An Expansion of Consciousness: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2016

An Expansion of Consciousness: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2016

  • Article Window: Apr 21 to May 6
  • The Full Moon is Thursday, Apr 21, 10:24 PM PST
  • Sun is 3° Taurus, Moon is 3° Scorpio
  • Current New Moon Theme (Apr 7 thru May 6): A Shift in Power
  • Next New Moon: May 6

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

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Astrology Article: An Expansion of Consciousness

Our Full Moon astrology is bringing our awareness beyond the “shift in power” which was initiated two weeks ago at the New Moon.  Over the past few days there’s been substantial shift in power, and now the Full Moon is using this new energy in a very specific way, for the expansion of consciousness.

The term “expansion of consciousness” is somewhat ambiguous so let me offer some specifics. With our current Full Moon, this expansion is occurring at both the individual level as well as the social level. By social I mean the collective expansion of our society. At the personal level, consciousness will expand through the ways in which you choose to experience shifts currently taking place, and how you choose to cooperate with the expansion through your own use of power.

A Spark of Cosmic Optimism

We all have the opportunity for expansion but it will only be available if we cooperate with the energies that are here to move us forward. The easiest way to come into cooperation is by connecting with a positive perspective. The position of Uranus at 22° ARIES suggests that there’s a massive spark of cosmic optimism being released at the Full Moon. This spark of optimism will assist you in keeping a positive perspective. This is true even if you are experiencing uncomfortable intensity in your life as a result of the current shifts which are taking place.

The significance of cooperation can’t be emphasized enough. In your personal life, the opportunity for cooperation can be recognized by those relationships and circumstances with which you naturally align, as well as those that trigger you. In fact, you might want to pay extra attention to experiences that evoke some form of internal activation or trigger. These experiences will be events that indicate a personal shift in your thinking. Especially pay attention to experiences that allow for a shift in personal values, or even a change in what you choose to identify with it terms of family, traditions, and heritage.

During the next two weeks, there are very positive energies available for tapping into an expanding level of optimism. This optimism can be used as a catalyst for personal expansion, especially when expressed in tandem with an attitude of cooperation with others around you.

The bottom line of this month’s Full Moon is personal growth through your own expansion of consciousness,  and expressed through cooperation with the major shift that’s occurring at a global level.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Apr 2016Every Full Moon in Scorpio brings a certain amount of intensity and this Full Moon is no exception. The intensity that is being felt now is directly related to an undercurrent of social concern. That undercurrent is being emphasized by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.

The conjunction of Venus and Uranus is also adding to the intensity of this Full Moon, but in a different way. As mentioned earlier, Uranus brings new heights of optimism to the overall energies. What wasn’t emphasized earlier is that Venus is also adding the power of emotional aggression which can be used in either a positive or negative manner. The added power of this emotional force is brought to the forefront with a powerful trine between the fire signs of Sagittarius (Mars/Saturn) and Aries (Venus/Uranus).

Overall, our astrology pattern is dynamic enough that a shift in power could manifest at a positive level worldwide, provided there is a sufficient amount of cooperation and alignment with our Full Moon energies. That cooperation begins at the individual level with each of us, and then expands outward with a social concern that supports an opportunity for real change.

Cosmic optimism is a powerful tool for positive change. This Full Moon has the potential to make a very positive shift in consciousness as we all expand into our greater potential.

A Positive Shift in Power: New Moon Astrology Apr 2016

A Positive Shift in Power: New Moon Astrology Apr 2016

• Article Window: Apr 7 to May 6
• The New Moon is Apr 7, 2016  4:24am PDT
• Sun is 19° Aries, Moon is 19° Aries
• New Moon Theme (Apr 7 to May 6):  A Shift in Power
• Next Full Moon is Apr 21, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

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Astrology Article: A Positive Shift in Power

The New Moon astrology for this month points to a major shift in the power structures in the circumstances around you. This shift refers to a release of pent-up energy capable of transforming personal power, social power, and even perhaps the political powers of the world.

This dramatic triggering and release of energies has far-reaching implications. There is potentially much at stake. I will attempt to explain this energy shift and outline a practical strategy that will enable you to take advantage of changes that you may experience in your life as a result of this release.

The first thing to consider is that there is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious about potential changes coming to you, or even possibly to the world. Power structures exist everywhere. If power structures are healthy they are constantly adapting, growing and evolving with the new potentials and possibilities that the Universe provides. This New Moon energy offers you the personal opportunity for a positive shift in the structures that support your life. You have the opportunity to begin anew, with an abundance of energy for positive change, even to the very core structures of your life.

In the world sense, political power structures are continuously offered the opportunity for positive change, however they are often concerned with maintaining status quo rather than positive change.  It is this lack of response to the opportunity for significant change that creates a log jam of energies. When change does occur, it can be explosive, such as the bursting of a log jam. This large scale change also creates a trickle down drama that affects our personal lives.

Although there may be drama, the overall energies of this chart hold a theme of very positive transformation, with the possibility for very positive outcome, including within your personal opportunities. The New Moon is supporting a type of personal transformation that can provide inspired growth and a new level of momentum to improve your life and make the world a better place for all.

In short, the good news is that there is positive creative support in these New Moon energies. The transformation they are triggering in the world is overdue. At the same time, they are also offering personal opportunities in the form of a new skill set you can use to transform your life by releasing obstacles and preventing your own patterns of stagnation from slowing down your growth and opportunities for success.

A View from Above

Life and circumstances appear quite different when you can rise above the fray and strife. From above the view changes, circumstances look different, and your imagination becomes activated in ways that can only be explained by this shift in perspective.

The creative imagination and creative mind have this ability to rise above circumstances to gain a greater perspective.  Imagine that you had the tool of a magic carpet to rise above your life and see the bigger picture.

A shift in life’s perspective is precisely what is occurring at the New Moon. The New Moon is providing a shift in consciousness that allows you to see the world from an unattached point of view. Imagine surveying the countryside from a small plane, with a much larger context than you have standing on the ground. It is this ability to transcend the strife of everyday reality that the New Moon is offering you.

Regardless of what type of social transformations are beginning to take place, or even significant political changes in power that appear to be happening, you can use your creative imagination and your creative mind to rise above the fray with a perspective that says, “everything is going to be alright.”

Imagine yourself viewing your life from above, floating on your magic carpet, engaged but without any stress and strife. Imagine your creative mind actively looking at your circumstances from a larger vantage point. This is a perfect view from above with an entirely new perspective capable of seeing a fuller picture and holding a positive outcome.

The New Moon offers you this technique of an expanded and larger perspective that enables you to cope with personal changes as well as any social and political transformations which will be triggered in the weeks to come.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart Apr 2016Our New Moon occurs at 19°Aries just 2° before Uranus.  This is quite significant considering Pluto’s position at 17° Capricorn and the conjunction of Saturn and Mars also activating Uranus.

With the New Moon occurring in front of Uranus (balsamic phase),  the long-term outcome is quite positive, provided we take advantage of the new technique being introduced at 19° Aries.

An extremely positive indicator is revealed in the Sabian archetype of 19° Aries.

THEME: A Strife-Transcending and Unattached Outlook Upon Everyday Reality
ARCHETYPE: The Use of Creative Imagination to Change Perspective

The overall astrology pattern is packed with the element of fire. This brings to the forefront the volatility of Uranus. Fortunately, Aries holds an inherent optimism and momentum that begins the new growth cycle launched at Spring Equinox. Although we may very likely see some major changes, both personally and in the larger world scene, in the larger perspective the changes will be good, for oftentimes Uranus clears out the old dysfunction of past generations to make way for new possibilities to arrive.

In Summary

To take advantage of the opportunities pay attention to what is being activated. Some of you will notice triggers in external circumstances, and for some the release of stagnation will trigger inner processes. The emphasis depends on your personal astrology chart. Just pay attention to the ways in which you experience change being “forced” upon you. Ask yourself: “What is stagnant and what is being released to make room for the new?”