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Solstice Village 2015 Seattle

Seeing Beyond the Status Quo: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2017

Our Gemini Full Moon astrology has positioned the Moon in the Full phase of the Lunar cycle, building to a fulcrum point of objectivity. I’m bringing this idea of objectivity forward because, even though it is always a key quality of the Full Moon, objectivity is especially emphasized now. This is because there are two…

Moving Beyond the Facade: New Moon Astrology Nov 2017

Our Scorpio New Moon astrology provides us with new opportunities to experience greater levels of authentic in all of our social interactions and cultural circumstances. There also a deeper quality to our New Moon this month that contains an unique Scorpio signature. We will explore this in greater depth as we look at what it…

Participation through Ambitious Effort: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2017

Our Taurus Full Moon astrology brings each of us a practical ability to participate and function in the world in new ways. This ability to participate is woven within the deepest values we each hold toward our community and our feeling of connection to others. The deeper values of this Taurus Moon are expressed in…

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