Aquarian Power and Inner Balance: Full Moon Astrology July 31, 2015

Aquarian Power and Inner Balance: Full Moon Astrology July 31, 2015

Article Window: July 31 to Aug 14

  • The Full Moon is Friday, July 31, 3:43 AM PDT
  • Sun is 8° Leo, Moon is 8° Aquarius
  • Current New Moon Theme (July 15 thru Aug 14): Emotional Integration
  • Next New Moon: Aug 14

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

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Full Moon Astrology Article: Aquarian Power and Inner Balance

This is a powerful Full Moon capable of delivering an expanded level of self-mastery. This new mastery will come through inspired awareness, a kind of brilliance capable of integrating the three main aspects of your being, the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You always have access to your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It’s the integration of the three that leads to full empowerment. This Full Moon in Aquarius makes available a unifying energy or power to bring into balance all three of these bodies to work as one. This integration will come through your ability to engage and interact with the circumstances of your life.

The previous New Moon delivered a theme of emotional integration and for many, the last two weeks have presented challenging personal circumstances. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, your personal struggles will receive an influx of spiritual energy in the form of a greater degree of emotional self-mastery.

This Full Moon has the unique distinction of not only providing a greater level of integration, but brings with it additional power. Uranus, which rules Aquarius, has moved into a trine position and gives access to new insights leading to action. This type of power has the potential to be a game changer, in that this power can change your circumstances by fueling an inspired level of self-discipline or inner-mastery.

The easiest way to access this Aquarian power is through your own process of inner “teamwork.” Self-mastery and discipline can be thought of as the tools of your inner guide, or your inner “coach.” This inner coach facilitates and distributes your responses to current challenges between the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

The key is not to rely on a single aspect of your being, but to learn to distribute and integrate the three. When the three are balanced they work as a team. When one aspect is out of balance the team dynamic falls apart. Each one can be accessed separately but the mastery lies in getting them to work together. Rely on the physical when appropriate. Allow your mental process to do its job. Above all, it is your authentic emotional guidance connected with Spirit that integrates the entire system.

Emotional authenticity is aligned with spirit and helps you develop the maturity to use your emotions to bring balance to body and mind. In this way you needn’t worry that your emotions will take over and attempt to run the entire show.

This Full Moon activates a new integration of your body, mind, and emotions with the power of the Self (Spirit) as the inner coach. Throughout the next two weeks there’s an additional level of power available through using inner discipline to approach challenges with emotional authenticity and inner guidance.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Astrology Chart for July 31, 2015To understand the potential of this Full Moon power it will be useful to dive a little deeper into the symbolism of Aquarius.

Aquarius is an air (mental) sign and ruled by the planet Uranus, which offers the power to use inspired insight. Aquarius is called the “Sign of the Water Bearer” and is depicted as an angel pouring water (the pure light of Spirit and authentic emotion) from the heavens down to Earth. Within this symbology, the three elements that govern body, mind, and emotions are represented. We have water (emotions/spirit), the earth (body), and air (mind).

In this symbolism of light pouring like water from heaven, Spirit and emotion are one. Spirit expresses through emotion in the ways we react, feel, love, and connect. It is our emotional body that helps us integrate the spiritual aspect of our being. Authentic joy, for example, is an emotional expression of Spirit.

The power of Uranus symbolized as the downward pouring of water (emotions/spirit) from the higher realms is the key to understanding that Spirit, expressing through authentic emotions, is what activates this great power and integrates the whole.

In other words, it’s the expression of Spirit through your emotions that’s capable of uniting both the physical and mental realms for inspired work.

The power of the Full Moon brings an awareness of this amazing potential. Each aspect of the Full Moon astrology pattern supports your ability to expand into a new command of Aquarian power, emotional mastery, and inner-teamwork.

It’s the power of Uranus in Aries that activates the desire to expand into self-mastery. It’s the power of the Sun in Leo that contributes inner leadership and self-discipline. Mercury conjunct the Sun supports bringing the mental realm into balance with the physical and emotional.

What was started at the New Moon with the theme of emotional integration, is now fully expanded into realizing the power of your body, mind, and emotions working together for your personal success.

Astrology Summary

This Aquarian Full Moon brings a level of personal power to unite body, mind, and spirit through emotional integration. Emotional integration is perhaps the hardest skill to master, but there is extra help available. Any challenging circumstances are opportunities for personal mastery, through your ability to use authentic and mature emotions. This is especially true in the realm of all of your relationships. Uranus is providing additional power to activate an overall pattern of integration and self-mastery.

Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology July 2015

Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology July 2015

  • Article Window: July 15 to Aug 14
  • The New Moon is Wednesday, July 15, 6:24 pm PDT
  • Sun is 24° Cancer, Moon is 24° Cancer
  • New Moon Theme (July 15 thru Aug 14): Emotional Integration
  • The next Full Moon is Friday, July 31

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of creative potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This article explains the unique gifts this New Moon offers to create momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

The New Moon in a Futuristic World

New Moon Astrology: Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment

This month’s New Moon theme is building on last month’s Lunar cycle theme of mental clarity. The opportunity for new clarity last month was experienced through a powerful build-up of energies. This week’s New Moon in Cancer carries forward these aspects into the emotional realm. You’ll have the opportunity for new clarity and balance of your emotions, as well as fulfillment of purpose through emotional integration. as you experience an integration of your most powerful emotions.

The emotional balance and new emotional clarity are positive benefits of this month’s Cancer New Moon. The combined factors expressed in the New Moon astrology chart will enable you to harness and integrate all of the build-up of power we’ve experienced over the last several weeks.

Cancer always promotes inner security and stability, especially through establishing relationships that support and nurture. It’s the zodiac sign which is most often associated with the home, because it provides a basic foundation from which to go out into the world and experience success. As the ruler of Cancer, the Moon offers extra help for integration and emotional clarity this month by helping you adapt to new situations and learn to nurture yourself by experiencing success and stability in the world.

This Cancer Moon supports your ability to embody life and to experience fulfillment and joy. Emotions this month will be more in sync with mental and spiritual outlooks, and also in relationships with others. This alignment offers the opportunity for increased inner stability, inner balance and equilibrium.

All factors are contributing to amplify and balance the deepest potentials of Cancer, creating the opportunity for you to experience fulfillment and joy this month. It’s through the successful integration and balance of emotional energies that you’ll be able to effectively express the high concentration of energy which has been building ever since the last Lunar cycle.

Astrology Pattern: Fulfillment through Independence and Action

New Moon Astrology Chart July 2015Emotional integration is a key theme for this entire Lunar cycle (until the next New Moon). In addition to the natural conjunction of the Sun and Moon (the New Moon), we have two other conjunctions which are contributing to the potentials for integration and providing some very positive support.

With Venus and Jupiter conjunct, the two combined energies help create enough independence so that personal relationships don’t become overbearing or exhausting. Jupiter is supporting your emotional self-reliance, which results in clarity by strengthening your personal boundaries. Venus provides new capacities for additional growth and harmony within your relationships.

Mars in conjunction with Mercury is providing the strength of will to implement decisions in a straight-forward manner. This pairing also helps to establish a level of emotional integration that supports rational decision-making. The combined result is new clarity, both emotionally and mentally.

Overall, this extra help of the planetary conjunctions supports the integration of your spiritual, mental, and emotional faculties. These three aspects of your being function best when they are balanced and interdependent. It’s precisely this balance which will offer new levels of emotional integration and clarity.

Pluto continues to be in a very powerful position in the overall astrology pattern for the entire Lunar cycle this month. In its present position opposite the New Moon, Pluto amplifies and brings awareness to all of the other elements of growth already mentioned, and represents powerful processes of personal transformation with the potential for making big changes in your life.

Astrology Summary

This month’s New Moon is supporting a three-fold integration of your emotions, mental processes, and spiritual ideals. With the zodiac sign of Cancer there’s the deep desire to fully embody your life, and to experience inner fulfillment and inner stability.

Stability is often felt through home, family, and relationships, however, this is only the most outward manifestation of the Cancerian potentials. Ultimately true stability comes from inner fulfillment and connection to Source.

This month continues an ongoing build-up of power and energy. If you can maintain equilibrium you can use this power for personal transformation. The New Moon’s gift of emotional integration will provide you a great deal of support and offer balance across the spectrum of challenges or opportunities that may emerge.