The Art of Living in Harmony: Full Moon Astrology July 2016

The Art of Living in Harmony: Full Moon Astrology July 2016

Article Window: July 19 to Aug 2
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, July 19, 3:56 PM PDT
• Sun is 28° Cancer, Moon is 28° Capricorn
• Current New Moon Theme (July 4 – Aug 2): Personal Character
• Next New Moon: Aug 2

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Over Hawaii Photo

Astrology Article: The Art of Living in Harmony

Our Full Moon astrology holds good news. Since our last New Moon, energies have been consolidating to create feelings of stability that enable us to bring a more mature response to living and to life itself. The Full Moon continues this momentum by creating a dramatic and positive shift toward greater harmony. Not only is this good news for us personally, but it’s good news for the planet.

The New Moon two weeks ago introduced energies that were readily available for building personal character. (My last New Moon article explores this idea in greater depth.) Now with the Full Moon there’s a clear and definite change. The Full Moon is not only offering the opportunity to experience a shift toward positivity, but to do so with a mature understanding of what is authentically right and true for each of us at the personal level.

This Full Moon delivers a natural state of harmony available to anyone who can tune into the joy and emotional warmth of this alignment. Think of this alignment as a plateau of momentary rest and inner peace. There is a new level of enjoyment that can be experienced as harmony, especially once you realize that the purpose of this harmony is for the exploration of new potentials.

The challenge of this powerful alignment is not only in feeling the vastness of opportunity in the present moment, but in understanding that you’re also experiencing a confluence of larger cosmic cycles and rhythms that have been coinciding over a several month period. During the next two weeks it may be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer power of the potentials and possibilities around you. Without the larger context, the “bigness” of the current energy field could be misunderstood, which has the potential to over-shadow the overall positivity and unconsciously lead to worry and feelings of inadequacy.

The development of character and personal will power is still an important key during the remainder of this Lunar cycle. Personal character and your ability to align internally can mean the difference between an elevated sense of inner peace and joy, and the alternative of feeling of overwhelment, that “it’s just all too much.” With the current cycle what begins as overwhelment can easily be followed by pessimistic thoughts which creates a downward spiral.

Being open to adjustments to the changing nature of the Lunar cycle will allow you to experience a greater sense of what it means to live in harmony with others, with life, and with all of the greater possibilities of living in spiritual alignment with the Universe.

The next two weeks are a time to relax and connect with your natural state of alignment and sense of harmony. This is a time for enjoyment and harmony, and a time to explore new possibilities with the joy that comes from knowing you’re part of something much bigger.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Astrology Chart for July 2016The energies of Cancer are still dominant as we prepare to enter the fiery energy of Leo later this week.  This makes for a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn. Cancer’s energies are constantly flowing and changing, but like all flowing water it seeks to flow toward that which can contain it. The emotional field of Cancer needs some form of container to provide the foundation and sense of stability and depth. This is why the energies of Cancer seek out stable relationships that have a depth of meaning, in this way we learn to feel at home in the world.

Within our current Full Moon astrology chart, we see the energy flowing toward stability as it manifests as a plateau of rest and harmony. This pattern is especially emphasized with Mars and Jupiter playing very significant roles in the overall chart pattern.

In the current configuration, Mars in Scorpio brings a deep faith in the natural process of living in harmony whereas Jupiter brings a sense of higher alignment, joy, and cooperation especially through one’s hard work and character-building efforts. Jupiter is also supporting a more mature response to life. At this Full Moon, there’s a greater possibility of managing one’s own energies in the ways that are currently needed for expansion.

Saturn’s position in our Full Moon chart supports the personal process of deconditioning from the attitude of doom-and-gloom that is constantly being reinforced by negative elements within society. There’s no denying the elements of negativity and chaos in our world right now. The Full Moon is offering a combination of determination, coupled with the ability to structure your point of view around higher principles. This is a sure safeguard against pessimism and overwhelment at the state of the world.

Capricorn emphasizes in a practical way what’s most important in the bigger picture. It’s a time to reap the reward of past character development and to align yourself with the energies and potentials that are currently available. In this case, Capricorn helps you align with the gifts of the Full Moon, which include the enjoyment and experience of harmony that comes from knowing the future is bright.

There are so many positive aspects to our Full Moon energies that I personally feel inspired and optimistic. Despite the abundance of challenges around us, the coming two weeks are a perfect time to simply live and feel the available harmony and joy the universe is providing. By aligning with these energies of wholeness you will also contribute in tangible ways to healing, for yourself and for the world. Happy Full Moon.

The Development of Personal Character: New Moon July 4th, 2016

The Development of Personal Character: New Moon July 4th, 2016

  • Article Window: July 4 to Aug 2
  • The New Moon is July 4, 2016 4:01am PDT
  • Sun is 13° Cancer, Moon is 13° Cancer
  • New Moon Theme (July 4 to Aug 2): Personal Character
  • Next Full Moon is July 19, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.


Astrology Article: The Development of Personal Character

The New Moon astrology for this month establishes a new level of focus within each of us. During this next Lunar cycle expect to develop your will power to new heights. Whether your focus in life right now is learning new skills or developing and integrating previously learned skills, this is the time to bring a powerful integrating energy into your life in the form of increased focus.

What is Will Power

For something so powerful, I find it surprising that “will power” is talked about so little. From an astrological perspective, “will power” and “character” are both related through the second quadrant of the zodiac. This second quadrant is ruled by the zodiac signs; Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

The second quadrant is also the quadrant of creative power which begins with Cancer’s ability to establish a center of focus. Cancer has the ability to integrate this center of focus into feelings of determination and commitment. It’s the decision to move forward in life with a specific focus and commitment that’s commonly referred to as “will power.”

The energy of Leo, a fire element, is able to energize or “burn” whatever has been concentrated, established, and focused through the sign of Cancer. This release of creative energy and creative power of Leo needs the focusing power of one’s will (Cancer) to sustain the creative process of Leo.

The last sign of the second quadrant is Virgo, an earth element. Cancer provides the focus, Leo releases what has been focused, and Virgo analyzes the results. The analytical capacity of Virgo isn’t Virgo’s most important function. Virgo learns, refines, and makes adjustments where analysis is just a tool.

The end result of this creative process is the building of “character” and is considered Virgo’s crown jewel. For without the “will power” and the “creative release” of one’s individualized center, the end results won’t reflect any true refinement of one’s center of being.

This New Moon starts a month-long process of refinement resulting in the development of personal character. Pay close attention to any lack of focus during the first week of this lunar cycle for this represents only a starting point of your personal will power and focus. This month is about learning and integrating greater focus to build into character needed for future greatness.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for July 2016With two planets, and the Sun and Moon all in Cancer, there is definite emphasis on establishing who we are in the world in terms of what’s our focus in life, and how are we using our will power to concentrate our energies for success.

When looking at the overall astrology pattern, it’s important to see the entire context of the chart. With this in mind, our two oppositions reflect the transformative aspect of learning and places the emphasis on the outcome of what’s being integrated. This is especially significant when we consider how powerfully the oppositions are connected through multiple trines and sextiles.

In the astrology chart, I’ve circled Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. The North Node represents the most positive direction the energies are flowing and emphasizes the end result of the lunar cycle ending in the development of personal character.

Jupiter represents both the need, and the extra support available for integrating, harmonizing, and managing an expansion into a more authentic state of being.

Lastly, Neptune plays the specific role of transforming difficult circumstances or experiences into an increase of refinement and character.

As we look forward to the next Full Moon, expect these developing energies to become useful for personal inner guidance. Happy New Moon.