Finding the Elusive Inner Calm: New Moon Astrology Oct 2016

Finding the Elusive Inner Calm: New Moon Astrology Oct 2016

Article Window: Oct 30 to Nov 29
• The New Moon is Oct 30, 2016  10:38am PDT
• Sun is 8° Scorpio, Moon is 8° Scorpio
• New Moon Theme (Oct 30 to Nov 29): Inner Calmness
• Next Full Moon is Nov 14, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of the Milky Way at New Moon

Astrology Article: Finding the Elusive Inner Calm

Our New Moon Astrology for the coming month brings a new cycle of mental clarity. This new level of clear thinking will utilize a calmness and inner peace, especially available to those who can access the emotional depths of Scorpio’s archetype of inner power.

Scorpio, being a water sign, has great depth of feeling and connectedness. This depth of feeling can be harnessed into a powerful social force to be used for common goals and group purpose. On occasion Scorpio gets a bad rap for being controlling and/or emotionally out of control, but this shadow element only becomes an obstacle for those who haven’t learned to connect with the power of their own depths.

Superficial Turbulence on the Horizon

The days immediately following the New Moon have the potential to be somewhat rocky and turbulent, but not catastrophic. This unsettling period is akin to a bumpy flight on a commercial plane. If you’re not careful you may spill your coffee, but the plane is in no real danger.

I call the potential turbulence superficial, because one of the most significant elements of this New Moon chart is the underlying energy of calm. The Sun/Moon conjunction with Mercury emphasizes the significance of the mental component of this Moon, enabling you to access inner clarity. The conjunction also follows right after the Moon crossed over Jupiter, which is in the positive position of supporting the clarity of new information, and the ability to use this information to expand into a new cycle of activity.

Understanding the importance of connecting with inner calm, it may be helpful for you to know that most of the action, or potential turbulence this month, will occur in the first two weeks, between now and the Full Moon.  Significantly, toward the end of this cycle, you can anticipate an activation of optimism when the Moon goes conjunct Uranus on Nov 12, just two days before the Full Moon.

Leading up to that activation with Uranus, the Moon is going to transit all of the other planets. Each of these conjunctions will offer an opportunity, however if we’re not able to maintain inner calm and clear perspective then the opposite can also happen. In other words, the pattern of concentrated planetary conjunctions could lead to ongoing challenges through experiences of irritation, misunderstanding and stress.

This is where the power of Scorpio comes in to provide some depth of feeling to help you anchor your mind and connect with clarity and that elusive sense of inner calm. The key is to have a depth of perception coupled with feelings that are anchored in calmness.

The good news is that for a select number of people this is going to be a time of creative expansion, especially through the experience of new levels of inner clarity and calm. This internal calm will be in contrast to the confusion that you may experience around you and within the larger culture. This is important because we are each going to need to be ready to receive the clarity, not just for ourselves but in order to contribute to the world.

Astrology Patterns

Astrology Chart for the New Moon Oct 2016Because of the astrological complexity of this cycle, it may be helpful to touch on the potential energy signatures of the coming two weeks.


With this New Moon Sabian symbol of inner calm conjunct Mercury, we’re talking about moving within, keeping your head on straight, and not getting activated with all of the external intensity and craziness that’s happening right now.

Our Saturn/Venus conjunction on November 2nd may activate uncertainty. Venus will challenge the type of value we place on our own dependencies. At the same time, Saturn may trigger an awareness that anticipates a turn of events that challenges your dependence on the status quo. Calmly redefining your relationship to the status quo is the key for your success.

Our Pluto conjunction on November 5th will be stimulating and may trigger a kind of unhealthy activation. All that’s needed here is to make sure you get enough exercise and to realize that that your experience of stimulation doesn’t need to turn into agitation or anxiety.

Our Mars conjunction on November 6th may activate insecurity and feelings that your circumstances don’t feel safe. There are too many scenarios to describe all the possibilities, but the antidote is to connect to security within, through the depths of your personal spirituality.

Election day is November 8th, which occurs during the 1st Quarter Moon. Without your connection to inner calmness and clarity, this First Quarter Moon can bring a high-degree of uncertainty and indecision.

Our Neptune conjunction on November 9th will further require internal calm. Otherwise, it may activate disillusionment with the entire world. A sense of what’s the use of even trying with a strong desire for escapism may be predominate. Your sense of spirituality and clear thinking is required.

Our Uranus conjunction on November 12th, as mentioned before, completes the cycle of planetary transits and will give you complete access to a new level of cosmic optimism. This conjunction occurs right before the Full Moon and sets the stage for you to move forward with hope and clarity.

Your ability to stay connected to the inner mental calmness of this New Moon through the coming days will enable you to connect with this optimism and carry forward the highest potentials of this cycle.


The overall signature of this Lunar Month is that of using a calm perspective to deal with life’s circumstances. The positive potential and opportunity of this lunar cycle can’t be accessed without this perspective of inner calm. You’ll recognize your alignment with this potential by your capacity for clear, calm thinking. (This is of course in direct opposition to what is being currently encouraged in the larger culture.)

The Moon transits all the planets in the first half of this cycle, leading up to the Full Moon. Each conjunction will activate a specific pattern which can open new opportunities in your life, or alternately contribute to stress if not properly understood and accessed.

The only sure avenue to success this month is the commitment to your connection to internal calm. From there the creative opportunities will be clearly available. This connection with inner equilibrium provides a clear avenue for rising above the activations of disorder and distress that are apparent all around us, and also enables you to contribute much-needed frequencies of calm and order.

A Frequency Boost in Consciousness: Full Moon Oct 2016

A Frequency Boost in Consciousness: Full Moon Oct 2016

Article Window: Oct 15 to Oct 30
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Oct 15, 9:23 PM PDT
• Sun is 24° Libra, Moon is 24° Aries
• Next New Moon: Oct 30
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 30 – Oct 30): Ideas for a Better Future

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Photo of October Full Moon

Astrology Article: A Frequency Boost in Consciousness

Our Full Moon astrology holds huge new potential for all of us. The planet Uranus is powerfully positioned to assist you in a significant energy jump forward. This article will explore why this Full Moon is so significant and how you can personally take advantage of this massive boost in energy.

Looking at our current astrology chart you’ll see the highlighted Full Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. The current Lunar cycle is building on the Libra New Moon theme of “Ideas for a Better Future.” This theme of new awareness and higher-level insight has now come into its full potency and the potential for new growth at a higher frequency has become fully activated. It’s time to initiate what began at the New Moon.  Your opportunity for growth is about to be accelerated, fueled by an influx of Uranian energy.

The Transforming Power of Uranus

Uranus is responsible for the acceleration of evolution and self-quickening of consciousness. It operates within the higher functions of the mind and is often experienced through brilliance, individuality, and a desire for reform (or even revolt) against what’s not working in the world. In short, Uranus transforms by increasing the vibratory rate of consciousness.

This Uranian increase in frequency typically operates beyond the conscious awareness of the average person. However, during this Full Moon we all have the opportunity to intentionally connect with this potential, increasing our own vibratory rate and accelerating our opportunity for growth. What’s available now is a very specific potential for expanding your consciousness. You may experience this expansion by connecting to a higher dimension, developing a psychic gift, or simply increasing your innate intuitive processes.

The main point to consider in this discussion is that in some way you can expect to experience a significant boost in energy resulting in a vibration or frequency jump. This is a significant step in the steady increase and acceleration of positive spiritual energies that we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year. This Full Moon is bringing forward all your hard work into a harvest period where additional abundance is possible.

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Oct 2016Uranus energy is brilliant, transpersonal,  and unpredictable. Because of this raw transcendent power behind Uranus, it’s recommended that Uranian energy is focused toward the highest purpose of serving humanity.  As one’s personal frequency or vibratory rate is increased, humanity becomes the beneficiary due to the higher level of personal resonance and cooperation that can be experienced and acted upon. This also means that any attempt to control the energy of Uranus for a self-serving agenda will have an unintended or karmic outcome.

Using the energy of Uranus in a conscious and “service-to-others” manner can have spectacular results. This is especially true if your effort and activity (Mars square Uranus/Full Moon) is focused on the clear awareness of what is possible.

The most important course of action during the coming two weeks following the Full Moon is to use your own life circumstances to practice new modes of reacting and participating. This new level of reaction will occur simply as a result of you increasing your frequency. Your new vibrational ‘set-point’ will result in new perspectives and awareness. You will find new insights, new clarity, and new capacities to respond from internal awareness rather than reactionary patterns of the past.

This is a time for inner growth to accelerate you to new levels, but only if you hold onto and anchor the Uranus brilliance and insight you feel. Flashes of Uranian intuition are momentary, remaining  in your consciousness as a lightning flash insight. It’s up to you to create the container to store your own harvest.

An Abundant Harvest

The Full Moon is providing an openness to the incoming energies, but your response to these energies is the key to receiving them.

The Sabian archetype for the exact degree of the Full Moon, found at Aries 24°, states,   “BLOWN INWARD BY THE WIND, THE CURTAINS OF AN OPEN WINDOW TAKE THE SHAPE OF A CORNUCOPIA.” This is an additional indication that an abundant harvest is available to all who can remain receptive and open to the influx of spiritual energies that are entering our consciousness.

Uranus is stimulating your desire for growth and abundance, but only if your mind can create the container. This importance of retaining the energies is indicated in the Sabian reference to the cornucopia, the symbolic container for holding the fruits of harvest.

In Conclusion

This Full Moon is introducing a significant boost in energy for the purpose of spiritual growth. The energy of Uranus makes this energy boost available in a transpersonal or “service-to-others” capacity.  To harness the power of Uranus and anchor this jump in your frequency, focus on keeping an open and receptive mind.

Remember, Uranian energies operate at a higher frequency than is commonly encountered. As such, thoughts and activities that support “service-to-others” and the highest good will help in retaining and incorporating these energies into your life in a more permanent way.

We are in the midst of a powerful Lunar cycle. This Full Moon holds great promise for transformation and a positive influx of spiritual energy.

Happy Full Moon