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The Eye of the Storm: New Moon Astrology Sept 2017

Our Virgo New Moon astrology brings a calming quality of energy, but this calm will only be available to those who are able to live their lives centered amidst the changes and potential chaos taking place all around. While the New Moon chart indicates the potential for further activations of conflict and contrast, it also…
Photo of Aquarius Aurora

Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius: Solar Eclipse Aug 2017

The total Solar Eclipse of 2017 happens during the Leo New Moon. In addition to the normal effects of the New Moon and the launch of a new Lunar cycle of change, the darkening of our Sun produces a shadow that affects our consciousness in a significant way. This article explains the unique nature of…
Photo of the Dawning of Aquarius

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius: Eclipse Astrology Aug 2017

The upcoming Aquarius Lunar Eclipse holds a spectacular signature that has attracted a lot of astrological attention. My personal excitement around the event is centered on a new ability that the eclipse is introducing to everyone on the planet. At the precise moment of each Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon briefly loses contact with the…

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