The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

by Steven Shroyer

The age of Aquarius will last approximately 2160 years. What is yet to be known is when this period will actually begins and the idea that perhaps it already has. This article explores the energies that drive Aquarius so that we can better understand what humankind can expect during the imminent Aquarian age.

The Aquarius Quickening: The Meaning of a Double Aquarian New Moon

Double New Moon Period
January 20, 2015 to February 18, 2015

The Double Aquarian New Moon is a rare astrological event. Astrological records don’t go back far enough to find the last double Aquarian New Moon with a second New Moon conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

The significance of the second New Moon conjunction is enhanced by Neptune’s relationship to Pisces. Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is transitioning from the Age of Pisces. Also significant, is the precession of equinox, which occurs opposite the direction of the Sun. The Sun is moving from Aquarius to Pisces to Aries while the precession of equinox is moving from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius. While the precession of equinox is an interesting phenomenon, this article will only focus on the Aquarian energies that are being expressed.

A Double New Moon encompasses the entire Lunar cycle occurring in a single zodiac sign which condenses the power of a single sign into a Lunar cycle creating organic growth. The development of our brains and consciousness is intimately tied the Lunar cycle through this same organic process.

The significance of this organic process lies in the understanding that each zodiac sign has 30 degrees. Each degree is its own chapter and tells an entire story that functions as an important archetype to explain the flow of energy.

The 1° of Aquarius starts an important new energy process. It begins with a new principle emerging with the need to unfold and develop, next it expresses what’s been learned, followed by a period where these new principles are incorporated into strategies for success, and then new ways to cooperate with others before maturation of the initial process is completed which ends at 30°. In Sabian Astrology this referred to as the six-fold realm of maturity. It is closely linked to the cyclic numerology of six. These cyclic principles of unfolding can be broken down into the following.

1. Emerge
2. Develop
3. Express
4. Incorporate
5. Cooperate
6. Mature

The completion of this six-fold process, is the equivalent of the Lunar cycle consuming, or using, the energy of a complete zodiac sign and can be one of the most powerful periods of time during an one’s entire lifetime.

The key to using this information lies in understanding the quickening process of Aquarius. It is very likely that the zodiac month of Aquarius is in fact the quickening event to initiate the Age of Aquarius. We are not exactly sure when this event will take place, however it is an unprecedented event that will help usher in the Age of Aquarius.

The Energy Signature of Aquarius

Aquarius-water-bearerTo better understand the energy signature of Aquarius and the opportunity it offers, we can turn to its traditional symbol, the water bearer. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, it is associated with the flow of water that represents the  downward flow of spiritual energy. The energy flows as light from the cosmos into our consciousness.

Another important aspect to understanding Aquarian energy is the significance of Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is involved in the receiving of non-linear information which is often referred to as a download. This “download” is the water symbol depicted as the flowing water archetype of Aquarius. The “air” in Aquarius represents the quickening of consciousness and therefore the need to discipline the mind in order maximize the Aquarian ability to organize and contribute through skill and management.

The story of Aquarius begins with “pure energy” flowing from above. It’s power is vitalizing and expresses itself through the planetary ruler for Aquarius which is Uranus. Uranus functions through the principle of “creative change” and therefore quickens whatever it touches by transforming it into the individual in order to create something unique.

The Aquarian Story

Through Aquarian energy, the individual is “vitalized” by universal values. These are the expansive archetypes of the cosmos which the individual allows to flow directly into their consciousness from the universe.

This flow is the process known by many names: innovation, brilliance, inspiration, inner guidance, and the higher-Self. Aquarian energy is so powerful that unless this quickening and vitalizing flow of energy has an adequate outlet for expression, then the shadow side emerges becoming erratic, volatile, and unstable.

Aquarian energy is meant to be experienced as the internal evolutionary urge that exists as one’s inspired contribution to Self and others. Coming to terms with the responsibility and the management required to make an evolutionary difference in the world requires discipline, even if it has to take the form of revolutionary action.

Once discipline is applied to this Aquarian energy, then organization and management begins to transform the individual and whatever the individual has chosen to manage. As a result, consciousness itself is then quickened to a higher evolutionary level of inspiration that can be experienced as a higher purpose in the world.

Success is the by-product of this quickening and transformative process. Success permeates one’s life through a new and natural reorientation based on the evolutionary changes taking place in one’s consciousness.

Discipline can then transform into mental efficiency and becomes a new type of illumination which is rooted in new meaning and significance. The final result of this vitalizing and quickening process prepares us for the possibility of a metamorphosis through creative change that operates at the transpersonal level.

Living life beyond the personal level (transpersonal) carries the responsibility of understanding that your personal involvement does make a difference, and has significance that is beyond your life span, or immediate results. The final result is a complete cycle of creative change, or metamorphosis, to higher level of planetary contribution. The ability to experience any level of significant creative change is a important cycle in the evolution of consciousness. This is the deeper meaning of the “Age of Aquarius.”

The Zodiac sign of Aquarius ends with the positive embodiment of “creative change” and the possibility for metamorphosis, but the actual process of metamorphosis is governed by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

Aquarian energy flows into Pisces with Neptune acting as the activator of Piscean energy. Aquarian energy paves the way by vitalizing energies that when disciplined by the mind becomes the quality of brilliance and inspiration that become easily expressed. The deeper challenge is learning to express this transpersonal energy with increased permanency. The mind, once trained and disciplined, is able to execute the strategy of management and organization that becomes a preferred avenue for expressing Aquarian energies.

Aquarius comes to final completion at 30° and is considered a metamorphosis because the organic nature of the Moon is capable of consuming an entire energy ray of a zodiac sign, which in our case starts at 1° Aquarius and finishes at 30° Aquarius. In other words, what was started at last months New Moon was completed in its entirety during one Lunar cycle. The Double New Moon in Aquarius is the quickening of a lifetime and benefits those that utilize the energy in the Age of Aquarius.

Metamorphosis: Double Aquarian New Moon Astrology Feb 2015

Article Window: Feb 18 to Mar 20
• The New Moon is Wednesday, Feb 18, 3:47 PM PST
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Mar 5
• Sun is 30° Aquarius, Moon is 30° Aquarius
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Mar 20): Metamorphosis

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow this energy to guide you while adjusting to changing circumstances. This month’s Lunar Cycle will offer a new tool set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose.


Astrology Article: Metamorphosis

Our New Moon is the second New Moon in Aquarius this month. This is a special “Second Aquarius New Moon” that holds a special significance. In fact, consider this to be a once in a lifetime Lunar month. Events occurring between Feb 18th and Mar 20th will have the potential to access energy that can create “pure success”. This is the perfect time to use this energy to take your life to the next level.

The 2015 Aquarius Double New Moon

It is a rare phenomenon to have two New Moons back-to-back in a single zodiac sign, however it is even more rare to have two New Moons in Aquarius on consecutive New Moons. It is so rare, that this will most likely be the only time in your life that this usual occurrence will occur. You can read more about this in the article titled; “The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

The power behind this unique opportunity centers on how the energy of an entire zodiac sign can be condensed and then expressed as a growth cycle. However, this isn’t any ordinary growth cycle because it has the potential to launch into a personal metamorphosis.

I’m using the term “metamorphosis” because this New Moon also promises a transformation when used correctly. The biggest challenge you will face with the upcoming second Aquarian New Moon, is how to take full advantage of the opportunities presented. This is not the time to make adjustments, but a time to make changes so that a metamorphosis can take place.

How the Hidden Principle of Cultivation Works

The Moon has a special relationship with what I like to refer to as “organic growth.” Hence, the Moon is associated with farming, nurturing, development cycles and patterns, and how our consciousness adapts to changing environments.

The principle that’s operating along with the Moon is often obscured, however it is how this “organic growth” can be nurtured and cultivated. What’s available for cultivation is not just an aspect of a sign, Rather, the entire zodiac sign, from 1° Aquarius to 30° Aquarius is available, and this precisely what is so rare. Harvesting a complete Lunar cycle with condensed Aquarius energy is a powerful tool in creating the momentum needed for metamorphosis. This is the change that can create transformation.

This once in a lifetime event started with last month’s New Moon theme of “Embodying Vitality for Success”. Vitality was needed to creatively cultivate, store, and embody the success needed to maximize the potential of this New Moon. It is now clear why vitality was such an important ingredient. It is this vitality that uses your own life-force that is needed in order for a meaningful change and transformation to occur.

The Quickening of a 30°Aquarius New Moon

Double Aquarian New Moon Chart for Feb 18, 2015Our New Moon is currently at 30° Aquarius and starts a new Lunar cycle that then immediately moves into the sign of Pisces. It is important to note that the New Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. With Neptune, Chiron, Venus, and Mars all in Pisces, this energy is magnifying all Piscean energies, providing a new level and pattern that we can harness.

Pay attention to the first week after the New Moon. Depending on the nature of your birth chart and the astrological house where the New Moon sits in your chart, there may be additional tools to cultivate.

Another thing to note is Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius. This relationship means that Aquarius is easily activated by Uranus and the familiar themes of Uranus include success through freedom, sharp intuition, the intellect, inspiration, energized ideals, and creative change. These are additional tools to pull from to access the catalysts for change and transformation.

Most importantly, what you can expect is a positive change, growth, abundance, All forms of change to create the type of success you have dreamed of. Remember to use the tools available to you to work hard and actualize your own potential. It is truly the change of a lifetime.


As discussed, we are entering a New Moon period where activating and actualizing your potential for success will be easiest if you recognize the tools available to you that take advantage of the available opportunities. This is a time to use Aquarian energy and think outside of the box. It is freedom and brilliance combined. Accepting practical advice won’t be easy to come by this month, because Piscean energy paints with broad strokes and dissolves what isn’t working. It is a time to follow new urges, and to create new patterns around you that inspire. The new you has the ability to operate as someone who has experienced a metamorphosis and is now re-designed for successful living.

Elizabeth Schermer’s: New Moon Tarot Video for Feb 18 – Mar 20, 2015

A Time to Expand Your Horizon: Feb Full Moon Astrology 2015

• Article Window: Feb 3 to Feb 18
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, Feb 3, 3:09 PM PST
• Sun is 15° Aquarius, Moon is 15° Leo
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Feb 18): Embodying Vitality for Success
• Next New Moon is Feb 18

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Seattle Astrology Full Moon Article for Feb 2015

Full Moon Astrology Article: A Time to Expand Your Horizon

Our Full Moon astrology this month is absolutely spectacular. Whenever the Full Moon occurs on one of the four “cross-quarter” degrees of the zodiac (15° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio) you can expect to experience one of the most powerful Moons of the entire year.

Before I describe the potential impact the Full Moon can bring, it would be good to review the last New Moon theme of “embodying vitality for success.” This New Moon theme established an important direction toward which previous Lunar energies have been steadily building. (For more explanation see last month’s New Moon Astrology article.) Now that we have reached the Leo Full Moon these energies have matured in a spectacular manner.

Impact of the Cross Quarter

There are four major and creative release points in the zodiac. Since ancient times these energy release points have been understood as both sacred and powerful. These energy points have such a strong and distinct energy signature that they are often referred to as living entities. They are also the four archangels of the book of Revelations: the Bull (Taurus 15°), the Lion (Leo 15°), the Phoenix (Scorpio 15°), and the Angel (Aquarius 15°).

With the Full Moon at Leo 15° and the Sun at Aquarius 15° you can expect the two next weeks to be rich in various experiences that will impact you for a long time. These are experiences capable of having a significant impact on your life and are what I like to refer to as “peak experiences.”

During the next two weeks, starting with this week’s Full Moon, there is the opportunity to “over-indulge” in something that will have a long term impact on your life. Just how these energies manifest in your particular circumstance will be individual in nature. They can become extremely beneficial, especially if you understand the power behind this Full Moon.

I specifically used the phrase “over-indulge” to make a point. In this case, “over-indulging” is neither good or bad, but a recognition of the possibility to expand your horizon through a natural tendency to go overboard with enthusiasm. Respect is required for a beneficial outcome. Carelessness represents the shadow side and a possible detrimental outcome.

For example, over-indulging in work discipline could be exactly what’s needed to meet a crucial deadline to advance your career, whereas participating in a marathon without proper preparation could result in a serious injury. Your success will depend on how you respect the power that’s available and use your “over-indulge” in a beneficial way.

To offer a personal example: In my natal astrology chart the Full Moon occurs in the 12th house of unconscious patterns, karma, and/or spiritual work. To take advantage of this opportunity I plan to “over-indulge” in working toward the completion of a karmic, personal growth project I’ve been putting off for a long time. (For support in understanding your specific potential, schedule a personal astrology reading.)

Throughout this article I’ve been using the term “over-indulge” in a non-traditional way. It’s important to remember that you have a choice in how you respond to these tendencies. Faced with the “bigness” of the potentials, there may be a tendency to over-indulge in the shadow sides, leading to fear and paranoia. In contrast, the expanded nature of over-indulging will be to embrace positive aspects such as effort, courage, and new learning.

You have the opportunity now to use your imagination and creativity. See the next two weeks as a special time to set a new course in life, or perhaps to solidify something that you treasure and are already working toward. The opportunities are both rare and powerful. Use this natural time to “over-indulge” in the most positive manner possible and your results will be spectacular.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Chart for Feb 2015It’s rare for the Full Moon to conjunct Jupiter, and it’s extremely rare for the Full Moon to conjunct Jupiter at exactly 15° Leo (the archetype of Lion archangel).

Uranus is perfectly positioned at Aries 14° to add power in the form of “electric fire.” Aries is a fire sign with fire coming in the form of high voltage, as observed in the quality of lightening quickness, and powerful potentials. When energized by Uranus in the trine (60° aspect), this fire-y energy is contributing to the Full Moon potential.

Mercury is retrograde and close enough to the Sun to be pulled into this incredible astrology pattern. Mercury’s energy works quite well with both Jupiter and Uranus. In this configuration Mercury will allow you to work with long-established patterns, either to clear them away, or by reinforcing them through decision making and clear thinking.

The combination of these unique potentials is creating the “perfect storm.” Understanding this perfect storm concept is crucial to your success in the next two weeks. So much of such a good thing could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or cure, or it could leave you crumpled on the side of life’s highway.

In and of itself the astrology pattern isn’t negative or positive, just powerful. Plan to move forward with confidence, clarity, and a sense of special opportunity and you will be able to this Full Moon potential for spectacular success.


The next two weeks have the potential to be a game changer.

February’s Full Moon is poised to change your life in a positive way. It’s a time for acceleration (a well-positioned Uranus) and a powerful release of life’s energies in your favor. Respect your natural limits, make a clear decision, and align with your inspiration.

Schedule a personal reading to maximize your potential. When scheduling, book a “Cross of Dharma reading” and I will automatically include your personalized Full Moon opportunity to move forward in life with confidence and power.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful Full Moon,

Check out Elizabeth Schermer’s Full Moon Video Tarot Reading for February 2015. It was recorded for the Alchemy Mystery School.