An Idea that Sparks the Future: New Moon Astrology Sept 30, 2016

Article Window: Sept 30 to Oct 30
• The New Moon is Sept 30, 2016  5:11pm PDT
• Sun is 9° Libra, Moon is 9° Libra
• New Moon Theme (Sept 30 to Oct 30):   New Seeds for a Better Future
• Next Full Moon is Oct 15, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Sept 2016

Astrology Article: An Idea that Sparks the Future

The New Moon astrology for this month is centered around a new seed idea entering our conscious field of perception and overall thinking process. This new seed idea will come in the form of a foundational vision or insight. The combined impact of this expanded seed idea has the potential to change and impact the world far into the future.

The overall New Moon pattern supports the importance of the “NOW.” The energies that are combining now are bringing a huge seed of potential that will grow into the future. This potential is way beyond what we would normally experience, bringing together the past and the future into this very moment of New Moon energy.

All roads lead to the opportunities presented at this specific moment in time. The seed of new vision of possibility planted now can not only heal the past, but also become the future we envision.

The experience of the seed idea will be different for everyone. For some it will be an impulse for greater participation, for others it will be a new idea of the kind of world they want to live in. From what I can see it will vary from person to person. What’s important is showing up to your own experience and not allowing the impulse of this New Moon to lie dormant or fade into the past. In order to expand into a better future, this New Moon seed needs to be nurtured with spiritual energy.

Before we explore more about this concept of a seed growing into a better future (the new seed idea), I would like to explore the New Moon energies of Libra which are focused on achieving a greater level of participation in the world.

Libra is an air sign that functions well with the intellect. Three primary qualities of Libra’s intelligence are observation, connection, and learning how to participate as an equal in the world. These qualities are necessary skills in order for us to participate in something larger, whether it be social, career, or any intentional forms of planetary work to help make the world a better place.

The balancing energies often associated with Libra are a necessary part of new relationships. They support your ability to thoughtfully step into something larger. As you move out of your personal comfort zone into a larger field of context, staying grounded and centered is of great importance. Maintaining a sense of who you are is necessary to prevent an imbalance from causing any setbacks. This is especially true as the bigger picture of the world begins to form in your consciousness.

The Importance of Jupiter Conjunct the New Moon

I’ve noticed a lot of interest among my astrological colleagues regarding the importance of the New Moon occurring only 4° after an exact Jupiter conjunction. The following general qualities of Jupiter can help you understand the significance of additional manifesting support that this conjunction is offering.

  • Jupiter helps us to assimilate all aspects of life through the expansive qualities of growth and abundance.
  • Jupiter helps us expand our sense of self beyond our personal boundaries to include our society and culture.
  • Jupiter supports all forms of management and organizational skills as an expression of the geometric patterns (grids) of light that support and expand life.
  • Jupiter supports all forms of societal structure, and helps us come into relationship through our participation in culture with the power to grow through cooperation.

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 30, 2016What I would like to contribute to this conversation is a better understanding of Jupiter’s impact at this specific moment, especially in terms of providing a clearer picture of the opportunities ahead as they relate to the New Moon.

Jupiter’s power with this New Moon stems from its organizational ability working in tandem with organic patterns of growth. In other words, Jupiter can assimilate the new energy and then create patterns of organization that allow both life and consciousness to grow and expand.

Therefore, Jupiter helps facilitate your ability to organize, manage, and expand your life in positive directions. The power of this New Moon anchors a specific point in time, allowing Jupiter to organize and expand life way beyond actual time constraints of our current Lunar cycle.

What makes this New Moon placement of Jupiter super interesting is the Sabian archetype for 5° Libra, which states: “A MAN REVEALING TO HIS STUDENTS THE FOUNDATION OF AN INNER KNOWLEDGE UPON WHICH A ‘NEW WORLD’ COULD BE BUILT.”

The Sabian underscores how the New Moon, which by its very nature releases a new seed, is combining with an additional foundational seed idea (Jupiter) that’s powerful enough to organize, manage, and build an entire new and better world.

Libra energies are preparing all of us to participate in the idea that we CAN build a “New World.” As these ideas and energies form and organize with the help of Jupiter, we can each participate in the creation of something larger and better than we have imagined before.

Not only does this New Moon hold perfect manifesting potential for creating a positive impact in your personal life, it also enables you to connect in a more immediate way with your larger Self and your ability to participate in creating a better world.

In Conclusion

This New Moon offers a message of hope, empowerment, and encouragement for all of us as we step into the potential to create a larger reality. This powerful New Moon is working with Jupiter to expand your opportunity to help shape the future. This future begins with your own inspired idea upon which a ‘new world’ can be built.

In order to be fully present to these opportunities, it’s important to stay grounded and at the same time expand into a greater understanding of who you are in the world. It’s a time to embrace a bigger picture of the world in which you want to participate, a world in which you have a necessary and important role to play.

The past, future, and the present have converged into the NOW. Happy New Moon.

The Gift of Positive Outcome: Lunar Eclipse Astrology for Sept 2016

Article Window: Sept 16 – Sept 30
• The Full Moon is Friday, Sept 16, 12:05 PM PDT
• Sun is 25° Virgo, Moon is 25° Pisces
• Next New Moon: Sept 30
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 1 to Sept 30): The Dawning of New Intuition

Our Lunar Eclipse delivers a Cosmic Gift that results in a new awareness, ability or insight that you can use for inspired action in your life. The cosmic gift is delivered through a portal that opens in the Zodiac at the exact moment of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse portal will remain open and active until the Moon returns to this location in the sky during the next lunar cycle. In the coming 4 weeks, while the portal is open, look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially through the nature of the Full Moon gift and whatever you have embraced or experienced during the current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Eclipse Photo

The Gift of Positive Outcome: Lunar Eclipse Astrology for Sept 2016

Our Lunar Eclipse astrology for September 2016 is quite possibly the most dramatic astrological pattern I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. The significance of this pattern is amplified by the fact that it occurs during the second of two consecutive Lunar eclipses.

I would like to state from the outset that, despite what others may claim, this astrology chart doesn’t contain doom and gloom. What our astrology chart does contain is a significant pattern signifying the opportunity for a possible split from normal conscious perceptions. This would be a positive and good split. There is powerful opportunity in the days ahead.

Before I go into the details of the current chart I would like to describe what happened astrologically on August 24th, 2016. This date is significant as it relates to the initiation of a possible split in conscious perception and the ways in which reality is fundamentally understood.

The August 24th, 2016 Story

August 24th occurred only six days after the first Lunar eclipse. On this day, the planets Mars and Saturn made an exact conjunction with the Moon, creating positive alignments (trines) with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.

This Mars/Saturn conjunction occurred at 10° Sagittarius and set in motion a brand new type of energy. Specifically this is a new direction of growth within society that supports the opportunity to perceive a new and more positive direction for humanity.

The Sabian symbol for 10° Sagittarius suggests that a new  positive direction must be taken, one that is no longer based on fear, ambition, or greed. The Sabian also suggests that that if positive growth isn’t accepted, that it may be forced upon us as a dramatic result of amplified dysfunctions within society. On the other hand, it implies that expansion will come with ease if it’s experienced through participation as a collective cooperation.

The reason the Mars/Saturn conjunction is so important is that it prepares us for the current Lunar eclipse, with the opportunity for another dramatic and positive shift represented by Pluto’s energy in Capricorn.  Pluto’s position calls for the need to end the abuse of power and corruption of our political and financial systems. The Saturn/Mars conjunction provided a foundation and set us up for this positive shift that’s offered in Pluto’s energy signature.

To follow the significance of August 24th even further, I looked online through the top 55 mainstream news stories on August 24th. I discovered the following general breakdown of topics: 28% political corruption, 15% military invasions, 19% civil unrest and violence, 31% describing various discrepancies in world events where the facts don’t add up nor make sense, 2% natural disasters, and 5% positive news about the future.

Only 5% of the articles in the mainstream news that day offered any positive news, or expressed any hope or  opportunity for a positive outcome in current situations. The vast summation of the articles of the day presented a world-picture of doom and gloom, now and moving forward.

It’s important to understand that this preponderance of gloom and doom isn’t the only perspective. There is good news ahead.  A change in perspective is about to occur, especially when the power of the Lunar eclipse can be fully activated.

The Lunar Eclipse

Astrology Chart for Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16, 2016Moving forward from the significance of the August 24th conjunction, in order to better understand the power of this Lunar eclipse, we can look now at the pattern in the current astrology chart which is comprised of five T-squares. There is no other significant configuration. This is extremely rare and unusual.

T-squares force our consciousness to make fundamental shifts, especially in perspective and in our decision-making process. If a shift in perspective cannot be made, conflict and polarizing behaviors begin to occur. I believe the significance of this Lunar eclipse lies in the opportunity to make a positive shift in perspective. The strength of the formation indicates that this is not only a personal shift but planetary as well.

Remember, this eclipse is a worldwide event. The symbol of 10° Sagittarius  that I discussed earlier in the article suggests that growth will either be in cooperation through positive choice, or else the growth will be forced through energetic reactions to the overwhelming levels of corruption worldwide. Either way, growth occurs.  Both avenues of change will happen simultaneously. Change and positive growth will occur through those actions directed toward common good and service to others. It will also be forced upon us collectively as a response to unsustainable corruption and control, and those actions taken in service to self.

This Lunar eclipse is providing each of us the tools to see the positive elements within the overall direction of our planet. All of these changes and impulses toward collective good are what many speak of as  the growth process of Earth moving toward ascension.

This Lunar eclipse is all about making a collective shift toward a positive outcome, for individuals, the human family, and for the Earth as a whole.  The question to ask yourself on a personal level is how you will show up in your own life.  When you show up and choose alignment with the collective good, you will have the opportunity to expand by receiving a change in your personal perspective as well as your circumstances and life experience.

In terms of human culture, the eclipse most likely will result in a greater polarization within society.  Positive individuals will be in greater alignment with service to others, and they will draw those experiences to themselves. Those with self-serving or fear-based focus will be drawn to the more negative perspective and tend to gravitate toward those experiences.

We are experiencing another step toward a planetary shift in consciousness, with a clear separation from those who choose a negative perspective. For them the world will further polarize into conflict, corruption, and greed. For those who are able to shift their perspective and choose to align with a positive outcome, their personal experience and the world itself will become more positive.  From a planetary perspective, this process is preparation for what is sometimes referred to as Earth’s ascension.

In Summary

This dramatic Lunar eclipse is focused on providing a shift in your personal perspective and life experience. For those who choose to focus on positivity and the collective (greater) good, the eclipse will result in new perceptions that allow them to see the world and those around them in new ways. In practical terms, this eclipse will strengthen your ability to see the positive in the present moment, and simultaneously clearly discern and understand those who would choose to polarize into conflict.

This Full Moon provides a huge opportunity to turn the corner, strengthen your intuition, and support the positive changes that are coming to our world.

Happy Lunar Eclipse