Stepping into a New Dimension: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Sept, 2015

Stepping into a New Dimension: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Sept, 2015

Article Window: Sept 27 to Oct 27
• The Full Moon Eclipse is Sunday, Sept 27, 7:50 PM PDT
• Sun is 5° Libra, Moon is 5° Aries
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 11 thru Oct 11): Expansion of Life-Force
• Next New Moon: Oct 12
• Next Full Moon: Oct 27

Current Lunar Cycle

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal that offers a unique activation stemming from the power of the Full Moon.  The portal releases a special cosmic gift resulting in a new ability you can use for inspired action in your life.

The Eclipse portal will remain open until October 25.

Full Moon Partial Eclipse

Full Moon Astrology Article: Stepping into a New Dimension

This Lunar Eclipse brings a remarkable and potentially life-changing opportunity. With this astrology chart I see us literally being offered the opportunity to step into a new dimension, or frequency, of life.

This opportunity is delivered through a complex energy pattern offering two complementary and distinct processes for growth.

Two Distinct Patterns for Expansion

Lunar-Eclipse-Chart-Sept-2015The two simultaneous patterns that are supporting the expansion are very different and equally powerful. You can see the patterns illustrated in the chart as T-squares (triangles). One is ruled by Saturn, and also involves Neptune, Jupiter and Mars. The other involving the Sun and Moon is ruled by Pluto. Both configurations support transformation but in very different ways.

The pattern ruled by Saturn involves transformation through your current relationships, social structure and life circumstances. The pattern ruled by Pluto involves transformation from within. The Pluto configuration is purely internal, not dependent on external circumstances or relationships.

Both patterns are of value. There’s not a right or wrong path but most likely one process will resonate more than the other. It’s important to note your own preferences and also to be aware that both processes will be operating simultaneously in your life.

Transformation through Relationships

The pattern ruled by Saturn supports transformation through your current life and existing experiences and relationships. Neptune adds a complex element because while Saturn is concrete and practical, Neptune is abstract and more spiritual than practical. Neptune is all about dissolving patterns, letting go, and ushering in a new matrix for operating at a higher level.

In this case they are working together, along with Mars and Jupiter, to further practical goals. At the same time there is also a natural support for letting go which allows the moving forward. This letting go is the Neptune aspect, transforming the old and releasing whatever is unnecessary.

What is being perpetuated and carried forward are the ideals rooted in the current patterns of your life. At the same time, whatever is limiting is being dissolved.

This is not an easy configuration. The simultaneous actions of Saturn and Neptune can feel confusing. In the coming days it might be hard to know what needs to be released and what needs to be preserved. You can trust that these are important questions that need to be resolved, and part of the opportunity of this process.

Transformation from Within

The T-square pattern ruled by Pluto doesn’t care about current circumstances, or the past or future. It’s not attached to the existing structure of your life. Indeed, it doesn’t care about ‘preserving’ anything.

This pattern is about creating something brand new. It is only concerned with the transformation that comes about from a new factor or opportunity that is being introduced with this Eclipse. You will experience this transformation internally, rather than through your circumstances.

The Aries Full Moon in the configuration of the T-square with Pluto, emphasizes that this pattern of transformation is more personal and individual. Aries lends an infusion of power and creative vitality, along with the inspiration to create something brand new.

The opportunity for transformation is emphasized by the Sabian symbol for 5 degrees Aries, which is “Wings,” and “A New Dimension Offering Transcendence.” This symbol describes the energy signature of the portal which opens at this location in the zodiac.

Extra Support for the Challenge

The challenge with the complexity of this chart is that these two concepts have to be able to work together in order for you to fully experience success or positive growth.

Although both patterns can result in positive growth, the reality is that they are very different. Since both will be happening simultaneously, the result can feel confusing or even chaotic.

Support to balance the conflicting patterns comes from the North Node which is conjunct the Sun and Mercury. This is a very positive formation that supports your ability to come to alignment with the bigger potentials.

The North Node formation appears as a type of polarization that will help you illuminate and clarify extremes and opposites. For example, you will have clear perceptions of the extremes of where you are now, and where you want to go.

From the North Node you can also access clarity to understand the challenges or contradictions within the seemingly conflicting patterns that might otherwise feel chaotic.


Lunar Eclipses always offer the opportunity for a quantum leap forward. You can make enormous strides in the coming days, especially if you can be patient with any accompanying intensity you may experience.

This Eclipse brings the experience of a “new dimension” into reality in a variety of ways. The “new dimension” can be reached through engagement in your relationships and circumstances, or through internal transformation, or a through a combination of both. The choice is up to you as you follow your own best path.

Through my experience with clients I understand that many people will feel drawn to one of these processes more than the other. Your preference is determined by your personal astrological patterns. Remember, neither approach is good or bad, it’s just that you have a natural constitutional comfort level with one or the other.

What’s importance to realize is that this Lunar Eclipse Portal is transmitting to each person the blueprint of a new dimension. This is a special event that you can use to grow, change, and transform into a more expanded version of You.

By being aware of both of these patterns you can hopefully more easily navigate the opportunities as well as whatever challenges or confusion results.

This is a month of unprecedented opportunity. I wish you well.

Expanding Through the Vitality of Life-Force: New Moon Sept 2015

Expanding Through the Vitality of Life-Force: New Moon Sept 2015

  • Article Window: Sept 12 to Oct 11
  • The New Moon is Saturday, Sept 12, 11:41 PM PDT
  • Sun is 21° Virgo, Moon is 21° Virgo
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse Theme (Sept 12 to Oct 11): The Expansion of Your Life Force
  • The next Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is Sunday, Sept 27.

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Astrology by Seattle Astrology and Steven Shroyer

Astrology Article: Expanding Through the Vitality of Life-Force

This month’s New Moon in Virgo is supported by a strong astrological pattern with a powerful energizing effect to support positive changes in your life. This month your expansion will come as you learn new mastery of your life force. The biggest opportunity for practicing this new mastery is through your ability to integrate and expand through personal relationships and combined group efforts.

Improving and refining are two things Virgo excels at. A third aspect of Virgo excellence is finding meaning through your work. This is effort or work that expands your life force and activates an emotional response that supports you working toward a greater purpose. There’s the potential to expand into a new sense of personal fulfillment, as you align with greater purpose to your own dharma.

Your work or participation in a group project or endeavor will support your growth, especially if this feeling of greater purpose is infused with your personal vitality and life-force. These group endeavors may include any activity, such as a sport, a business team, or a personal relationship.

One key to successfully linking your life-force to your team is through the technique of training and discipline. Mastery over your own chi is the result of training. Bringing new awareness to the discipline of mastering your life-force is commonly learned through participation in traditional sports teams, as well as activities such as Chi Gong, martial arts, yoga, hiking, and golf. This list is by no means exhaustive.

It’s important that this type of physical mastery is tied to a larger purpose, otherwise the shadow aspect of ego can rule over the physical plane, resulting in various forms of arrogance.

Mastering your life force in creative ways does not necessarily come naturally. We all have the capacity to successfully channel life-force into our endeavors, but excellence in the physical requires both time and skill to fully develop. Virgo excels at both training and discipline, which requires emotional commitment. This is especially true with Jupiter in such a strong astrological position.

With Venus balsamic to Mars, this can also be a good time for relationships that are in need of improvement. The key for relationships with this Moon is to find a greater combined purpose through the linking of your personal vitality with others. When you connect this way you will access the energy that is needed to transform your relationships in a positive way.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 2015There is a balsamic Venus conjunct Mars in the zodiac sign of Leo. This planetary configuration supports relationships through the natural process of transformation. This process could mean a natural ending for some relationships, however most relationships will simply let go of old patterns as they prepare to embrace new and stronger values that connect and promote growth together.

Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune supports awareness of the magnitude of energy available, as well as insight into techniques for managing your life-force for personal expansion.

With the New Moon conjunct the Moon’s North Node, developing a new life skill that enhances your own fulfillment is a real possibility. This North Node position is an indicator of the greater importance this New Moon can play in the bigger picture of your life.

The support for expansion through training and discipline comes from a combination of factors, including natural support from Virgo, emphasis from North Node, and the expansion of both awareness and management from the Jupiter configuration.

The Solar Eclipse

When the Moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun we experience a solar eclipse. At this moment in time, the new lunar cycle is infused with a boost of additional Solar purpose, which offers extra support to the potentials of the New Moon. This extra support also sets the stage for the upcoming lunar eclipse on Sept 27.

This month’s additional solar purpose (at the solar eclipse) expands your life experience to become more authentic. More in alignment with who you really are and with your purpose. This enables you to transmit this experience into something useful through the skillful use of your life-force. In other words, this solar eclipse is preparing you for expanding your awareness into a more pure form of “being-ness.” All of these potentials will be explored further in the upcoming Lunar Eclipse article.

The opportunities this month, including the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, are uniquely positioned to take your life to the next level. Have a fantastic lunar month.