A New Year of Inclusiveness and the Wise Use of Power: Full Moon Astrology Jan 1st 2018

Article Window:  Jan 1 – Jan 16
• The Full Moon is Sunday, Jan 1, 6:24 PM PST
• Sun is 12° Capricorn, Moon is 12° Capricorn
• Next New Moon: Jan 16
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 17 – Jan 16): Purposeful Work & New Beginnings

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: A New Year of Inclusiveness and the Wise Use of Power

by Steven Shroyer
co-author Elizabeth Schermer

Our New Year Full Moon astrology presents a beautiful and powerful Kite pattern with which to usher in the new year. The Kite pattern within the Cancer Moon signifies the possibility of launching our year with a signature of unified harmony that can be organized toward positive fulfillment for all.

The chart for the January 1st Full Moon shows that this is a year in which power structures can change for the betterment of all. We have countless examples in the world today where power is concentrated at the top to benefit the few, and where abundance and privilege are reserved for those who hold positions of power.

The specific Kite pattern within our Full Moon chart emphasizes the possibility for a global shift in power structures through a strong working relationship between our understanding of the meaning of inclusiveness (Cancer Moon), and the ability to use power wisely for the larger good (Capricorn Sun). This sets in motion the larger realization that a wise use of personal and collective power holds the key for our successful transition in the new age of Aquarius (see Solar Eclipse article, August 2017).

On a practical and personal level, with the Full Moon falling on New Year’s Day, 2018 has the signature of a new beginning, especially if we are able to engage in purposeful work, which is the (current New Moon theme). In this case, “purposeful work” describes all forms of intentional activity in the world that each individual does that helps to make things better and more inclusive for all.

It’s important to remember this year that your “purposeful work” isn’t necessarily your career or job. Rather, it’s all forms of contribution and creative efforts that work toward making the world a better place.

The Cancer Energy Signature of the Full Moon

The energy of the Cancer Moon can have a direct impact on how we’re each able to launch our New Year. This starts with our larger understanding of inclusiveness and our ability to identify with ourselves as members of a global family.

As we’re talking about inclusion, it’s important to ask, “Who does “us” include?” The inclusive nature of Cancer is commonly associated with the traditional ideas of home and family, however from a spiritual perspective, to limit our experience of inclusiveness to our immediate home and family of origin is stopping short of what’s possible. Spiritually speaking, our collective identity is the entire world. We are all global citizens and this is what is ultimately meant by home and family within the Cancer archetype.

In short, Cancer’s signature of home and family is all about each of us finding “our place in the world.” We see abundant evidence that we are evolving as a human family and that our collective concept of home is expanding to include a global perspective.

What’s necessary and important in order for us to evolve together is that our structures of power also expand to include a global perspective that is inclusive for all.

The Wise Use of Power

The influence of Capricorn in our Full Moon Kite implies a new possibility for the wise use of power for the benefit of all.

One of the more potentially disruptive aspects of the signature of the Full Moon chart is the way it opens the door to new revelations regarding the abuse of power within current systems of authority and control. These new revelations, however shocking they may be, have the potential to shape our world in ways that will forever change our perspectives.

There is every indication that by the end of 2018 we, as global citizens, will have a much clearer picture of the ways in which major abuses of power have shaped our reality and our thinking. In the most positive sense, these revelations will lead to further dismantling of patterns of abuse. They will also lead to new understandings of what is possible and what the wise use of power might actually look like.

The coming year is full of both hope and contrast, including the possibility for shocking revelations that will unfold throughout the year. As the months unfold, hold onto the larger context and potential, with the personal commitment of how you can expand your own perspectives in order to be more inclusive in your perspectives of what is possible.

In this way you will receive new insights into what each of us can do to end the current patterns of limiting control, especially those marked by authority that has abused power to maintain control.

Astrology Pattern

Jan 1st Full Moon ChartOur Full Moon Kite pattern represents something major that is about to occur on our planet.

Let me be clear about the significance of this particular Kite pattern by simply saying that this isn’t an ordinary Kite! In addition to the significance of the Full Moon Kite occurring on New Year’s Day, there is an unusual aspect to the pattern itself which involves all ten planets in a very significant way.

We’ll start with the tail of the Kite formed by the Cancer Full Moon. The Cancer Moon at the tail of the Kite signifies a type of unified harmony that can be organized to launch our year with a signature of positive fulfillment. This signature is inclusive in its very nature and it illustrates the need for us all to work together, founded in the understanding that we are all connected.

While the tail (Moon) signifies the point of harmony, it’s the head of the Kite (Saturn, Venus, Sun, and Pluto) that signifies how this harmony needs to be organized in order to unfold with its highest potential.

The four planets at the head of the Kite are all working together as one energy through the Capricorn archetype. The highest use of Capricorn energy is for the mobilization of power for the collective good. The kite signature implies this highest expression of Capricorn, which is the wise use of power for the benefit of all.

The full description of the working relationship of these four planets is complex and beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that the buildup of balsamic energies to Pluto in Capricorn won’t allow for the continued abuse of power to operate. This is not just personal power but at the highest levels of power structures throughout our world.

Forming the sides of the Kite and offering supporting roles flanked on either side of the Kite are Neptune, illustrating the truth of what’s been hidden, and the Mars/Jupiter conjunction, managing the resulting conflicts for the betterment of all.

When we put it all together the pattern points to a unified effort that includes Uranus and Mercury, which are working together to break it all open so that everyone can see and talk about what is being revealed. The Full Moon’s key position at the tail represents the illumination of this new information, including what each of us can do individually to adjust and adapt as we realize the extent of what’s been hidden from us.


This coming year points to a turning point within our world in which a global consciousness of inclusiveness begins to take hold. At the same time, abuses of power will come to light in a way that each of us can see, feel, understand what has been hidden. We’ll have new awareness of where these paths of darkness have led and how to create new avenues of change moving forward.

With the Full Moon falling on New Year’s Day, 2018 has the signature of a new beginning, especially if we are able to engage in purposeful work. In this case, “purposeful work” describes all forms of intentional activity in the world. This is work that each individual does to make things better and more inclusive for all.  We will each have an opportunity this year to contribute our creative efforts to work together toward a better world for us all.

The year truly represents a new beginning in which each us can work in our own unique way to help make a course correction. Expect the coming year to be a time of positive change as the new Age of Aquarius continues to unfold.

Happy New Year and Happy Full Moon

New Hope & the Projection of Purpose: New Moon Astrology 2017

Article Window: Dec 17 to Jan 1
• New Moon is Sunday Dec 17, 10:30 PM PST
• Sun is 27° Sagittarius, Moon is 27° Sagittarius
• Next Full Moon: Jan 1
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 17 – Jan 16): Purposeful Work & New Beginnings

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: New Hope & the Projection of Purpose

by Steven Shroyer

Our Sagittarius New Moon astrology is filled with good news for those who feel inspired to have a greater clarity about their purpose and place in the world. And for those who are struggling with issues of life purpose, there is good news as well, with the very real possibility for new type of clarity and hope in the future.

This New Moon is about hope, and especially through new energies that are available to enable you to project yourself into meaningful work or other projects that have personal significance for you. In fact, the north node of the New Moon, representing the leading edge of new potential, has a message that is quite telling of this good news. In the words of the Sabian symbol for the north node, “The storm has ended and all of nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine.”

A New Hope is Symbolized in the Power of New Beginnings

This new hope is symbolized within the meaning of Sagittarius, which gives us access to the bigger picture and deeper meaning of life. With a stellium of five planets in Sagittarius, our Sagittarian connection to new awareness takes on an even more significant role. The strength of the stellium will help us adjust to a new set of energies that enable us to adapt to our changing world.

What Sagittarius is teaching us with this New Moon is that hope is a feeling that comes from within. It’s not a hope isn’t based on what we see happening in the crazy world around us. Our hope is born within. This hope lies in the process of become more than we are, fueled by the understanding that each of us hold potentials just waiting to be tapped.

This theme of hope is echoed in the coming Winter Solstice and all of the associated cultural and spiritual celebrations of Light. In Christianity this hope is symbolized by the Christ child who is born within each of us.

What our Sagittarius Moon is calling forth, through the frequency of hope, is your ability to energize your unique and purposeful work or project in the world. During the coming two weeks, between the New Moon and the Full Moon on Jan 1st, sit with the expectation that the birth of a supreme idea is about incarnate within your being. This “supreme idea” encompasses what is born within and is then projected outward into meaningful activity in the world.

In this context, your purposeful work and projects consist of all forms of meaningful and inspired activities that arise from within. This is opposed to what others have told you is meaningful, acceptable or desired. Reflect on your personal intent and the meaning that you can assign to your life. Then, carrying this intent and meaning forward, project yourself wholeheartedly into the activities of your daily life.

Enjoy the hope that this focus will inspire within you, and be ready to expand into something more than you are today.

Astrology Pattern

It’s easy to spot the stellium of five planets in Sagittarius, but in order to understand the full significance we need to look beneath the surface to see exactly how these energies are working together for a higher purpose. As we explore the signature of the stellium it’s important to first review what the astrology term “balsamic” means.

New Moon Chart Dec 2017A balsamic energy signature is produced when a faster moving planet is closing on, and about to overtake, a slower moving planet. If we look closely at the planetary order of our Sagittarius stellium, every planet is “balsamic” to the next planet following. The balsamic pattern ends with Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon all balsamic to Saturn. In addition, all five of these planets are balsamic to Pluto.

The significant emotional meaning of the balsamic signature lies in our ability to fully engage with the ending and closing activities of a cycle in order to prepare for something new. An important part of the ending in balsamic phase consists of letting go, resolving unfinished business, and establishing what truly matters for moving forward.

This balsamic process is necessary in order for any cycle to fully complete. It is the tremendous concentrating energy of the balsamic phase itself that is transferred into momentum for the new cycle that can now begin.
Once again, in our five planet Sagittarius stellium, every planet is “balsamic” to the next planet, and the balsamic pattern ends with Mercury, Venus, Sun & Moon all balsamic to Saturn.

On a personal level Saturn’s role in this balsamic configuration lies in support for establishing new beginnings in anything in your life that has form and structure (Saturn). This will be especially true in the ways in which you think and organize (Mercury), your new aspirations (Venus), and the potential for making your mark in the world in a successful manner (Sun/Moon/Saturn).

As mentioned earlier, all five of these planets are also balsamic to Pluto. It’s significant that Pluto’s signature in Capricorn holds the quality of rising to one’s full potential, enabling us to fully anchor the stellium’s energy of successfully making your mark in the world.

To put this in perspective, we now have the energy to let go of past failures and unproductive memories for the purpose of stepping into new momentum and creating new meaning in our lives for everything that’s moving forward.

Finally, I want to point out the position of Uranus in our chart, because it is transforming the New Moon energies in a very positive way. Uranus is sitting at 25° Aries and holds the deeper meaning of revealing new potential. This new Uranian potential is accessed through the quality of faith and requires our ability to truly believe that we can have what we envision. Furthermore, the power of Uranus in this position is also helping to transform all of our balsamic energies in order to completely unlock our potential.

In a nut shell, the Sagittarius New Moon is creating a strong frequency of forward-moving vision and new momentum that’s infused with the energy of hope, in order for you to connect with new forms of meaningful work and activity in the world.


The energies of our New Moon brings a new level of hope that’s centered deep within. The more we can let go of past failures, the more we will simultaneously access and harness the idea of a new beginning. The powerful signature of five planets joined together in Sagittarius brings us the ability to release limitations from the past in order to feel new hope, new potential, and new energy, in order to project ourselves into any work or project that we feel holds a deeper meaning for our lives.

Happy New Moon

Seeing Beyond the Status Quo: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2017

Article Window: Dec 3 – Dec 17
• The Full Moon is Sunday, Dec 3, 7:47 AM PST
• Sun is 12° Sagittarius, Moon is 12° Gemini
• Next New Moon: Dec 17
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 18 – Dec 17): Seeing Beyond the Facade

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Seeing Beyond the Status Quo

by Steven Shroyer

Our Gemini Full Moon has been building its energy since the New Moon and has now reach a fulcrum point of objectivity. I’m bringing this idea of objectivity forward because, even though it is always a key quality of the Full Moon, objectivity is especially emphasized now. This is because there are two very powerful T-squares that play a prominent role in the Full Moon chart, and helps our understanding of how to best work with our Full Moon energies in an objective way. With the strong influence of these dual T-squares, your success in the coming two weeks requires your willingness to be objective, both internally as well as in the outer circumstances of your life.

Before we discuss this unusual pattern of T-squares, it will be helpful to review the basic energies of the Gemini Moon. This is true especially because Gemini offers a useful approach for using clarity and objectivity in order to move beyond the facade of misunderstanding that is currently activating our world at large.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, holds the basic signature of discovering what’s new, and learning how things are organized. This Gemini concept of discovery wants to know the relationship between things and seeks to discover how to best interact and communicate based on those learned relationships.

While Gemini excels in discovering, quantifying, and objectifying, it can lack discernment of the deeper “meaning” of those relationships. The Gemini approach helps us to expand and understand how we are connected to the world, but only when the world is objectified, organized, and classified. The necessary component of meaning is found in Gemini’s polar opposite, Sagittarius. It is through the Sagittarian ability to seek the truth, and deeper real meaning of something, that we turn Gemini’s objective knowledge and insights into deeper wisdom and principles for life.

By understanding the signature relationship between our Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun, you can see how this Full Moon has the potential power to help us now penetrate all of the various social facades and lack of authenticity in the world today.

In the same way that the polar opposites of Gemini and Sagittarius hold a pattern of complementary contrast, the two powerful T-squares in the Full Moon chart hold a strong pattern of contrast that is key to understanding the signature of this Full Moon. The dual oppositions in our two T-squares carry forward this month’s New Moon theme of “moving beyond the facades” that exist at the surface of our culture so that we can objectively see the nature of reality and connect more directly to the issues in our world through inner truth. This is a quality of inner truth that can be felt and experienced internally and also observed objectively in the external world.

The overall emphasis of the two T-squares working together will to help us first objectify our insight into all the ways in which the status quo can no longer define us. Through this new perspective we can discover a greater clarity around the issues of respect and respectability. By ‘respect’ I mean self-respect through alignment with inner truth, in contrast to ‘respectability’ which implies a kind of status quo standard as it is measured by others.

Astrology Pattern

The two prominent T-squares in our chart provide the focal point and key signature of the Full Moon.

The first T-square we’ll look at is formed by the Mars/Uranus opposition squared to Pluto. This signature is powerful and volatile and should not be underestimated in the scope of its potential impact on all of humanity. This overall T-square holds the signature of aggressively breaking down whatever has been falsely represented to be of integrity when it’s not. This T-square also appeared in the New Moon chart. As I mentioned two weeks ago, on the surface this signature can imply warfare, but this tendency toward violence is only one possible expression and is not preordained. It does suggest that there are additional significant influences that can be accessed for an alternative and more harmonious outcome.

The alternative to the pattern of conflict in the current T-square comes from the additional influence of Saturn and Mercury, which are conjunct and hold powerful harmonizing aspects to the Mars/Uranus opposition. Together, Saturn and Mercury are working to bring forward new types of form and organization. This influence absolutely can diffuse the potential for explosive political conflict that Pluto represents.

This possibility for an alternative course of action is especially true with Mercury’s new-phase position with Saturn, which indicates that the current tensions in our world can transform and take on a new constructive form and organization that is good for everyone.

The second T-square involves the Sun and Moon opposition, which are both squared by Neptune. Beyond the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity that we already discussed, the deeper meaning of this signature lies in Neptune’s ability to dissolve the illusion of the status quo in favor of more universal principles of participation and mutual respect. Specifically, what Neptune is dissolving are our outdated and obsolete ideas of respectability and who gets to define and shape our thinking and values in this regard. The transcendent aspect of Neptune enables the current situation to evolve into something super positive. This is the transcendent quality and higher frequency for which Neptune is known.

Jupiter’s position in the chart is at 12° Scorpio. This is significant because it happens to be the exact degree of our Full Moon one month ago. This signature is carrying forward the ideal of authentic relationships, and what it means to authentically participate in a changing world.


The theme of challenge to the status quo has been ongoing this fall. Our personal and collective understanding and alignment with the status quo is being challenged in every way, as old systems and ideas dissolve and our world evolves into higher forms of order.

Our Full Moon in Gemini is bringing an objective awareness to the changing world all around you. The energies for the second half of the Lunar cycle will be focused on seeing the contrast of what’s real to you, what aligns with your inner truth, and what is false or artificial. Authenticity is the key to not getting lost in other people’s perspectives and versions of truth. This is a time to look objectively at the status quo and what currently exists in our culture, and then decide how you want to authentically participate.

Happy Full Moon.

Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius: Solar Eclipse Aug 2017

Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius: Solar Eclipse Aug 2017

Article Window: Aug 21 to Sept 19
• New Moon Solar Eclipse is Monday, Aug 21, 11:30 AM PST
• Sun is 29° Leo, Moon is 29° Leo
• Next Full Moon: Sept 6
• Current Solar Eclipse Theme (Aug 21 – Sept 19): Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of Aquarius Aurora

Astrology Article: Rebirth into the Age of Aquarius

The total Solar Eclipse of 2017 happens during the Leo New Moon. In addition to the normal effects of the New Moon and the launch of a new Lunar cycle of change, the darkening of our Sun produces a shadow that affects our consciousness in a significant way. This article explains the unique nature of our total Solar eclipse and how you can access its unique eclipse signature to awaken to the new energies coming to our Earth.

The Sun and Moon are continuously working together to make personal growth and consciousness both meaningful and successful.  They each have a specific and complementary role to play in supporting our life on earth.  The Sun is a universal, impersonal, source of energy, life, and love. The Sun does not discriminate and gives the light of life and consciousness equally to all.  The Moon has a more intimate, personal, relationship to each of us. The Moon’s role is to release and deliver Solar energy over time in order to govern all forms and rhythms of growth on Earth. This includes all processes of personal growth for each of us, including our intuitive connection to the rhythms of time and change.

A Solar eclipse interrupts the normal relationship between Sun and Moon, and activates unusual potentials for all of life on Earth.

The Shadow Effect

When the Moon eclipses the Sun it produces a shadow. The very fact that a shadow is produced during a Solar eclipse is extremely significant, because it’s this shadow that marks the opportunity for change within our consciousness. In order to understand the higher potentials of this unique event, it’s important to understand exactly how we can recognize and access the energies of the eclipse shadow in our personal lives.

On the most practical level, when we speak of “the shadow” we are referring to what remains hidden beneath the surface, including the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to claim. The eclipse activation, including the shadow created by the actual eclipse event, gives each of us the opportunity to recognize and claim our personal shadow in new ways.

An object possesses a shadow because it has form. The shadow that is created during a total eclipse is not only physical, It’s also spiritual.  This eclipse shadow across the Sun signifies a very real and personalizing potential for conscious change. In addition to the physical darkening of the Sun, the eclipse also produces a spiritual type of shadow, a shadow within our consciousness. This energetic shadow puts our soul in relief, meaning that it gives our soul a form with which we can more consciously connect.

Through the spiritual effect of the solar eclipse shadow, our connection to our soul becomes more personal, accessible, and unique and gives us the opportunity to more fully experience the reality of our individual soul quality. In this way the eclipse allows each individual to consciously connect to the “Bigger Picture” of life through a more direct connection to Soul and higher personal purpose.

Return to a Golden Age of Aquarius

There is a bigger story at play with this eclipse. This story involves our emergence into the consciousness of the new Age of Aquarius, which is a golden age represented by universal cooperation and abundance. (Read more about the Aquarian Age in the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse article.) The last time we resided in an Aquarian age was 26,000 years ago. I personally believe that we are returning now to a Golden Age that existed at that time. Because we as a collective hold the memory of that earlier era, there is a kind of familiarity to this current transition.

As a collective, we don’t one day just wake up and suddenly reside in a “Golden Age.” This emergence into the new age is a process. The events in our world, including the conflict and challenge, indicate an acceleration within this larger cycle of change. We are all moving into something greater that holds far-reaching potentials.

To put the eclipse into larger context, let’s begin with May of this year and the Gemini New Moon. May’s New Moon theme was “to reach farther and beyond,” allowing us to expand our vision of what we thought was possible. During June’s Cancer New Moon the theme was “leadership in a new territory,” which introduced a new power of self-leadership. The month of July and the Leo New Moon prepared us to “react to a bigger picture,” with a new power and ability to respond to energies of something larger in our lives.  Finally, the recent Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius focused specifically on “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

It is easy to see the ongoing pattern of universal growth suggesting that all of us are merging into something greater. A key point is that each cycle has offered new tools and abilities that enable each of us to experience our own personal participation within this expansion.

One of the indicators of the shift into new consciousness is the progressive splitting of energies, and the dismantling of aspects of culture that no longer serve our world. The splitting of energies includes activations of alternate time-lines and trajectories into the future. This is evidenced all around us by the pervasive increase of contrast and opposing perceptions and views of reality.

Astrology Pattern

Solar Eclipse ChartThe greater potential of what’s happening during this eclipse is expressed astrologically by the dramatic Kite pattern within the New Moon chart. Before we break down the significant elements of this unique pattern, an understanding of the general signature of the Kite can help you participate more consciously in our eclipse event.

Fate and the Significance of the Kite. In general, an astrology Kite is a highly organized and stable pattern. It’s so organized in fact, that a Kite pattern is sometimes referenced as “fated,” as if it holds a predetermined outcome. This isn’t actually true; what we call a fate is simply a strong pattern. There are no predetermined outcomes. It is true, however, that the energies within a Kite are so organized, harmonized, and stable that life events can seem to just fall into place, as IF the outcome were scripted or fated.

Because of the planets involved in the current eclipse Kite, this traditional fated aspect takes on a very specific meaning.  The fated aspect of this kite pattern indicates the continued activation of two contrasting trajectories or timelines. One timeline expands into the consciousness of the new age while the other continues to be entrenched in conflict and separation.

In order to understand how to access the energy of this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse, let’s next look at each corner of the Kite. (In the astrology chart that accompanies this article you’ll see the four main planetary corners circled.) It is worth noting that both Saturn and Uranus are retrograde, meaning that it will be necessary to work with the internalizing elements of these two planets. There is also an additional element of unpredictability related to the tail of the kite, formed by the planet Uranus.

New Moon Solar Eclipse (Sun/Moon Conjunction). The key signature here indicates a new direction and new energies that are stabilized by your conscious participation and capacity for internal change. This eclipse is meant to be felt. Your own shadow is your proof that you exist. You’re real and relevant. As you feel and expand, including through patterns of resistance, you will have access to new insights provided by the planet Uranus.

Jupiter.  Jupiter supports our ability to expand and organize ourselves into something greater. The exact signature of 21° Libra suggests that these energies are huge and expansive, and that they must be felt in order to consciously work with them. Jupiter is supporting our expansion into a new time-line, or fate, by enabling us to personally feel and experience the Solar shadow and the reality of our soul.  It’s helping us make a new connection between our personal self and experience of our soul, and in this way participate more intentionally in our own expansion.

Saturn Retrograde. Within the eclipse Kite pattern, the significance of Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is twofold. On the one hand it is an internal experience, representing the activation of our own patterns of resistance to the internal changes we must make in order to adapt to what is coming into form. On the other hand, Saturn also represents our experience of the external contrast within two juxtaposed trajectories occurring in the world around us. The juxtaposition of these contrasting trajectories show the opposing directions in which the world is currently heading.

When confronted with this contrast, as we are daily, mental flexibility and humor are the antidote to being able to see the New Age coming into form amidst what is also being dismantled. This can help us more fully to participate and distinguish the role our personal shadows plays within the larger trajectories of the world around us.

Uranus Retrograde. Throughout much of our history Uranus has operated beyond the conscious awareness of the mind. This unconscious relationship of the collective to Uranus is dramatically changing.  For many who experience this eclipse, this may be the very first time they are able to consciously connect to their intuitive powers. This intuitive connection happens through the activations of the planet Uranus.

More and more individuals are waking up to the transforming aspect of Uranus and the real possibility that their intuition is real. This is an essential aspect of the process of waking up, since it is Uranian intuition itself that most directly connects us to the transformation occurring within our consciousness. It is this direct level of transformation that makes Uranus highly unpredictable. It requires us to show up and release the forms that hold us back (Saturn).

In the current configuration, Uranus is located in the tail position of the eclipse Kite and signifies the importance of our internalized connection to intuition. In this formation Uranus supports each of us expanding to see the bigger picture and understand how we are transitioning into the New Age of Aquarius.  Uranus brings the Kite into full focus through this internal intuitive process of “seeing” our own shadow, providing the evidence of our participation in something greater than ourselves.

The eclipse shadow and personal activation of solar illumination, supported by the influence of Uranus, together become the catalyst that jump starts our connection to the personal potentials of the eclipse.

Accessing the Shadow

More than anything else, this eclipse is supporting your emergence into the new age through an experiential feeling of your own spiritual shadow (soul connection) as something real and something greater than yourself. This includes the release of the limited perceptions of yourself that you have previously known.

It is through the focusing of your will power (Saturn) that you are able to shatter whatever is standing in the way between your personal identity and the deeper truth of who you are. If you are available and willing, the eclipse illumination can literally shatter anything buried within your personality that prevents you from connecting with the transcendent aspect and brilliance of your inner truth. This includes connecting with all the parts of you that are larger and more expansive that your smaller personality currently experiences.

The Shadow of the eclipse creates the opportunity to see your own internal changes. Your ability to transcend and create a new fate moving forward, represented by the activation of the kite formation, is entirely dependent on intuitively perceiving the changing time-lines in a new world. These new potentials are our new fate, our new territory as we enter the new age of Aquarius.  The alternate fate activated by the eclipse shadow is to reject the opportunity for change and continue the momentum of existing patterns, ruled largely by the unconscious.

These new perceptions and Uranian “great ideas” can come suddenly, like light bulb insights. It’s as if you’re in a dark room where it’s difficult to distinguish details, when suddenly the light bulb goes on and everything emerges into view. Uranian intuition is not a subtle spacey feeling, groggy or sleepy. A sleepiness or floaty feeling can, however, precede the adrenaline-like rush of sudden alertness that signifies the Uranian flash of new insights and perceptions. At times, experiences of fogginess can also be the indicator of resistance to a Uranian activation.

In general, Uranus intuition has a quickness and suddenness. Insights may come in the form of transcendent holograms and fully formed understandings and illuminated insights into the nature of reality and your place in the larger order of things.


This eclipse marks a new beginning, or new threshold, in our personal and collective process of expansion.  In my opinion, we are now directly experiencing the dawn of the Aquarian Age. I’ve been systematically following the Lunar cycles for the past nine years. In that time, and through all of the significant events that have occurred, this eclipse marks the clearest potential for a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity.

New levels of harmony and expansion indicated by the kite formation, in combination with the power of the eclipse activation, will come from the choices we are collectively making together.

On the personal level, the “shadow effect” within this Leo solar eclipse creates the opportunity for your rebirth into a new alignment with your soul and a new ability to feel your own “Being-ness.” Any actions you take now, especially with the intention of connecting with the eclipse event, have the potential to change your life trajectory in a meaningful way.

During the day of the eclipse and moving forward, pay special attention to your experiences and insights. Notice activations of the shadow, as well as those experiences that feel harmonious. All of these are indicators of new awareness and new connections to your soul’s highest calling. My personal plan during the eclipse itself is to spend time in meditation, with the intention to consciously shift my thinking and personal trajectory into a more peaceful and abundant world.

Peace to All and a Happy New Moon.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius: Eclipse Astrology Aug 2017

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius: Eclipse Astrology Aug 2017

Article Window:  Aug 7 to Aug 21
• Full Moon is Monday, Aug 7, 11:11 AM PDT
• Lunar Eclipse Event & Portal
• Sun is 16° Leo, Moon is 16° Aquarius
• Next New Moon: Total Solar Eclipse, Aug 21
• Current New Moon Theme (July 23 – Aug 21): Responding to New Territory

Current Lunar Cycle

Each Lunar Eclipse opens a brief cosmic doorway resulting in a new awareness, ability, or insight to be used for inspired action. This beneficial pattern is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.

The Eclipse portal remains open and active until the Moon returns to this location in the zodiac during its next lunar cycle. In the coming days, while the portal is open, look for new ways to express yourself while taking inspired action, especially through whatever you have embraced or experienced during our current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion.

Photo of the Dawning of Aquarius

Eclipse Astrology Article: The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Written by Steven Shroyer
Co-author, Elizabeth Schermer

The upcoming Aquarius Lunar Eclipse holds a spectacular signature that has attracted a lot of astrological attention. My personal excitement around the event is centered on a new ability that the eclipse is introducing to everyone on the planet.

At the precise moment of each Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon briefly loses contact with the Sun, a cosmic doorway opens in the zodiac. Through this portal we receive a new awareness, ability, and insight to be used for inspired action. This new ability transcends the normal experiences of space/time reality and enables us to take quantum leaps forward, both personally and as a cultural collective.  The current eclipse portal will remain open and active for the coming 27 days, until September 3 when the Moon returns to this location in the zodiac during the next lunar cycle.

As we dive into the details of what we can expect to experience in the coming days, let’s first look at the signature of the eclipse portal itself and then put that signature into the larger context of the overall astrology pattern.

The Signature of the Aquarian Portal

The specific Aquarian signature of this Lunar Eclipse is introducing an improved management ability. This new ability will lead to insights that enable each of us to consciously work with the new level of momentum we are experiencing as we enter new territory in our lives. This new territory of experience is part of the overall pattern of expansion that’s been unfolding for the past several months. This new territory can be the result of new perspectives within existing circumstances or entirely new experiences of reality. (See recent New Moon article for a more thorough description.)

The management signature of this Aquarian portal is associated with acquiring a more sophisticated approach to working with the energies of life itself.  In very real ways in the coming days you will be exploring and learning how to engage and respond to the new territory into which you have stepped.

The overall pattern of this eclipse, within the larger New Moon theme of “Responding to New Territory,” points to the very real potential for positive change in your life. There are several signatures indicating this positive shift, including the Aquarian Moon itself, as well as the ways that both Jupiter and Mars are supporting personal expansion and playing a significant role in helping all of us integrate the eclipse effect into our personal situations.

Managing Aquarian Energies and Moving into the Aquarian Age

Within the overall pattern of the astrology chart, this Aquarius eclipse brings the meaning of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” into clear focus. The importance of this big picture Aquarian signature is paramount in understanding exactly what needs to be managed through the portal activation and how to successfully meet whatever challenges you will face in the coming days.

Each astrological age lasts over 2000 years and introduces a new theme into the development of consciousness. We are currently leaving the age of Pisces and moving into the age of Aquarius, which centers around our expansion into a golden age of consciousness and cooperation between the individual and the larger cultural collective.

This Aquarian expansion can only happen when the creative brilliance of all individuality is honored and supported by society. From this perspective, breakdowns in society will occur when those who are in charge use their authority to limit freedom, control resources and promote fear. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is forcing us to examine the necessary breakdowns within society in which the individual has been reduced to a secondary position of service to larger systems of corrupt control.

Moving back to the energies of the current eclipse, the Moon in Aquarius represents the creation of larger social systems that ensure individual freedoms and creative cooperation. The Sun in Leo is opposite to Aquarius, and represents the needs of the individual, especially the need to fully express one’s personal creativity and power.

Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, is also indirectly contributing to these Aquarian energies of creation and breakdown. Uranus has a duel role. It functions as an expansive creative force that we can access through our intuition, and also functions to break apart that which needs to crumble so the new can begin to build.

For many people Uranus functions largely at the unconscious level of breakdown. When harnessed consciously, however, Uranian intuition pierces the veil of current reality, enabling you to see beyond the 3-D world. Uranus taps you directly into the bigger picture of the new Aquarian age we are now entering.

Accessing Uranian intuition requires that we live with a higher level of personal freedom and individuality, in order to transcend the cultural limitations we experience while living in a strictly material world. We can’t move into the new age with a power structure that doesn’t honor individual freedom, creativity and independence. Uranus helps us step into personal freedom by seeing beyond the veil.

In the Aquarian Age, the role of the collective is to fully support the individual, and not the other way around. Moving forward into new territory, what we create needs to work for the individual as well as the collective. Our new Age of Aquarius must be rooted in personal freedom in order for collective brilliance to fully emerge.

The energy signature within this eclipse directly relates to the significance of the Age of Aquarius and the world we are entering. The portal’s theme of “Management” is a necessary step in our expansion, for in order for expansion to succeed it must be successfully managed. When personal freedom and individual expression are repressed, as they are in many ways in our world, the drive for creativity revolts against those who oppose.

Astrology Pattern

This overall eclipse pattern is transmitting an increased ability to manage all of the changes needed for co-creating a positive and beneficial world for everyone.  As we move into the Aquarian Age, these new capacities for creation include processes of breakdown and the ability to let go of what no longer works.

To be clear, this eclipse portal is NOT about creating chaos and revolution. Rather, the signature of management is about understanding the forces of change. When we understand how to manage the necessary changes, we can also access new level of personal freedom. Each individual who connects with these larger energies helps our transition. Together as a collective we will make the necessary changes to create a society that fully supports the individual, without the need for suppression and corruption that’s associated with some of our current structures.

Mars and Jupiter are working together In harmony with the Full Moon to play an important role in the overall astrology pattern, supporting expansion as well as integration of the eclipse energies.

Jupiter is in a last-quarter sextile position with the Sun/Mars conjunction, signifying that it’s time to change our perspective about what expansion will mean and what it will look like. Jupiter’s specific location is also highly significant. It’s incredible that Jupiter was also at 18° Libra on Apr 10th of this year, conjunct the Libra Full Moon. This Full Moon brought into focus the real possibility of creating a new level of abundance and cooperation in the world, on a personal level as well as collectively and in the culture-at-large.

Jupiter’s return to this location signals an anchoring of those signatures within the larger portal activation. With our current eclipse, the prior focus of possibility has now progressed into an actual skill to be explored and used. At the earlier Libra Moon, creating a new level of abundance was only a possibility. Now, with the eclipse, the energies can be accessed as a skill to be managed, enjoyed, and even celebrated.

Jupiter is all about expansion, however this is an expansion that is managed and organized through organic (organized) growth. This signature of management is furthered emphasized by the fact that Jupiter is highly aspected throughout the chart, connected with nearly all of the remaining planets. The management signature includes Jupiter’s trine to the Moon which supports the bigger picture, representing the individual moving into the Age of Aquarius.

Mars is conjunct the Sun in a new-phase relationship, meaning the Sun has already passed over Mars and is beginning to pull away. This new-phase position is providing a tremendous amount of momentum within the eclipse pattern.

Understanding the relationship of Mars with the Sun is a key to success with this eclipse signature. The Mars contribution of enjoyment and momentum is an important part of this eclipse energy. Feeling the portal effect — catching the wave of new potential — can be accelerated by recharging your own internal processes. The best way to harness the Mars energy of the eclipse is by channeling its momentum through relaxation, enjoyment, and celebrating the positive momentum in your own life.  The specific actions you choose will be an individualized expression. For some the activity might be hosting a party, for others it will be inspired and creative work. Although there is potential intensity associated with this eclipse, the overall signature of momentum is quite positive.

Ultimately, success now is about managing your own energies. The way you do this is entirely dependent on individual circumstances. For some people success in the coming weeks will be expressed as a type of revolution. This can happen on many levels. For example, the revolution could simply be your own response to your personal patterns of stress. Ultimately, the energy of expansion is leading each of us to celebrate our new momentum and revolt against any aspects within the cultural collective that don’t support the individual, especially individual freedom and creativity.


The Lunar eclipse brings with it an enhanced ability to manage new Aquarian-type energies that support both the personal and the big picture dawning of the Aquarian Age.  As humanity has shifted into this new territory of expanded awareness, the energy of transition itself needs to be managed at a higher level.

The signature of the Age of Aquarius is precisely this transition of consciousness, including the transformation of the culture, whether through personal or collective revolt. What’s unique about this Aquarian revolt is that this is a sophisticated rebellion. In keeping with the Aquarian Age, there’s nothing haphazard or chaotic with our Lunar Eclipse. It’s a managed transition into new territory focused on the benefit of all.

The Lunar eclipse portal will be active for the next 27 days. During this time you can use your new skills of energy management to recharge. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion. Use new momentum to imagine ways to manage the shift in energies for yourself as well as the larger picture involving the cultural collective.

We each have a part to play.  It is our opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the collective shift and help move humanity gracefully into the golden Age of Aquarius.

Responding to the Bigger Picture: New Moon Astrology July 2017

Responding to the Bigger Picture: New Moon Astrology July 2017

Written by Steven Shroyer

Article Window: July 23 to Aug 21
• The New Moon is Sunday, July 23, 2:46 AM PST
• Sun is 1° Leo, Moon is 1° Leo
• Next Full Moon: Aug 7
• Current New Moon Theme (July 23 – Aug 21): Responding to the Bigger Picture

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of Washington Coast New Moon

Astrology Article: Responding to the Bigger Picture

Our New Moon astrology is bringing a wave of energy that’s promoting self-reliance and independence to help us orient toward a larger perspective that’s in alignment with new worlds. This same wave of energy can also have an opposite effect, especially if it’s centered around a drive to independence that is consumed by trivial details and immature attitudes. This article will help you understand how to navigate your personal choices and maximize your opportunities in the coming month.

If you have been following the Lunar Journal, you know that I’ve been writing about a major shift that is currently playing out through the astrology of our solar system. The New Moon themes over the past several months have described a coherent story of expansion, including new abilities and awareness that is leading humanity to a new and previously unknown territory of experience.

I encourage everyone who’s not familiar with my work to review the past Lunar cycles for additional insight and a refresher of these amazing patterns that have emerged since the autumn of 2016. For a summary of these themes, see the most recent Full Moon article.

With our current New Moon, the ongoing pattern of expansion and splitting of the worlds is emphasized again. The new Lunar month will continue to challenge each of us to actively work with these shifting energies as we move into uncharted territory.

For much of the planet, these energies of expansion are still operating at an unconscious level, however those of you reading this article are already aware of these energies. To connect intentionally on a personal level, this shift involves activations in consciousness that are directly supported by the energies of Uranus.  This includes your ability to work with new awareness (Uranus) to free your consciousness from old paradigms, specifically by embracing your intuition and the transformation of our world for the benefit of all.

Our Bigger Picture is Revealed through Uranus

The Leo New Moon has a relationship with the planet Uranus that is allowing each of us to access the bigger picture of where we’re headed. The concept of a larger reality and our connection to it is by no means a new idea. What is new, however, is the idea that we need to actively work with this bigger picture. If we don’t act and react to circumstances from the perspective of the big picture, we risk the possibility this month of being sidetracked, by getting swallowed up by trivial matters, becoming engaged in divisive details, or getting caught up in immature patterns of ego reaction.

In short, the overall New Moon pattern is tied to your ability to act and react with a mature perspective. A key part to this perspective is an understanding that humanity is shifting in two distinct directions. This understanding is key to navigating the challenges of the current Lunar cycle.

Uranus is the great transformer and revolutionary force in the world. It provides us the ability to move beyond our current dysfunctional status quo. Uranus is also known as the “Great Destroyer,” because it breaks what’s not useful and provides the impetus to try something new, different, and brilliant. Uranus thins the veil, enabling us to see beyond the external reality controlled by Saturn. It enables us to transcend physical form and gives us the awareness of a new, brilliant, and transformed world that is unshackled and free from that which is old and in need of renewal.

Instead of reacting to a world that is crumbling around us, we have the opportunity to focus instead on connecting to a world of like-minded people coming together to co-create what’s possible. This IS the Uranian bigger view of reality that can be revealed by tapping into the energy of our New Moon, including the intuitive urge to react to life in a positive, constructive manner.

This is the time to release outcomes of that which is crumbling, broken, and not sustainable, and focus instead on the bigger picture of what’s to come. Use your intuition to see beyond, and then react and move in that direction. As things shift, there will be those who choose to cling to the Saturnian world view and status quo, and those who shift into the new world of possibility through Uranus and the frequency of transformation.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart July 2017The first significant feature in our current New Moon chart is the Uranian grand trine that includes Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn.  Every time the Lunar cycle involves Uranus in a prominent position we can expect major breakthroughs. The grand trine gives us extra support for our intuition and our ability to access a bigger picture that’s greater than the external world structure that Saturn provides. This is especially true for those who are able to work with Uranus in a conscious and direct way.

The second significant feature in the chart is the New Moon at 1° Leo, conjunct Mars. This combines the power of Leo with the pure, raw power of Mars which is activating our ability to act and react to that which inspires our own individual drives.

An additional emphasis of the conjunction is the New Moon’s balsamic relationship to Mars. (The Sun and Moon are only 1° before an exact conjunction with Mars.)  This balsamic relationship indicates a necessary letting go of immature ambitions that only serve self-interest in order to step into something greater.

A final key point is that the New Moon conjunction has only one major aspect in the chart, which is the square to Uranus. This further emphasizes the significance of the Uranian trine. If we’re able to step into the energy of the trine we are able to choose how we act and react from a broader perspective, rather that purely responding from self-interest or established habits from the past.

The letting go that’s required involves our commitment to release all forms of small-minded perspective that are immature, self-serving, or ego driven.  These are old ideas that prevent us from seeing the big picture. Without expanded perspective, the old ideas and habits are self-serving because they’re not tapped into anything greater.


There are dramatic shifts of energies at play within our new Lunar cycle. Our New Moon energies are providing a stabilizing force for those who are able to see and work with a bigger picture of reality. As a result, those who consciously work with the expanding energies of Uranus can choose to glimpse this bigger picture, even if it is only an intuitive impression.

This is the month to act and react, but not from a self-serving view of the world. With the only major aspect of the chart being a Uranian grand trine, we have a choice in how we react. We must ask ourselves: “What is the biggest picture I can see?”  “Will I act alone, or in alignment with others who see transformation on the horizon?” and “Do I choose to react to the trivial details of my life, or will I embrace a bigger picture that makes the world better for all?”

There is a shift in consciousness underway which this New Moon is helping to support. Despite the ongoing patterns of rigid habits and status quo, there is a new perspective emerging. The more you can tap into the Uranian trine and its big picture perspective, the more you can consciously recognize your choices of inner freedom, personal transformation, and intuitive guidance aligned with service to the greater good.

A New Pathway in a New World: Full Moon Astrology July 2017

A New Pathway in a New World: Full Moon Astrology July 2017

Article Window: July 8 to July 23
• The Full Moon is Saturday, July 8, 9:07 PM PDT
• Sun is 18° Cancer, Moon is 18° Capricorn
• Next New Moon: July 23
• Current New Moon Theme (June 23 – July 23): Leadership in New Territory

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Photo of Full Moon Lunar Stillness

Astrology Article: A New Pathway in a New World

Written by Steven Shroyer
Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Our Full Moon Astrology brings all of us to a crossroads of realization regarding the nature of our reality. These realizations include the awareness that our true power lies within in the choices we make. This is a time when our choices have the power to set the direction and chart a new path into our future.

Even the most ordinary of choices can and will have far-reaching impacts. In retrospect we may well look back to this time as being a pivotal turning point in our path. The choices we make now, no matter how ordinary they seem,  can and will have far-reaching impacts in our personal lives and also for the larger scope of humanity.

The astrology of this Full Moon clearly shows a crossroads through the assertion of leadership. This is leadership at every level of life, leading to the opportunity for individuals to establish new trajectories through personal choice and the allegiance to personal authority in alignment with the greater good.

Our Full Moon astrology speaks to the fact that the world is currently in the process of charting and consolidating power, both through existing institutions as well as new models for change.  Each individual has the opportunity to choose their alignment and then participate. Your highest opportunity now exists in this present moment. You are not at all limited or dictated by what the collective decides, or by decisions you have made in the past.

We have entered new territory. To fully understand and experience the benefits of this Full Moon and the last half of this cycle, it will be beneficial for you in the coming days to take extra time to connect within before making important decisions. Before you act, reflect on what has led you to this point and then align within to your heart-felt purpose.

Action versus Reaction

Action now is required, however a momentary slowdown is necessary before acting. Although this Full Moon brings the urge to action, it’s important first to be clear about the “what” and the “why” of your actions so as not to simply respond unconsciously to whatever is uncomfortable.

Our Full Moon astrology suggests that the world as a whole is currently in a reactionary pattern. The personal opportunity now is one of self-determination. This is a time to question the trajectory of the world, including all aspects of your personal circumstances, and determine if your path forward will be the same or different. The entry into new territory gives you the chance to step out of one path and choose another.

The Universe never presents something huge without adequate preparation. The past four lunar cycles have provided each of us with the growth and preparation required to capitalize on this current opportunity. As the stage is set for this specific Full Moon,  I am moved to express  my own sense of awe at how the Universe has gradually over time released a pattern of growth that offers ongoing support for our expanding  consciousness. In other words, we ARE ready for this!

Overview of Recent Lunar Patterns

Each Full Moon is absolutely unique, with some having more impact on our individual lives than others. The crossroads of choice at this Full Moon is one of those times of greatest impact. It expresses a culmination of an ongoing pattern of preparation for leadership, including the creation of new futures that transcend past patterns of limitation.

To fully leverage the power of this Full Moon it is helpful to review the recent lunar patterns that have unfolded over the past few months. Each New Moon has set in motion a new potential infused with specific energies for growth. At each Full Moon the new energies have been fully activated, providing concrete insight and understanding to enable you to adapt those energies into your current life circumstances.

The themes of the recent lunar cycles illustrate an ongoing progression:

○ March New Moon in Aries: Intuitive Sensitivity
○ Libra Full Moon: Facing the Consequences
○ April New Moon in Taurus: A New Quality of Being
○ Scorpio Full Moon: The Freedom to Resist
○ May New Moon in Gemini: To Reach Farther & Beyond
○ Sagittarius Full Moon: Preparing for a Better Future
○ June New Moon in Cancer: Leadership in New Territory
○ Capricorn Full Moon: Choosing Your Path

To summarize, the Aries New Moon in March introduced a boost to your Intuitive Sensitivity. This led to your ability to engage in your life with a New Quality of Being (Taurus), more closely aligned with your inner authority. New inner alignment introduced a capacity to Reach Farther & Beyond (Gemini), accessing possibilities greater than you have known before.  These new capacities enabled you to more fully Prepare for a Better Future. The current New Moon cycle In Cancer is helping us develop higher levels of personal leadership in order to navigate the new and uncharted territory we are creating.

Now at the Capricorn Full Moon we are integrating what we have learned from the past in order to choose our personal path as we enter the uncharted territory of new worlds.

It is truly astonishing to contemplate the degree of helpful support the Universe is providing as we expand and extend our own consciousness through the unfolding intelligent cycles of growth.

The Astrology Pattern – Claiming New Territory and Facing the Shadow

This Full Moon occurs at an exact conjunction with Pluto. (The Moon is less than 1° balsamic to Pluto.) This conjunction is in opposition to Mars which is conjunct the Sun. The Pluto/Mars opposition is always significant and happens every two+ years, releasing a general signature that allows us to transcend and transform personal actions in order to align with universal will. The fact that this event happens while Pluto is directly conjunct the Full Moon is extremely rare.

This opposition of Pluto and Mars in combination with the Full Moon signifies the very real possibility for you to step out of long-running patterns that are dictated by external or subconscious agendas, and instead choose a very specific and unique life trajectory aligned with your own highest purpose and potential.

There’s a lot of information condensed into that last sentence, so let’s unpack these patterns and explore what this might mean for you.

With Mars conjunct the Sun, your actions (Mars) need to be in alignment with your purpose and the energies of the Self (Sun). With Pluto conjunct the Moon, you have to integrate (Moon) your access and connection to the power of transformation (Pluto).  For those who connect intentionally with this opportunity it will be possible to harness the power of transformation (Pluto/Mars) into action that enables you to adjust (Moon) to your circumstances in order to support your higher purpose (Sun).

This is a complicated signature that will surely activate shadow aspects in all levels of our world. With the Mars/Sun conjunction in opposition to the Full Moon/Pluto conjunction, actions that are out of alignment with purpose can be purely reactionary, including the unconscious need to grab power and control at “any cost.”  It is precisely this shadow aspect of power and control at any cost that, once institutionalized, can severely limit your freedom, your path of purpose, and what’s right for you.

To further emphasize the significance of the overall pattern of contrasting forms of leadership,  let’s look at the Sabian archetype for the Full Moon positioned at 18° Capricorn:

ARCHETYPE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
COMMENTARY: Institutionalized power can be used to control groups or individuals, especially when required to maintain a specific outcome of social order or social relationships. This ultimate expression of power needs to be tempered and balanced by justice and compassion, rather than an elitism justifying its authority through abuses of power.

This Full Moon Sabian archetype, when combined with Pluto and opposite Mars (a lower octave of Pluto), makes clear the quality of a crossroads of realization.  Whether leadership is occurring at the level of the individual, the community, state, nation, or world, there will be two forces at play. The powerful leadership desire for justice and compassion will be opposed to an overwhelming shadow urge to limit freedom and set the agenda at the expense of others, including the potential for a power grab at every level of leadership.

Because Mars expands through action, without proper management Mars will have a tendency to seek “more.” When Mars is operating unconsciously within our current pattern, the drive for “more” will result in the desire for more power and control, reflecting the shadow aspect of Pluto in Capricorn.

Within this context of Mars/Pluto energy, don’t be surprised if you experience an overwhelming desire to take some form of action. The challenge and opportunity moving forward is to realize that the deeper urge to act comes from the desire to choose your own trajectory. This is not about taking unnecessary action or simply reacting because it feels good or provides relief. The key is to first to connect within, step into alignment with your own trajectory and life purpose, and then choose your actions from this vantage point.

Choosing Your Own Course

The Full Moon is activating a cosmic shift that will enable you to step directly into the new trajectories of the future you are creating. This is regardless of existing circumstances or the choices of the world at large.

Your power lies in controlling your own trajectory in life through the force of inner choice. This is true at every level from the personal to the global. At all levels of life you are no longer required to follow others because of their unconscious urge to hold power, or worse, attempt to control you because they think they know what is best.

Your opportunity now stems from inner qualities of self-leadership (current New Moon theme) and through taking action that supports your own purpose. Make no mistake, this is a pivotal point. Pluto conjunct the Full Moon may in fact be one of the most powerful symbols of “pure power” in the entire world of astrology. The emphasis is simply this: You have the power now to step out of long-running patterns and choose your own path. Those who don’t take charge of their life’s trajectory, are susceptible to others who will.

These powerful Full Moon energies will operate at both the conscious and unconscious levels of awareness.  The drive to action means that unconscious individuals will automatically assume their agenda is right and correct for everyone. Patterns of aggression will likely intensify within all levels of leadership. Problems may further escalate when leaders compete to assert different agendas.

This is a time to stand tall and secure. The forces of leadership grounded in compassion are infinitely more powerful than all forces of greed and self-interest combined. Know that this same urge for action is being universally experienced. This is the time to align within, set your own agenda, chart your own course, raise your own flag, and become your own authority.

This Full Moon gives you to right to experience your own power and to declare your allegiance to your own unique purpose in life. Each individual who takes such a stance, with the intention to be of service to the greater good, contributes to the momentum of positive change.


Our lunar cycles have been unfolding with amazing synchronicity over the last several months and have brought us to this Full Moon, which is further activated by an extremely powerful astrological pattern. There is a personal opportunity now to realize the extent of your own power. You now have the capacity to set your own agenda and assert a life trajectory that supports your highest purpose in alignment with the greater good.

Rising to the Occasion: New Moon Astrology June 2017

Rising to the Occasion: New Moon Astrology June 2017

Article Window: June 23 to July 23
• The New Moon is Friday, June 23, 7:31 PM PST
• Sun is 3° Cancer, Moon is 3° Cancer
• Next Full Moon: July 8
• Current New Moon Theme (June 23 – July 23): Leadership in New Territory

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of Summer Solstice Tropical Beach

Astrology Article: Rising to the Occasion

Our New Moon astrology occurs only three days after the Summer Solstice, creating a consolidation of potentials that are needed to push all of us toward new territory in our lives. This expansion doesn’t mean your life direction necessarily needs to change, but you must be willing to make adjustments and possibly reorient yourself to the possibility that you are entering uncharted terrain. While it’s possible that this new territory may result in the expansion of a completely new life direction, it may also simply result in a new orientation and new awareness within the direction you’re already headed.

The New Moon always contains elements of new possibilities. What’s unique about this New Moon is the requirement for you to rise to the occasion. This “stepping up” to the occasion includes a new opportunity for personal leadership that will come through your ability to use your willpower to make decisions from inner alignment rather than through reactionary responses to external experiences associated with the past.

There’s no room for wishy-washy logic with this New Moon. This is the time for your individual character to come to the forefront of your life. What leadership will look like as you enter uncharted terrain depends on your circumstances, but this lunar month will test your resolve to stay grounded as you make sound decisions from the depths of your own character.

The Summer Solstice Influence

This year’s Summer Solstice energies support the highest individual expression of your unique potential. There’s a natural urge right now to take charge of your life and a desire to move into alignment with your own excellence. In a nut shell, the Solstice activates self-leadership as its core experience.  I’ve coined the term “self-leadership” to indicate a form of leadership based on inner alignment that supports your highest potential as well as the collective good.

Summer Solstice always supports individual expression and most often times the individual is supported by the collective. This year that’s not the case. This year’s  Summer Solstice plays a key role in the development of self-leadership during this New Moon by amplifying the potential conflict between the individual and those collective energies that don’t support the highest forms of individual expression. In fact, this Solstice puts the individual in direct conflict with the limitations of the collective and the energies of the past that limit personal identity and personal freedom.

The overriding energies at this time are encouraging you to move forward with a  new and fresh perspective, unconditioned by limitations of the past.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart June 2017At first glance, this month’s New Moon chart appears to be complicated, however the underlying signature is fairly straightforward, with a planetary stellium squared to Jupiter and opposite Saturn.

The stellium in Cancer reinforces the need to express personal individuality that’s in alignment with your highest  potential. Within this stellium, Mars is leading and providing the impulse for action.  The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all balsamic to Mars which requires that the action you take is unconditioned by your past.  Balsamic energy is future oriented. To be fully effective, it uses the future impulse as motivation for letting go, finishing up old business, and refining the foundation that enables you to move forward.

Mercury’s presence in the stellium requires clear thinking and a rational approach.  This is a time in which decisions are based on character and not fear of past limitations or failures. This is easier said than done. Think of it as an opportunity for clear, concise thinking and a rational approach that isn’t limited by past experience but rather your maturity in the present.

Jupiter and Saturn are positioned to provide contrast to forward momentum by highlighting and activating circumstances from the past that may be in direct conflict with moving forward.  If we respond through inner alignment, these circumstances can act as a catalyst for exercising will power and personal leadership in order to rise to the occasion and step into new territory. Altogether, the energies of Solstice and New Moon will enable you to move forward with a fresh perspective, unconditioned by crises of the past.

It’s important to understand that energies of the past will likely be strongly activated during this lunar month. You will need to use sheer will power to let go of your past limitations and allow the new momentum to lead you into uncharted territory of new potentials. Without this perspective, it could be easy to stumble and revert back into old habits  you thought were behind you. For those who are able to align within, rising to the occasion and assuming leadership for oneself is the only truly sustainable solution for moving forward at this time.


Our New Moon energies are taking all of us into new and uncharted territory where we cannot rely on past experience to guide us. Self-leadership, clear thinking, and personal alignment to your highest potential are all needed to navigate these changes, which will all come through  the mature use of personal will. This type of intentional willpower will have the effect of allowing you to rise to the occasion and move though any rough patches you may encounter. This is a time to move forward by relying on inner alignment and the deeper character of doing what you know is true and right.

Happy New Moon

Preparing for a Better Future: Full Moon Astrology June 2017

Preparing for a Better Future: Full Moon Astrology June 2017

Article Window: Jun 9 to Jun 23
• The Full Moon is Friday, Jun 9, 6:10 AM PST
• Sun is 19° Gemini, Moon is 19° Sagittarius
• Next New Moon: Jun 23
• Current New Moon Theme (May 25 – Jun 23): TO REACH FARTHER & BEYOND

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Tranquility Beach 2014 Moonrise_

Astrology Article: Preparing for a Better Future

Our Sagittarius Full Moon astrology is giving each of us insight into how best to prepare for a better future. For the coming two weeks your focus on preparation for your future is the best tool you have in your journey to reach farther and beyond your current circumstances (our New Moon theme). This article illustrates the key forms of preparation that are available to you now.

The New Moon theme of reaching farther and beyond, requires a certain kind of letting go, especially in regards to what we believe, what we think is true, and our understanding of reality. To reach farther than our current understanding, we need the practice of letting go while still holding to our personal truth. This entire lunar month is about the activation of a seed idea, or seed wisdom if you prefer, that enables us to transcend and go farther than we ever thought possible, and to do this without sacrificing the essential truth of who we are.

The Full Moon energies are setting the stage for a better future by illuminating all forms of contrast in your life. Your awareness, your maturity, and your willingness to let go are all keys for success during the final two weeks of our current lunar cycle. To fully activate your “better future,” simply get clear of what’s not working, and your attention will be steadily drawn toward what you need to do to prepare.

Everyone has certain areas of life in which things currently aren’t working or are in some way out of balance. The seed that can be planted now in your consciousness lies in simply focusing with awareness on what’s not working. This focus will lead to a new understanding of your connection to the future that you want.

The future is bright and full of hope. It’s time to prepare and take action with the belief that what lies ahead is a necessary part of your expansion.

The Difference Between Sacrifice and Letting Go

The Full Moon requires a paradigm shift between beliefs about the hardship of sacrifice versus an empowered attitude of letting go. Cultural attitudes of sacrifice and martyrdom are embedded in our belief systems about what needs to happen in order to move forward in life. The empowered opportunity available to you now  is the intentional choice of letting go of what no longer serves you.

This Full Moon is introducing the possibility of moving forward without the need for unnecessary sacrifice, especially in situations where your personal truth and personal freedom are concerned. The “letting go” required now is an intentional release of what’s not working in order to expand and move beyond and farther in your personal growth.

This Full Moon is the time to focus on clearly seeing what’s not working for you and your circumstances. It’s not about surrendering something prized and desirable. Rather, it’s all about understanding how limited ideas have held you back from your own expansion. The action required now is you deciding on the type of future that you want and letting go of anything that stands in the way.

Letting go will empower your decisions and choices in order to support something bigger and better. Personal growth and success right now depend on you using your maturity in order to recognize actions you can take, moving you beyond what’s not working in the present.

Astrology Pattern & Summary

One of the more interesting aspects of this month’s Full  Moon chart is the fact that the Full Moon occurs shortly before the Moon passes by Saturn, giving it a balsamic designation. A balsamic relationship always has to do with maturity and letting go, and this is amplified with the presence of Saturn. The significances of this is further amplified by Mars situated close to the Sun and opposite Saturn. In this case Mars supports your ability to choose a better future.

This basic pattern suggests the need to let go of the past through a mature outlook. Indeed, success now requires you to use personal maturity. Maturity in this chart represents an understanding of the bigger picture and seeing yourself confidently and successfully moving forward into the future with more grace and ease.

This Full Moon gives you the opportunity for an important paradigm shift. Sacrifice, in the context of our Sagittarius Moon, is not necessary, for that would imply giving up on something desirable and good. The important key is to remember that you can take actions, now, that will prepare you for something better. In letting go of what’s not working you will expand into a better future.

Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect: New Moon Astrology May 2017

Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect: New Moon Astrology May 2017

Article Window: May 25 to Jun 23
• The Full Moon is Thursday, May 25, 12:44 PM PST
• Sun is 5° Gemini, Moon is 5° Gemini
• Next Full Moon: Jun 9
• Current New Moon Theme (May 25 – Jun 23): TO REACH FARTHER & BEYOND

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Puget Sound New Moon

Astrology Article: Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect

Our New Moon astrology is focused through the lens of Gemini. The archetype of the Gemini twins expresses the dualistic nature of Gemini. It is the nature of contrast inherent to Gemini that is constantly bringing the divergent elements of life to our awareness so that we can better understand and participate in the inherent duality of the natural world.

Gemini loves to discover. In fact, the jewel of higher knowledge is only possible because of Gemini’s ability to explore the world using the principles of contrast and duality. To better understand the way Gemini works with duality, we need to look no further than to what is understood about the role of the left and right sides of the brain, and the way that the two hemispheres ideally work together to provide a contrasting approach to life. A balanced approach to life requires that we learn to transcend polarization.  In the end, it’s Gemini that helps us bridge contrast and move beyond the extremes of dualistic thinking in order to explore and discover new levels of balanced understanding.

This month’s Lunar theme, “To Reach Farther and Beyond,” continues a natural progression of personal expansion. You may remember that last month’s Lunar signature, “A New Quality of Being,” helped you expand through alignment with inner authority. These new levels of inner authority will enable you now to see new perspectives, especially when you experience contrast or challenge. Alignment with inner authority will help you break through old habits and patterns of limitation. When you do so you’ll tap into a new cosmic impulse to reach beyond what has been possible, perhaps beyond where you’ve ever reached before.

Gemini’s energy of discovery and adventure is tied to the mental realm. Whenever Gemini hosts a new Moon, there is always the possibility for a boost in mental efficiency and this new Moon is no exception. Gemini seeks to classify, organize, identify, and discover how something fits into the bigger picture. Once Gemini explores natural patterns of contrast and duality and discovers the relationship of something to the whole, the significant details can be classified and turned into knowledge.

One aspect of new perceptions of contrast this month will be your awareness of patterns of imbalance and the desire to break free from those imbalances that limit your freedom and authenticity. When life becomes unbalanced in one direction or another, nature attempts to restore balance by calling forth natural forces in an opposite direction. This self-correcting pendulum effect is a natural balancing force throughout nature, including in your own life’s circumstances.

The pendulum effect is one way that nature works directly and positively with Gemini’s duality. It’s the very nature of a pendulum to change its direction once a certain direction is overstressed or overreached. Once this happens, the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction in order to balance out the stress. In the same way, the new Moon in Gemini is amplifying contrast and activating necessary pendulum shifts in order to create new levels of balance in your life.

The momentum of change this month includes a sense of adventure and thinking out of the box. In your personal life you can expect to have new insights that allow you to see new solutions to problems and patterns of imbalance.  The momentum encompasses the ability to think out of the box and enables you to move beyond what’s established and accepted.  On the larger world stage, there will be a similar impulse to find new solutions. For example, solutions that allow peace and prosperity to flow instead of established patterns of war and poverty. These new energies, whether personal or planetary, can now be fueled through the use of inner authority and a new quality of being (last month’s New Moon article).

Our new Moon holds the capacity for a breakthrough through increasing your ability to move beyond old ways of thinking about the world, and then reach farther than ever before. In your personal circumstances, look for what’s out of balance or what has been stressed too far in a single direction. Notice ways in which you have accommodated expectations that no longer feel authentic.

When you experience contrast because of a pattern that’s out of balance with your inner alignment, you can harness the “pendulum effect,” using the natural forces of momentum, to realign and restore balance.  At times the positive shifts will be internal. At times you will take external action. Some actions will require simple adjustments and at times you may choose more significant actions that move you in a completely new and opposite direction or life trajectory.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart May 2017The New Moon astrology chart is called a “bucket pattern.” The bucket can easily be visualized if you notice that the majority of planets are on one side of the chart, forming the bucket container that collects the energies. Jupiter is alone on the other side of the chart, forming the bucket handle. It’s Jupiter in the handle position of the bucket that is the key controller of all the energies collected and contained in the chart.

Jupiter’s Key Role

As  the bucket handle in this astrology pattern, Jupiter holds the key position of the chart. As the handle, Jupiter becomes the main outlet and distributor of our New Moon energies. Jupiter is naturally suited for this role of distribution. Since one of Jupiter’s main planetary functions is to manage expansion and integration, it’s ideally suited to act as a positive outlet for all of the potentials expressed within this chart.

Jupiter’s position in Libra further supports and helps us create an outlet this month for a balancing-out of energies without sacrificing success. Significantly, since the balancing is expansive there is no need to sacrifice success in the process. One of the primary benefits of Jupiter in this position in Libra is the practical recognition of the need to balance the qualities of rest and activity. During this Lunar month, the managing effect of Jupiter will allow you to regulate your energy and efforts in order to achieve maximum success throughout your circumstances.

The Pendulum Effect

The Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 5° GEMINI introduces the benefit of the pendulum effect and the ways it supports your ability to release embedded patterns that restrict you in order to reach beyond what has been known.

ARCHETYPE: The volatile response to silenced feelings and root emotions calls for new action.
COMMENTARY: When the dualistic mind contemplates what has been previously and rigidly bound into form, it will seek to release what’s been repressed in order to move to a more open state. If movement in a particular direction is overstressed, the natural forces of duality will use a pendulum effect to create new balance.

Support for the Pendulum

One more key formation in the chart involves the opposition of Jupiter with both Venus and Uranus. Remember, Jupiter has a natural ability to manage expansion and integration, and as the “bucket handle” of the chart, it’s the main outlet and distributor of our New Moon energies.

Venus and Uranus are working in opposition with Jupiter to further support the overall theme of the pendulum effect. All together they support the equilibrium of the “bucket handle,” by calling forth new values (Venus) that inspire a more compassionate world that reaches farther and beyond what we have known (Uranus).

In Summary

Over the past several cycles, the New Moon energies have been building and nesting in a dramatic way. In March we experienced an increase to our intuition, in April we received a new quality of being, now in May we have an ability to use these new internal capacities to reach farther and beyond what we have known before.

This could easily be a breakthrough month for many of you. Success during this Lunar cycle lies in your awareness of your feelings and root emotions. This especially includes those emotions that, over the course of time, have been silenced or ignored. As you experience contrast this month it’s important to recognize the benefits available from using the pendulum effect in your life. Use the support of Jupiter as the regulator and manager of circumstances in order to bring things back into balance and harmony.

Pay close attention this month to your needs for balance, especially in terms of rest and activity.  Make decisions from inner authority. When it’s time for action, act from your new qualities of being and don’t be afraid to reach beyond – and then even farther! – than you have ever imagined or reached before.

Happy New Moon