Transforming Individuality into Creative Growth: New Moon Astrology June 2018

Article Window: June 13 – July 12

  • New Moon is Wednesday, June 13, 12:43 PM PDT
  • Sun is 23° Gemini, Moon is 23° Gemini
  • Next Full Moon: June 27
  • Current New Moon Theme (June 13 to July 12): Transforming Individuality

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Transforming Individuality into Creative Growth

By Steven Shroyer and Katharine Sommers

Our Gemini New Moon astrology is providing us with an opportunity to redefine ourselves. This month offers us the space to cultivate and discover a more expanded creative view of ourselves and our potential.

You have the ability this Lunar month to reflect on your surroundings and social values in order to discover who you actually are, as opposed to who others have said you are, or who you feel you need to be. These discoveries and reflections can strengthen your sense of self and help you feel confident in your own individuality. It can also lead to a more compassionate perspective toward the experiences of others.

The support this month will help us all come into our own in a new way, with a willingness to reflect on where our social values come from, how we extract meaning from them, and how we allow them to shape our self-expression. A refined sense of individuality is absolutely possible. In fact, there is the real potential for transforming the power of personal individuality beyond our cultural ideas of what we have previously believed is possible.

Gemini and the Development of Individuality

One way to experience the ongoing cycle of the zodiac is as a story of growth and change. The annual cycle begins at Aries and the unfolding sequence of the twelve archetypes from Aries to Pisces can represent the life cycle of a cosmic personality, with an unfolding and expanding of the inner and outer worlds.

Because of the importance of the cycle as a whole, to fully understand this Gemini New Moon we need to think of it within the context of the ways in which Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer work together. The first four signs of the cosmic cycle represent the process of developing a stable sense of self. This is the personal “self” who can eventually take on social responsibility in order to fulfill a larger purpose of creative growth.

Starting at the initiation of the cycle, Aries represents our inspiration and motivation for becoming our full potential. It’s this fiery zeal for being that pushes the personality to activate and demonstrate its potential through intentional action in the world.

As an earth sign, Taurus takes this new sense of identity and anchors it through our values, resources and experiences, including those that have been passed down through generations and across social groups. What has been passed down from our family is the personality’s first introduction to the physical world, anchored through Taurus and the element of earth.

From here, Gemini takes over development, as the personality comes into relationship with the world by discovering and exploring the surroundings outside of one’s immediate social sphere. Gemini is a sign of discovering knowledge through relationships, objectivity, and contrast. It is during this phase of the zodiac that we discover ourselves, by way of exploring the world and all of the things that are separate from us.

Finally, at the fourth stage of development, Cancer solidifies the development of the personality. The individual now has a secure enough sense of itself in relation to everyone else that the individual can emotionally meet all the other personalities out in the world with feeling, empathy, and a more global connection.

This process of individual growth begins at birth and happens over and over throughout our lifetime.

By looking at this four-fold process of development we can begin to sense the larger context and potential of our Gemini New Moon. Part of Gemini’s struggle is learning how to identify its own sense of self against the values that its family and social group has previously set up and passed down (Taurus). It takes a great deal of awareness and space to discover who you really are in a world that others have designed. This is why Gemini needs so much space and so many experiences to define its individuality well enough to experience personal identity.

Gemini’s strong sense of personal identity is developed through expansion and relationships in the world. This exploration also leads to the inspiration to cooperate and learn from others. This development of identity through relationship expands in Cancer to enable us to experience an empathetic connection to others’ individuality and processes (Cancer).

When Gemini’s process of discovering individuality through relationships with others goes awry, the shadow of Cancer is activated. Without the personal connection to a broader sphere of experience, Cancer becomes unable to align itself emotionally with all people, ending up fiercely devoted to a limited group who share the same values, such as one’s immediate family, town or country.

Individuality in a Changing World

The Sabian archetype for our New Moon at 23° Gemini is THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH IN A TREE. When we consider this symbol in the context of the current chart, it appears that the New Moon is giving us the space to reflect on our cultural values (the nest) in order to redefine our individuality in preparation to take flight.

It’s through securing our own sense of self that we gain the perspective to confidently rise to the occasion and meet all people with respect and concern, not only those for whom we have been culturally conditioned to care about.

There is also a deeper message hidden within our Gemini New Moon which is the development of individuality that has the potential to transform our creative energy directly into our outlook and experiences of life. Think of this process as creative integration operating at the spiritual level of consciousness.

Our Gemini New Moon may be about discovering knowledge, but this deeper understanding lies in what we are able to creatively integrate from all of our experiences of life. The process of integration within this month’s New Moon energies includes the opportunity for growth that stems directly from any personal challenges that may be experienced.

In short, the deeper potential for transformation in our Gemini New Moon lies in our ability to learn directly from our circumstances. The learning process embedded in this Gemini Moon can propel us directly into new understandings of our creative potential and protect each of us from stagnation, which is the arch enemy of Gemini’s growth and highest potential.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon ChartThis dynamic astrology pattern is full of creative energy. This can be seen within the opposition of Saturn with our New Moon conjunct Mercury. This Saturn opposition creatively challenges your sense of independence and individuality in order to discover and find out what’s true for you. Mercury opposite Saturn requires you to be responsible for your own independent thinking, while at the same time challenging the over-arching power structures (your own version of the status quo) in which you find yourself living.

Another dynamic pattern involves the opposition between Venus and Mars, with Uranus completing a T-square. This formation supports the possibility for a creative transformation of all of our experiences into a process of positive growth.

With Uranus squaring both Venus and Mars, challenges within relationships have to chance for a higher, more spiritual, type of integration. It is this higher potential of Uranus that helps us glimpse the quality of higher-Mind pushing us toward greatness as we transform our experiences into a more expanded form of knowledge and understanding.

There is a deeper significance to the Venus-Mars opposition, which stems from their conjunction eight months ago on the Full Moon of October 2017, which held the theme of “Inspired Reaction for Success.”  Venus and Mars are now in preparation for an exact opposition, which occurs at the Summer Solstice on June 21st. This opposition, during First Quarter phase, will bring to light the energies from October’s conjunction by revealing the level of creative intensity needed to ensure that whatever was inspired during the previous Full Moon will now come to light in order to experience the desired success originally sought.

The energies of this opposition squared Uranus encourage us to reflect on our personal values (Venus), and then consider how these values fit in with our pursuit of a larger truth (Mars). We want to adopt and exemplify values, not simply because they’ve been universally accepted, but because we recognize the potential they have to inspire us to become more of the truth of who we are.

There is support here to discover the true wisdom of societal values and teachings, and to use this awareness in a new, inspired way to redefine our own individuality.

Communication is key. In the coming month we have the ability to share our thoughts more freely, with increased sensitivity towards others. This offers us the opportunity to express ourselves honestly, while we are also able to appreciate others’ individuality and perspectives. Through these interactions we’re actively expanding our sense of self and what it means to be an individual, while at the same time reorienting our thinking to be more inclusive, supportive and expansive.


We have the support this month to develop a sense of self that is rooted in personal truth while still resonating with the higher values and identities of a larger whole. When we take the opportunity to view ourselves and others from a wider, more inclusive lens, we can cultivate a stronger sense of ourselves as well as a deeper respect for others.

Our Gemini New Moon is providing us with the space to view the values and expectations society places on us with greater objectivity. This is giving us a wonderful opportunity to get at the heart of the values of our culture and discover how these values are personally significant to us. We can utilize this understanding to fuel personal transformation and strengthen our sense of individuality, while also communicating our insights, giving and receiving new learning, and expanding into greater visions of possibility for our larger collective.

Happy New Moon!

A Positive Turning Point in History: Full Moon Astrology May 2018

Article Window: May 29 – June 13
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, May 29, 7:19 AM PDT
• Sun is 9° Aries, Moon is 9°
• Next New Moon: June 13
• Current New Moon Theme (May 15 – Jun 13): True Wealth

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article:
A Positive Turning Point in History

By Steven Shroyer

Our Sagittarius Full Moon astrology brings an awareness to the true value of humanity’s struggle for a positive future. The current Sagittarius energies are inspiring all of us to reevaluate the importance of all forms of relationship from a stand point of group success. This article explores what it means for each of us if we can see beyond our outer circumstance and embrace the opportunity for a positive turning point in history.

A Brighter Future

Each Full Moon is always an extension of the previous New Moon energies and provides a new awareness that we can work with for greater success in life. Two weeks ago, the New Moon released a very positive pattern we have termed “true wealth.”

This month’s New Moon theme of “true wealth” is centered on the integration of collective value and the benefit of shared resources. In the recent New Moon article we discussed how our concepts of wealth can currently shift into a more transcendent understanding, with realizations and experiences of value that go beyond the traditional definitions of individual wealth.

This resulting shift is necessary for our future and the future wellbeing of our planet. The shifting understanding of wealth represents a turning point in how we view the resources of Nature as well as our personal resources, including health and relationships. Through this new understanding of wealth all positive experiences become the measure of one’s true wealth in life.

As this new experience of positive energy is expanded into our Sagittarius Full Moon, we will see a natural expansion of how to move forward in our relationship to life with a greater understanding of the true meaning and experience of “true wealth” as a social resource and legacy that benefits all.

Key to this new understanding is the way that the Sagittarius Moon connects us to new realizations of true wealth through the values and principles of collective wisdom and the inspiration to contribute to something larger than ourselves.

In this way Sagittarius connects us to the past and the future through our relationship with our previous generation and at the same time the generation to come. This shift in consciousness in which we own the value of the legacy we will leave is ensuring a brighter future for all. This principle of legacy is one of the key attributes of social wealth that’s being emphasized at this Full Moon.

Social Stewardship

The concept of stewardship is a key aspect of true wealth. As discussed in the recent New Moon article stewardship is about extending our values of resources to the collective, including to the future generations.

Social stewardship is born of the understanding that every generation MUST contribute to the wellbeing of all, and at the same time set the foundation for the generation that follows, in order that they are able to meet all the new challenges that will be unique to them.

At this Full Moon it’s important to extend the concept of stewardship to the necessity of preparing for the future. We must commit now to helping each other face our current challenges. We must also show up for the generations to come in order that they can develop the necessary tools to address the challenges they will face.

A Turning Point in History

There’s a natural polarization occurring in the world as the outdated forms of greed-based authority are dismantled. Our Gemini Sun is currently emphasizing our ability to see these polarities through a healthy type of duality awareness. This awareness of duality is clearly experienced by those who are beginning to see through, or pierce, the outer layer of socially accepted reality, including fear based values and artificial social divisions between people.

Our Gemini Sun is promoting the discovery of new information to help the whole of humanity pierce beyond the outer chaos in the world around us in order to connect with higher forms of wholeness and unity. The disruption and dismantling in the world is real. I believe we are currently witnessing a myriad of worldwide scandals and propaganda so that we as a collective whole can see and pierce-through this outer charade of politics, including the manufacturing of wars and the control of resources.

We are witnessing this so that we can become aware of what is really going on. This will enable us to move past the disruption so that we as a collective can create a more positive future. Once we are able to begin seeing this shift in perspective, our Full Moon awareness allows us to entertain the very real possibility that we are at a positive turning point in history. This turning point begins with our willingness to see things as they are. Our ability to show up in this way will enable us to assume a new level of ownership for our destiny.

For some, this turning point in history is not yet clearly seen. For those of us who are willing to pierce the veil of what’s presented as reality through the mainstream media and collective world view, we can see another possibility and realize that the world is going through the necessary growing pains that will ensure a bright future and group success for all of humanity.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThe overall pattern of our Full Moon chart is very positive, however its positive outlook comes with a stern warning to recognize that we are at a turning point in history. This turning point is reinforced in a powerful Kite pattern in our chart. The general signature of a Kite indicates how harmonious energies are able to work for a positive change. A Kite can also signify the quality of transformation that is possible, based on the energy of the key opposition within the spine of the Kite.

In our Kite, the signature of transformation is found through the opposition between Venus and Pluto, which suggests a reshaping of what we think as real and unreal. The turning point discussed earlier centers on our connection to our inner values (Venus as the tail of the kite) that enables us to become aware of what’s going on in the world that might be hidden from view (Venus trine Neptune and sextile Pluto).

The other key aspect of the current Kite pattern is the grand trine portion with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. These three planets operate and function within a common frequency that expands what we love and believe in order to see beyond what we have known or believed in the past. This Neptunian “seeing beyond” indicates the possibility for a turning point and opens up a new world of transformation and opportunity beyond what we once thought was possible.

Pluto’s position holds the final key signature for our Kite. It’s the influence of Pluto that brings about the possibility of long-term group success. It reinforces the positive theme of the Sun/Moon opposition that is emphasizing the piercing of the veil. This especially indicates our ability to see beyond the outer world of conflict to what is happening beneath the surface.

The long term influence of Pluto helps us see that our true opportunity and wealth lies within how we release our perceptions of what ‘has been’ in order to show up for the collective and join together to as a group to move forward with success.


At certain points in human history we arrive at a cross-roads. All signs indicate that we are currently standing at one of these pivotal points of time.

We have a very positive Full Moon message of a bright future and group success, provided we are able to harness our current Full Moon opportunity. An opportunity of this magnitude itself becomes a type of wealth, especially when we understand the significance of our time and the part we each can play.

If we can pierce through the surface and see beyond the chaos of the world, it’s possible to understand that what we are witnessing is the opportunity for a positive a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Happy Full Moon

The Expansion of True Wealth: New Moon Astrology May 2018

Article Window — May 15 to June 13
• New Moon is Tuesday, May 15,  4:48 AM PDT
• Sun is 25° Taurus, Moon is 25° Taurus
• Next Full Moon: May 29
• Current New Moon Theme (May 15 to Jun 13): True Wealth

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: The Expansion of True Wealth

By Steven Shroyer

Our Taurus New Moon astrology brings the awareness of wealth and how different types of wealth expand consciousness across the planet. With our New Moon in the earth sign of Taurus, let’s take a closer look at the natural connection Taurus has to our concepts of wealth.

Taurus, Ownership and Wealth

As an earth sign, Taurus is related to the practical aspects of the substance of all experiences. This value of substance comes through all qualities of life from physical possessions to heritage, lineage, bloodlines, traditions, and cultural achievements. Because it’s a fixed sign, Taurus concentrates what has value (ruled by Venus) into whatever can be recognized as having substance or form.

This concentrating quality includes other aspects of Taurus such as fertility, vitality and practical aspects of the experience of beauty. The unique aspect of beauty in Taurus is that it leads to the urge for ownership or possession of what is valued as beautiful.

This association of the value we hold in our possessions leads to the association of Taurus with wealth and the meaning of wealth.

In Taurus, the desire for ownership or possession is a tangible expression of the underlying Taurus value of substance and embodiment. It’s easy to see how the shadow aspects of the drive to “own” can lead to problems. Ownership is a type of control that creates the superficial experience of embodiment. This is an incomplete understanding of the true form of value and ownership which Taurus facilitates.

True Wealth

When it comes to Taurus, there are two types of wealth we’ll want to consider.

The first type of wealth is associated with the concept of money. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is associated with value and beauty, so Taurus naturally wants to see the practical value and worth of things. This is how our current concept of money is associated with Taurus. Taurus has an expanded idea of what money is and how currency can be used as a way to convert value into substance. Taurus understands that anything with intrinsic value can also be used as a type of currency, especially if it can be converted to money.

The second type of wealth to which Taurus is related isn’t as straight forward, but it’s every bit as important. This is the wealth that stems from accomplishments and what has been achieved in the past. We’ll refer to this type of wealth as “social wealth.” Social wealth includes all types of wealth born out of some form of relationship, including wealth from bloodlines, heritage, traditions and social achievements. Taurus sees value in what’s inherited or handed down as well as what has been earned through social position such as cultural recognition, prestigious titles, and personal accomplishments.

Understanding these two forms of wealth, now it’s important to expand our understanding of the definition of wealth and how true wealth can be accomplished. On the most tangible level, wealth is viewed as what you personally own.

On a more expanded level, however, wealth can also be viewed and experienced as what you can use, appreciate, or have access to. This expanded view of wealth is not dependent on the value of personal property or ownership. There is a transcendent experience of abundance that comes from the understanding that enjoyment of resources is not related to personal ownership. This is also a form of wealth.

Personal expansion in Taurus comes from learning that we can enjoy both substance and beauty without the need to possess or the desire to own and control. True wealth becomes centered in the integration of value of collective enjoyment and benefit. The wellbeing of our planet, the resources of Nature, our personal health, and all positive experiences become the measure of true wealth in life.

Stewardship as a Path to Personal Expansion

Our New Moon energies this month are very expansive in their basic nature. These large and expansive energies are encouraging to expand into new and larger definitions of wealth and resources. From this expanded perspective, it’s not how much we personally own, but the value of the resources that we can access and enjoy.

Taurus relates to the world through what has substance, however the transcendent understanding of substance and wealth as a collective value leads to the release of the need to identify with one’s personal property. This doesn’t mean that personal property is “bad,” or should be shunned, it simply means that one feels the value of managing their resources for a larger purpose and greater good. This is what we mean by stewardship.

The strict definition of ownership is quite limiting, but the idea of stewardship of our possessions and resources doesn’t have these same limitations. The value of stewardship leads to the release of the need to possess and control something as property.

Stewardship as an ethic embodies the responsible planning and management of resources, including consideration for the future beyond one’s personal lifetime. This concept of stewardship can be applied to the environment and nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, and all other aspects of life.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon AstrologyChartWith any New Moon chart, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon provides the basic dynamics of the overall pattern. The Sun concentrates and integrates the energies we need to live and the Moon helps us to adapt to all forms of change in order to experience success. One way to best understand this powerful concentration of the Sun/Moon conjunction is by looking at the exact degree of the zodiac at which the New Moon occurs. One way I do this is by working with the Sabian symbol for the exact degree of the New Moon.

The Sabian archetype for the New Moon’s exact degree of 25° Taurus states: “A LARGE PUBLIC PARK AND SANCTUARY.” The main idea of this Sabian archetype is that with proper stewardship the true wealth of a culture can be supported and enjoyed by all.

Jupiter opposite the New Moon brings awareness and the expansion of consciousness. These are strong signatures for new and expanded ways of thinking. This is a direct indicator of the opportunity to learn and connect to larger more encompassing possibilities, especially concerning all aspects of social awareness and fulfillment (Scorpio).

The planets Uranus and Mercury always work well with each other’s energy, and they happen to be in conjunction at the New Moon, supporting the overall signature of the chart. Both planets are working together to initiate a specific type of wealth related to a transformed understanding of value that comes through relationships with others.

I’m calling this type of wealth the “Wealth of Communion.” It directly supports the idea of true wealth discussed earlier, and it occurs when wealth comes from a commerce made up of the sharing and commingling of minds.

This type of true wealth of communion also symbolizes an exchange using contracts and commerce to form a deeper faith based in the validity of an honored promise. At a higher level, this promise becomes the wealth of relationship. The very substance of the relationship itself is transformed into wealth.

In addition, Uranus is currently in the last degree of Aries, which means that it is preparing to enter Taurus. This brings a higher frequency, higher vibration, and transcended awareness to all aspects of the Taurus archetype, including the frequencies of wealth, for the coming seven years.

The theme of wealth is embedded throughout the entire New Moon signature. This month, the potential for wealth carries with it a tremendous amount of momentum. Your personal success this month depends on expanding your ideas of what wealth entails and then harnessing the momentum of true wealth in your life.


Our Taurus New Moon is bursting with the new potential of various types of wealth and expanded abundance. This includes new awareness of the ways in which wealth is all around you. During this Lunar month there’s extra support for increasing your consciousness around all the ways in which you relate to the resources in your life.

As the New Moon energies begin to expand our awareness, we’ll start noticing the difference between possessions and stewardship in our everyday lives. Even our personal relationships have the potential to transform into new levels of communion and appreciation. True wealth comes in many forms, and whatever the form, it always leads toward personal expansion.

Developing a Deeper Awareness to Expand Relationships: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2018

Article Window:  Apr 29 –  May 15
• The Full Moon is Sunday, Apr 29, 5:58 PM PDT
• Sun is 10° Aries, Moon is 10°
• Next New Moon: May 15
• Current New Moon Theme (Apr 15 – May 15):  New Possibilities

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article

By Steven Shroyer

Developing a Deeper Awareness to Expand Relationships

Our Scorpio Full Moon Astrology is having a direct and powerful impact on each of our experiences this Lunar month. This Lunar cycle is full of new possibilities, especially when you take the time to understand the type of power that is being activated by our Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon polarity.

There is a larger perspective created when we understand exactly why this polarity holds so much power, and how Scorpio and Taurus are working together for the mutual benefit of humanity. The easiest way to understand their connection is through the way they link and connect all of us together through relationships. Specifically, at this Full Moon, Taurus and Scorpio are working together to foster within each of us a deeper concern for all of humanity in order to make the world a better place for us all.

The overall theme of this Lunar month is the opportunity to build momentum in our lives in order to energize new possibilities. An important aspect of this theme is realizing that what is truly possible is more than we are able to see on the surface of our circumstances. We have the opportunity now to move beyond old patterns of limitation, including the ways we experience failure or disappointment, in order to remain in the creative momentum of a larger expansion.

The expanded perspective available to you now at this Full Moon will help you maximize all of these new possibilities, especially through your ability to move beyond what seem to be failures in order to experience the deeper power of our common humanity.  For more details on the signature of the current Lunar cycle, see the previous New Moon article.

In order to expand your understanding of how and why the Scorpio/Taurus energies contain so much power, we are going to dive into some deeper aspects of each of the individual signs.

A Deeper Look into the Compassionate Nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign. On the most basic level, water represents the power of our emotional connections to each other.

All water signs deal with some aspect of emotional integration. What makes Scorpio different from the other water signs is Scorpio’s depth. We can see this principle of depth as it works within nature through the root structure of plants, whose roots travel down into the earth seeking nourishment from the moist soil. This universal principle of the nourishment from water within the depths is both personal and collective.  Not only are individual roots nourished, but the inner depths of support also link the roots of life together through a commonality that provides substance for our growth as a collective.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio embodies the archetype of the Phoenix, which represents a quality of rebirth through the rising of new potential from the depths. The combination of Scorpio and Pluto gives us emotional access to the powerful symbol of the Phoenix rising. This sense of rising from deep inside is deeply felt within our personal psyche as well as our connection to the collective subconscious. It is this power of new potential rising from the depths that links and nourishes all of us from deep within the common roots of our humanity.

What nourishes and regenerates from deep within is also that which links us all together. Whenever you experience a sense of fellowship and mutual commonality you are tapping into the compassionate power of Scorpio.

A Deeper Look into the Beauty of Taurus

Taurus follows Aries as the first earth sign in the zodiac. On a practical level, Taurus is concerned with developing one’s personal identity through tangible experiences of resources, productivity and lineage.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is associated with qualities of love and beauty. One underlying principle of Venus is the infusion of true value through experiences of beauty and connection through the heart.

As an earth element, Taurus needs to find some type of value in everything that’s tangible in one’s personal experience. It is Venus that infuses Taurus with the idea that what we see as beautiful holds an inherent value as part of our personal identity.

Through Venus, Taurus sees the true beauty held within of that which has the deepest or most significant value. The connection of Taurus to lineage comes through this idea of passing on what has deeper value from generation to generation. Thus Taurus is concerned with preserving heritage, inheritance, bloodlines, and traditional values.

Through the same principle of the value of beauty, Venus also shows Taurus, that what we love in our hearts has value. Once Taurus is able to transcend mere physical substance and freely connect to the deeper value of life itself, then Taurus sees the beauty within all of humanity. The more beauty is associated with love as a connection to others, the easier it is for Taurus to incorporate the Scorpio polarity point of compassion as having true value.

Astrology Pattern: The Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus Triad

Society forms around structures capable of holding power. This Full Moon is all about the ways that our structures of power can transform and change to benefit all of humanity. An important key to understanding the unique power signature of this Scorpio Moon lies in understanding the ways that Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are working together now to expand society into a more positive direction of growth.

Let’s explore some of the ways that these three planets are working together in our Full Moon chart. With the Full Moon conjunct Jupiter, and Uranus conjunct the Sun, it is Saturn that unifies the pattern and explains exactly how to transcend the challenges within our current social trends.

First it’s important to recognize the sequential relationship of this triad within our Solar System. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are the 6th, 7th, and 8th celestial bodies from the Sun (which holds the 1st position). Jupiter receives the personal energies of the inner planets and uses them for the larger collective, to expand the forms and norms of society. It is Saturn that creates structures that embody and anchor these forms. Then Uranus releases the power to expand those structures into new forms that until now have been held only as seeds within Saturn.

In the current chart, Jupiter in Scorpio points to the courage we possess to venture beyond traditional thinking rooted in our collective past. Saturn in Capricorn is emphasizing that once the fear of change is overcome, you are able to hold the power necessary to play your role in our changing world. This new world holds the higher frequency of Uranus in Taurus, which is transforming the consciousness on our planet. One effect of Uranian transformation is the dismantling of obsolete power structures. This is just one of the reasons our daily news is filled with stories that expose the deep levels of corruption everywhere.

Through a complex combination of a variety of factors, Saturn is the key to our Full Moon astrology this month. This current Full Moon signature is all about what truly holds power. It’s Saturn that holds the power here and anchors the power of the other signatures. Saturn in Capricorn also represents the potential abuse of power, while simultaneously representing the capacity for society to transcend these patterns and function in new and higher forms of expression.

It is Uranus, finally, that works with Saturn and Jupiter to transform and energize these existing forms within both individuals and groups in order to creatively expand individual thinking. Uranus is constantly transforming consciousness by raising the underlying frequencies to new levels of brilliance. In this way Uranus naturally works to fracture the established power structures that aren’t capable of holding its higher frequency and power. As a result, inadequate power structures begin to crumble.

The Signature of Five. An additional significant element of transformation with the Full Moon astrology lies in the energy of “FIVE.” One key principle within Sabian astrology is the understanding that every 5th degree of the zodiac holds the archetype of potential transformation. Thus, it’s important to note that all three bodies of this planetary configuration are located in degrees that hold this transformation factor of five: Jupiter is at 20° Scorpio , Saturn is at 10° Capricorn, and Uranus is at 30° Taurus.

Taken in concert with the transformative New Moon pattern of “New Possibility” and the key fact that the Full Moon and Sun are also both in a 5th degree frequency of transformation (10° Scorpio and 10° Taurus), we have an extraordinary example of universal energies coalescing for the purpose of transforming what’s possible for humanity in a tangible and practical way (Saturn in Capricorn).

It is through this compassionate linking of everyone on the planet through the power of the Scorpio Full Moon that Uranian qualities of freedom are being extended and anchored as core values across the planet. As Uranus continues to shake up the status quo, the beauty of Taurus shines through, allowing all to see the beauty and value of humanity having the courage to work together in a productive way for the common good of all.


Our Full Moon energies are helping each of us to expand our perspective and realize that larger connections within humanity are occurring. There is a definite shift in what is possible. A signature theme of our Full Moon is the deep feeling that the circumstances in our lives now have the opportunity to unfold and transform into something greater that benefits all.

The deeper meaning of significance here can be seen retrospectively in the dramatic way in which the astrological energies have been evolving, month by month. Society is shifting, and each New Moon and Full Moon cycle holds a unique signature that is supporting this shift. The overall frequencies are expanding our ideas of compassion and positive change as Uranian energies continue to break down old paradigms and help us enter our new age of Aquarius.

The Courage to Look at What is Possible: New Moon Astrology Apr 2018

Article Window — Apr 15 to May 15
• New Moon is Sunday, Apr 15,  6:57 PM PDT
• Sun is 27° Aries, Moon is 27° Aries
• Next Full Moon: Apr 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Apr 15 to May 15): New Possibilities

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: The Courage to Look at What is Possible

Our Aries New Moon astrology is full of untapped new potential and bursting with new possibilities and creative energies. What’s most unique about this New Moon is the actual raw power of what IS possible. This Aries Moon is setting the stage for you to take advantage of opportunities that you may not have even considered possible in the past.

The creative energies of Aries come from the element of fire which symbolizes its potential for transformation.  As such, Aries energizes and inspires each individual to reach further. In the coming days you can take advantage of this new momentum to fuel your own imagination and creativity in order to move forward into new possibilities.

Creative Imagination and Perceived Failure

Creative imagination is a powerful energy that is stimulated by all forms of contrast. What this means on a personal level is that creativity is stimulated by experiences of success as well as failure. It is easy to think in terms of black and white when it comes to ideas about interpreting success. However, under the right circumstances, the lack of success can also trigger an intense creative response, sometimes even more so than when things work in our favor.

Consider what happens when you fail at something into which you have put a lot of effort. Failure often allows for a time of reflection. During this period of reflection, it’s possible to use your imagination in a new and creative way. This use of imagination is the perfect time for revising your attitude, including the ability to see what could have been. It’s a time that can be used for creating new possibilities for a new or different outcome as you move forward into the future.

Often times, this level of creative imagination is not possible without first achieving failure. It’s the contrast of something that has failed that spurs one’s creative imagination. In this way failure can be a tool for creativity. Failure doesn’t have to be an automatic trigger for a loss of personal faith and the fear that you will continue to fail.

Courage, Faith, and Fear

The New Moon is about new possibilities. The role that courage must play during this coming Lunar cycle cannot be overstated.

Courage is the power to beyond move beyond whatever has been limiting you from moving forward in freedom.
Courage enables you to face your fears. Within the context of the current New Moon chart, the experience of fear is directly related to listening to the voice of failure. This is the inner voice that has been programmed within by those who have said, “It’s time to give up. What you have attempted isn’t possible. Take solace with the rest of us who have wisely accepted our failure and stopped trying.”

With this New Moon you have the opportunity to face patterns of fear with new levels of courage and faith. Faith requires you to trust in yourself and your inner ability to see the bigger picture. With faith you know that you have reserves of untapped potential just waiting to be activated. Faith is your ability to move forward in life with the courage that comes from this inner knowing that you can become more.

The experience of faith is tied to the knowledge that everything in the Universe is connected. This includes the awareness of the ways in which creative experiences of new possibilities are somehow connected to perceptions of failure and those opportunities that have seemingly been lost. From this perspective of faith, even a lost opportunity can be recovered by recognizing the potential and holding the consideration that a new possibility may satisfy – and even out-shine – what was once thought to be lost.

Inner Strength

Along with the Aries momentum available for new possibilities and the courage to move forward we also have available a considerable amount of inner strength to fuel the forward momentum.

This quality of inner strength gives you access to new levels of inner guidance. Your inner strength, aligned with inner guidance, is working harmoniously now with the overall energies of the New Moon to offset any fear or unnecessary discouragement.

Astrology Pattern

Our New Moon is contained within a bowl pattern that holds and harmonizes raw potential by turning it into something that holds value. The bowl pattern’s outer rim is marked by Jupiter and Venus. These two planets are working together in this chart to amplify the ways in which we can integrate what’s important to us. They show us that our own personal value has context and meaning out in the world as we expand socially to make a positive difference.

What makes this bowl pattern so harmonious is the fact that it is also one half of a perfectly symmetrical grand sextile with a mid-point at 20° Aquarius. Even this mid-point, according to the Sabian, is centered on finding your potential and worth in the world through your spiritual connection to inner guidance.

The other two key aspects worth noting are the concentration of energies around Pluto and the influence of Uranus on the New Moon.

Pluto in Capricorn is working with Saturn and Mars, which are balsamic to Pluto. There is a letting go of fear and acting with the courage to move forward in faith. This is required before any true or significant transformation can take place. You must have faith in the larger processes that are occurring. The harmonizing of energies of the overall pattern must be free of negative and fearful attitudes. This will enable Pluto to transcend and transform in new ways. Otherwise, if anchored in negative patterns from the past, Pluto will transform through the inertia of the past momentum, including the pure control of previously established authoritarian power.

With Uranus conjunct the New Moon we have access to a powerful intuitive inner voice that is encouraging us to try again, and again, to activate our own potential. It shows us “what’s not working” with new clarity so that we can turn a failed attempt into success. Uranus is working with the Moon and Sun to provide that inner spark and guidance that reminds us that even a lost opportunity can be reclaimed. You can most effectively use this reclaiming process by accessing Uranian energy through your connection to your creative imagination. Remember that all forms of contrast are opportunities now for creative inspiration.


There is a tremendous amount of new momentum with our Aries New Moon. The New Moon chart features a stable and harmonious bowl pattern that allows you to see and act within the realm of new possibilities. This is especially true once you understand that moving forward requires you to access courage and creative imagination. This includes your ability to creatively access new possibilities within all forms and experiences of past and present perceptions of failure.

This is a Lunar month to pay attention to your inner guidance and to separate yourself from the inner voice that wants to give up at the first sign of difficulty or failure. Use the additional frequency of new levels of inner strength and guidance in order to offset any discouragement. Trust in your highest potential and move forward with the faith in what and whom you are becoming.

The world is full of new possibility,
Happy New Moon

Learning through Inner Freedom for Greater Fulfillment: Full Moon Astrology Mar 31, 2018

Article Window:  Mar 31 –  Apr 15
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Mar 31, 5:37 AM PST
• Sun is 11° Aries, Moon is 11° Libra
• Next New Moon: Apr 15
• Current New Moon Theme (Mar 17 – Apr 15):  Finding Fulfillment

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Learning through Inner Freedom for Greater Fulfillment

Our Libra Full Moon Astrology is reinforcing the current Lunar message of finding fulfillment, which was introduced at our March 17th New Moon. This article focuses on the potential each of us has to take learning to a new level. Authentic learning is a key aspect of personal freedom.

Over the next two weeks you have the opportunity to focus on HOW and WHAT you learn, especially through your direct connection to personal creativity and what inspires you. This Full Moon realization can have a direct impact on how to use the process of learning as a direct path to finding greater fulfillment in your life.

Two Distinct Types of Learning

The ability to learn is a key aspect of human consciousness. HOW and WHAT we learn shapes our perceptions of reality, our self-concept, and our perspective of the world around us. It’s important that we begin by exploring the word learning itself, and realize that it can be used in two distinct ways.

In today’s traditional “learning centers” or schools, students are told WHAT to learn and HOW to do it. Learning in this definition involves a kind of surrender of personal will and freedom. This system of learning tied to external information, goals, and measures of success detaches the learner from their natural impulse to explore. We are taught from a young age to follow external guidelines, and as an entire culture, we have been programmed to follow external authority rather than inner guidance. In the extreme this inevitably leads to an impoverished sense of fulfillment and a great deal of personal dissatisfaction.

In this way, the process of learning itself has been controlled to the detriment of our world. As a culture we are awakening to the limitations of this approach to learning, especially what is handed down through a centralized authoritarian system that decides what we should learn and how we should develop. We’re realizing the ways in which this approach to learning limits our freedom and shapes our very view of reality. What is now being openly explored is a more enlightened view of learning that shifts the focus to the learner, and how it is that we learn from within.

The Importance of Self-Empowered Learning

Self-empowerment stems from the realization that all true learning is only accomplished by the individual and develops from within. A book or teacher doesn’t make you learn! Learning is an internal process that requires both freedom and creativity. Each of us needs the freedom to explore what inspires us and then apply what we learn in creative and unique ways.

WHAT inspires each of us has a dramatic effect on HOW we learn. It’s the freedom to choose what you learn that is fulfilling. HOW you learn is directly related to your uniqueness and your connection to your purpose. Once you understand your own learning style or most useful learning techniques, you are able to learn whatever you decide is important. No longer are you subservient to a higher authority that decides what you should or shouldn’t learn. This approach fully empowers you with the understanding that all learning truly comes from within one’s own consciousness and connection to something larger.

Learning through Creative Freedom

Being able to connect with one’s power of creative freedom is needed in order to pursue the type of knowledge that is truly fulfilling and inspiring at the individual level. When we learn to reorient and trust our inner guidance and our own unique processes of HOW we learn, then we have the creative freedom to think for ourselves in ways that are truly fulfilling.

When our learning and access to knowledge is reduced to official standards and external achievement, true critical and creative thinking is discouraged and the human soul becomes impoverished.

By reconnecting with our natural power to learn from within we can begin to expand our perceptions and abilities to discover the world around us. As we align with our natural creative desire to learn, each of us can then share what we find individually inspiring with others. This inspiring and empowering approach to learning will lead to new knowledge and new understandings that can be used to challenge the official and controlled narratives that have shaped our world view.

This new perspective of self-empowered learning has the chance to transform the status quo through a new freedom of thought based on inner authority, and new standards of HOW and WHAT and WHY we learn.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon ChartThe Libra Full Moon follows Spring Equinox, which is the point in the year that initiates a new cycle of individualized growth. For the coming six months, from Aries through Virgo, we are each expanding into new and more empowering forms of individuality. The theme of our current Full Moon holds an energizing quality that enables you to explore what interests you. As you watch the world around you, you begin to transform based on how you learn and what inspires your personal growth.

There are two key sets of planets that stand out in our Full Moon chart. We have a conjunction with a Venus/Uranus pairing as well as a conjunction of a Mars/Saturn pairing. What is also interesting in this pattern of conjunctions is that Venus is trine to Mars. As we take a closer look at what these planetary pairings mean, it is important to remember to place the meaning or context of the pattern within the overall meaning of the Full Moon.

The Mars/Saturn pair is a balsamic relationship that requires the balsamic action (Mars) of letting go of the hidden structures (Saturn) that have dominated our unconscious thinking processes. In the context of the Full Moon chart, it is necessary to actively examine (Mars) how those in cultural authority have structured and controlled information and knowledge, specifically deciding what we should know and shouldn’t know (Saturn in Capricorn).

The Venus/Uranus pair is in a new-phase relationship that is directly supported by our Aries Sun. Venus indicates the need to revalue our personal relationship to learning. Uranus is shaking up the status quo and creating the unconscious desire to think for ourselves with creative freedom and individuality. The pattern says that it’s time now to make this process more conscious.

The trine between Venus and Mars indicates the possibility for harmony to dominate between these two planetary pairs of planets. Harmony in this context demands new ways of thinking about WHAT and HOW you learn and who controls your access to information.

Fulfillment is supported by Venus’ ability to create new meaning with what is in alignment with the structure of the whole (Venus trine Mars/Saturn). This structure is represented by Saturn’s support for any form (Saturn) that freedom needs to take in order for fulfillment to be fully realized.

The Full Moon Sabian – Establishing a New Paradigm of Learning

The Sabian archetypes for both the Moon and Sun emphasize the contrast around systems of centralized authority and the potential for moving away from any system that limit your freedom and opportunity to self-direct.

The MOON at 11° Libra symbolizes a professor teaching students. The emphasis here is that the instructor who operates from an authoritarian model is telling the students what and how to learn whether it interests them or not. The transcendent responsibility and opportunity here is a new paradigm that teaches the students how to learn for themselves.

The SUN at 11° Aries is a symbol of large scale centralization. This, too, shows how authoritative systems of organization can be used for external control. Centralization within all systems, however, ultimately only works for the whole if resources and information can be freely distributed so that there is freedom and creativity for all.

The Full Moon is directly focused on what it takes to find fulfillment by reclaiming our authority and the creative freedom to learn from what inspires each of us.


With our Libra Full Moon we have the opportunity to become more aware of our own authentic learning processes. By focusing on what is self-empowering we can learn in any environment by accessing curiosity and exploration.

When we realize that “how” we learn can be aligned with our inner freedom and creativity, then we can shift away from outside authorities determining “what” we learn and what information we have access to. As our awareness increases, we awaken to the realization of all the ways in which our culture is dominated by what we are told to learn. This Lunar cycle is an opportunity to turn the tables on those who have told us what to learn and, by extension, what to think.

All authentic learning originates within ourselves. The signature of individuality that is now emerging is empowering us to rethink and revalue what and how we learn. One of the secrets to finding true fulfillment lies in using your creative freedom to explore the world and learn what is inspiring to you. In the coming two weeks take the time to connect with your inner creativity and feel the freedom you have to explore what inspires you. This is the path to true fulfillment.

Happy Full Moon

Living for Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology March 2018

Article Window — Mar 17 to Apr 17
• New Moon is Saturday, March 17,  6:12 AM PDT
• Sun is 27° Pisces, Moon is 27° Pisces
• Next Full Moon: Mar 31
• Current New Moon Theme (Mar 17 to Apr 17): Finding Fulfillment

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: Living for Fulfillment

Our Pisces New Moon Astrology is cultivating the inner desire to experience a greater level of personal fulfillment in your everyday life. This month’s Lunar energies are bringing new insight that will expand your ideas of fulfillment and help us learn how each of us can, in practical terms, live a more fulfilled life.

This article will explore exactly what I mean by this quality of personal fulfillment, and how you can access it in the context of your busy life, especially  in the face of our pervasive cultural push toward instant gratification and external measures of success.

Achievement versus Fulfillment

It is hard to pick up a magazine or watch a television commercial in today’s world without being presented with a distorted view of what you need to do to achieve success, and therefore happiness. I want to be very clear from the beginning: achieving external success and experiencing personal fulfillment are not the same thing.

Our current cultural definition of achievement is related to our external accomplishments, which are judged by what our culture defines through external measures of success and failure. Through this understanding, one can achieve both success and failure by cultural measures and still be completely unfulfilled.

According to the word fulfillment means “to bring into actuality; to effect or make real.” What this New Moon is allowing us to explore further is the actual “process of fulfillment,” which is the true actualization of our life. The question we must each explore is how this process of personal fulfillment actually happens.

Reaping what has Been Sown

The process of personal fulfillment can be related to cultivating and nurturing the harvest of what you are creating in your life. Fulfillment is an experience that exists in the present moment. It is directly related to the ability to fully participate in all the processes of life that enable you to cultivate and bring to form what has been sown.

Just planting a seed isn’t enough to bring it to completion. The act of planting a seed doesn’t automatically mean that it will grow into its full potential. The ongoing processes of nurturing and cultivation are required in order to experience a successful harvest. The key insight here is that intentional cultivation must occur for the process of fulfillment to fully flower.

These terms of reaping, sowing, cultivation, and harvest are directly connected to ideas and teachings about karma. We commonly define karma as experiencing the consequence of what we have sown, the actions we have taken. There’s an expanded idea of karma worth consideration here, related to the commitment to the present moment.  You can’t just sow a seed and then down the road reap the harvest, without the ongoing processes of cultivation and nurturing of what has been sown.

In this way our experience of karma has a direct relationship to that which we cultivate and nurture. In practical language, this aspect of karma is akin to the process of creating and reinforcing habits and daily practices of attention. It also has a great deal to do with our ability to experience fulfillment within the present moment.

The question you can ask yourself is, “Are the habits I’m nurturing and cultivating in my daily life in alignment with my larger purpose?”

Finding Purpose

A key spiritual principle for life is the ability to find purpose in everything we do. It’s easy to say this and understand it as a principle. Applying it to our lives is the greater challenge! Having said that, this Lunar cycle may in fact make this key spiritual principle more accessible to us all.

Committing to this practical principle of finding purpose in the present moment can be a simple strategy to help you start living for fulfillment instead of achievement. In fact, a simple self-evaluation you can consider is to regularly ask yourself whether or not – IN THE MOMENT – you’re pursuing your highest potential.

Are you intentionally cultivating your potential by creating habits that support your life’s purpose? This refocus of the meaning of potential can be a powerful tool toward living for fulfillment. Fulfillment can then be experienced in the moment as reaping what you have sown, and supported by the habits you’ve continuously cultivated.

Fulfillment and purpose need to be working together to help you access your highest potential. This isn’t an achievement that exists in the future. Rather, it’s an experience available in every moment. Our New Moon energies are bringing these ideas into your conscious awareness. Living for fulfillment means working to understand your unique purpose and then cultivating and nurturing your own karma and habits to come more and more into alignment with your potential and purpose.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon ChartWe have an interesting planetary configuration occurring during our New Moon. Looking at the chart you will see a four-planet stellium sandwiched between Neptune on one end and Uranus on the other.

The overall significance of this configuration can be seen in the meaning of the Neptune/Uranus pairing (a new phase relationship) that’s separated by less than 45°. This signifies the potential for new type of thinking to come into our awareness. Neptune’s role in the configuration is to slowly dissolve in order to begin forming a new level consciousness in the world, whereas Uranus is rapidly transforming and breaking down old structures that will no longer have a place within the new potentials that are forming.

The central stellium as a whole holds the energy signature of creating new experiences in which there’s the opportunity for the fulfillment of desire, coupled with the understanding and identification of a new relationship to life and living.

There is a strong message of hope and new possibility in this New Moon. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus all new-phase to Neptune, and balsamic to Uranus, it’s clear to me that this represents new potentials and a second chance for lost opportunities. In fact, the Sabian archetype for Uranus is “THOUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED.” This clearly reinforces that we can each  receive another karmic chance.

In addition, the Sabian archetype for the New Moon, “THE HARVEST MOON ILLUMINES A CLEAR AUTUMNAL SKY,” speaks to a definite new opportunity to plant, cultivate, and harvest your potential at a new and higher level.

With an abundance of new-phase energies and balsamic energies combined, you may experience an uneasy feeling just below the surface of things during this Lunar cycle. Uranus is the planetary connector to electromagnetic energy. Watch for shifts and adjustments within your own intuition as well as our electromagnetic spectrum worldwide, throughout this cycle. You can also expect a shift to occur in your inner personal need and desire to better relate the actions in your life to your larger potential and purpose.


There is a new opportunity this Lunar cycle, from New Moon to New Moon, to create a deeper understanding of what it means to live a more fulfilled life. With Spring Equinox just around the corner, this is the time of year in the northern hemisphere to plant and sow new seeds of potential in expectation of a fall harvest.

This analogy of harvest is reinforced in our New Moon energies and suggests that the time is ripe for positive changes in day-to-day habits and the ways in which you pursue your purpose. During this Lunar cycle pay conscious attention to how you go about finding purpose in the details of your life and the choices you’re making. This commitment will enable you to experience a greater level of fulfillment in your life and a new level of alignment with your larger purpose.

A Shift in Transparency: Full Moon Astrology Mar 1st 2018

Article Window:  Mar 1 –  Mar 17
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Mar 1, 4:51 PM PST
• Sun is 12° Pisces, Moon is 12° Virgo
• Next New Moon: Mar 17
• Current New Moon Theme (Feb 15 – Mar 17): Guiding Intelligence

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: A Shift in Transparency

Our Full Moon astrology brings a message of hope and connection to the guiding intelligence that was introduced during our Aquarius New Moon and Solar eclipse event on Feb 16th. The Full Moon chart expresses an acceleration of growth that is actually occurring as you read this article. This acceleration represents a new development that’s currently taking place. You can think of it as a higher stage of development that each of us can experience moving forward.

The Unveiling of Reality

What we are experiencing with this Full Moon is an unveiling of our reality so that we are able to experience —  in everyday practical terms — what lies beyond the outer exterior of what we see with our physical eyes.

This unveiling is the result of being guided toward an expanded mental process that transcends the boundaries of physical nature. What this means is that our Full Moon energies are allowing a thinning of the veil that separates the phenomenon of the physical world from the underlying frequencies through which Nature moves.

In other words, with the new energies that are being released with the Full Moon, you can expect to see and experience the processes of life more transparently.

Traditional thinking has often touted the perspective that if you can’t see it, quantify it, or scientifically prove it, then it doesn’t exist. The unveiling of our reality has everything to do with moving past this line of thinking by realizing that there IS an underlying reality, or intelligence, that is in full operation and supporting what we see in the outer forms of the physical world.

Over the coming two weeks, during the remainder of the current Lunar cycle, focus on observing this thinning veil from your own unique perspective. Notice new awareness of the nature of reality, beyond your physical world.  Pay attention to synchronicity, including subtle changes in your thinking process and perceptions.

Observe how everything is rapidly changing and accelerating. Notice how some of the official narratives within the culture at large no longer make sense and can easily be seen for what they truly are. And lastly, notice how strongly and forcibly others around you may be trying desperately to hang on to a reality that they don’t want to change.

Accelerated Stages of Development

The astrological signatures over the last six months or more have clearly been extraordinarily different and represent a marked acceleration of consciousness. I’m extremely encouraged and somewhat awestruck by the energies we have experienced through these last several cycles, especially since the pair of eclipses in August of 2017.

Now, our current Full Moon is offering the next step by increasing our perceptions of transparency in our reality, and revealing what’s been previously hidden or obscured. What’s happening is extremely positive and full of hope. The transparency is shifting us into a new awareness and a changing, more positive world.

Astrology Pattern

We have a stellium of planets in Pisces that is acting as an antenna, enabling larger realities to come into our awareness. This is reinforced by the Sun’s conjunction with Neptune (dissolving boundaries) and Mercury (guiding intelligence). This Piscean grouping of energies is opposed by the Full Moon in Virgo which is bringing these larger realities into focus in a practical way, so that we can experience them in our daily lives.

In short, the Virgo Full Moon is offering all of us the skillful use of observation and the character qualities needed to make a meaningful shift in what we now know to be true. This is happening in order that we can expand into a larger awareness of what is possible in our world.

The Sabian archetype for the Moon at 12° Virgo is, “AFTER THE WEDDING, THE GROOM SNATCHES THE VEIL AWAY FROM HIS BRIDE.”  Here the archetype itself suggests that the veil is now being lifted in order that we may see the beauty and reality that lie beneath the outer limited view.


We are experiencing a powerful Full Moon. The energies that are being released have the potential to enable a breakthrough to the other side of the veil and beyond the outer exterior of what we know as our physical reality. This unveiling is related to the New Moon energies that were released two weeks ago with the Solar eclipse, and is helping all of us experience a greater level of guiding intelligence as we live in a more transparent world.

Accessing Your Guiding Intelligence: New Moon Solar Eclipse

Article Window: Feb 15 to Mar 17
• New Moon Solar Eclipse is Thursday, Feb 15, 1:05 PM PST
• Sun is 28° Aquarius, Moon is 28° Aquarius
• Next Full Moon: Mar 1
• Current Solar Eclipse Theme (Feb 15 – Mar 17): Guiding Intelligence 

When the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon we experience both a New Moon and Solar eclipse. In addition to the monthly effect of the New Moon and launch of a new Lunar cycle, the darkening of our Sun produces a unique shadow that affects our consciousness in a significant manner. This article discusses our February Solar eclipse and how you can access its powerful eclipse signature to awaken to the new energies coming to our Earth.

Astrology Article: Accessing Your Guiding Intelligence

Our solar eclipse in Aquarius introduces a new principle into our awareness to act as a guiding intelligence for anyone who has the desire to move forward in life using positive momentum. This new level of intelligence isn’t the form of intelligence associated with intellectual analysis or the memorization of facts that is commonly emphasized in our educational system. Instead it’s a new approach to life that utilizes key principles of Aquarian consciousness.

The Solar Eclipse Shadow Effect

The Sun and Moon are continuously working together to make personal growth and consciousness both meaningful and successful. The Sun is generally considered an impersonal source of energy for all of humanity, available to all. The Sun helps us connect with the consciousness of prosperity and envisioning new horizons. The Sun does not discriminate and gives equally to all. The Moon has a more intimate and personal relationship to each of us. The Moon’s energy is released over time to govern all cycles of personal growth.

When the Moon eclipses the Sun it produces a shadow that marks the potential for a change within our consciousness. This shadow, or eclipse, signifies a personal potential for conscious change, allowing you the individual to consciously connect to the “Bigger Picture” of your life. In the case of this particular eclipse, the bigger picture shows you how you can better utilize your intellect and intelligence to expand consciousness and experience a new connection to your clear inner guidance.

The specific fact that a shadow is produced over the Sun is in itself extremely significant. During a solar eclipse the Moon’s shadowing takes an impersonal aspect of the Sun and makes it personal for each of us.  This shadow reminds us on a deep level of our own ability to create a shadow. As an individual each of us stands in direct relief to the Sun. We are highlighted as an independent field of growth and purpose. In this New Moon moment our relationship with the Sun becomes personal, accessible, and unique.

This Aquarius eclipse activation is personalizing a new strategy for intelligent inner guidance. What’s important to emphasize again is that this is intelligence operating through harmony with nature. It’s not data centric or purely intellectual or conceptually abstract. The marker of this eclipse effect will help us expand beyond limited measures of “intelligence.”

A New Level of Holistic Intelligence

This eclipse signature of holistic intelligence speaks directly to the fact that what is being introduced at the eclipse isn’t a heavy intellectual concept. It is just the opposite. What’s being introduced is an intuitive form of Aquarian harmony and connection.

The process of this activation will be concentrated over the coming 28-day Lunar cycle. The key theme that’s being activated during this lunar cycle is guidance and harmony through the use of various types of non-traditional intelligence. Because Aquarian intelligence is non-traditional I’m going to take some time here to introduce five key aspects that you can use this coming month to connect more fully with your inner guidance.

Five Forms of Aquarian Intelligence

1) Intelligent Foresight. This type of intelligence isn’t dependent on any academic standards to tell you how smart you are. It has more to do with the skillful use of applying what you know within the circumstances of your life and natural environment.

This concept of Aquarian “foresight” can be related to the idea of harmony within natural cycles and rhythms of nature. For example, knowing that you live where winters are cold and harsh, you may use intelligent foresight to ensure  you have an adequate supply of chopped wood for your fireplace in order to stay warm for the duration of the cold season.

The shadow element of this new energy of foresight lies in not fully recognizing the underlying harmony that lies within all rhythms and cycles of growth. This same harmony has the potential to permeate every action and facet of your life if only you can see and align with the underlying intelligent pattern at work.

2) Protective Intelligence.  This type of intelligence is protective against storms and trials that enter your life from various sources. This subtle form of intelligence uses clever and subtle insight to allow you to navigate the present moment in order to shield you from unnecessary hardships.

3) Knowledge of the Past.  At times it is much easier to recognize patterns in hindsight, or as you are looking to the past from a current vantage point. Using this type of intelligence, your knowledge of the past can be used to view current circumstances from a different light. In other situations it can be much easier to deal with unfinished business when the past pattern is more clearly understood.

4) Cultural Trends. The insight that rises from new understandings of cultural trends can be very useful. This type of intelligence is able to identify repeating patterns as trends that can provide a tremendous amount insight into the direction and momentum of new developments in society. This insight can help you consciously choose the trends with which you will participate. For example, there is a cultural trend toward granting greater authority to those who want to create more centralized control and power. This trend has never worked out well for the collective. Another form of an Aquarian trend is the grass roots movement that calls for  greater transparency within government and military spending.

5) Popular Ideas. Ideas that are accepted en mass simply because they are superficially pleasing or popular all too often end with unintended consequences. Popular ideas that grow organically from the bottom up have a different energy than ideas that are pushed, or sold from the top down. It’s interesting to observe the contrast between the grassroots movement against nuclear energy in the 1970’s, which resulted in the closing of the majority of nuclear plants, compared to the top-down approach of today’s corporate lobby pushing for more nuclear energy.  An example of another popular idea that’s gaining a great deal of attention is artificial intelligence or AI. Although the idea is a popular concept, popularity alone is not a good indicator of whether this technology is good for humanity in the long run.

The Aquarian Shadow

The Aquarian shadow of Intelligence occurs when our connection to the natural cycles and rhythms of nature is lost or ignored.  When more modernized ideas of intelligence consist of ONLY data and facts, they become an unhealthy focus of limited perspectives and disconnected versions of reality. In these cases the connection to what is real and good becomes subjected to the official narrative of what the facts mean, rather than to be used for guidance, growth, and personal meaning. Without personal meaning and value, an intellectual shadow emerges, what we call the “Aquarian shadow.”

For example, intelligent foresight stems from an understanding of natural cycles and the rhythms of life. There’s no memorization needed for this to become a valuable tool of guidance. This form of Aquarian intelligence shines a light on the knowledge and skill used within natural surroundings to expand into the natural harmony and rhythm of life.

Strength, efficiency, and intelligence are all needed to incorporate a harmony that’s capable of permeating life in every action you take. This type of intelligence stems from a pattern of harmony that allows for events to become illuminated with deeper significance. It is the intelligence factor itself, working through the harmony of pattern, that protects, nurtures, and harmonizes life for a greater purpose.

Astrology Pattern

Eclipse ChartWe have a Solar eclipse that’s positioned between Venus and Mercury, thus creating a stellium. The overall signature pattern of this stellium is one of harmonious intelligence. Our stellium is also balsamic to Neptune, meaning that there is a necessary “letting go” or completing of some type of unfinished business.

In addition, when looking closely at the deeper meaning of the Sabian symbols, seven of the eleven archetypes indicate that a new relationship to intelligence must be integrated. To do this we must also let go of old concepts of what intelligence means.

The stellium and archetypes are all working together to focus energy through the North Node at 15 Leo. This is one of the four major power release points in the zodiac. This focused release of power at 15 Leo indicates a new focused direction that needs to unfold through the coming Lunar cycle.

Within the context of this chart, especially because of the release of power at 15 Leo, there is an element of showmanship. On a superficial level the dramatization of popular ideas may prove to be glamorous or entertaining to the collective’s sentiment. It’s important to avoid this tendency, which would likely trigger the shadow or at the least distract you from access to the intelligent foresight necessary to see what is truly occurring in your life and circumstances.


With the use of Aquarian guidance you have a new tool for accessing new levels of internal intelligence and  guiding principles to help you move forward in your life

Intelligent foresight involves the ability to see the intelligent patterns operating as harmony within Nature’s natural cycles and rhythms. It operates beyond institutional measurements and testing, and incorporates awareness of your natural surroundings. Letting go of unhealthy trends and seeing life with a fresh perspective will help protect, balance, and nurture your growth and progress. This month you have the opportunity to step into a new level of connection to your true nature through your inner guidance. Happy New Moon

A Significant Expansion: Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Jan 31, 2018

Article Window:  Jan 31 to Feb 27
• Full Moon was Wednesday, Jan 31, 5:27 AM PST
• Lunar Eclipse Event & Portal
• Sun is 12° Aquarius, Moon is 12° Leo
• Next New Moon: Total Solar Eclipse, Feb 15
• Current New Moon Theme (Jan 16 to Feb 15): Transformation of Power

Each Lunar Eclipse opens a brief cosmic and energetic doorway resulting in a new awareness, ability, or insight to be used for inspired action. This beneficial pattern is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.  The Eclipse portal remains open and active until the Moon returns to this zodiac location during its next lunar cycle. This allows for a deeper level of integration to occur and is intrinsic to the astrological meaning of the Lunar eclipse. In the coming three and a half weeks, while the portal is open, look for new ways to express yourself while taking inspired action, especially through whatever you have embraced or experienced during our current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion.

Eclipse Astrology Article: A Significant Expansion

Each Lunar eclipse, generally speaking, has a much greater significance on our consciousness than is commonly appreciated. From my astrological perspective, the current eclipse is especially significant. Taking personal advantage of this unique and powerful celestial event is a huge opportunity, especially if we give it primary focus during the coming cycle.

The significance of this particular eclipse stands out in my mind because of its connection with the dramatic impact of our last Lunar eclipse in August of 2017. This was an Aquarius Moon and carried the energetic signature of the new age of Aquarius that we are entering. (See article)

Our current Lunar eclipse in Leo has an energy signature that will be most perceptible to those who are able to see beyond the outer distractions and drama of whatever is activated. For those who are willing to work within their own consciousness and go beneath patterns of drama, there is huge expansion possible with this eclipse.

Acting Beyond Our Instincts

The Lunar eclipse and the following three and a half week portal holds a significant opportunity for expansion in consciousness, but only if you reinforce your willingness to act beyond your old instinctual habits and thinking.

The shift in consciousness that this eclipse is triggering is so dramatic that the unconscious response by many people will be to respond to circumstances in a reactionary way, or to default to the idea of non-interference that says “it’s all good, let’s celebrate, let’s relax and know that everything will be okay, especially if we don’t take any action or get involved.”

When the power of an eclipse is this strong, the energies can be overwhelming. The easiest course of action is often to choose to ignore them, or to blame an outside influence, or to look for anything that will distract your focus. These approaches are not recommended.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed, an alternative course of action can be found within the signature of the eclipse chart, especially through the relationship between Mars and Jupiter with the Full Moon.  This relationship indicates that there is extra energy and support for showing up, and expanding and managing this extraordinary energy in order to facilitate a shift in consciousness.

Above all, this shift in consciousness involves the ability to recognize experiences of conflict as a personal opportunity to understand and perceive what has been previously suppressed beneath your conscious awareness.

A Deeper Look at the Eclipse Energies

We have discussed how this eclipse has the potential to have a significant impact on our consciousness. You’ve also heard how easy it will be to absolutely disregard these energies, especially because to completely immerse yourself in them could be overwhelming. A deeper look the eclipse energies will provide insight on how you can take advantage of this powerful eclipse without becoming overwhelmed to the point of reacting or ignoring these opportunities.

We could call this the “Inhibitions Eclipse,” because the dramatic pattern of this eclipse expansion has a potential side-effect of releasing whatever has been previously repressed or inhibited. This release will come in many forms. It could be in the form of aggression resulting in conflict. It could be the release of repressed psychic abilities. It could be as simple as the release of your instinctual desire to play, that perhaps has been repressed since childhood.

Another way to look at this healthy release of inhibitions is to recognize the negative habits that appear through instinctual reactions to your circumstances. These reactions are a way of identifying exactly what has been repressed in the past. The key point is that the greatest opportunity of this release, whatever the impulse or experience, lies in awareness. There is support through Mars and Jupiter that gives you the ability to act in new ways (Mars) and then to manage the resulting expansion (Jupiter) so you can integrate whatever has been repressed, whether good or bad, in a more conscious way.

The bigger picture of this eclipse centers on each of us realizing where and how we have previously inhibited and repressed our higher nature and our access to higher consciousness. This eclipse offers the potential to break away from those instinctual responses that are representations of those repressed energies. For those who are ready to show up, this Lunar eclipse will provide the creative influence needed to bring to the surface what needs to be addressed, both individually and in the world at large.

Astrology Pattern

Jan Lunar Eclipse 2018Within our Solar System, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn hold the 4th, 5th and 6th positions from the Sun. When these three planets appear together in a chart, as they do in the eclipse chart, they are working together in a unique and powerful way. In the case of the current chart, they represent and illuminate the ways in which society limits or represses the natural and healthy expression of our spiritual nature. At the same time they are also expressing what it takes to break through or transcend these limitations.

A Lunar eclipse always indicates a harmonious activation of the axis of energies between the Sun and Moon. In the current chart, this axis has the Moon in Leo conjunct North Node, opposed by Sun in Aquarius conjunct Venus. The overall signature of this Sun/Moon axis is the experience of freedom through the full expression of personal values and habits, especially those that have been previously repressed. The Moon (with North Node) in dramatic Leo wants to express and demonstrate its true nature without restriction. The Sun and Venus in Aquarius are together illuminating what has been repressed, and at the same time, creating the desire to break away from that repression (Venus).

Mars and Jupiter are forcing (Mars) these repressed and instinctual values (Venus) to reveal themselves in a manner that must be managed (Jupiter). We have a choice now, whether to manage our responses in a positive way through an expansion of consciousness, or negatively through reaction or distraction as a result of being overwhelmed. One form of distraction will be through superficial entertainment (Neptune square Mars and inconjunct Moon). For those who pay attention to their own triggers, Neptune supports the larger opportunity as it dissolves old patterns and reveals the higher state of awareness.


Our powerful Lunar eclipse energies are providing an opportunity for an expansion of consciousness through a new ability to manage and release whatever has been repressed. Specifically, within the pattern of the current eclipse, we are likely to recognize these expansions in the form of repressed habits, attitudes, and instincts.

When these repressed patterns surface they are likely to cause conflict, however you can use that experience in a positive way to break through the underlying instinct and pattern that’s been exposed. Remember to look beneath the surface. The drama is simply covering and obscuring an opportunity for expansion of consciousness.

The active eclipse portal will be open for approximately three and a half weeks, bringing these conflicting and inhibiting energies to the surface. If we pay attention to what comes up for us in the coming days, we’ll receive new awareness of our own patterns so that we all can quickly makes adjustments for our continued success as consciousness continues to expand into the Aquarian Age.