The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough: New Moon Astrology Aug 25, 2014

  • Article Window: Aug 25 through Sept 8
  • The New Moon: Monday, August 25, 7:13 am PDT
  • Sun is 3° Virgo, Moon is 3° Virgo
  • New Moon Theme (thru Sept 23): Breakthrough
  • Next Full Moon is Monday, Sept 8

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

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Astrology Article: The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough

There’s a feeling of excitement buzzing in the realm of Virgo. New abilities are combining together in new ways, creating new possibilities and new skills. Virgo’s quality of energy encompasses the idea of mastery, and from an esoteric viewpoint represents initiation and activation into new possibilities in your life.

During this month of new possibility, the New Moon is facilitating the opportunity for true breakthrough. The mastery always associated with the Virgo New Moon is now combined with three other pairs of planetary energies that provide a strong atmosphere of growth and new skills to improve your life.

These are uncommon combinations forming powerful energies. Altogether, there are four pairs of planetary bodies, each being activated by the New Moon. The overall pattern is quite rare. In fact, I haven’t seen these specific combinations in my lifetime.

Planetary Activations

The four pairs of planets are working together to expand powerful forward momentum in your life. There is also strength and power to prevail against inertia over whatever’s been holding you back. In combination the overall pattern results in the potential for true and lasting breakthrough.

Inner Strength

The first activation (Sun/Moon in Virgo) provides an increased feeling of inner strength for the development of a deeper sense of companionship. This type of companionship is based in personal integrity with the strength to feel whole and then as a result expand into relationship with others.


The second activation (Venus/Jupiter in Leo) offers a new level of creative intensity you can use to expand the supportive potential of your relationships and community. Leo’s fire offers fuel to ignite the creative intensity of Venus. Jupiter connects you to your support groups and expands your creative potential.

Inner Guidance

The third activation (Mercury/Part-of-Fortune in Virgo) stimulates your mental clarity. The opportunity is to use a sharp mind in conjunction with your inner guidance. You can experience an increase in your ability to trust intuition.

Power to Overcome Inertia

The fourth activation (Mars/Saturn in Scorpio) is the most powerful. Scorpio energy emanates from deep within the earth. As such, it’s not flashy or full of excitement, but there’s an increased depth of subtle power available for action. This activation is the power to prevail and overcome the deepest and darkest of old patterns which have been holding you back.

Role of the Moon

In this current pattern, the New Moon is the activating trigger for the other three planetary pairs. When all of these potentials are activated together, true breakthrough is possible! It is appropriate to set your intentions high for manifesting creative support as well as successfully overcoming your own inertia.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for August 2014.In the New Moon astrology chart you’ll notice that I’ve circled the four planetary pairs containing Jupiter/Venus, Sun/Moon, Mercury/Part-of-fortune, and Mars/Saturn. All of the inner solar system planets are involved in these powerful pairs, and each pair represents a type of activation initiated by the New Moon.

Two of the pairings involve “crossings” of usual correspondences. Venus/Mars and Jupiter/Saturn are normally considered natural planetary pairs. (Venus/Mars works pursuing what you find valuable, and Jupiter/Saturn works with expanding your individuality into social constructs.) When these natural pairs are crossed as they are now, Venus with Jupiter and Mars with Saturn, there is an opportunity to expand beyond normal horizons.

Mercury is paired with Part of Fortune, which is not a true planet, but derived from a relationship with the Sun/Moon/ascendant (Virgo). The Part of Fortune pairing connects Mercury more strongly with the New Moon in Virgo.

Furthermore, we have the three outer (transcendental) planets in the opposite hemisphere. This is significant in supporting the potential for breakthrough by providing an element of activation or initiation. The position of the outer planets is allowing the inner planets to expand beyond their normal function or what would normally be possible.

It’s important to emphasize that because of the New Moon, these four pairs work as one energy. They are working together to provide the inner strength, support, and creative intensity you need to access higher mental clarity and spiritual guidance to break through whatever’s holding you back.

In Summary

This is one of the most powerful times of opportunity for this entire year.

The New Moon is activating four powerful abilities that will help you break through what ever you feel has been holding you back, so that you can expand into new potentials in the coming fall. It’s a rare planetary pattern with the power to unlock your inner guidance, as well as the strength and the support needed to prevail in releasing what binds you.

Use this coming month to get in touch with your own inertia, whatever’s holding you back, and then plan to move through it.


New Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer. Visit Elizabeth’s website.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
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Releasing Your Inner Freedom: Full Moon Astrology for Aug 10, 2014

  • Article Window: Aug 10 to Aug 25
  • The Full Moon is Sunday, Aug 10, 11:09 AM PDT
  • Sun is 19° Leo, Moon is 19° Aquarius
  • Current New Moon Theme (thru Aug 25): Releasing Potentials for Success
  • Next New Moon Aug 25

Current Lunar Cycle

Full Moon Astrology. The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon over Golden Gate Bridge in California.

Full Moon Astrology Article: Releasing Your Inner Freedom

Every once in a while, the universe says that it’s time to take a break and relax. Taking a break, feeling your inner freedom, and anchoring your creativity are all important themes for the next two weeks. With the Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo there’s an inner need an opportunity to find the inner freedom to release your creativity so that your true individuality is able to fully shine.

Personal freedom is a necessary ingredient for creatively expressing your individual nature and uniqueness. This is especially true in our modern world with its myriad of social obligations and even at times a rigid or inflexible social structure.

The two week period following the Full Moon will be a perfect time to step outside of the box and experience a special kind of freedom. The Full Moon astrology pattern suggests the best way to integrate the creativity of success is in not by working harder, but through the temporary relief of your rigid day-to-day routines and social grind. This is a time to experience success by having fun. Relax, throw a party, or even go on vacation to get away from the established day-to-day structures of your life.

However throwing a party and experiencing the temporary relief it provides isn’t your only option to access success. The astrology chart highlights that there are two clear paths of potential success available and both are worth discussing. While both paths offer opportunity for success, only one path offers the experience of freedom and expansive creativity at the same time.

The first path to success comes from Saturn and requires you to focus and be assertive in your daily responsibilities. It requires your activities and social exchanges to embrace quality over quantity. It also gathers strength from using extraordinary concentration to power through the inflexible structures of day-to-day responsibilities.

The second path comes from Uranus and utilizes an unstructured atmosphere of creativity which releases you from the need for powering though. Uranus breaks through rigidity. This allows you to withdraw your focus from social obligations and routines and allows for success to flow from inspired creativity released from the depths of your being.

Because of this month’s larger pattern supporting success (the New Moon theme), your most inspired personal creativity will then anchor success within you at the deepest levels. External success will follow.

The main difference between these two paths of success is that the first relies on a more traditional path of Saturn with all the rules and structure Saturn loves. The other is a path of freedom and transcendence offered through Uranus. One advantage of the second non-traditional and unstructured path is that it promotes the necessary time to integrate the full force of creativity that is being released.

Astrology Patterns

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Aug 2014The astrology chart for this Full Moon is super interesting, with two competing energies from which you can draw. (These competing energies are circled on the chart to help illustrate this point.) On one side we have Saturn-Mars forming a square to the Sun/Moon. On the other side we have Uranus-Part of Fortune forming a trine-sextile to the Sun/Moon.

To better understand this pattern, let’s take a look at the unique relationship between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the last of the visible planets in our solar system and represents the outer boundary, the structures, and rules which society honors for success in the material world.

Uranus is all about freedom. Because it’s “beyond” Saturn, it often operates in an unconscious manner, especially in those who are still in the process of “waking up.” This “waking up” is an important transcendental aspect of Uranus, which provides the ability to “see what lies beyond Saturn’s limits and the structures of the known world.” Uranus offers you the freedom to go beyond what is known and to transcend your personal limits (Saturn). With Uranus in Aries, creativity and inspiration will easily flow with freedom and individuality.

With Saturn on one side and Uranus on the other, success this month has two possible avenues or paths that it can follow. The Saturn path involves tradition and the forceful and assertive management of energies (Mars). The square emphasizes the need for practical goals, good management, and extra concentration.

The Uranus path involves breaking free from tradition. The urge is to transcend and embrace a new sense of freedom. The Part of Fortune in this chart indicates a “fulfillment of desire.” The trine-sextile emphasizes the vision, flow, and opportunity that can follow from withdrawing from your everyday patterns (Uranus inconjunct Saturn).


This entire Lunar month is all about releasing new opportunities for success. With the Full Moon’s illumination there are clearly two paths for moving forward. One path is traditional, with the promise of traditional types of success. The other is nontraditional and less structured, and promotes the necessary time to integrate the full force of creativity that is being released.

The first path uses Saturnian energy for success through the use of structure and the ability to “power through.” The second path uses Uranian energy for success by releasing and anchoring creativity through freedom and temporary relief from rigid social stress.

If you’re feeling the urge to have some “down time,” then you have the perfect two week window in which to relax, all the while using these potentials for anchoring your future success.

My personal plan for integrating these Lunar energies is simple. I’m going to throw a party. Cheers!

Full Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer. Visit Elizabeth’s website.

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