Trusting Your Process: Full Moon Astrology for July 2015

  • Article Window: July 1 to July 16
  • The Full Moon is Wednesday, July 1, 7:20 PM PDT
  • Sun is 10° Cancer, Moon is 10° Capricorn
  • Current New Moon Theme (June 16 thru July 16): Mental Clarity
  • Next New Moon: July 16

Current Lunar Cycle

Summer Night Full Moon

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Astrology Article: Trusting Your Process

This Full Moon will bring illumination and activate a new sense of clarity, especially regarding any issues, challenges, projects, or opportunities you are currently working through. In the coming two weeks there is also the potential for a new sense of personal empowerment, fueling your inner stability and nurturing your effective use of power in the world.

During the week following the Full Moon, a tremendous amount of energy will be building. This isn’t something to fear. Although you may be experiencing emotional intensity, it’s important to understand that this build-up of energy plays a necessary role in the larger scheme of things to come. The Capricorn Moon will support your ability to move through emotional intensity and navigate circumstances with trust and confidence.

This buildup of energies is leading to the potential for breakthrough. In about a week, the Moon will pass over (transit) the planet Uranus. Uranus offers the power to break free of limitation to pursue greater success. This coming Moon-Uranus conjunction will direct this week’s build up of energy toward something useful.

It is important now for you to trust whatever process was started at the New Moon. Even if things feel emotionally difficult or confusing, there is mental clarity available to help you move forward in life in the most positive way possible. This is a natural clarity that you can rely on. This clear awareness will counteract any emotional confusion or instability that may emerge.

There is a practicality with this Capricorn Moon that will support you if you can trust in the process.

Astrology Pattern: Extra Power for Maximum Results

Full Moon Astrology Chart for July 2015There’s an intense concentration of power contained within our Full Moon Astrology chart.

The two planets most capable of providing maximum power are Mars and Pluto, and they both play key roles in the current Full Moon. With Mars conjunct the Sun, and Pluto conjunct the Moon, this Full Moon is infused with the power of change. On the personal level, be aware that whatever circumstances or issues in your life are requiring maximum effort can be transformed through this potential for change.

Uranus is in a key position to express this buildup of power and support the release of pressure. On the personal level, Uranus can help you achieve maximum potential by providing a breakthrough, supporting the release of old and out-dated patterns in your life.

There is a shadow side to this Full Moon. The result of all of this power build-up could be the experience of mayhem or chaos, especially if the proper expression isn’t understood. The shadow aspect will show up in the tendency to respond to the pressure (stress) from an unconscious or immature emotional reaction. There may be immediate relief in the release of pent-up energy, but the opportunity for constructive expansion will be missed.

Understanding the purpose of this Full Moon astrology pattern is the key to avoiding the chaotic activation that’s possible with the unconscious use of all this power. By accessing mental clarity, this pattern can be used for the directed expression of power to achieve the results you desire.


This is an intense Full Moon. It’s important in the coming days to nurture yourself and stay grounded and emotionally centered. Keep in mind that this build-up of energy must be used constructively or it could contribute to disorder. The shadow side will want to indiscriminately explode as a way to relieve a build-up of emotional pressure.  Use your mental clarity to see where to direct your energy, and this powerful build-up can be directed toward making a positive difference in your life.

The amount of energy available for personal transformation is perfectly aligned now for a breakthrough. The key is to remember to trust the process and move forward with your sights set on your long-term intentions. This isn’t the time to spontaneously combust, just because it satisfies the need for temporary relief. Put your energies toward the future and trust that you’re headed in the right direction.

Secrets for Mental Clarity: New Moon Astrology June 2015

Secrets for Mental Clarity: New Moon Astrology June 2015

Article Window: June 16 to July 15
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, June 16, 7:05 AM PST
• Sun is 26° Gemini, Moon is 26° Gemini
• New Moon Theme (May 17 thru June 15): Mental Clarity
• The next Full Moon is Wednesday, July 1, 7:20 pm.

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Night Sky

New Moon Astrology Article: Secrets for Mental Clarity

This Gemini New Moon brings new insight and the potential to see beyond the mere appearance of the world around you. This is a month to hold a high level of curiosity. If you do, you’ll discover new clarity and understandings that help you see the world in new ways.

The Meaning of a Gemini Moon

The New Moon in Gemini supports your desire for discovering new ways to interact with your world. Each new discovery becomes a new type of relationship and a new way to grow and adapt to your surroundings.

Gemini is about learning, and Gemini discoveries lead to new forms of knowledge to be used for understanding the world in which you live. This knowledge is much more than the accumulation of facts. Rather, Gemini knowledge involves the discovery of the patterns and the relationships that underlie the facts.

The Moon always supports your ability to consciously adapt to the present moment, your ever-changing NOW. The special aspect of this Gemini New Moon is to support your mind by adapting, nurturing, and growing your awareness of the moment and your ability to live fully in the present.

A Month of Increased Mental Clarity

New-Moon-June-2015In addition to the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Mars are also in the sign of Gemini. This grouping offers a tremendous amount of support for additional mental clarity.

This coming month is a good time to consider starting any new project where mental acuity and precision are required.  Mars provides the energy, activity, and drive to get things done. Mercury in opposition to Saturn brings an objective approach to life. This extra objectivity (Saturn) sees the world in practical ways. Saturn helps things make more sense, especially if you can see the bigger picture of your circumstances (Saturn in Sagittarius).

The Secret Formula

There’s one last opportunity I would like to discuss concerning this powerful Gemini New Moon energy. It’s related to the position of our 30° Saturn (opposing Mercury) in combination with the exact degree of the New Moon (26° Gemini).

The Sabian archetype for 26° Gemini suggests that there are specific times within a cycle to let go of all but essentials in order see clearly the path ahead. In this way, the New Moon is directly supporting your ability to move forward with minimal baggage.

The Moon is always moving consciousness from the present moment to the future. The Moon doesn’t have a memory of the past. What it does carry are the habits and instincts which are formed in the past and carried forward into the present. Paring down to minimal baggage is a clever way of moving forward with your essential truth, your essence.  Habits that no longer serve you are simply left behind.

The secret formula for this Gemini New Moon lies in using the potential for mental clarity to discover the bare essentials in each moment. Bare essentials in this context are any of the things that represent your essence.  In other words, if you strip away all that is superficial, what is left is your selfhood, your true essence.

Nature gives us a beautiful example of this during the winter months. Frost-covered trees glisten in the sunlight, their leaves long gone. The winter trees and ground are bare, but still hold their vital essence for next year’s spring growth deep within. What is carried forward are only the most basic structuring elements needed for the future.

Your opportunity now is in letting go of all but bare essentials, while holding on to the mental clarity of discovering your true essence in every moment. This discovery of your essence is the most powerful form of Gemini knowledge, and it supports your momentum into the future.

Owning Your Essence: New Moon Astrology May 2015

Owning Your Essence: New Moon Astrology May 2015

Article Window: May 17 to June 15
• The New Moon is Sunday, May 17, 9:13 PM PST
• Sun is 27° Taurus, Moon is 27° Taurus
• New Moon Theme (May 17 thru June 15): Owning Your Essence
• The next Full Moon is Tuesday, June 2

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

South Pacific New Moon. Article by Steven Shroyer and Seattle Astrology

Astrology Article: Owning Your Essence

Each of us is born with a spark of creative fire which stirs inside. This spark guides your development and provides that unique quality referred to as your “essence.” This New Moon will provide some extra help in making specific adjustments designed to bring you into full alignment with your inner spark, your essence.

Tapping into the Energy of Taurus

The New Moon is in the sign of Taurus. A closer look at this powerful sign may provide some useful ideas for tapping into your inner essence in the coming days.

The first of the three earth signs in the zodiac, Taurus concentrates the power that was generated in Aries (last month’s New Moon). Once fully concentrated, Gemini (next month’s New Moon) will distribute this concentrated energy for the purpose of discovering new ways to cooperate with others as we mature into new perspectives.

This concentrating power of Taurus is infused with the energies of the New Moon. Much like a very potent seed, intentions set at the time of this New Moon have the potential to grow into something magnificent. What is created with this new momentum can be aligned with who you really are, capable of supporting your own essence.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that there is extra help this coming month in making adjustments. Specifically, these are adjustments that support your alignment with your inner essence. These are your inherent potentials, what you were born with. Whether or not you have fully developed these potentials, they are still available and this is a month when you can expand into more of who you really are.

Accessing Your Essence through Inner Support

One way to learn about your essence during the coming New Moon cycle is by exploring your experience of inner support and where it flows from

The experience of inner support is important this month. Taurus needs validation in order to feel safe and productive. It needs to be a part of something that has substance. This need to feel substance is an expression of the earth element of Taurus. It wants to feel that something is real, supportive, and somehow worthy of identifying with. (This is how the idea of ownership became associated with Taurus. If you experience something as real and supportive, it is worthy of calling it “yours.” When it’s yours, you own it.)

When it comes to the support experienced in Taurus, this can mean many different things. “Inner Support” in the context of this discussion is simply whatever sustains you at your core. It can be physical, emotional, or mental, or spiritual.

Ultimately you can think of the experience of what supports you as an expression of your inner essence. It is a way that you can experience your connection to the creative spark of the universe. Tap into your experience of support and think about it in terms of owning it.

There’s help available this month to make the necessary adjustments in order to identify with what supports you and experience it as if it’s “real.” This “real feeling” is at the heart of this Taurus New Moon. Feel your inner connection to support. If, as a result, you feel confirmed, validated, and ratified, then Taurus has made the necessary adjustments to support your inner essence.

Locating Taurus in Your Birth Chart

New Moon Astrology Chart for May 2015We each have all twelve zodiac signs operating within. They are expressed in specific patterns, largely determined at birth. Depending on their location in your birth chart, each zodiac sign offers unique gifts and abilities. If you are familiar with your own natal astrology chart, look to the house that Taurus occupies for a deeper understanding of how to access the tools of Taurus that are mentioned above.

Article Summary

The Taurus New Moon introduces the theme of “Owning Your Essence” to help you harness the energy of the tremendous momentum which has been available for the last two New Moons. Taurus has certain qualities useful in tapping into your truest inner essence. You can think of your essence as what supports and sustains you. This New Moon is all about feeling what’s real, useful, and supportive, and then owning it. These Taurus energies will support you in making the necessary adjustments to maximize your connection to your truest Self and what sustains you.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful Full Moon,

Opening New Channels of Communication: Full Moon Astrology May 2015

Opening New Channels of Communication: Full Moon Astrology May 2015

Article Window: May 3 to May 17
• The Full Moon is Sunday, May 3, 8:42 PM PDT
• Sun is 14° Taurus, Moon is 14° Scorpio
• Current New Moon Theme (thru May 16): Attunement
• Next New Moon May 17

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Opening New Channels of Communication

This Full Moon will bring a greater togetherness between you and your friends. For the next two weeks you’ll notice an increasing urge to share more with those you’re closest to.

We have all experienced the extra momentum during the last two months. For some this momentum has been overwhelming. For others it has propelled them into new territories — of career, personal success, relationship, or perhaps even a new sense of purpose. In the midst of all this growth and change, this Full Moon reminds us of the simpler joys of life, including a deeper appreciation of our friends and family.


Better Communication through Appreciation

Along with this spring’s momentum the last New Moon added an extra feeling of alignment and inner guidance. It’s now necessary to focus on establishing new avenues or channels for communication. Feeling appreciation and then sharing it a great way to start.

There’s something revitalizing about giving and receiving appreciation. That “something” represents one of the simplest pleasures of life and reminds us that we aren’t alone. Appreciation nurtures and is able to communicate more than just the words spoken.

The deeper issue that this Full Moon brings into focus is the importance of togetherness, along with the experience you enjoy when you share your feelings and ideas. This type of appreciation is composed of authentic feelings and ideas that in turn foster better connections.

If communication is lacking then the Full Moon will bring that into focus. Your inner feelings and insights about life need to be the focused and then shared in order to satisfy your inner need for group connection. The group, in this sense, is quite general and can mean any interpersonal relationship where togetherness is valued.

One of the simpler and most significant joys in life is in spending time and connecting with those we care about, and finding strength and revitalization as a result of the relationship.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Astrology Chart May 2015 - Seattle AstrologyOne of the most interesting aspects of this astrology chart is what the planet Mars is contributing to the overall pattern. For the next several weeks Mars will be conjunct the Sun and therefore also closely aligning its energies with the next two New Moons (which will be also conjuncting the Sun). This relationship between Sun, Mars, and New Moon is providing extra (EXTRA!) momentum that will carry us deep into the summer months.

Mars energizes, pursues, initiates. Mars helps to start every new activity you do. It provides a transformative energy, capable of supporting positive growth forward.

In the current Full Moon pattern, Mars is capable of initiating appreciation, and seeks out new channels of communication. Mars also seeks relationships that satisfy the emotional desires of Venus. In this case, Mars provides initiative, the energy to be assertive rather passive during the next couple of months. The effort and actions of Mars will fuel the appreciation and good communication that are required now to help you actively move forward in life.

Because of the Sun conjunction, this support will continue. In the coming weeks, Mars will provide you a chance to jump start the positive of whatever life has in store for you.

Article Summary

The Full Moon energies are available to help you experience joy within simple gestures like appreciation and the sharing of authentic feelings with others you’re close to. It’s through these types of exchanges that you revitalize yourself and your relationships. Your friends and loved ones will feel a sense of togetherness and new channels of communication will open up. Life moves forward with the feeling of togetherness and joy.

New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance: New Moon Astrology Apr 2015

New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance: New Moon Astrology Apr 2015

Article Window: Apr 18 to May 17
• The New Moon was Saturday, Apr 18, 11:57 AM PST
• Sun is 29° Aries, Moon is 29° Aries
• New Moon Theme (Apr 18 thru May 17): Attunement
• The next Full Moon is Sunday, May 3

The Aries New Moon released a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar month to come.

Although it’s customary for me to publish this monthly article before the New Moon, this theme of Attunement to the Music of the Spheres is relevant through May 17th.

The theme of this month focuses momentum in a personal way so that it becomes a guiding force in your life. This includes the integration of the Lunar Eclipse which is in effect until May 2.

New Aries Moon over Victoria Falls

Astrology Article: New Rhythms of Balance and Guidance

The New Moon astrology is bringing brand new realms of possibility within direct reach of each one of us. This month you’ll feel an ease in aligning your energies and inner guidance to the larger cosmic order of things.

During our last Lunar cycle (Mar 20 – Apr 18) we experienced a tremendous amount of momentum to propel us forward in our journey of personal development. My last New Moon Journal article titled, Riding the Great Piscean Wave, discusses the practical ways to use this momentum to your advantage.

The Eclipse at the last Full Moon was an amazing event. The Eclipse enabled us to move forward with an extra boost that allowed us to realign, reset, or reboot. This realignment allowed us to get back in sync with the larger wave of momentum we are experiencing this spring.

The universe is always expanding and constantly infusing life with creative inspiration. Through rhythms of wholeness and cycles of change, this creative force provides new ways to helps us grow. You and I are each meant to experience success during our own evolutionary journey.

Each New Moon and each Full Moon marks a threshold for the prominent rhythms in our celestial symphony. This symphony guides and expresses the beat, the rhythm, and the inner music that helps to align your guidance and individual purpose for moving forward.

This New Moon cycle is a perfect example of how the cosmic order provides just what you need for this creative process during your journey of fulfillment.

One way to begin experiencing the cosmic rhythms, is to shift your attention toward the rhythmic balance of the day-force and the night-force. Even these simple daily rhythms of Nature are in concert with the symphony of planets that create beautiful patterns of order at a Grand and Cosmic Level. This cosmic order creates a literal music of the celestial bodies that penetrates and conditions the entire energy field of Earth, including your home and your personal being.

During the coming Lunar month even a small shift in your attention, coming present to the daily cycles of change, may be enough to feel the new alignment to your own potential and passion as it begins to unfold.

New Realms of Possibility

The New Moon has provided a way to transform last month’s momentum into a larger attunement with the Universe. All you need to do is simply feel the beat of the universe with every sunrise, and trust your alignment within this cycle. The temptation is to over-think this process. What is required is feeling, and listening to the inner voice that is attuned to change and cosmic rhythm.

New possibilities are abundant this entire next month. In order to access all of the potential available right now, new realms of activity are needed. Potential needs to mate with substance in order to harmonize and attune itself to its larger field of wholeness.

Attunement needs action to the make it real. Your inner voice will lead you to the activity that is alignment with your expansion.

Aligning to Momentum

The feeling of momentum, just by itself, can quickly turn into an overwhelming presence. What momentum needs is to be turned into a form capable of sustaining growth, and success. Rhythm, order, and the harmony of wholeness all provide ways to turn momentum into something we’re able to feel and experience. Attuning and aligning oneself to this greater cosmic order is one key to accessing guidance.

In the current cycle, attunement to the cosmic order of the universe will provide the faith needed to move forward with all of our current momentum.

Seeing the beauty and hearing the music of the greater cosmic order is a firm foundation for inner guidance. You can come to alignment with this order simply by listening to your inner voice.

In these days following the New Moon, set the intention to feel a shift in your ability to align to the momentum. Through this alignment you will experience a new realm of guidance that enables you to direct your potential into activity and success.

In short, the New Moon theme of “Attunement” allows you in the coming month is feeling the larger rhythms and then aligning yourself to the larger pattern of your own development.

Astrology Pattern – The Music of the Spheres

New-moon-apr-2015The zodiac sign of Aries encompasses many qualities. An overriding theme of Aries involves moving forward in life with momentum and inspiration, while being guided by your unique individuality. This relates directly to the theme of the Aries New Moon, and expresses the essence of Aries’ core aspects.

Both Uranus and Jupiter play dominate roles this month, in delivering new ways to feel, listen to, and participate in the cosmic rhythms.

The most interesting aspect of the astrology chart is seen within the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, which is 29° Aries. This symbol bears the ancient phrase that speaks to the rhythms of Cosmic wholeness.

THEME: To listen to the inner voice
ARCHETYPE: Attunement to cosmic order

Article Summary

The New Moon introduces a new theme to help us harness the energy of the tremendous momentum which has been available since last month’s New Moon.

This new theme of attunement leads us toward alignment with a more rhythmic style of living. The “Music of the Spheres” refers to the greater patterns and movements of the celestial bodies as they move in harmony together. It also refers to the personal experience of living in harmony with those rhythms.

During this Lunar cycle these larger rhythms are more easily felt and experienced. Your potential for successful living can be enhanced this month though your attunement to these powerful patterns, so that you can personally experience your own alignment with the “Music of the Spheres.”

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

A New Horizon for Personal Peace: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology April 2015

A New Horizon for Personal Peace: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology April 2015

Astrology Article Window: Apr 4 to May 3
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Apr 4, 5:05 AM PDT
• The Lunar Eclipse is Saturday, Apr 4, 5:00 AM PDT (NASA)
• Sun is 15° Aries, Moon is 15° Libra
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Apr 18): Momentum
• Next New Moon Apr 17

Current Lunar Cycle

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal that offers a unique activation stemming from the power of the Full Moon. The portal releases a special cosmic gift resulting in a new ability you can use for inspired action in your life. The Eclipse portal will remain open until the Moon returns to 15° Libra on April 29.

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

2015 lunar Eclipse in Africa

Lunar Eclipse Astrology Article: A New Horizon for Personal Peace

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a special event in astrology. With the light of the Full Moon temporarily blocked, the Eclipse opens up a portal in the Zodiac at the exact degree in which the Eclipse occurs. In this open portal, or doorway, energies far beyond our solar system have direct access to Earth.

This week’s Eclipse is delivering a Cosmic Gift of Inner Calm and Alignment. There’s also an emphasis on relationships. Inner calm comes from the opportunity to receive additional help, support, and resources from your connections with others.

The Effects of Enormous Momentum

In addition to the special opportunity of the Eclipse, the momentum we are currently experiencing from our last New Moon is still active and operating in a very powerful manner. The main theme of this month is to use this push of momentum to recognize – or even create – new opportunities for yourself.

Despite the positive nature of the change, there is so much momentum that all of us need to be aware of the possibility of becoming overwhelmed and losing focus of the opportunities at hand. The overwhelm can be related to short term practical details, as well as your focus on long term goals and dreams.

The Full Moon Eclipse is offering the opportunity to get back on track.

You have the chance to regain your focus and clarity with an inner calm. The Eclipse offers stability and counteracts the urge to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of potential you may be feeling. There’s a new horizon of possibilities just ahead, especially if you can move forward with a sense of personal peace.

Getting Back on Track

There’s no denying the powerful momentum for change. In my last New Moon article I used the analogy of a surfer riding a giant wave. (See “Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015.”)

If you’ve been challenged over the past two weeks, you might be asking, “What happens if I fall off the wave, or feel completely overwhelmed or disoriented and unfocused? Do I lose my ability to take advantage of all this momentum?”

The answer is NO. If you have ‘fallen off the wave’ all is not lost. Our Full Moon Eclipse directly addresses this important question, and then offers opportunities for getting back on track without a setback.

Transpersonal Peace and the Eclipse

The momentum you’re currently feeling can be small or large, but when you’re on track you’ll most likely feel it as a type of excitement or inspiration. You might be inspired by something you’re currently doing, or it could be something new that’s coming into your life. Either way, you feel the excitement just below the surface, like static electricity building up and ready to discharge at a moment’s notice.

Once you understand the excitement beneath the surface, a Libra Lunar Eclipse can manifest as a type of transpersonal peace. This is the Cosmic Gift of this Eclipse.

The inner calm offered by the Eclipse isn’t from withdrawal or lack of interest. It’s an inner confidence and knowing that life is headed in a positive direction. You trust the momentum. You don’t need to know the details and specifics of just how it will all play out in real time. Your centeredness will keep you focused on the right things. You also feel connected, and that these opportunities belong to everyone as humanity moves forward together.

The excitement is necessary because it connects you to others. It is a frequency stemming from Libra’s gift of relationship and the realization that this powerful energy wave you’re feeling is a group experience.

If you’re having trouble experiencing the positive, and tapping into this powerful wave of energy, then you should consider the possibility that you’re experiencing the zodiac phenomenon of “Libra boredom.” If you’re not feeling inspired by momentum and positive change, then perhaps you’re feeling bored – with life, or even humanity itself. The experience of boredom or lack of focus is a shadow or depletion aspect of the current potential for change. There may be a time and place for boredom, but this is not the month!

This current wave of momentum is toward solutions, new opportunity, and progress. The highest potential comes especially through groups or relationships. If you’re feeling bored or uninspired, then perhaps you are disconnected? This experience of inner withdrawal may stem from isolation. The result of feeling isolated is to feel uninspired, and to focus on problems rather than solutions.

With the Full Moon in Libra, the force of momentum lies within your relationship to others and to life.
You know you’re on track when you experience inner peace that goes beyond the personal (you) to encompass the transpersonal (beyond you). The feeling of peace and connection comes from participating in something beyond yourself.

In short, to maximize potential and ‘get back on the wave,’ you can turn your attention toward others, to individuals or even toward a group with which you resonate.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Chart for April 2015.At the time of the Eclipse the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are working together in a powerful way. Mercury and Uranus both support processes related to electricity. Mercury’s connection is through the mind and the synaptic focus necessary to learn. Uranus’ connection with electricity is at a quantum level. Combined together with the Sun, they have a tremendous effect on our nervous system and mental activity.

This electrical activation could be having an overload effect. Once you know what’s happening you can work with it positively.

This powerful activation of Sun, Mercury, and Uranus is combined into a fire grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. This combination offers you the ability to reactivate the momentum of life and get back on track anytime you need to. You can’t lose your momentum unless you become detached – “bored” – with people and with life.

Libra always enables you to generate a new quality in all of your relationships with others. With the Eclipse in Libra, there’s additional special support to reconnect you with the energy of the group. Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response to the intensity in the momentum wave we are experiencing, but attuning yourself to group energy you’ll have the opportunity to experience relief and get back on track.

The shadow side of this Lunar Eclipse portal is boredom rooted in withdrawal and a backwards pull away from relationships. The opportunity is to move forward with a deep peace that is connecting you to life beyond your personal feelings. You have the opportunity this month to experience a new level of transpersonal peace through your connection to others.

Article Summary

This Lunar Eclipse is packed full of energy and momentum. You’ll feel the impact of the Eclipse for the next 29 days. It’s so powerful it may feel as if you’re surfing a huge wave. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you have fallen off the wave, it will be easy to begin again provided you are able to connect with others for support. It’s through your inner process of expanding all forms of relationships that you will reconnect with inspiration, and a renewed feeling of inner peace.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful Full Moon, month,

Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015

Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015

Article Window: Mar 20 to Apr 19
• Sun is 30° Pisces, Moon is 30° Pisces
• The New Moon is Friday, Mar 20, 2:36 AM PST (Solar Eclipse, 2:36 AM)
Vernal (Spring) Equinox March 20
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Apr 4 (Lunar Eclipse, 5:05 AM)
• New Moon Theme (Mar 20 thru Apr 19): Momentum

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow this energy to guide you while adjusting to changing circumstances. This month’s Lunar Cycle will offer a new tool set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose.

Solar Eclipse New Moon Astrology - Seattle Astrology.

Astrology Article: Riding the Great Piscean Wave

During this month’s New Moon astrology there will be a powerful release of energy carrying a tremendous amount of momentum. The momentum is due to the convergence of several factors, and brings the energy of positive change. This next month presents a bright future, full of optimism and some well-deserved relief from a high level of intensity many have been feeling.

The last two months have carried a level of intensity that many found difficult to navigate. In some cases, it’s been tough to make the necessary adjustments to feel successful. For those who’ve been struggling, a degree of relief is on its way. This break in the intensity will be available during the entire coming Lunar cycle. This is especially true if you can take the opportunity to feel the magnitude of the coming wave of change and just “ride the wave.”

Change and Momentum

The New Moon always brings a wave of change, however this Moon is absolutely unique because of the convergence of several other powerful factors. This month’s New Moon carries the following additional waves of new momentum:

• The New Moon is located in 30 degrees Pisces. (As the last degree of the zodiac it carries the momentum of the entire previous year.)
• Several planets are in New Phase. (There are a total of nine new-phase combinations involving the Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune.)
• The Vernal Equinox. (The new momentum of the now dominate day-force.)
• A Solar Eclipse. (Adds additional energy to the New Moon.)

Those schooled in astrology can work with the specifics of each of these events. However, even if you don’t understand the specifics, you can appreciate the unique convergence and understand the extra support of the fresh start.

The combination of these factors is creating a powerful and pivotal energy source, with enough momentum behind it to sustain a long-term new cycle. The quality of energy supporting this new wave of change is positive in nature and represents your strongest ideals made real and tangible. In other words, this wave brings real change capable of benefiting everyone to some degree.

What’s most important to understand is that this New Moon is offering you the unique opportunity for a fresh start.

Integrating Current Waves of Change

The Spring Equinox always represents a powerful point of change in our yearly cycle, but when combined with the power of a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, along with the planetary power of Venus, Mars, Uranus, Sun, and Mercury all involved in various new phases … All I can say is Wow!

If you’ve been experiencing intensity over the past several weeks, then the news of impending change my bring up fear or discomfort. You might even be saying, “Please, no more change! I need some stability!”

This is a moment to take a breath and realize that you are being carried in a process that’s already begun.

The coming wave of change is all about carrying forward the process of metamorphosis that began with last month’s New Moon. You can feel relief in knowing that the current momentum is being integrated and can carry you forward, as long as you can maintain inner balance and understand the bigger picture.

The silver lining of this New Moon wave of change is that you are in complete control of how you choose to see what’s coming. There’s plenty of support for optimism, curiosity, and perhaps even plain old fun.

Surfing the Wave

The pattern of this New Moon reminds me of the story of the surfer who had been out in the ocean all day and found himself in trouble. He realized he was so far out that he didn’t have the strength to paddle to shore. He felt the breeze stiffen and noticed a shift in the rhythms of the ocean swells. He began to panic. His intuition told him to turn around and look out toward the sea.

He turned around just in time to see the largest wave he had seen all season. He mustered the last bit of strength in his weary body and caught the huge swell with perfect timing. He stayed calm and relaxed, and concentrated on nothing but balance and controlling what he could. He rode the wave all the way to shore. In retrospect, the surfer remembered that massive wave as the most intense, most satisfying and rewarding wave he ever rode.

This story highlights the perfect way to approach this wave of New Moon energy coming your way.

Watch for new opportunities. Both Jupiter and Saturn are working together to support wise choices, and Jupiter is supporting the deeper desires of your Soul as it finds new ways to express itself through your humanity and connection to others. Stay calm and relaxed, and keep your sense of balance. You can even have a little fun, trusting that this wave has the potential to take you exactly where you need to be.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for March 2015. by Steven Shroyer, Seattle Astrology.The New Moon is occurring on the very last (30th) degree of the zodiac sign of Pisces. It’s especially potent because this is the last of the sequence of twelve signs, and the next degree initiates a new annual cycle (at 1 degree Aries, also the Vernal Equinox). It’s the equivalent of bringing forward the entire previous year in one moment. In other words, at this New Moon we have an entire year’s worth of momentum condensed into a super potential seed. The 30th degree of Pisces represents the power latent in all seeds and, furthermore, the latency for self-transformation in humankind itself.

To have the New Moon occur at this point is powerful, indeed!

Neptune provides a key piece to the wave of momentum when you realize that Neptune’s energy performs two important functions. Neptune not only dissolves old boundaries, but it also provides a new matrix for successful living with harmony and spiritual principles of unity. The New Moon is continuing to support the Neptunian theme of metamorphosis (change) that began with last month’s (February 28) New Moon.

You can see from the New Moon chart that the planet Neptune sits with seven other planets (including the Moon and Sun). From our vantage point all of these are proceeding at a faster rate of momentum than Neptune. In other words, Neptune is the slowest planet of the eight planets all grouped together. It establishes the intent and foundation for the new energies moving forward.

All of this is also occurring on the Spring (Vernal) Equinox, which is another huge spring board for moving forward as energies shift toward personal development and inspiration.

Mars and Uranus in conjunction are also working together to create an optimistic outlook for inspired action. Breaking free from old, stubborn patterns that aren’t useful anymore can be easily accomplished during this Lunar cycle. This is just one of the opportunities for successful living that you’ll be able to use to your advantage this month.

Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

Spring Equinox is a key aspect of the momentum of this New Moon. On March 20 this year the day and night are of equal length. This is the yearly point when the day-force increases to become of equal strength with the night. Ever since Winter Solstice the day-force has been gaining momentum, and now it has the power to overtake the night-force and dominate for the next six months (until the Fall Equinox).

This yearly point of transition has always been a time for celebration and inspiration. It is a perfect time to set personal intentions for yourself and your growth for the coming year.

Article Summary

This month’s New Moon Astrology provides you the opportunity to relax and stay balanced as a giant wave of momentum takes you to a new level of living and success. Go with the changes which will take place this month. These changes are for your benefit and provide the extra momentum you’ll need to move forward, as well as to release whatever is not useful. Spring is here and it’s time to create your own joy in life as you experience success at new levels.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful New Moon,

Two Roads to Success: Full Moon Astrology March 2015

Two Roads to Success: Full Moon Astrology March 2015

Article Window: Mar 5 to Mar 20
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Mar 5, 10:05 AM PST
• Sun is 15° Pisces, Moon is 15° Virgo
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Mar 20): Metamorphosis
• Next New Moon Mar 20 (Solar Eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Acropolis Full Moon Rising. Steven Shroyer's Full Moon Astrology Journal Article.

Article: Two Roads to Success

Our Full Moon astrology allows you to focus on new opportunities, and strategies for success, as we work with the powerful principle of metamorphosis which was initiated at the last New Moon.

(Metamorphosis defined: a profound change in form from one stage to the next. The process of a deep transformation and a new sense of being.)

During the next two weeks circumstances and events hold the possibility of contrast. Experiences for each of us could be expansive, big and dramatic, or in contrast a hard and difficult grind. Most likely you will experience a combination of both, as life moves from expansive growth with ease, to periods where it feels as if you have to grind it out just to keep your head above water.

It’s important to say that both forms of circumstance are offering the opportunities you need at this time for your own experience of metamorphosis. There are two specific astrological patterns creating this contrast. Both are clearly presented in the Full Moon astrology chart.

Pattern #1 Expansion with the Grand Fire Trine

Full Moon Chart March 5, 2015. Steven Shroyer's Full Moon Astrology Journal Article.Looking at the chart, I’ve outlined the first pattern in blue. It’s a grand trine that ties together the three fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The main quality of this grand trine lies in its ability to generate power. The type of power being generated is indicated in the planets making up the grand trine. Positive outcomes and super-success can be the norm with this pattern due to the quality of power being generated by these planets within the trine. It’s a unique and complex grouping, as the planets appear in their natural sequence in the Solar System (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus).

This grand trine is supporting a rapid change at the core level of your being. Whenever both Mars and Venus are together in an astrology chart they work together to expand your horizon and create personal meaning. This can be generally understood as producing circumstances that harmonize the patterns of ’cause and effect’ with Mars supporting cause and Venus supporting effect.

What you can expect during the next two weeks are positive changes you can use to establish yourself in ways that enable you to feel more successful and wiser. Changes may be big or small depending on your particular circumstances but either way, focus on the end result. In other words, focus on the positive growth rather than the seeming significance or size of the circumstances.

Pattern #2 The Full Moon and Saturn’s Gift of Grit

Now looking at the chart again you’ll notice a red triangle referred to as a T-square. The purpose of the T-square is to provide extra help for stick–to–itiveness. Tenacity and perseverance are needed to offset a potential sense of overwhelment. Grit, character, and the courage to see things to the end may be required right now if you are experiencing any form of discouragement or stress. If you can stay aligned and avoid overwhelm during periods of challenge, there is a kind of clarity available that will help you remember the larger pattern of growth.

Having a growth mindset will help you hold to the bigger picture. This Lunar cycle is all about big growth and supporting internal change. We’re calling the process “metamorphosis.” Depending on how the process is showing up for you, there may be some aspects of growth that feel difficult. On the helpful side, there is a definite clarity available to see the larger perspective and then take advantage of the gift of “extra grit” this pattern is providing.

Astrological Summary

It’s unusual to see two patterns interwoven and yet so different. Whenever I encounter this type of divergent or contrasting energy, I always ask, “Why would the Universe, so full of symmetry and balance, provide such different types of patterns for our personal growth?”

The understanding to this question is found in the deeper meaning of the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Saturn.

The Sun in Pisces can be thought of as activating your sense of inner purpose. The Pisces purpose in this pattern offers the skillful use of power through connecting with a larger growth cycle. This can be further understood by the conjunction between the Sun and Neptune, which supports change in the form of metamorphosis.

The Full Moon in Virgo indicates that the skill to utilize the magnitude of available power will require a certain level of grit in the form of determination, courage, and discrimination. Clarity is available to help you see that this is only a temporary situation. There is help available to support the powerful energies actively transforming the core of your being for a higher purpose.

Saturn is the planet that links both of these patterns together. It’s the anchor point of the chart and also offers an anchor point to your experience of reality. Saturn offers the voice of reason during challenging circumstances, saying things aren’t as bad as they look. Saturn also offers the voice of reason during times of expansion, saying not to get too excited about new opportunities, remembering that positive changes still need to be anchored in the real world as they take on a new form.

Article Summary

This month we are all dealing with a large amount of change, fueled by powerful energies that are helping us grow at an unprecedented rate. The ups and downs are temporary and there’s a lot of help available.

Deep and lasting internal changes involving positive growth are often referred to as metamorphosis. The current Lunar month or cycle is a time when lasting metamorphosis is possible and supported. There are two seemingly different patterns available to draw upon during the next two weeks. You may experience some challenging ups and downs, or you may experience big events and super success. Or both.

The most important thing to remember is that you can avoid overwhelm by holding to the big picture. There is help available! You can also anchor positive outcomes and build upon your successes, no matter how big or small. In the coming two weeks a little grit and tenacity will go a long way.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful Full Moon,

The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

by Steven Shroyer

The age of Aquarius will last approximately 2160 years. What is yet to be known is when this period will actually begins and the idea that perhaps it already has. This article explores the energies that drive Aquarius so that we can better understand what humankind can expect during the imminent Aquarian age.

The Aquarius Quickening: The Meaning of a Double Aquarian New Moon

Double New Moon Period
January 20, 2015 to February 18, 2015

The Double Aquarian New Moon is a rare astrological event. Astrological records don’t go back far enough to find the last double Aquarian New Moon with a second New Moon conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

The significance of the second New Moon conjunction is enhanced by Neptune’s relationship to Pisces. Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is transitioning from the Age of Pisces. Also significant, is the precession of equinox, which occurs opposite the direction of the Sun. The Sun is moving from Aquarius to Pisces to Aries while the precession of equinox is moving from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius. While the precession of equinox is an interesting phenomenon, this article will only focus on the Aquarian energies that are being expressed.

A Double New Moon encompasses the entire Lunar cycle occurring in a single zodiac sign which condenses the power of a single sign into a Lunar cycle creating organic growth. The development of our brains and consciousness is intimately tied the Lunar cycle through this same organic process.

The significance of this organic process lies in the understanding that each zodiac sign has 30 degrees. Each degree is its own chapter and tells an entire story that functions as an important archetype to explain the flow of energy.

The 1° of Aquarius starts an important new energy process. It begins with a new principle emerging with the need to unfold and develop, next it expresses what’s been learned, followed by a period where these new principles are incorporated into strategies for success, and then new ways to cooperate with others before maturation of the initial process is completed which ends at 30°. In Sabian Astrology this referred to as the six-fold realm of maturity. It is closely linked to the cyclic numerology of six. These cyclic principles of unfolding can be broken down into the following.

1. Emerge
2. Develop
3. Express
4. Incorporate
5. Cooperate
6. Mature

The completion of this six-fold process, is the equivalent of the Lunar cycle consuming, or using, the energy of a complete zodiac sign and can be one of the most powerful periods of time during an one’s entire lifetime.

The key to using this information lies in understanding the quickening process of Aquarius. It is very likely that the zodiac month of Aquarius is in fact the quickening event to initiate the Age of Aquarius. We are not exactly sure when this event will take place, however it is an unprecedented event that will help usher in the Age of Aquarius.

The Energy Signature of Aquarius

Aquarius-water-bearerTo better understand the energy signature of Aquarius and the opportunity it offers, we can turn to its traditional symbol, the water bearer. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, it is associated with the flow of water that represents the  downward flow of spiritual energy. The energy flows as light from the cosmos into our consciousness.

Another important aspect to understanding Aquarian energy is the significance of Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is involved in the receiving of non-linear information which is often referred to as a download. This “download” is the water symbol depicted as the flowing water archetype of Aquarius. The “air” in Aquarius represents the quickening of consciousness and therefore the need to discipline the mind in order maximize the Aquarian ability to organize and contribute through skill and management.

The story of Aquarius begins with “pure energy” flowing from above. It’s power is vitalizing and expresses itself through the planetary ruler for Aquarius which is Uranus. Uranus functions through the principle of “creative change” and therefore quickens whatever it touches by transforming it into the individual in order to create something unique.

The Aquarian Story

Through Aquarian energy, the individual is “vitalized” by universal values. These are the expansive archetypes of the cosmos which the individual allows to flow directly into their consciousness from the universe.

This flow is the process known by many names: innovation, brilliance, inspiration, inner guidance, and the higher-Self. Aquarian energy is so powerful that unless this quickening and vitalizing flow of energy has an adequate outlet for expression, then the shadow side emerges becoming erratic, volatile, and unstable.

Aquarian energy is meant to be experienced as the internal evolutionary urge that exists as one’s inspired contribution to Self and others. Coming to terms with the responsibility and the management required to make an evolutionary difference in the world requires discipline, even if it has to take the form of revolutionary action.

Once discipline is applied to this Aquarian energy, then organization and management begins to transform the individual and whatever the individual has chosen to manage. As a result, consciousness itself is then quickened to a higher evolutionary level of inspiration that can be experienced as a higher purpose in the world.

Success is the by-product of this quickening and transformative process. Success permeates one’s life through a new and natural reorientation based on the evolutionary changes taking place in one’s consciousness.

Discipline can then transform into mental efficiency and becomes a new type of illumination which is rooted in new meaning and significance. The final result of this vitalizing and quickening process prepares us for the possibility of a metamorphosis through creative change that operates at the transpersonal level.

Living life beyond the personal level (transpersonal) carries the responsibility of understanding that your personal involvement does make a difference, and has significance that is beyond your life span, or immediate results. The final result is a complete cycle of creative change, or metamorphosis, to higher level of planetary contribution. The ability to experience any level of significant creative change is a important cycle in the evolution of consciousness. This is the deeper meaning of the “Age of Aquarius.”

The Zodiac sign of Aquarius ends with the positive embodiment of “creative change” and the possibility for metamorphosis, but the actual process of metamorphosis is governed by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

Aquarian energy flows into Pisces with Neptune acting as the activator of Piscean energy. Aquarian energy paves the way by vitalizing energies that when disciplined by the mind becomes the quality of brilliance and inspiration that become easily expressed. The deeper challenge is learning to express this transpersonal energy with increased permanency. The mind, once trained and disciplined, is able to execute the strategy of management and organization that becomes a preferred avenue for expressing Aquarian energies.

Aquarius comes to final completion at 30° and is considered a metamorphosis because the organic nature of the Moon is capable of consuming an entire energy ray of a zodiac sign, which in our case starts at 1° Aquarius and finishes at 30° Aquarius. In other words, what was started at last months New Moon was completed in its entirety during one Lunar cycle. The Double New Moon in Aquarius is the quickening of a lifetime and benefits those that utilize the energy in the Age of Aquarius.

Metamorphosis: Double Aquarian New Moon Astrology Feb 2015

Article Window: Feb 18 to Mar 20
• The New Moon is Wednesday, Feb 18, 3:47 PM PST
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Mar 5
• Sun is 30° Aquarius, Moon is 30° Aquarius
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Mar 20): Metamorphosis

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow this energy to guide you while adjusting to changing circumstances. This month’s Lunar Cycle will offer a new tool set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose.


Astrology Article: Metamorphosis

Our New Moon is the second New Moon in Aquarius this month. This is a special “Second Aquarius New Moon” that holds a special significance. In fact, consider this to be a once in a lifetime Lunar month. Events occurring between Feb 18th and Mar 20th will have the potential to access energy that can create “pure success”. This is the perfect time to use this energy to take your life to the next level.

The 2015 Aquarius Double New Moon

It is a rare phenomenon to have two New Moons back-to-back in a single zodiac sign, however it is even more rare to have two New Moons in Aquarius on consecutive New Moons. It is so rare, that this will most likely be the only time in your life that this usual occurrence will occur. You can read more about this in the article titled; “The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

The power behind this unique opportunity centers on how the energy of an entire zodiac sign can be condensed and then expressed as a growth cycle. However, this isn’t any ordinary growth cycle because it has the potential to launch into a personal metamorphosis.

I’m using the term “metamorphosis” because this New Moon also promises a transformation when used correctly. The biggest challenge you will face with the upcoming second Aquarian New Moon, is how to take full advantage of the opportunities presented. This is not the time to make adjustments, but a time to make changes so that a metamorphosis can take place.

How the Hidden Principle of Cultivation Works

The Moon has a special relationship with what I like to refer to as “organic growth.” Hence, the Moon is associated with farming, nurturing, development cycles and patterns, and how our consciousness adapts to changing environments.

The principle that’s operating along with the Moon is often obscured, however it is how this “organic growth” can be nurtured and cultivated. What’s available for cultivation is not just an aspect of a sign, Rather, the entire zodiac sign, from 1° Aquarius to 30° Aquarius is available, and this precisely what is so rare. Harvesting a complete Lunar cycle with condensed Aquarius energy is a powerful tool in creating the momentum needed for metamorphosis. This is the change that can create transformation.

This once in a lifetime event started with last month’s New Moon theme of “Embodying Vitality for Success”. Vitality was needed to creatively cultivate, store, and embody the success needed to maximize the potential of this New Moon. It is now clear why vitality was such an important ingredient. It is this vitality that uses your own life-force that is needed in order for a meaningful change and transformation to occur.

The Quickening of a 30°Aquarius New Moon

Double Aquarian New Moon Chart for Feb 18, 2015Our New Moon is currently at 30° Aquarius and starts a new Lunar cycle that then immediately moves into the sign of Pisces. It is important to note that the New Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. With Neptune, Chiron, Venus, and Mars all in Pisces, this energy is magnifying all Piscean energies, providing a new level and pattern that we can harness.

Pay attention to the first week after the New Moon. Depending on the nature of your birth chart and the astrological house where the New Moon sits in your chart, there may be additional tools to cultivate.

Another thing to note is Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius. This relationship means that Aquarius is easily activated by Uranus and the familiar themes of Uranus include success through freedom, sharp intuition, the intellect, inspiration, energized ideals, and creative change. These are additional tools to pull from to access the catalysts for change and transformation.

Most importantly, what you can expect is a positive change, growth, abundance, All forms of change to create the type of success you have dreamed of. Remember to use the tools available to you to work hard and actualize your own potential. It is truly the change of a lifetime.


As discussed, we are entering a New Moon period where activating and actualizing your potential for success will be easiest if you recognize the tools available to you that take advantage of the available opportunities. This is a time to use Aquarian energy and think outside of the box. It is freedom and brilliance combined. Accepting practical advice won’t be easy to come by this month, because Piscean energy paints with broad strokes and dissolves what isn’t working. It is a time to follow new urges, and to create new patterns around you that inspire. The new you has the ability to operate as someone who has experienced a metamorphosis and is now re-designed for successful living.

Elizabeth Schermer’s: New Moon Tarot Video for Feb 18 – Mar 20, 2015