How to Personalize Your Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 2017

How to Personalize Your Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 2017

Article Window: Jan 27 to Feb 26
• The New Moon is Jan 27, 2016  4:07 PM PDT
• Sun is 9° Aquarius, Moon is 9° Aquarius
• New Moon Theme (Jan 27 to Feb 26): Personalizing Power
• Next Full Moon is Feb 10, 2017 (Lunar eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Photo at Aquarius Beach

Astrology Article: How to Personalize Your Power

This month’s New Moon Astrology is bringing all of us to a crossroad of sorts. It’s a crossroad where one’s personal life choices intersect with the direction in which the world is headed.  This is an annual event that occurs each year at the Aquarius Moon, when our personal vision comes into alignment with the larger Aquarian potentials for change. The Aquarius Moon marks such a significant shift in consciousness that it is celebrated as the time of Chinese New Year.

Each of us holds a personal vision of a better tomorrow. The most significant question now, at this year’s Aquarius New Moon, is whether your vision for a better tomorrow will become fully activated when it reaches our New Moon tipping point. The more you’re able to connect with your internal feeling of power, the more you will be able to add your personalized contribution to the arena of a better future for us all. The focus of this article is to offer insights that will help you fully connect to these potentials.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius carries an energy capable of transforming the world through the qualities of freedom and uniqueness. Before we dive deeper into this month’s theme of building a better future through the use of personalized power, I would like to introduce the ways in which the powerful Aquarian energies are related to the unique qualities of this year’s Aquarius New Moon.

The Impersonal Working Along-Side the Personal

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Aquarius is that its energy is simultaneously both impersonal and personal. For example, at the same time that the Aquarian traits of freedom and uniqueness are expressed at a universal level, planetary and larger, they are also experienced personally and require individuality and personal expression for success.

The mystery of Aquarius is that these energies not only simultaneously operate at both collective and individual levels; they also operate within each of us at the same time. In other words, we have the capacity to experience both of these levels within our own range of perception.

This process of working in both the personal and impersonal dimensions simultaneously is a practical expression of the term “multi-dimensional reality.” This important concept and capacity is becoming more commonly understood, and has its roots in this aspect of the Aquarius archetype.

To understand this multi-dimensional aspect through Aquarius is to acknowledge the impersonal desire to transform the world for the better. This underlying transformative energy of Aquarius is aligned with the value of new and progressive ideas that represent the best of progress. In order to fully participate at the individual level, we must be able to let go of attachment to old ideas in order to recognize the impulses of healthy progress.

This personal aspect of Aquarius is centered on an individuality of personalized power. This leads to activity capable of transforming society by embodying these same new values.  These two processes work together: The impersonal attitudes and beliefs combine with the personal desire for freedom and uniqueness. This together harnesses personal power for new activity in alignment with change. This process is extremely personal and requires a quality of individualized focus and will.

Freedom is an essential aspect of the Aquarian signature. It is freedom that allows each  person to express themselves through all forms of creativity, spontaneity, and the simple brilliance that comes from being a unique being. This personalization of Aquarian energy can now, through connection to the larger potentials for change, become the opportunity to contribute your own unique mark, your signature activities, to the problems facing humanity.

Freedom and power work hand in hand to support larger processes of change by allowing the individual to contribute uniqueness and creativity. Through these expressions the individual contributes to the larger momentum of change, and challenges the collective forces of inertia that are more interested in control than progress.

Aquarian energy helps us connect with our true source of power which comes from within and is channeled directly from the intelligent, creative, eternal Source of all. This same process is both personal and impersonal, occurring at the same time. Power from within is personal and dependent on our focus, but the eternal intelligence is impersonal, and in continuous operation,  whether you are personally aware of it or not.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology Chart for New Moon Jan, 2017An astrological “Bowl” pattern forms our predominate signature for the New Moon chart.  The Bowl creates a container for mixing together all the planetary energies for the purpose of a holistic and positive outcome. The New Moon is featured at the center (bottom) of the bowl signifying the need for integration and cooperative use of power.

Overall, this pattern integrates individual patterns of conflict and destiny into a larger united purpose, and allows the collection of energies to work together in a very specific and holistic way.

The chart also shows a T-square. Although it is not directly activated by the New Moon, it is still significant and sets the entire framework for accessing our Aquarian energy this month. The T-square places Uranus (freedom) and Jupiter (expansion of society) as opposites, creating an opportunity for an unexpected expansion in consciousness, or an all-out rejection of the status quo. We also have a powerful combination of Mercury (intelligence) and Pluto (total control) working together to challenge everything we have been told is true.

Aquarian energy is designed to challenge anything that limits our personal freedoms, for without freedom the key qualities of individuality and uniqueness die a slow death. The impulse to be free is found within the desire to be an individual. Individuality dies without the freedom to be creative and unique. Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, supports the process of personal transformation through individualized freedom, and helps to give birth to personalized power.

Developing Personalized Power

During the next month the potential to develop personalized power will be at an all-time high. The key in developing your own personalized power lies in your awareness of working with Source energy that is simultaneously personal,  expressed through your own freely chosen and unique activities, and impersonal, carried within as the underlying belief and incorporation of new values supporting all of humanity.

The crossroads we face at this year’s Aquarius New Moon centers on aligning your belief in humanity and a better future with personally chosen activity and your own unique approach to life. This is an astrological moment where the personal intersects with the impersonal at the highest level of possibility.

The power of this moment holds the opportunity to expand our ability to perceive our reality, our world, as a living substance. The impersonalized universal consciousness of the Earth, our “mother nature,” is directly channeling the energies of Aquarian uniqueness which then become personalized in each of our lives through individual activity. In summary, this New Moon represents a shift in consciousness which allows each of us to personally harness the larger reality and create unique activity that changes our world in a positive direction.

During this Lunar Cycle, the more your own individualized sense of freedom can be uniquely expressed,  the more you will develop your unique qualities of personalized power.  It’s a process by which you take the impersonal and universal power of Nature and claim it with the stamp of your own unique signature. Through your unique actions you channel this power into your dream of creating a better world. It’s your personal and unique individuality that carries out the inspiration needed to change the world in a positive direction.

A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

Article Window: Jan 12 to Jan 27
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Jan 12, 3:34 AM PST
• Sun is 23° Capricorn, Moon is 23° Cancer
• Next New Moon: Jan 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 28 – Jan 27): A Call to Action

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Solstice Village Seattle 2017

Astrology Article: A Balancing of Accounts

Our Full Moon astrology has an unusual emphasis this month based on the natural conflict between the energies of Capricorn (Sun) and Cancer (Moon). When these two powerful zodiac energies collide, there is often a showdown between what’s best for the individual, and what’s best for the established order. This is the case with our current Cancer Full Moon.

The specific showdown this month is especially related to systems of political power within the establishment. What the individual needs for success in the world can oftentimes be at odds with those who make the rules, especially if those rules are for political gain and not the greater good. This is the classic conflict between the individual and collective, specifically that portion of the collective with agendas set by a ruling elite that isn’t in alignment with the greater good. When goals and agendas collide, the individual’s power can be squashed with the power of a co-opted collective.

The Dance of the Individual and the Collective

There is a natural and healthy push-pull relationship between the individual and the collective. Sometimes it is necessary that their needs collide, but each also holds a fundamental responsibility for the good of the other. The individual has a responsibility to support the collective with uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions that promote healthy growth and evolution of the group. The collective has a responsibility to provide resources, opportunities, and rewards, especially to those individuals who fulfill their responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

A balancing of accounts is necessary when either the individual or the collective becomes out of harmony within this dance between the two. Our current Full Moon is offering new awareness of what is out of balance, as well as realizations that will enable you to move forward and contribute in positive ways.

The Nature of These Colliding Forces

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Jan 2017In our current astrological pattern, we find the Sun conjunct Pluto with the Full Moon in direct opposition. Pluto’s energy is considered by many astrologers as the most powerful planet in our solar system.  This is because its natural force has the potential to completely transform whatever it contacts. The outcome and determining factor of this transformation is dependent on the intentions behind the actions, specifically whether they are centered around control or empowerment. To understand the significance of Pluto’s activation in our current chart, it is helpful to review the Sabian Archetype for Pluto’s position at 18° degrees Capricorn.

ARCHETYPE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
COMMENTARY: Institutional power can be used to control groups or individuals, especially when it is required to maintain a specific outcome of social order or social relationships. This ultimate expression of power needs to be balanced by justice and compassion, rather than elitism justifying authority through abuse of power.

Pluto’s energy is contributing this month to the opportunity for a balancing of accounts, especially where there are situations of unchecked power. The current energies are supporting a relationship of trust that’s balanced by justice and compassion, without elite groups or individuals attempting to justify their own authority, especially when that authority is used to justify abuse of power.

In short, Pluto is contributing to our Full Moon in Cancer by empowering the individual to clearly see the larger needs of the collective, including areas of injustice and imbalance. In the coming days you can expect to experience a heightened awareness of the need for greater justice against abuses of power. This will be true within your personal own circumstances as well as the world at large. In all areas the desire for a greater level of accountability will predominate.

How to Work with the Full Moon this Month

The Full Moon this month has the potential to be challenging. In addition to the Pluto/Sun conjunction, we are experiencing a grand square with the additional energies of a Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Jupiter will give you an objective voice, while Uranus provides for a potential shift in social power, including imbalances in current power structures.

What this all means is that it’s time to look objectively at expectations, responsibilities, and potential rewards that are offered and exchanged between you the individual and the collective. Your collective can be personal and immediate as well as global. It’s time to see things clearly and make an objective evaluation of where you fit in this equation.

The key this month is to be willing to face these opposing energies and then integrate them in such a way as to provide a clear pathway for personal forward progress.

Be mindful of a tendency to be concerned about rule-breaking. With the Moon in Cancer, there is  a sub-theme that’s operating in the background related to the need to be successful within the established rules of order. This Moon is requiring you be mindful of what happens when those rules aren’t fairly or justly applied to everyone. It is this unjust relationship of power that’s precisely the dilemma we face at this time.

The Full Moon is always associated with new understanding. This year’s Cancer Full Moon is offering a new realization that will help you move forward in a positive way, not just in your own life but in your understandings of how you can contribute to positive and necessary changes within the systems at large.  When it’s appropriate, demand a balancing of accounts in your life, both of yourself and of others. Call into question the abuse of power where it appears, while continuing to bring your uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions to the world.