blocks of stone to build the Great Pyramid.

Spectacular Displays of Greatness (Jupiter in Leo)

You have the opportunity to express yourself now in some form of greatness. Any unconscious aspirations that are lying dormant, waiting for a trigger, have the opportunity to be expressed. Any symbol you personally consider great can act as this trigger. This may even be just a spectacular display of something that inspires you.

For me, the spectacular nature of the great temples and sacred sites of Egypt, such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, act as creative catalysts to personally inspire my own creativity.


Contemplation on these three mystical processes can spark a feeling, memory, or mystical idea to help you get in touch with your own vision for moving forward. The Grand Trine integrates the combination of all three, which can feed your own New Moon experience of alchemy and transmutation.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 2014Grand Trines promote the ability to envision what inspires you. From this vision you can create a psychic (internal) map and direction for personal growth. The specific potentials for growth are embedded in the element of fire (the three zodiac fire signs) and the three planets which make the Grand Trine: Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter.

  • Mars actively uses the alchemical fire of Sagittarius, which purifies and transforms the very substance of one’s inner life.
  • Uranus has the ability to see beyond our normal realms of form. Working through Aries, Uranus can enlist an attunement to the potency within the invisible forces of nature.
  • Jupiter, working through Leo, transforms and integrates through organizing, planning, and a show of greatness. The Leo energy promotes within Jupiter the need to produce something spectacular, or larger than life. Life’s dramas can easily impact and influence the psyche, especially when part of a Grand Trine including Mars and Uranus.

Harnessing the Ancient Alchemy of Egypt

I was guided to run this chart for Cairo instead of Seattle, because of the group who traveled there this month, and specifically the healing ceremony that two friends will be performing on the Giza Plateau at the New Moon. They will be connecting with the ancient wisdom and the power of this place, and then harnessing this spark of transformation to be used for planetary healing.

Wherever you are located, the New Moon chart will have the same grand trine. The difference will be in the orientation of the triangle, which rotates around the chart depending on your local time. In Egypt, as you can see from the chart, the Grand Trine points nearly upright, with Jupiter in Leo at the top.

Jupiter in fiery Leo is igniting the spark of consciousness, propelling the creative expression and alchemy of new consciousness.  This spark of consciousness being released is the same spark of consciousness which the ancient Egyptian masters protected and nurtured. These masters were from a lineage stemming from far-away star systems, possessing advanced technology and teachings supporting the evolution of consciousness. They anchored this knowledge in stone and the earth, as well as the written teachings, some of which remain today.

This mystical spark of transmutation is alive and available now to all. It’s embedded within the New Moon wave of energy. The archetypal shape of the Grand Trine invites us each to feel the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and bring those powers into our own life through the mystical powers of transmutation.

Even the Sabian symbol for the New Moon (Libra 2°) suggests a mystical flow of new potential. This is the written archetypal (Sabian) symbol for 2° Libra “The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit.”

In Summary

The nature of this month’s New Moon is a mystical experience. As such, there is a natural difficulty in presenting the qualities of this New Moon in a concrete manner.

I’m encouraging each of you to use the New Moon energies to create a unique spark within your consciousness. This is the spark of creative power and alchemical change. It’s both subtle and powerful. This is the same spark of creative wisdom that is still alive and carried to us from the ancient Egyptian culture. I feel inspired and hope this New Moon inspires your own alchemy of change.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

The Art of Inner Exploration: Full Moon Astrology for Sept 8, 2014

Article Window: Sept 8 to Sept 24
• The Full Moon is Monday, Sept 8, 6:38 PM PDT
• Sun is 17° Virgo, Moon is 17° Pisces
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Sept 24): Breakthrough
• Next New Moon Sept 24

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Tranquility Beach 2014 Moonrise_

Astrology Article: The Art of Inner Exploration

The September Full Moon brings an extra intensity into your life to support and help to complete your efforts this month to “break through” and release old patterns of inertia. (It may be helpful to reread the August New Moon article entitled “The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough“.

Intensity, in and of itself, can be viewed as either good or bad depending on your perspective. The extra intensity that’s associated with this Full Moon is much greater than normal. This intensity is neither good nor bad, it’s simply available to use for your own exploration and momentum.

This is a time well-suited for inner exploration. The purpose is to bring any unconscious patterns to the surface that no longer serve your best interest. Those familiar with this process of “mining the subconscious” know that it is hard to describe. Perhaps you can imagine it like exploring an untraveled path in a deep forest.

If you’re able to hold the intent to access those hard-to-reach patterns you’ll enjoy the natural momentum occurring during this Full Moon and through the coming two weeks, up until the next New Moon.

This Full Moon isn’t entirely about exploring unconscious patterns. You also have the opportunity to experience a new sense of freedom and peace. If you have previously moved through your old inertia patterns and successfully released what’s been holding you back, then you’ll have access to new awareness of what’s unfolding and be able to explore more of an inner sense of self-renewal, purification, and even the possibility of rebirth.

Whether you’re exploring and releasing stubborn patterns of inertia deep within your psyche, or riding high with a fresh sense of self-renewing energy, your Full Moon experience will include increased intensity in all of your activities. This period of intensity can also be used creatively by turning inward for your own internal exploration.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology Chart for the Sept Full Moon 2014.
Astrology Chart for the Sept Full Moon 2014.

What I really like about this current astrology pattern is the see-saw relationship between Neptune as it works with the Moon’s energies, and Venus as it works with the Sun (see them circled in the chart).

Together these complementary pairs are providing a new level of objectified awareness. You can apply this awareness within in order to access what may have earlier been subconscious or beneath your reach.

In this chart, Neptune is working with both Venus and the Moon. Neptune has the ability to elevate the natural expressions of Venus. For example, the personal value you place on love, beauty, and relationship (Venus) has the potential to expand into the realm of universal compassion, the realm of creative imagination, and a relationship to humanity-as-a-whole.

In addition to providing an awareness of expanding the personal into something larger (Neptune opposing Venus), Neptune also has the ability to dissolve old patterns buried in the psyche (Moon conjunct Neptune).

The high level of intensity associated with this pattern stems from Mars forming a T-square to Neptune and Venus. With Venus so close to the Sun, the intensity not only has enough fuel to rapidly dissolve, but also provides the momentum for a true breakthrough.

The final chart detail I would like to share centers on the exact degree of the Sun. The Sabian archetype for the Sun at 17° Virgo is “A VOLCANIC ERUPTION.” This reinforces the intensity of the Full Moon to aid in accessing any deep patterns for available for release.

In Summary

Our Full Moon is providing an opportunity to explore and release old patterns which may be holding you back in life. There’s also an extra degree of intensity available to access your break through. Through whatever patterns you are experiencing, you have the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of self-renewal.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough: New Moon Astrology Aug 25, 2014

  • Article Window: Aug 25 through Sept 8
  • The New Moon: Monday, August 25, 7:13 am PDT
  • Sun is 3° Virgo, Moon is 3° Virgo
  • New Moon Theme (thru Sept 23): Breakthrough
  • Next Full Moon is Monday, Sept 8

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

presented by Seattle Astrology and Steven Shroyer 2014.

Astrology Article: The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough

There’s a feeling of excitement buzzing in the realm of Virgo. New abilities are combining together in new ways, creating new possibilities and new skills. Virgo’s quality of energy encompasses the idea of mastery, and from an esoteric viewpoint represents initiation and activation into new possibilities in your life.

During this month of new possibility, the New Moon is facilitating the opportunity for true breakthrough. The mastery always associated with the Virgo New Moon is now combined with three other pairs of planetary energies that provide a strong atmosphere of growth and new skills to improve your life.

These are uncommon combinations forming powerful energies. Altogether, there are four pairs of planetary bodies, each being activated by the New Moon. The overall pattern is quite rare. In fact, I haven’t seen these specific combinations in my lifetime.

Planetary Activations

The four pairs of planets are working together to expand powerful forward momentum in your life. There is also strength and power to prevail against inertia over whatever’s been holding you back. In combination the overall pattern results in the potential for true and lasting breakthrough.

Inner Strength

The first activation (Sun/Moon in Virgo) provides an increased feeling of inner strength for the development of a deeper sense of companionship. This type of companionship is based in personal integrity with the strength to feel whole and then as a result expand into relationship with others.


The second activation (Venus/Jupiter in Leo) offers a new level of creative intensity you can use to expand the supportive potential of your relationships and community. Leo’s fire offers fuel to ignite the creative intensity of Venus. Jupiter connects you to your support groups and expands your creative potential.

Inner Guidance

The third activation (Mercury/Part-of-Fortune in Virgo) stimulates your mental clarity. The opportunity is to use a sharp mind in conjunction with your inner guidance. You can experience an increase in your ability to trust intuition.

Power to Overcome Inertia

The fourth activation (Mars/Saturn in Scorpio) is the most powerful. Scorpio energy emanates from deep within the earth. As such, it’s not flashy or full of excitement, but there’s an increased depth of subtle power available for action. This activation is the power to prevail and overcome the deepest and darkest of old patterns which have been holding you back.

Role of the Moon

In this current pattern, the New Moon is the activating trigger for the other three planetary pairs. When all of these potentials are activated together, true breakthrough is possible! It is appropriate to set your intentions high for manifesting creative support as well as successfully overcoming your own inertia.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for August 2014.In the New Moon astrology chart you’ll notice that I’ve circled the four planetary pairs containing Jupiter/Venus, Sun/Moon, Mercury/Part-of-fortune, and Mars/Saturn. All of the inner solar system planets are involved in these powerful pairs, and each pair represents a type of activation initiated by the New Moon.

Two of the pairings involve “crossings” of usual correspondences. Venus/Mars and Jupiter/Saturn are normally considered natural planetary pairs. (Venus/Mars works pursuing what you find valuable, and Jupiter/Saturn works with expanding your individuality into social constructs.) When these natural pairs are crossed as they are now, Venus with Jupiter and Mars with Saturn, there is an opportunity to expand beyond normal horizons.

Mercury is paired with Part of Fortune, which is not a true planet, but derived from a relationship with the Sun/Moon/ascendant (Virgo). The Part of Fortune pairing connects Mercury more strongly with the New Moon in Virgo.

Furthermore, we have the three outer (transcendental) planets in the opposite hemisphere. This is significant in supporting the potential for breakthrough by providing an element of activation or initiation. The position of the outer planets is allowing the inner planets to expand beyond their normal function or what would normally be possible.

It’s important to emphasize that because of the New Moon, these four pairs work as one energy. They are working together to provide the inner strength, support, and creative intensity you need to access higher mental clarity and spiritual guidance to break through whatever’s holding you back.

In Summary

This is one of the most powerful times of opportunity for this entire year.

The New Moon is activating four powerful abilities that will help you break through what ever you feel has been holding you back, so that you can expand into new potentials in the coming fall. It’s a rare planetary pattern with the power to unlock your inner guidance, as well as the strength and the support needed to prevail in releasing what binds you.

Use this coming month to get in touch with your own inertia, whatever’s holding you back, and then plan to move through it.


New Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer. Visit Elizabeth’s website.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,