Alchemy of Change: New Moon Astrology for September 2014

Article Window: Sept 23 through Oct 23
• The New Moon: Tuesday, September 23, 11:13 pm, PDT
• The astrology chart was run for Cairo, Egypt. Local time 8:30 am Sept 24.
• Sun is 2° Libra, Moon is 2° Libra
• New Moon Theme (thru Oct 23): Alchemy of Change
• Next Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 8 (Lunar Eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

New Moon at twilight by the Great Pyramid

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

Astrology Article: The Alchemy of Change

Special Note: This New Moon chart was run for Cairo, Egypt in dedication to a group of my Seattle friends who have been traveling there this month. These individuals are modern-day mystics who are exploring the roots of consciousness anchored in the rich land of Egypt.

This month’s New Moon in Libra is releasing a wave of potential that contains a very special quality called “transmutation.” Transmutation is another way of talking about alchemy, which is the process of changing one state of being into another.
The alchemy of this New Moon centers on a special transmutation of your inner energies and your very consciousness itself.

The alchemy of consciousness occurs astrologically in the form of a powerful Grand Trine (the blue triangle in the astrology chart). The trine is formed by three planets, all housed in the element of fire. The form of the Grand Trine provides the experience of inspiration, and the element of fire provides the experience of excitement and new possibilities.

Hidden within this excitement of new possibilities lies a spark of creative power which has traveled through time.  This is power filled with ancient wisdom that can transform your life today. This gift of wisdom and power may come to you in the form of a vision, a plan, or a new direction in which you are able to focus.

Three Mystical Processes

To access this mystical transforming energy, you need to tap into your own creative vision, which is opened by the Grand Trine of fire.

The following three mystical processes are hidden within the Grand Trine and will help you access your inner creative spark. These processes are deep and have the potential of sparking hidden creative power within you. Contemplation on these three mystical processes will help ignite your own spark of transmutation.

With each process I have included an example from the ancient Egyptians.

Psychic Gestation (Mars in Sagittarius)

Within the deepest layers of your psyche, a change has been initiated. The gestation is allowing a new level of awareness and response to life (Mars) to emerge from deep within. This deep response is aroused by ancient wisdom and emotions

In Egypt, the Sphinx represents this ancient wisdom. It is a symbol of initiation.

Enlisting of Organic Force (Uranus in Aries)

You can now come into a deeper relationship with the natural forces working for the betterment of the planet. You have the opportunity to expand beyond a traditional mechanistic world view and instead experience the planet as a living organic being, working in partnership together with you and the larger collective.

Ancient Egyptians knew how to harness the natural forces of sound and light, for example using them to lift giant blocks of stone to build the Great Pyramid.

Spectacular Displays of Greatness (Jupiter in Leo)

You have the opportunity to express yourself now in some form of greatness. Any unconscious aspirations that are lying dormant, waiting for a trigger, have the opportunity to be expressed. Any symbol you personally consider great can act as this trigger. This may even be just a spectacular display of something that inspires you.

For me, the spectacular nature of the great temples and sacred sites of Egypt, such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, act as creative catalysts to personally inspire my own creativity.


Contemplation on these three mystical processes can spark a feeling, memory, or mystical idea to help you get in touch with your own vision for moving forward. The Grand Trine integrates the combination of all three, which can feed your own New Moon experience of alchemy and transmutation.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 2014Grand Trines promote the ability to envision what inspires you. From this vision you can create a psychic (internal) map and direction for personal growth. The specific potentials for growth are embedded in the element of fire (the three zodiac fire signs) and the three planets which make the Grand Trine: Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter.

  • Mars actively uses the alchemical fire of Sagittarius, which purifies and transforms the very substance of one’s inner life.
  • Uranus has the ability to see beyond our normal realms of form. Working through Aries, Uranus can enlist an attunement to the potency within the invisible forces of nature.
  • Jupiter, working through Leo, transforms and integrates through organizing, planning, and a show of greatness. The Leo energy promotes within Jupiter the need to produce something spectacular, or larger than life. Life’s dramas can easily impact and influence the psyche, especially when part of a Grand Trine including Mars and Uranus.

Harnessing the Ancient Alchemy of Egypt

I was guided to run this chart for Cairo instead of Seattle, because of the group who traveled there this month, and specifically the healing ceremony that two friends will be performing on the Giza Plateau at the New Moon. They will be connecting with the ancient wisdom and the power of this place, and then harnessing this spark of transformation to be used for planetary healing.

Wherever you are located, the New Moon chart will have the same grand trine. The difference will be in the orientation of the triangle, which rotates around the chart depending on your local time. In Egypt, as you can see from the chart, the Grand Trine points nearly upright, with Jupiter in Leo at the top.

Jupiter in fiery Leo is igniting the spark of consciousness, propelling the creative expression and alchemy of new consciousness.  This spark of consciousness being released is the same spark of consciousness which the ancient Egyptian masters protected and nurtured. These masters were from a lineage stemming from far-away star systems, possessing advanced technology and teachings supporting the evolution of consciousness. They anchored this knowledge in stone and the earth, as well as the written teachings, some of which remain today.

This mystical spark of transmutation is alive and available now to all. It’s embedded within the New Moon wave of energy. The archetypal shape of the Grand Trine invites us each to feel the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and bring those powers into our own life through the mystical powers of transmutation.

Even the Sabian symbol for the New Moon (Libra 2°) suggests a mystical flow of new potential. This is the written archetypal (Sabian) symbol for 2° Libra “The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit.”

In Summary

The nature of this month’s New Moon is a mystical experience. As such, there is a natural difficulty in presenting the qualities of this New Moon in a concrete manner.

I’m encouraging each of you to use the New Moon energies to create a unique spark within your consciousness. This is the spark of creative power and alchemical change. It’s both subtle and powerful. This is the same spark of creative wisdom that is still alive and carried to us from the ancient Egyptian culture. I feel inspired and hope this New Moon inspires your own alchemy of change.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

The Lunar Journal

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