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  • Age of Aquarius

    The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

    The age of Aquarius will last approximately 2160 years. What is yet to be known is when this period will actually begins and the idea that perhaps it already has. This article explores the energies that drive Aquarius so that we can better understand what humankind can expect during the imminent Aquarian age.

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  • New Moon Over Grand Canyon

    Metamorphosis: Double Aquarian New Moon Astrology Feb 2015

    Our New Moon is the second New Moon in Aquarius this month. This is a special “Second Aquarius New Moon” that holds a special significance. In fact, consider this to be a once in a lifetime Lunar month. Events occurring between Feb 18th and Mar 20th will have the potential to access energy that can create “pure success”. This is the perfect time to use this energy to take your life to the next level.

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