Inner Stability and Dynamic Poise: New Moon Astrology May 2014

New Moon Astrology for May 28, 2014

  • The New Moon is Wednesday, May 28, 11:40 am PDT
  • Sun is 8° Gemini, Moon is 8° Gemini
  • New Moon Theme (thru June 26): Inner Stability and Dynamic Poise
  • Next Full Moon is Thursday, June 12

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

New Moon Mesquite NV 2014

Astrology Article: Inner Stability and Dynamic Poise

This month there is the potential for disruptive energies. These may be experienced as disruptive power struggles, imbalances in the work place, conflicts with authority, or simply society not supporting your sense of fairness. It’s important to know that these potential disruptions present an opportunity this month. By accessing the opportunities disruptions in your life can be easily harmonized and used to empower your own sense of inner poise and stability.

Regardless of the specific way you might experience an imbalance during the coming Lunar month (ending on the next New Moon, June 26th), it’s important to realize that any conflict is supporting a stronger sense of individuality. This is opposed to a reactionary response resulting in desire for revolution or aggression within relationships or circumstances.

To harmonize any disruptive energies that may occur, first start by holding curiosity for the situation instead of reacting without forethought. It is important to realize that your greatest opportunity comes from exercising self-control and poise in spite of any urge you may have to be confrontational.

The second thing to consider is to engage your mind before your emotions. Mercury in the last degree of Gemini is able to see the situation for what it is and to see the big picture or pattern.

Your opportunity with the New Moon stems from realizing your personal connection with Earth, grounding in and holding on to the bigger picture. If conflict happens to appear in your life unexpectedly, relief will come from your ability to nurture your own sense of self while you hold the intention that everything must play its part, even the imbalances and disruptive energies. The result will be greater inner stability and a deeper sense of order in your life.

Astrology Patterns: Excellence, Stability, and Integration

May New Moon Chart 2014This New Moon astrology chart holds a significant pattern of dynamic poise. Mars plays an important role in this New Moon Chart because whenever any planet is located at 10° in a zodiac sign it signifies the possibility for personal transformation. Mars in Libra helps tie the patterns of the whole chart together, and it does so with a new level of cooperation (Libra), poise and self-control (Mars trine New Moon, and opposing Uranus).

Because there are two powerful oppositions in our astrology pattern, it is worth mentioning the magic of oppositions in a chart. Consciousness has accelerated since the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012. As a result, a new paradigm in astrology is to observe oppositions with the outer planets in a more conscious and positive light, rather than as a source of conflict as they were traditionally interpreted. With any opposition, the shadow quality manifests as conflict, but only if a greater perspective is not uncovered and embraced. Similar to the illumination that comes with the Full Moon (in opposition to the Sun), each opposition holds the possibility for realizations and new perspectives to emerge.

From this new perspective Mars, with the insight of Uranus is able to act with forethought and self-control, rather than impulsiveness, especially if the bigger picture of the self (Uranus in Aries) is appreciated (Libra) and held in perspective (Pluto in Capricorn).

Another significant aspect of the oppositions relates to the Grand Cross formation, which we experienced for several weeks. As you can see from the chart, it now appears as a T-square. The stability of the Grand Cross is now changing into a more inner framework. The stability is still there, but it is more internalized and will require some extra work on your part to activate. The internalization and extra work can be seen in the complex relationships of Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune and their Jupiter/Mercury trine. Mercury in its position is stressing the need for excellence with a desire for establishing higher standards in one’s life.

If you can release the tendency to respond to disruption with old patterns, the two oppositions in the current chart offer new possibilities. One opposition brings together a new level of integration (Jupiter) with a larger historical perspective (Pluto in Capricorn). In the other, poised action (Libra) has the insight from beyond (Uranus) to guide experience (Mars) toward individuality and freedom (Uranus). When fully embraced, these oppositions become power tools that you can use to harmonize energies and establish inner stability.

In Summary

Remember, the energies delivered to you with the New Moon are activating your own deeper desire to experience your unique Selfhood. The energies of this astrology pattern put the focus on solutions and responding to life’s challenges with poise, a larger perspective, and the ideal that living with higher standard for yourself could be the key for finding solutions to challenges. By stepping back and looking at conflict from the bigger picture, seeing new levels of excellence within, you’ll meet conflict with poise rather than impulsive or even aggressive reaction.

New Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer. Visit Elizabeth’s website for a complete explanation of the tarot reading.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

Inspiration with Eyes Wide Open and Learning to Thrive: Full Moon Astrology May 2014

  • Article Window: May 14 to May 28
  • The Full Moon is Wednesday, May 14, 12:16 PM PDT
  • Sun is 24° Taurus, Moon is 24° Scorpio
  • New Moon Theme (thru May 28): New Growth from Appreciation and Happiness
  • Next New Moon May 28

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

May Full Moon Over Bay

Full Moon Astrology Article: Inspiration with Eyes Wide Open and Learning to Thrive

Our Taurus Sun at 24° is energizing the deep instinctual urge to first survive, and then to thrive. The Scorpio Moon at 24° brings an increased awareness to your everyday activities that merely surviving isn’t fulfilling all by itself. In fact, with the Full Moon in Scorpio, succeeding isn’t even enough. You are moving beyond old ideas of what it means to succeed. What is needed is something deeper. This Full Moon has the potential to open your eyes to see the possibility for embodying a new level of fulfillment. You are learning to thrive.

Venus and Mars: Inspired Action

The stable grand cross astrological pattern is still in full activation. A Venus and Mars opposition is important part of this grand cross. What’s being called forth from the pattern during this Full Moon phase is inspiration. More specifically, it’s inspiration which is available to be transformed into inspired action. This action is coming from a place of expanded vision, or awareness beyond what is normally available. With Mars opposing Venus, your opportunity is to move forward with new activity (Mars) with the promise of personalized fulfillment (Venus).

Venus Conjunct Uranus: Moving Past Your Comfort Zone

May 2014 Full MoonThis is a spectacular configuration occurring on the Scorpio Full Moon. Uranus has helpful energies which empower you to see beyond the ordinary limits of the concrete world. The three days after the Full Moon are a perfect period to envision a world full of potential and creative power.

It’s through this vision of what lies beyond that you’re able to sense, feel, and intuit these Uranian energies. The new perceptions or insights will be easy to recognize. You will feel inspired. The question is what type of inspired action are you going to take?

Uranus energies bring out the true individuality in each person. At the same time you are also encouraged to let go of things standing in your way. With Uranus, there is always a process of reorientation and inspiration taking place. If you’re able to consciously participate in this experience, then Uranian energy begins to flow with brilliance, innovation, and new insights.

Venus’ conjunction Uranus is special when considering how it fits in so perfectly with the overall astrology pattern. Venus holds the possibility of utilizing Uranian energy to pursue what true inspires you with insights that originate beyond normal perceptions (Uranus).

Moon Conjunct Saturn: Fulfillment Beyond the Status Quo

Once every month, the Moon passes over Saturn, creating a Moon/Saturn conjunction. This always brings the need to experience an increase in one’s structure and stability. Because of this opportunity for stability the configuration often represents connecting with the status quo.

With the current configuration, however, there is a deeper opportunity than simple status quo. With a grand cross and Venus/Uranus conjunction as part of this amazing astrology pattern, there’s need to go deeper (Moon in Scorpio) than the status quo to find the level of fulfillment you need to feel whole and complete (grand cross).

Our astrological pattern is supporting your ability to fight for fulfillment beyond the status quo of your normal daily life. You’re being inspired and challenged to access a deeper level of personal transformation. This is where the experience of fulfillment lies.

Action from New Perspective

With this Full Moon you have the ability to use what inspires you to move beyond what you have been willing to accept in the past, and have perhaps outgrown. This inspiration flows from seeing your life from a new perspective, with eyes wide open. As if, maybe only for a moment, you’re able to see beyond to confines of normal reality and see what is possible, transformative, and expansive.

During the three days following the Full Moon there is a window of opportunity to visualize which holds the power to show you something new and different. Be curious to see something which you weren’t ready or willing to look at before. Use this vision or awareness as inspiration to try something new. It’s time for action to be taken with open eyes and an inspired heart.

In Summary

Uranus is in a powerful conjunction with Venus allowing you to see beyond (Uranus) your normal comfort zone (Venus). Mars is opposing this Venus/Uranus conjunction and needs to take action (Mars) beyond what’s stable and predictable (Saturn/Moon conjunction).

Our Grand Cross offers expansion and integration (Jupiter), through an awareness of personal transformation (Pluto). Individuality and inspired action (Mars) are possible only through the awareness of what’s beyond (Uranus). This new awareness beyond your normal perceptions is linked to what will fulfill you the most (Venus).

The Moon (Scorpio 24°) and Sun (Taurus 24°) bring to light the idea that there is more to life than simply embracing the status quo. You can see / feel that it’s not enough to just survive. It’s not even enough to be productive and succeed.

There is a deeper desire now to look beyond the outer physical shell of organic life and see the realm of spirit, the higher-self, creativity, and inspiration. A glimpse of this realm is the secret to finding a new level of fulfillment in your life. You’re ready to thrive.

Full Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer.  Visit Elizabeth’s website for a complete explanation of the tarot reading.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these Full Moon astrology thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,
Steven Shroyer