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Space Needle and the Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse: Using Change to Break Free and Pursue Your Goals. Oct, 2014

This month's Lunar Eclipse will trigger within the patterns of your own consciousness a more complete understanding of how nature is working with you to achieve your goals and desires. New internal patterns including freedom and a vision of your goals will emerge.
Scorpio New Moon October 2014

Widening Your Experiences through Relationships: New Moon Astrology for Oct 2014

As the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, relationships will take on an increased importance, especially considering the New Moon is also conjunct with the planet Venus. Venus' energy when combined with the New Moon's brings an energizing element to all types of relationships.
Taurus Full Moon in Seattle.

Take Your Next Big Step: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2014

Each Full Moon is a powerful astrological event that facilitates growth to meld into the fabric of your being, especially in your life force and your ability to adapt and change. The power of this monthly cycle is dramatically amplified when the degree of the Full Moon occurs on one of the four power nodes…

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