A Deeper Peak into Current Events: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2016

A Deeper Peak into Current Events: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2016

Dear Friends,

Given the unusual nature of the past week’s events I want to connect personally with each of you to acknowledge the significance of what we as a culture are currently moving into. This is a pivotal time. We are being asked to let go of all forms and systems that limit our connection to ‘freedom and wholeness’, and to join together to create new systems that support the essence of our human spirit.

In light of the importance of working together, I want to acknowledge the contributions of Elizabeth Schermer who acts as my editor and sounding board to help clarify my messages. Her work was especially valuable in bringing forward this particular article.

As such, I offer this Full Moon message with the intention of contributing to collective healing of all, by speaking to the higher opportunities for positive change that are being offered.

Article Window: Nov 14 to Nov 29
• The Full Moon is Monday, Nov 14, 5:52 AM PST
• Sun is 23° Scorpio, Moon is 23° Taurus
• Next New Moon: Nov 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Oct 30 – Nov 29): Inner Calmness

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Supermoon Nov 2016

Astrology Article: A Deeper Peak into Current Events

Our Full Moon astrology is riding a powerful wave of energy that was introduced at the New Moon on Oct 30th. The primary frequency is calm and stability under the surface, and now the wave is cresting. To use a surfing term, it’s time to ride in the pocket. The pocket is the most powerful part of the wave, just ahead of where the wave is breaking. The point here is to trust the momentum and see the beauty of the ride, understanding that the power beneath the wave is predictable and stable, however much the surface may be full of intensity and thrills.

A Taurus Full Moon

This Full Moon holds the theme of discovering wealth and treasure through the depth of inner experience. On the surface it may seem like the world is full of chaos and nothing much is happening in a constructive way. Because of this intensity it’s easy for your attention to be drawn to what is happening externally, especially those events that seem chaotic and out of control.

Be aware that what matters most right now is not in external events, rather what’s significant lies in what’s happening beneath the surface. For each of us to tap into the potentials of this cycle it’s necessary to connect within and use the power of inner calm. You must access inner calm in order to connect with what’s happening at the deepest level of your being. (For more on the overall theme of the current Lunar month see previous New Moon article.)

In short, our Taurus Moon is about YOU, and what YOU need to do to maintain your personal perspective.

What Matters Now is Beneath the Surface of Things

Astrologically speaking, this is an unusual Full Moon in that no highly significant pattern is apparent (through planetary aspects) either now at the Full Moon or in the two weeks following. You may remember from the New Moon reading that the external activity this month has all been in the previous two weeks of the cycle, leading up to the Full Moon. The action has all led up to where we are now. This is now a time for full integration. There is also a signature of underlying optimism, initiated by Uranus on November 12, if we’re able to connect with the frequency of inner calm.

With our Sun’s position in Scorpio, there’s a powerful process of metamorphosis occurring deep beneath the surface of things. In her own way, Mother Earth (Gaia) is offering support with what’s going on in our world.

The importance of this time can’t be ignored. The process that we’re involved in as a culture and human family has deep significance and value.

What’s happening now under the surface is important and will have far-reaching impact, including authentic beauty that needs to be recognized and brought forward. It’s easy to disregard these deeper energies, since  they aren’t necessarily seen or experienced through external events. What is happening under the surface can only be felt from a place of internal alignment.

What matters now is to value the existence and importance of your deep inner feelings and realizations. It’s only by honoring inner calmness (New Moon article) that you even have access to these underlying subtle signatures.

From this place of inner calm there is a potential to connect with the importance of your own worth. National circumstances have aligned to help us recognize and to confirm, now more than ever, the value of our personal worth. This is a new type of personal and social confirmation that’s coming from within, and through which we are able to acquire the skill to transform our culture.

Four Important Themes of our Taurus Full Moon

The following themes are predominate now and throughout the remaining two weeks of the current cycle.

  1. It’s necessary now to move past all forms of dependencies that keep us from growing.
  2. We must understand and focus the internal spiritual energies that are being activated  toward growth.
  3. There is support for our connection to our Higher Self who is wanting to participate with us at a greater level of embodiment.
  4. Finally and most importantly, this cycle is supporting internal freedom by enabling us to release old patterns and habits of dependency.  We are  releasing long-held psychic and social imprinting that holds us back. These imprints are snares that keep us from moving forward and limit our personal ability to align with current opportunity.

Again, these current energies are beneath the surface, subtle and yet super powerful.

Because of the subtly and under-the-surface nature of the positive force for change it will be easy to discount and/or negate the opportunity.  This could unfold in two contrasting ways:

  • Either you will experience too much distraction through external events that will preoccupy your attention, or conversely
  • On the surface it will seem like nothing important is happening and so there’s nothing significant to pay attention to.

Either way, you need to remember that the surface of things isn’t what’s important right now. What matters lies deep within, where you are safe, protected and cherished.

Astrological Pattern

Supermoon Astrology Chart for Nov 2016As mentioned earlier, the majority of significant planetary aspects this month have already occurred, ending with the Moon’s transit of Uranus on November 12. Due to this influence, the Sun is contributing stronger than usual emphasis to the Full Moon.

The process that the Sun is delivering is all about metamorphosis. This speaks to the importance of connecting within, to the depths of your own nature. You have heightened access now to the ‘guiding intelligence’ of Mother Earth, rising from her depths in order to connect all of life on Earth within the current cycles of growth.

The favorable position of Saturn in relationship to Jupiter and Uranus, is significant to understanding the positive momentum that’s available now.  Saturn’s significance can be understood through its sequential position between Jupiter and Uranus. This current sequence mirrors  the planets’ natural order in the solar system, and allows them to work harmoniously together in special ways.

Saturn in the fire sign of Sagittarius suggests that the restless ambition that can dominate through organizations can now be offset through a stronger connection to spiritual teachings that give life a deeper meaning. This is especially true of those teachings that help us transcend unhealthy external dependencies.

The Capricorn energy operating through Pluto is triggering the shadow of existing structures in the world. This shadow is experienced as an ongoing resistance to change, especially within those institutions which cling to their own power structure and are unwilling or able to adapt to the needs of the world.

Pluto has been in this position for a while and it speaks to all the deeper patterns of transformation that have been going on in our world. In an abstract sense, Pluto brings to light what’s wrong with the world and illuminates what is in need of transformation.

What’s happening with Pluto is part of our long-term pattern of change. This pattern of change feels familiar because it’s what we’ve been dealing with as a collective for some time. It’s not necessary to highlight this any further except to mention that Pluto’s transformational energy is unavoidable and will completely transform any and all in its wake.

The bigger picture that Pluto offers us is a total and complete transformation of all obsolete Capricorn power structures world-wide.

Neptune’s energy is both powerful and subtle at the same time. Its power is tied to the intuitive feeling or presence of a larger field of activity. There is also a more subtle aspect which is the sense of losing oneself  to something great. This is why Neptune is associated with both spirituality and escapism. It is “spiritual” in the sense of helping us lose perceived isolation of the smaller self to the higher-self, and “escapist” through its association with drug addiction and other attempts to neutralize stress by minimizing one’s consciousness.

In our current pattern Neptune supports your ability to see beyond your current limitations. Specifically, it’s activating a heightened sense that even though the bigger picture of your circumstances can’t always be seen, like an internal sense of radar, it can always be felt.

Finally, remember that the Sun activates this Full Moon by delivering opportunities for metamorphosis through your ability to connect more deeply to your inner nature and the guiding intelligence of Mother Earth. The support of Mother Earth and the connection to internal treasure is further activated by the occurrence of the Super Moon.

The Significance of the Supermoon

As explained above, given the relative absence of dynamic aspects in this chart, the influence of the Sun to this Full Moon becomes more important than usual. This significance is further emphasized through the additional power of the Supermoon.

Perigee and Apogee

The Moon’s orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, but elliptical, with one side of the orbit closer to Earth than the other. As a result of the Moon’s elliptical orbit, the distance between the Moon and Earth varies throughout the month and the year. The point on the Moon’s orbit closest to Earth is called the ‘perigee’ and the point farthest away is the ‘apogee.’

A ‘Supermoon’ occurs when the Moon’s perigee occurs at the time of Full Moon. The Moon not only appears larger visually, but more significantly it also delivers more light. The current Supermoon is unusually close. The last time a Full Moon was this close to Earth was  January 25, 1948 and we won’t have a Full Moon this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.  During this Full Moon the Earth will receive 30% more light than we normally receive.

Our  Supermoon is emphasizing the truth that there’s more light available to us in the form of consciousness, to activate and enhance every astrological theme that this cycle represents. Astrologically, remember that the Moon represents your ability to adjust, adapt, and integrate the processes of life into growth, so you are now receiving all of the help you need to adapt and adjust to these new challenges and opportunities.

The next two weeks are powerful. A huge growth spurt is available to all who can embrace the idea of metamorphous and step into something larger. This is a process of integrating yourself into the larger picture of what is possible for you and the world.


This Supermoon creates an opportunity to connect with and utilize the power of inner calm. This inner calm, the theme of the current Lunar month, allows you to connect with the bigger picture of what’s happening at a deeper level, not only in your personal life, but with all of humanity and the guiding Spirit of the Earth herself, whom we know as Gaia.

Our Taurus Moon requires you to realize the deeper connection and true value of current events. There’s deep desire to embrace the larger values of appreciation, beauty, and a deeper internal process of refinement. The Taurus Moon requires that this transformative change is connected to your personal value. Those who are able to connect within have the capacity to rise together as a collective and claim a higher good for all of humanity. Each person in this process is valuable and necessary and contributes to the whole.

I encourage you now, in this time of change, to recognize the value of this deeper process of metamorphosis. What’s happening under the surface is important and will have far reaching results. Mother Earth is stepping forward now to help with what’s going on. This is an intense time and it’s only by honoring inner calmness and inner alignment that we each even have access to these underlying subtle signatures.

Just remember that the activity that matters most now is beneath the surface. It’s full of optimism and the potential for positive change. Align now with the bigger picture of who you are and of what you trust to be true and right. All of these potentials can be accessed through your own frequency of inner calm.

Happy Full Moon.

For further reference and practical advice that accompanies this article, I recommend Elizabeth Schermer’s Full Moon Tarot reading.