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Transforming Individuality into Creative Growth: New Moon Astrology June 2018

Our Gemini New Moon astrology is providing us with an opportunity to redefine ourselves. This month offers us the space to cultivate and discover a more expanded creative view of ourselves and our potential.

A Positive Turning Point in History: Full Moon Astrology May 2018

Article Window: May 29 – June 13 • The Full Moon is Tuesday, May 29, 7:19 AM PDT • Sun is 9° Aries, Moon is 9° • Next New Moon: June 13 • Current New Moon Theme (May 15 – Jun 13): True Wealth The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to…

The Expansion of True Wealth: New Moon Astrology May 2018

Our Taurus New Moon astrology brings the awareness of wealth and how different types of wealth expand consciousness across the planet. With our New Moon in the earth sign of Taurus, let's take a closer look at the natural connection Taurus has to our concepts of wealth.

Developing a Deeper Awareness to Expand Relationships: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2018

Our Scorpio Full Moon Astrology is having a direct and powerful impact on each of our experiences this Lunar month. This Lunar cycle is full of new possibilities, especially when you take the time to understand the type of power that is being activated by our Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon polarity.

The Courage to Look at What is Possible: New Moon Astrology Apr 2018

Our Aries New Moon astrology is full of untapped new potential and bursting with new possibilities and creative energies. What's most unique about this New Moon is the actual raw power of what IS possible. This Aries Moon is setting the stage for you to take advantage of opportunities that you may not have even…

Learning through Inner Freedom for Greater Fulfillment: Full Moon Astrology Mar 31, 2018

Our Libra Full Moon Astrology is reinforcing the current Lunar message of finding fulfillment, which was introduced at our March 17th New Moon. This article focuses on the potential each of us has to take learning to a new level. Authentic learning is a key aspect of personal freedom.

Living for Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology March 2018

Our Pisces New Moon Astrology is cultivating the inner desire to experience a greater level of personal fulfillment in your everyday life. This month's Lunar energies are bringing new insight that will expand your ideas of fulfillment and help us learn how each of us can, in practical terms, life a more fulfilled life.

A Shift in Transparency: Full Moon Astrology Mar 1st 2018

Our Full Moon astrology brings a message of hope and connection to the guiding intelligence that was introduced during our Aquarius New Moon and Solar eclipse event on Feb 16th. The Full Moon chart expresses an acceleration of growth that is actually occurring as you read this article.

Accessing Your Guiding Intelligence: New Moon Solar Eclipse

Our solar eclipse in Aquarius introduces a new principle into our awareness to act as a guiding intelligence for anyone who has the desire to move forward in life using positive momentum.
Matterhorn Moon Switzerland

A Significant Expansion: Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Jan 31, 2018

The Lunar eclipse, generally speaking, has a much greater significance on our consciousness than is commonly appreciated. From my astrological point of view, taking personal advantage of this unique and powerful celestial event is a huge opportunity for primary focus during the coming cycle. The significance of this particular eclipse stands out in my mind…

The Capricorn Transformation of Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 16

Our New Moon astrology presents a powerful Capricorn archetype that’s intended to develop a new capacity for personal power. This coming month will be time in which you’re able to experience new ways to participate in what is worthwhile, both for yourself and your world.

A New Year of Inclusiveness and the Wise Use of Power: Full Moon Astrology Jan 1st 2018

Our New Year Full Moon astrology presents a beautiful and powerful Kite pattern with which to usher in the new year. The kite pattern within the Cancer Moon signifies the possibility of launching our year with a signature of unified harmony that can be organized toward positive fulfillment for all. The chart for the January…

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