Learn Astrology Level I

Beginning Esoteric Astrology

A Brief Description of the Planets, Sun & Moon

Learn Astrology with Esoteric ThinkingIt is important to realize that Astrology is a symbolic language. The language of astrology interprets and describes the overall cosmic pattern, a rhythm of wholeness and intelligence, which is operating both in the universe at a grand level and operating within each of us at a smaller level.

These two levels, the universal and the personal, are typically referred to as the macrocosm and microcosm. The connection between  the two is a fundamental principle of esoteric astrology.

[icon_teaser type=”Sun” style=”astrology16″ title=”Sun”]The centralizing and harmonizing source of light, and life’s sustaining and vitalizing Solar energies. The original LOGOS and integrating factor that gives purpose to individual and holistic existence.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Moon” style=”astrology16″ title=”Moon”]A reflection of the Solar principle which provides form, organic activity, and bio-psychic structures. It structures through the ego, instincts, and all that nourishes. It functions as one’s ability to adapt to their changing environment. It also functions as a common planetary pair with SATURN, NEPTUNE, and the SUN.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Mercury” style=”astrology16″  title=”Mercury”]The first differentiation of Solar energy, which allows for the principle of separating into differences, giving rise to duality and the mind. It functions as the lower-mind with the ability to classify, organize, abstract, and communicate within the phenomenal world. It represent intelligence within the world, as the ability to create relationships between that which can identified as have different characteristics.[/icon_teaser]

[fancy_box][fancy_header3 variation=”teal”]Advanced Understandings[/fancy_header3]

Each of the planets has a transcendent aspect, illustrated here in relationship to Mercury.

Mercury has the ability to function in a higher capacity within the higher-self or higher-mind of individuals who are able to pierce through Saturn’s initial boundary to more transcendent understandings. A typical way in which this initial boundary operates is the division between the physical world and the metaphysical world. For those who experience the universe as only that which can be seen, calculated, classified, observed, and proven by a modern science methodology, Mercury does not  function as a conscious planetary pair with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Mercury functions as a common planetary pair with both JUPITER and SATURN.
Mercury functions as an uncommon (and in most persons, unconscious) planetary pair with URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO.

MERCURY / JUPITER: Expanding the intuitive function of the mind.
MERCURY / SATURN: To architect new systems of complexity reflecting a new structural need within Humankind.
MERCURY / URANUS: Bringing planetary revelations to the conscious mind.
MERCURY / NEPTUNE: New symbols become new ideals for Humanity-as-a-whole.
MERCURY / PLUTO: Radically transforms the higher mind with a new level of identification built on new ideals and planetary revelations.[/fancy_box]

[icon_teaser type=”Venus” style=”astrology16″ title=”Venus”]The function of centripetal (inner) awareness, giving access to one’s inner realms. The extraction of value and meaning from one’s experiences which give rise to what is needed for harmonization with the inner Self and others. Functions as a planetary pair with Mars.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Mars” style=”astrology16″ title=”Mars”]The function of a centrifugal (outer) release of energy. That which moves away from one’s center in order to experience that which is greater, and to initiate a creative expression of one’s inner or “centripetal” awareness, associated with Venus.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Jupiter” style=”astrology16″ title=”Jupiter”]The harmonizing management of that which is structured or contained. This planet symbolizes the function of the principle of expansion and all that is needed in any comprehensive order of activities. It assimilates, organizes and expands all that operates within the framework of the structure that Saturn provides.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Saturn” style=”astrology16″ title=”Saturn”]The great container. The “active container” or skeleton, boundary, limitation, threshold, of all that is organic and structurally contained within the phenomenal world. It represents the structure of the ego, as well as the structure of tradition, culture and society. Functions as a planetary pair with Jupiter.[/icon_teaser]

Trans-personal Planets or Planets of the Awakened Mind

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto function to bring Galactic ideas, information, and rhythms of wholeness to the solar system. These planets operate in an unconscious manner for those persons who have not yet begun to awaken to these rhythms from beyond our solar system.

[icon_teaser type=”Uranus” style=”astrology16″ title=”Uranus”]The glimpse of a richer, fuller, and expanded level of participation. Its frequency and function is to shatter that which has crystallized into obsolete forms. It represents the vision from higher realms, descending to the physical, and new revelations from the expanded realm of consciousness operating at a planetary level.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Neptune” style=”astrology16″ title=”Neptune”]The function of dissolving all that is obsolete. It dissolves all that isn’t in harmony with Wholeness and operating as a universal principle. What dissolves becomes new substance for new universal order and spiritual ideals.[/icon_teaser]

[icon_teaser type=”Pluto” style=”astrology16″ title=”Pluto”]The new order and transformational rhythm of the galaxy. Working with the original Solar purpose and LOGOS in conscious participation with the Wholeness of “planetary-mind.” No less than a complete and radical transformation of the identification and experience of Wholeness.[/icon_teaser]

[fancy_box title=”Short definitions for unfamiliar esoteric terms used above”]

Planetary Mind
Awakened Mind



What is the Lunar Matrix?

Your Lunar Matrix Guide

The Lunar Matrix grids of LightThe newest form of esoteric astrology has moved away from the idea that negative elements of cosmic energy are influencing humanity. It easy to recognize the Moon’s relationship in the growth cycle of nature.

In the past, our consciousness connection with the Moon has been purely instinctual.  With the evolution of consciousness making it easier to sense esoteric phenomenon, instinctual are slowly being replaced by intuition.

The Moon gives you complete control of your daily life, once you understand to the secret of how the Moon functions to support you. Their are only positive influences in the stars and solar system encouraging life toward the continual evolution of consciousness. Astrology is a positive expression of this cosmic support you can use in your personal life.

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”teal”]The Lunar Matrix is an important key in unlocking your personal potential.[/blockquote]

The Moon & The Lunar Matrix


There are four important functions of the Lunar Matrix.

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  1. The Moon and its relationship to the Sun creates a powerful and changing web of light surrounding Earth.
  2. This complex pattern and grid of light is formed by the Moon as it moves around the Earth.
  3. Your ability to access these grids is called the Lunar Matrix.
  4. It supports manifesting, creativity, personal growth, and cosmic transformation.[/fancy_numbers][/fancy_box]

[fancy_header variation=”teal”]The Lunar Matrix Secret[/fancy_header]

Here is the secret in a nutshell. The Moon is your personal connector to the cosmos and all the other planets in our solar system. Lunar light, which changes daily, is the distributor of all the energies life needs in order for growth and transformation to occur. The Moon’s light is constantly supporting, loving, and caring for us. It also keeps a strict schedule of growth.

It is important to grow and change at the same rate at which the Moon changes to take advantage of the natural support the universe is offering you. This is your opportunity to sail with the wind and to feel your lunar quickening. Once you understand the available potential, you can fully participate with the natural support the Moon is offering.

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”teal”]Life is meant to be lived in tune with the Moon.[/blockquote]

The Lunar Matrix is constantly offering you help in very specific ways. Learning to change and grow with the Lunar cycle is like floating downstream, moving with the current. When you attune yourself to this cycle you can experience a natural sense of ease and flow in your life, and become attuned to the natural cycles of manifesting and co-creation.

Moving Forward with the Lunar Matrix

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  • The Lunar Matrix is a dynamic grid of Cosmic Light. This light is both alive and conscious.
  • The Lunar Matrix connects you to the life with light, the solar system, the Milky Way, and your higher-self.
  • The Lunar Matrix is a grid which expands and helps you co-create as other conscious individuals all over the planet tap in.
  • You can connect through light and vibration to others who are connection the the Lunar Matrix.[/fancy_list][/fancy_box]

Visit the website of The Lunar Matrix to find out how to connect with this growing community.

The Hidden Portal of Rebirth


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 – The Hidden Portal of Rebirth

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini

This week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings the opportunity for a true “emotional rebirth” gifting you with new abilities and capacities that can manifest completely new possibilities in your life.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to experience a rebirth? I’m speaking of an emotional rebirth, a rebirth of feelings so powerful and free you know no limits, no boundaries, or rules. A rebirth of emotional freedom from collective purpose and reason, capable of arousing a depth of feeling to which no group togetherness can compare.

These changes are possible because the Lunar Eclipse opens a powerful Cosmic portal, or doorway. The portal is caused by the sudden absence of Light during the time of the eclipse, when the Moon is normally fully lit and activated. During the eclipse, when the Moon’s light is darkened, the portal opens and Galactic and Cosmic support uses this unusual opportunity to deliver gifts to the Earth from beyond our solar system. Let’s explore the potential of this special Cosmic portal and what it means for you.

An Unusual Astrological Alignment of Planets

At the time of this week’s Lunar eclipse, the Moon is conjunct with the planet Jupiter. A Lunar eclipse connected to a Jupiter conjunction is extraordinarily rare. (In a conjunction both planetary bodies are together, located just a few zodiac degrees apart.) Jupiter supports a higher level of integration and personal expansion, and its connection to the eclipse indicates a real possibility for the world as a whole to expand in ways not seen before. For you as an individual, this indicates a unique and powerful window of opportunity for releasing emotional patterns which are tied to your past.

At the same time, the planet Venus is conjunct to Saturn, indicating an opportunity for the rebuilding of what’s most important to you. What’s interesting to note here is the depth of emotional rebuilding possible, as this conjunction is also supporting the very foundations and values by which you live.

The relationship between these two sets of planets indicates remarkable expansive release and change. There is also the definite possibility here for an over-whelming feeling of chaos, or anxiety. This kind of response is natural, due to the rapid rate of expansion, especially for those unaware or unwilling to make to necessary adjustments. What’s required here is the ability and understanding to go within and reorient oneself in order to expand at the potentially rapid rate which is indicated.

December 21, 2012, and the End of the Mayan Calendar

Although there is some disagreement among scholars about the specific ending of the Mayan Long Count, ranging from November 2011 to December 21, 2012, there is no doubt that we are in the final days of an important cosmic shift. This shift, and the epic mythology around 2012 has been prophesied by many through time. Mystics, visionaries and esoteric philosophers from around the world are looking forward to December 21, 2012 and the Winter Solstice as a powerful time of opportunity in the evolution of Planet Earth.

I believe the synchronicity of a Lunar Eclipse as we stand on the eve of the 2012 Winter Solstice, is by Cosmic design. I believe the gifts delivered through this Cosmic Portal will play a huge role in the events which are about to unfold on Earth. This is especially true for individuals who can consciously recognize the significance of its timing in relation to world events and the larger shift so many are anticipating. Here I’m referring to the shift symbolized by the end of the Mayan calendar and other ancient prophesies corresponding to the end of 2012. Please be aware, I fully anticipate that this shift will be expansive in nature, and not cataclysmic. There is no need for fear.

The Four Week Portal – What Does it All Mean?

Let’s review what we’ve discussed so far. A Cosmic portal was opened during the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. It’s supported by an unusual and extremely rare planetary configuration. The astrology indicates a capacity for rapid internal expansion, and for some, a profound level of emotional integration through the releasing of damaging emotional patterns and limiting fear-based beliefs.

The portal that opens at the eclipse will be open for 4 weeks, through the Winter Solstice, December 21, and ending at the next Full Moon on December 28. All of this is linked to the synchronicity of the great shifts of 2012, culminating in the seasonal power and energetic new birth associated with the Winter Solstice.

What this means for you personally is that what’s being established at a Cosmic level will be experienced as a greater level of unity here on Earth. This is good news for troubled times. The source of this unity, by design, will be emotionally felt more than intellectually understood. With Saturn moving through the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the depth of realization is hidden in the roots of consciousness itself, not in external “ideas” of Divine intervention, or rescue. Unity will first be felt as a fundamental trust and cooperation with life itself. Your conscious connection now to the planetary life-force carries with it the capacity for self-transcendence.

Besides experiencing a greater unity with life, you will also need to adjust to the expansions. The coming four weeks allow for this crucial adjustment period in order to reorient you to what you are feeling and experiencing. You may feel excitement and inspired eagerness. You may also experience anxiety, fear, or instability. Excitement and expansion, along with the corresponding release of old emotional patterns, can lead to feelings of chaos, especially if you are unaware of what is happening at the cosmic level.

Remember, what is happening on the planetary level is also happening at the deepest levels of your being. You’re in an “emotional rebirth.” You are coming into a new capacity to transcend and let go, to feel more deeply and powerfully than ever before, and to connect with life and the planet through a new experience of unity.

Tools for the Next Two Weeks

The cosmic portal will be open until the next Full Moon on December 28. This is a unique time when you can make permanent changes on a deep level. The following tools will help guide you through the coming two weeks, until the New Moon on December 13, when we will receive new energies and new tools to support our expansion and integration.

  • Remind yourself daily of the big picture and what is happening overall. Remember that anxiety and feelings of instability are only indicating that your integration isn’t fully completed. The key lies in making simple adjustments to return to your center.
  • Grounding and connecting to Earth are vitally important to maintain stability. Consciously access feelings of unity and trust in life, in whichever way is natural for you.
  • Sometime during the next two weeks, share a meal with friends who understand at a deeper level what we are all feeling. Food helps us connect to the life-force of Earth. Sharing the ritual of a meal connects us in an emotionally authentic way and supports our integration.
  • Practice reacting to circumstances and responding to daily life events in the present moment, from your emotional center, from your new place of “emotional rebirth.”
  • Visualize and feel your connection to a place deep within the heart of Earth, to the lightbody of Gaia. Here you are free from the restraints of cultural and social conditioning and experience your connection to the unity of Life.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a powerful event establishing within you the ability to feel and experience the unity of life in a greatly expanded manner. From this place you now have the freedom to release old emotional patterns, and experience your birth into a new level of emotional freedom. As you move forward toward the Winter Solstice you will feel expansion and ease, fundamental trust, and the sense of cooperation with life itself.


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Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology is moving us beyond what most people traditionally think of as “astrology.” Astrology has a long history and rich tradition, but in current times there has also been a tendency for cultural biases and limited understanding to relegate it to the realm of entertainment, or at best, a discussion of positive and negative character traits.

Esoteric Astrology expands our awareness of what is possible. Recent metaphysical shifts support our ability to experience a more expanded view of the nature of “reality.” Esoteric Astrology can respond to these new understandings by revealing the hidden universal principles behind all of life’s manifestations. These principles are more readily accessible now then ever before.

Because of the recent shifts and expansions in awareness, we can more easily experience life as a process of phases rather than isolated circumstances. New understandings of hidden processes and cyclic transformation is  anchoring our consciousness in a new and profound way. Understanding life as a cyclic process of continual transformation is the foundation for Esoteric Astrology, a new direction in astrological perspective.

~ Steven Shroyer