The Art of Connecting to Your Life Path: New Moon Astrology February 2014

  • Article Window: Feb 28 to Mar 30
  • New Moon was Friday, Feb 28 at 11:59 pm PST
  • Sun is 11° Pisces Moon is 11° Pisces
  • Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Connecting to Your Life Path
  • Next Full Moon is Sunday, Mar 16 at 10:08 am PST
  • Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries) Mar 20 at 9:57 am PST

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

Astrology Article: The Art of Connecting to Your Life Path

Each person has a unique life path. This is the path we all travel which leads us to greater success and our future.  For some, it’s a challenge to get a clear glimpse of what the path fully entails. For others, their path is experienced as continually unfolding, layer after layer. For still others, they understand what their life path is, but have difficult connecting with it in a practical sense.

Regardless of the specifics, we all have a sense that there is something greater toward which we are traveling.

This New Moon in Pisces is bring an awareness of a new gift you can use to more deeply connect with your life path. The New Moon impulse will specifically assist you in finding the necessary guidance to help you emotionally connect to your highest purpose. This guidance is will be available as increased access to your intuition and supports the deeper feelings associated with knowing your work in the world.

As you increase your expertise with this type of emotional connection, it allows you to enjoy more of life and, at the same time, become more conscious of your own embodiment of greatness, which is your fullest potential.

Your Emotional Connection and Intuition

Your emotions and your intuition have a unique relationship with your life path. The type of emotions I’m referring to here are the charged responses you have as you react to life’s experiences. These emotions can be instinctual or conscious.

Your instinctual drives are those biological urges motivating you to survive, raise a family, and fight for more security. Childhood conditioning is a bit different. The first 7 years of your life, you absorb your surroundings and environment without filtering the content. You download into your subconscious all the values, ideals, and fears of your family and surroundings. This programs your instinctual responses to life.

Both conscious and subconscious emotions can be used for guidance, but emotions stemming from childhood conditioning usually operate as instinctual drives. However, the New Moon energies are providing extra support in moving from mere instincts to a more intuitively guided emotional response involving conscious choice.

Mercury and Mars are providing the additional energy of skill, strength, and courage to open you up to new possibilities, and the energy to transcend obstacles in your way. These obstacles include your own early childhood conditioning.

Conscious access to your emotions leads to a greater access of intuition. Intuition is a form of guidance and perception based on your relationship to the bigger picture, often referred to the “Greater Whole.”

Your Life Path

The art of embodying your life path is to live “pure of heart.” This means you’re constantly checking in with yourself to see if you’re following your heart’s desire rather than living to support someone else’s values.

Success in following your life path involves connecting with your highest good, including the mental awareness that you can make life decisions based on your intuition rather than instinct alone.

The New Moon energies are providing the opportunity to release your old conditioning and replace it with intuition. As you move forward pursuing your life path, your highest success will come from intuitive decisions rather than from your unconscious patterns.

Connecting and Bring it All Together

Emotions are a necessary ingredient in successfully connecting to your life path. They allow you to connect and be present to your highest good, allowing you to connect to the bigger picture of life itself.  Our Pisces New Moon is providing you the opportunity to transcend your instinctual drives by replacing them with conscious emotional responses, connecting to your intuitive guidance and perceptions.

Your life path involves the balance of pursuing what’s best for you as you work to fulfill a specific function in the greater good of the world. This life path connects you and intersects with others and the world in a way which ultimately connects you with your higher-self and spirit.

This is the Lunar month to connect with the present moment and follow your highest joy.

Steven Shroyer guides others to fully discover their life path and to identify specific untapped intuitive gifts needed for self-realization. Learn more and book a Complete Astrology and Life Path Reading here.

New Moon Astrology

New Moon Tarot Video

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The Magic of Authentic Relationships: Full Moon Astrology February 2014

The Magic of Authentic Relationships: Full Moon Astrology February 2014

  • Article Window: Feb 14 to Feb 28
  • Full Moon was Friday, Feb 14 at 3:53 pm PST
  • Sun is 27° Aquarius, Moon is 27° Leo
  • Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): An Abundance of Inspiration
  • Next New Moon is Thursday, Feb 28 at 11:59 pm PST
  • Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries) Mar 20 at 9:57 am PST

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Winter Solstice 2013

Astrology Article: The Magic of Authentic Relationships

During the past two weeks I’ve been feeling an extraordinary excitement and building of energies. These energies have been building since the New Moon gave birth to a new cycle of inspiration which truly has been abundant and readily available.

This week’s Full Moon in Leo is activating new ways for you to integrate these energies into your life so that you can take advantage of the inspirational flow available this entire Lunar month.

Two Steps: Inspiration and then Integration through Authentic Relationships

Integration is the key to success during the next two weeks. Inspiration without some form of integration is only a “feel good” awareness; unless you are able to create new activity from what inspires you it doesn’t come to form. It’s through your ability to act on inspiration that a change in your consciousness can occur. Taking inspired action that allows for growth and change in your consciousness is where the real magic happens.

Relationships as a Gateway

Relationships are the key to integration this month. You are continuously in various types of relationship, whether it’s personal and professional relationships to other people, or your relationships with your business, your home, and the other circumstances of your life. At any given moment you are involved in multiple relationships.

In the bigger picture, you can look at the quality of your relationships as a indicator of how you most authentically connect to the world around you. It’s through all these forms of relationship that you have impact in the world.

Authentic Connections

This Full Moon is one of those rare moments where you can bring your awareness to what feels the most real, what feels the most meaningful, and what feelings are authentically “ALL You.” This is what I mean by the “authenticity of the Moment.”

In order to add your own uniqueness to the world, start by identifying your authentic emotions and feelings about your relationships.

Aquarius is offering special support this month by helping you access your authentic desire for the highest good. Aquarian energy is famous for its ability to inspire innovation by supporting a world moving forward toward something better.  Integrating this Aquarian energy by connecting to the type of relationships which inspire you and bring out your best allows you to offer your own contribution in an authentic way.

Using the Magic

The two weeks after the Full Moon will be the best opportunity for a while for you to use this magic of authentic relationships.

  • Pay attention to what inspires you.
  • Take notice of your authentic relationship by identifying which relationships and connections in your life best reflect your ideal impact on the world around you.
  • Integrate what inspires you by getting involved with activities supporting your deepest feelings.


Use the magic from your authentic relationships to contribute your unique desires to the world. From this place of alignment your actions, no matter how big or small, allow you to bring your own special magic to the world.

Full Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer – Visit Website

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