The Freedom to Resist: Full Moon Astrology May 2017

The Freedom to Resist: Full Moon Astrology May 2017

Article Window: May 10 to May 25
• The Full Moon is Wednesday, May 10, 2:42 PM PST
• Sun is 21° Taurus, Moon is 21° Scorpio
• Next New Moon: May 25
• Current New Moon Theme (Apr 26 – May 25): BREAKTHROUGH TO A NEW QUALITY OF BEING

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Over Discovery Bay 2017

Astrology Article: The Freedom to Resist

Our New Moon astrology brings a new focus to the idea of inner freedom. This short article expands on the New Moon theme of what it takes to breakthrough to a new quality of being.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, there is a deep need to relate your experiences to the social structures that are occurring around you. With all of the rapid changes taking place within society, the Full Moon is addressing your individual response to external controls, including the increasingly authoritarian approach and  control within our own culture at large.

It’s important to be aware that authoritarianism isn’t limited to government, but includes all forms of control including religion, traditions, and even individual belief systems. Ancestral control also can limit personal freedom. Patterns within your lineage can discourage your ability to follow your own path and true potential.

Developing true inner authority is both a breakthrough and the establishment of a new quality of being.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 21 degrees Scorpio reads.

ARCHETYPE: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.

This archetype suggests that in order to possess a new quality of being we must have the necessary inner freedom to act as a completely individualized person. This level of individualization has access to the power required to follow one’s own path regardless of the consequences, even in the face of an authoritarian society.

The Scorpio Full Moon is activating a new awareness of inner freedom operating within each of us. You will recognize when this awareness or realization is being triggered by the inner urge to resist. Your conscience demands it, especially when external structures and beliefs, including those in authority, don’t have your best interest, or the world’s best interest, in mind.

The quality of Inner Freedom includes the necessary strength of character to face the outcomes of resistance. During this Full Moon, and in the coming two weeks,  celebrate your strength of character and the practical development of your new quality of being.

A Breakthrough in Consciousness: New Moon Astrology Apr 26, 2017

A Breakthrough in Consciousness: New Moon Astrology Apr 26, 2017

Article Window: Apr 26 to May 25
• The New Moon is Apr 26, 2017 5:16 AM PDT
• Sun is 7° Taurus, Moon is 7° Taurus
• Next Full Moon is May 10, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Apr 26 to May 25): BREAKTHROUGH TO A NEW QUALITY OF BEING

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Photograph over the Cascade Mountians

Astrology Article: A Breakthrough in Consciousness

Our New Moon Astrology is coming into view through the lens of our experiences of several months of increasing intensity in our world. We have experienced this intensity in a variety of ways. From an astrological perspective, the reasons for the intensity are the result of an overall trend of increasing frequencies on Earth. These increasing frequencies are a form of expanded consciousness and are directly related to the influence of Uranus over the past several months.

With our current New Moon there is the opportunity now for a huge shift. This shift comes in the form of a breakthrough. The build-up of intensity has led to this opportunity for a new shift in consciousness. This is really good news for everyone who has the desire to tap into their own higher states of awareness, and corresponds to a very positive New Moon message for all.

A Trend of Increasing Frequencies

Uranus supports our evolution in consciousness. This is an expansive energy of freedom that transcends the forms that already exist in the world. On a practical level, the energies that we associate with Uranus are often experienced through extremes. At one extreme is the experience of unexpected events, which can feel like chaos when viewed from a concrete interpretation. At the other extreme is an increase in intuition and expansion into higher frequencies that include with new perspectives and insight into the processes of change. Both of these extremes are consistent with our experiences in learning to cope and adapt to the prominent Uranian energies that are active today.

Our last several Lunar cycles have illustrated this trend of increasing frequencies. They are tied to our experiences of intensity, and are also directly related to higher brain function and higher levels of human consciousness. As the evolution of human consciousness continues to advance, the concept of increasing frequencies takes on much more significance.

Those of you who have been following the Lunar Journal over the past several months have seen the prominence that Uranus has been playing. This is in my opinion much more than a coincidence, and is directly related to recent measurable shifts of frequency on Earth.

With our current New Moon we will see even more clearly the ways in which Uranus is stimulating our consciousness through these increases in frequency.

The Uranus Connection to the Schumann Resonance

One of the phenomena I have been observing of late is the dramatic increase of the Schumann Resonance on Earth. The Schumann Resonance is a measurement of the low-level electromagnetic field that is present at Earth’s surface. It has been referred to as the heartbeat, or rhythm, of the Earth. Since measurements began in the early 1960’s, the Schumann Resonance has been absolutely steady at 7.83 Hz. This measurement is closely related in humans to the relaxed waking state known as low-level Alpha. Alpha brain waves are in the range of 8-12 Hz. The alert waking state of brain waves is “Beta.” Low Beta starts at 12 Hz.

In 2014 measurements of the Schumann Resonance suddenly began increasing, showing periodic low-level spiking in the range of 14 Hz. This corresponds to low-level Beta waves related to our alert waking state. These spikes in resonance have been increasing ever since. In the last three months they’ve increased at an unprecedented rate, in ranges above 30 Hz. The January 31 spike above 36+ Hz. was the highest ever recorded up to that time. These spikes have continued and I have seen unconfirmed reports which say there was a spike of 90 Hz. on April 16th.

To put this in perspective within the theme of expanding consciousness, these higher frequencies of the Earth’s field correspond to the higher frequencies of our own brain waves. Beta waves of our alert waking state are in the range of 13-30 Hz. Gamma rays are above 30 Hz. and are associated with increased brain function including high-level processing power of information and higher levels of intuition. Significantly, when the frequencies of Beta and Gamma waves are out of balance we experience various forms and intensities of stress.

These measurements are yet another way to understand the extremes of intensity we are currently experiencing in our lives. If the general frequencies within and around us are rising – and periodically spiking – then we can be experiencing unprecedented levels of stress. We can also be experiencing new levels of awareness. Both are evidence of the actions of Uranus in our lives.

(For more on the Schumann Resonance, the Heart Math Institute has a graph of current readings from several sites around the world. Gregg Braden has an excellent series on Gaia TV where he goes into the practical science of frequency.)

Although science doesn’t yet have an explanation for the recent increases in the Schumann Resonance, because we can relate these frequencies directly to the frequencies of human brain waves, it’s my hypothesis that the increases we are measuring in Earth’s electromagnetic field are directly related to the expansions of consciousness that Uranus is supporting at this time.

What we do know from astrology is that in recent months Uranus has been directly and dynamically influencing our consciousness. This influence is both personal and global, with the immediate effect of an increase in the frequency of consciousness in our world. The measurements of the Schumann Resonance are a physical indicator of the corresponding increasing energies within us and on the Earth.

Astrology Pattern

Once again, as it has over the past several months, our astrology pattern features the planet Uranus, which is associated with the transformation that is possible through an increase of higher consciousness and frequency.

The most significant aspect of the current New Moon chart is the new-phase relationship of Mercury and the Moon with Uranus. New-phase means that Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun are each less than 10 degrees ahead of Uranus. The new-phase relationship is significant because it further emphasizes the momentum of a brand new beginning. More specifically, Mercury and the Moon working with Uranus in this position signify a breakthrough, or leap, of new consciousness and new levels of intelligence.

On the personal level this new beginning also represents access to a new quality of personal being. The expansion will offer each of us new potentials of opportunity. Your expanded consciousness will allow you to break free from limited ways of thinking, including the limited ways you’ve accessed your intuition. The new expanded qualities are related to all aspects of your awareness. They’re connected to your intellect, your ability to process information, your intuitive perceptions, and your access to your spiritual potential.

This expansion and the opportunity for breakthrough also helps to provide context for all of the intensity we have been experiencing on behalf of Uranus over the past several months. For without the preparation of these previous levels of Uranian intensity, our consciousness would not be ready to take advantage of the current potential for breakthrough.

In short, this astrology pattern is the very definition of a breakthrough in consciousness. The way in which these new potentials will transform our lives remains to be seen. We are entering uncharted territory! What we do know is that this coming month represents a continued and significant expansion.

Our New Moon chart holds a great deal of positive potential and positive momentum. I believe this to be a breakthrough month in our evolution toward a new quality of being through our connection to higher consciousness.

Happy New Moon.

Facing the Consequences: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2017

Article Window: Apr 10 to Apr 26
• The Full Moon is Monday, April 10, 11:08 PM PDT
• Sun is 22° Aries, Moon is 22° Libra
• Next New Moon: Apr 26
• Current New Moon Theme (Mar 27 – Apr 26): Intuitive Sensitivity

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Photo of Full Moon Over Bay

Astrology Article: Facing the Consequences

Our Full Moon astrology brings into focus the real possibility of creating a new level of abundance and cooperation in the world, both on a personal level as well as collectively and in the culture-at-large. This opportunity is provided with a requirement: To receive the new potentials we must be willing to take an honest look at our lives and our circumstances and our current trajectory. This is true on a personal level as well as our membership in the collective.

Today’s article will focus on three planetary influences that represent the opportunity for a distinct turning point.

This opportunity is symbolized in the patterns of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct the Moon and Sun, and linked by a Pluto T-square (see chart). This Lunar pattern will have a direct impact on our lives over the coming two weeks. This is true on both the personal and collective levels.

The  astrology chart for the Full Moon presents a poignant contrast between two possibilities, and two potential realities. The Uranus/Sun pattern amplifies a greater optimism associated with human togetherness and cooperation, while the Jupiter/Moon pattern emphasizes a potential breakdown in the patterns and relationships between the individual and society.

The Moon/Jupiter Challenge

Full Moon Astrology Chart: Apr 2017Jupiter is the planet of expansion through integration and management of relationships and social structures. At the personal level, Jupiter allows you expand into society for success. From society’s position, Jupiter controls and manages your participation in the social structures and status. These relationships can be positive or negative, depending on intention and alignment.

The biggest challenge facing each of us now, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, is the task of clearly asking and seeing the quality of our alignment with existing social structures.  In what ways are the structures of your life serving you? Who and what is ultimately controlling you?  And the deeper question now: “Are you okay with this?”

This is a loaded question with many implications. It requires us to acknowledge the elements within society that manage human beings for the sake of control and greed rather than for the public good. These patterns  are currently evident within the corporate media’s portrayal of reality which includes narratives of growth at all cost, the war on terror, and reduction of individual liberties. With the current activation, these destructive patterns could continue to escalate.

What’s being called for with the Full Moon is a shift in consciousness with the opportunity for new possibilities to emerge that are centered on abundance and prosperity.

This opportunity for abundance and prosperity is shown in the individualized approach to the Moon/Jupiter conjunction. Through the overall pattern of the chart there’s the opportunity for individuals to personally approach this realization of external control, leading to the choice to pursue new possibilities for peace and prosperity. Willingness to face the consequences of our previous actions as a culture can now lead to a new level of empowerment and participation in the reconstruction of society.

In other words, if we face the consequences of what’s really going on in our lives, we can shift it. Again, this is true on a personal level as well as collectively. The transformation of society in a more positive direction begins with our willingness to face our own problems and, with eyes wide open, knowing the risks and accepting the consequences of our actions, then we can choose to work in cooperation with others. Each action we take contributes to the larger movement toward a more inclusive society.

The Sun/Uranus Challenge

The planet Uranus has played a prominent role in the astrology of the last several months and this Full Moon chart is no exception. Uranus always promotes freedom and individuality, even at the expense of destroying whatever stands in the way. Uranus holds such a high vibration that whatever structure can’t hold its frequency of wholeness will be transformed or even shattered.

During this Full Moon, the Sun’s position at 3 degrees behind Uranus, sets the theme of “letting go” that will be played out over the coming two weeks. With the Sun in balsamic phase to Uranus, this theme of letting go of the past comes into play.

At the collective level, societies around the world are faced with letting go of all low-frequency control of the planet and humanity in general. However, this letting go doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The letting go allows for something greater. The accompanying expansion allows for greater potential to creatively come forth.

The Sabian archetype for Uranus indicates the intuitive awareness that’s available now, including the ability to receive new revelations of even greater possibilities than we have seen or imagined in the past.

ARCHETYPE: The revelation of new potentialities.
COMMENTARY: To operate on both inner and outer levels; be open, able, and willing to shape a translucent mind around spiritual fulfillment. Through faith, we can only experience what we truly believe we can experience.

I like what this Sabian says about faith: “Through faith, we can only experience what we truly believe we can experience.” On a personal level, the Sun/Uranus conjunction is a call to each of us to experience greater freedom with the faith that new potentials are not only possible, but attainable. It is possible now to have the freedom and abundance in which we truly believe.

Pluto’s Challenge

The real opportunity of this Full Moon lies in Pluto which completes the T-square with both Jupiter and Uranus. As a collective, we have reached the point of facing the consequences of our current trajectory: either we can continue on the current path with increasing levels of corrupt power, or we can take actions to begin a new path by building relationships of collaboration and trust. This includes our relationships with all forms of leadership and our choices with whom we will align.

The polarity and contrast of the two simultaneous paths of choice summarize the current wakeup call and the opportunity to choose to face the consequences in our lives in a transformative way for the highest good. Remember, Pluto wants transformation at any cost. With Pluto in Capricorn, control and power can be equally used for the positive or the negative. This is the choice each of us must make.

The world will change when enough of us choose, on a personal level, to completely challenge the status quo and ask ourselves what true transformation and cooperation with others might look like.

In Summary

This Full Moon is a call to freedom and abundance, joining together and working with others for a positive outcome.

This Full Moon chart emphasizes a turning point. Our Full Moon astrology is full of optimism, but only if you are willing to face the consequences of your personal situation and actions.  Once you are willing to see the truth of the current situation, then the next step is to let go of limiting ideas of what is truly possible. From here you are able to transcend old limitations, let go of past ideas, and embrace the opportunity of new potentials. It’s time to believe in what is possible, to join together in prosperity and freedom, and to transform culture into something for everyone.

Regardless of what choice the collective makes, know that your personal choice can be one of cosmic optimism and new possibilities. This is where lasting change begins.

Happy Full Moon

An Increasing Sensitivity to Intuition: New Moon Astrology March 2017

Article Window: Mar 27 to Apr 26
• The New Moon is Mar 27, 2016  7:57 PM PDT
• Sun is 8° Aries, Moon is 8° Aries
• Next Full Moon is April 12, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Mar 27 to Apr 26): Intuitive Sensitivity

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

 Aries New Moon Photo Over Hawaii Beach

Astrology Article: An Increasing Sensitivity to Intuition

Our New Moon Astrology for this month indicates the potential for a major transformational shift in consciousness. On the personal level the shift is facilitating an increased psychic sensitivity and connection to your  innate intuitive processes. In short, what you can expect during this coming Lunar month is a jump in your intuitive abilities.

At this point in history it is crucial that we each connect with and expand our intuitive potential. There are many different forms of psychic abilities, however basic intuition is the starting point for all other extra-sensory perceptions. All more highly refined psychic perceptions, such as clairaudience and clairvoyance, stem from your basic innate intuitive processes.

The Significance of Personal Intuition

The term “intuition” refers to the innate form of psychic ability that everyone possesses. Intuition is your connection to your inner knowingness, what you know to be true at a deeper level. It’s knowing what you know, without necessarily knowing how you know it. Often referred to as knowing something ‘in your gut,’ intuition is what creates discernment for all other psychic perceptions.

This quality of basic intuition is highlighted for everyone with this month’s New Moon. The subtle energies of Uranus are operating as a catalyst for this process. Uranus has been playing a key role in our Lunar charts over the past several months, and steadily increasing the vibration of consciousness on Earth. This month, with Uranus directly conjunct Mercury, the combination creates a quickening of all mental processes that are connected to intuition and sensitive to the psychic realm.

Mercury’s influence is supporting a more logical, rational, and direct connection to your intuition that allows you to more easily connect with your intuitive perceptions in your daily life.  This can be an elusive process, especially if you’re not aware of how to connect with the potentials. I will attempt here to take some of the mystery out the shift in energies that you can expect in the coming weeks.

Aries and Personal Intuition

Aries is a powerful zodiac sign with a broad spectrum of energies that include assertiveness, inspiration, new momentum, courage, and a pioneering spirit. Another key quality of Aries is intuition. Specifically this is your intuition as it relates to expanding into new experiences.

In addition to the Sun and Moon, the power of this New Moon draws additional energy from the stellium located in Aries. Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are amplifying the expanding nature of our New Moon potential. This planetary grouping represents an infusion of a tremendous amount of the astrological element of Fire, which is closely associated with qualities of intuition, transformation, and a desire to expand into greater personal potential.

Mercury and Uranus Working Closely Together

Aries New Moon Astrology Chart for March 2017Among the energy signatures of the different planets, Uranus represents an increased frequency of consciousness. On the personal level, Uranus is our vehicle for connecting with our own higher consciousness. These frequencies are so subtle that it is easy for them to go unnoticed.  On the personal level they tend to operate at a subconscious level until there is an increased sensitivity within the individual.

In the New Moon chart, the Mercury-Uranus conjunction supports this increased sensitivity by allowing for your intelligence to access and integrate with your intuition.  In other words, Mercury is giving your mental process the support its need to logically and intelligently recognize the subtle frequencies of your intuition and directly work with them.

Now that you understand the process, how do you recognize it in your life?

At the most basic level, you can recognize this process of increased intuition through  your desires for freedom and individuality. Uranus will help you to break free from constricting old patterns of thinking, especially thought processes that are rooted in traditional styles of ethics, morality, and the permanence of anything that fights against dynamic change.

Uranus is all about change and transformation, so it opposes any aspects of tradition that are resistant to necessary or healthy change. This opposition gives rise to the intuitive impulse to break away from traditional paradigms that are no longer in alignment with the current planetary shifts into higher frequencies.

Working with the Aries New Moon

There is a tremendous amount of potential and momentum that is flowing into the overall New Moon pattern. As I mentioned earlier, this New Moon is initiating a larger cycle and shift of consciousness. By connecting with the energies of Aries you can tap into this potential.

The abundance of Aries energies is helping you to expand by giving you the courage to let go of any mental constructs or beliefs that directly impede your intuitive processes. Aries is encouraging your Uranian desire for greater psychic freedom and expanded awareness of the subtle spiritual realms. This is a time to feel inspired about your potential to connect more fully to your intuitive guidance and your connection to the source of creativity and transforming energies at the root of Creation.

The challenge this month lies in the subtlety of the energies.  For most people, Uranus operates in a largely unconscious manner. For those reading this article, an understanding of how to recognize the influence of Uranus in your life will be the key to intentionally connecting and boosting your intuitive processes and abilities.

You can recognize the influence of Uranus through your desire to break free from anything that holds you back from expressing your freedom and individuality. During this Lunar cycle, pay close attention to your desire to expand. This includes your desire for internal intuitive expansion and a greater freedom of consciousness, understanding, and awareness.

This intuitive freedom releases you from traditional concepts of reality, including limiting ideas of psychic abilities, religious biases, and victim thinking. It moves you toward inspiration, independent thought, and subtle awareness of larger realities.

Let’s Review and Summarize

This Lunar cycle is centered on the development of consciousness. On the personal level, this happens through an increase in your intuitive abilities. The degree of increase you experience will be dependent on your connection to the subtle energies of your intuitive guidance system.

Uranus is creating the desire to break free from anything holding you back from personal expansion, so during this Lunar cycle pay close attention to your desire to embrace greater freedom in every area of your life. The fire of Aries, in combination with Mercury and Uranus, is helping your intuition to expand while also operating in a sound and rational way. This month promises to be exciting and full of Aries optimism and potential.

Happy New Moon

An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017

An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017

Article Window: Feb 26 to Mar 27
• The New Moon is Feb 26, 2017  6:53 AM PDT
• Sun is 9° Pisces, Moon is 9° Pisces
• Next Full Moon is Mar 12, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Feb 26 to Mar 27): Energized Consciousness 

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of Pisces New Moon through the Trees

Astrology Article: An Intense Mobilization of Energy

This month’s New Moon Astrology is focused through the broad lens of Pisces. The expansive scope of Pisces’ power is focused on accessing inner strength while also working with the broader range and depth of Pisces energy. Your ability to connect with inner strength in order to mobilize these positive energies within Pisces plays an important role in in accessing the power of our New Moon.

My intention with this New Moon discussion is to offer you a clear understanding of how to best maximize your particular circumstances. To explore this further, I invite you to delve a little deeper with me into the vastness of the Pisces archetype and what it means in your life.

Pisces and its Broader Scope of Strength and Compassion

As the third water sign (the first being Cancer and the second Scorpio), Pisces carries the most mature energy of all three water signs. Through this maturity in the emotional realm of feelings, Pisces is able to hold and wield a tremendous amount of energy. It also carries a depth of inner strength capable of handling the larger scope of feelings associated with mature compassion and expanded connections and realities.

Through the feeling realm, Pisces rules the personal desire to perpetuate positive contributions. Pisces is not only personal, it also applies to all of humanity.  On a global scale, Pisces rules social institutions, including their desire to perpetuate their influence into the future.

This quality is amplified because we are experiencing a Pisces stellium which groups together Neptune, Mercury, and the New Moon. This planetary group (stellium) works together to build a greater connection within humanity both now and as the foundation for a new and better tomorrow.

The shadow side of Pisces commonly surfaces as fear. This is fear that arises when one’s natural inner strength is not accessed or experienced.  Instead of accessing inner strength there is a void or missed connection, and this void leads to the experience that we commonly label “fear.” It can be an empowering exercise to think of fear as the absence of connection to your natural inner strength.

Through inner connection, this New Moon is supporting a mobilization of energy that will provide the needed momentum for a new direction both personally and collectively. This experience of inner connection can empower humanity to tap into the natural flow and feeling of external connection to others and the world, rather than feelings of being separate.

This concept and experience of the inner connectedness of all humanity is what gives rise to the qualities of compassion and humanitarianism which are at the core of all spiritual teachings. These qualities are associated with both Pisces and its ruler, Neptune.

This Pisces energy signature is also within everyone’s individual astrology chart. The understanding of your unique relationship to Pisces gives personal insight explaining how one’s experience of fear is intertwined with one’s capacity for inner strength.

As such, an understanding of your personal relationship to Pisces is extremely valuable in mastering your hidden power and hidden strength. Using your own chart, your astrologer can explain your personal relationship to Pisces and the ways you can access Neptune’s energy signature in your life.

An Intense Stream of Energy Exposes the Shadow of Pisces

Astrology Chart for the New Moon on Feb 26, 2017The New Moon stellium in Pisces is introducing an energy stream capable of activating extremes of feeling, ranging from powerful compassion to intense fear.

As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune plays a central role within the stellium. It’s operating at more than one level. It’s helping to dissolve perspectives based on misinformation, such as the subversive agenda of corporate media. It is also activating the opportunity to become consciously aware of spiritual principles that can transform society and mobilize new streams of connection. By accessing both of these qualities, you are invited to feel more connected to the world and others by sharing truth-seeking information that directly supports reliance on inner strength and compassionate thinking.

Neptune’s ability to vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency will also allow you see through the Pisces shadow of fear and its contagious ability to connect people at the level of shadow, through their fears.

Neptune’s position in front of both Mercury and the New Moon creates a frequency of balsamic energy that mimics many aspects of Pisces. This balsamic signature produces a capacity for letting go and sets the foundation for new beginnings  including additional strength and the courage to see through the delusionary nature of the world. This balsamic energy is the same harmonic that Pisces carries in the annual cycle, as the final zodiac sign before the new cycle begins with Aries. As such, it is further amplifying all of the larger potentials that Pisces holds.

Mercury’s position in the stellium supports logical conclusions to all the new Pisces’s energy, including the ability to rethink decisions in order to be in alignment with compassion instead of fear.

While this Moon offers the opportunity to consciously connect to others through courage and inner strength, the alternative response is the unconscious desire to be part of something larger.  In practical terms, this can show up as the attitude of “going along with the flow,” including the acceptance of whatever those in the culture or in authority dictate.

Pisces always leads to the desire to connect, and when it’s unconscious the tendency is to connect through the most commonly accepted and status quo ways. This can include the desire to perpetuate existing social structures and institutions, even if they’re no longer functional. These unconscious tendencies to connect with others through status quo especially become a problem when what is popular is also ill-conceived or even dangerous. This unconscious acceptance represents the shadow of Pisces.

The question of importance that’s activated with this New Moon is whether you are connecting out of compassion and inner strength, or fear?

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse Moving into a New Moon

The New Moon is mobilizing new levels of inner strength  that will enable us to see larger possibilities for our world beyond the climate of fear that connects unsuspecting people through fear and separation, rather than through the power of compassion and love.

In practical terms, this New Moon is building on the Lunar eclipse “Temple Pattern” of two weeks ago. The eclipse opened a cosmic doorway that is providing us the opportunity to participate more intentionally in creating our world. We have the capacity now to begin seeing, understanding, and perceiving the fabric of reality as fluid, pliable and energetic, rather than fixed. This includes the ability to see beyond what is being dismantled so that together we can envision new possibilities.

We are entering a new era in which participation in life and culture isn’t based on fear and control, but instead on a greater insight born of an internalized authority that’s free from external constraints, especially those constraints that tell you what to think and how to live.

The foundation of courage was firmly established two weeks ago at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. The Pisces New Moon is now setting the foundation for new momentum in a new direction that’s aligned with more individual freedom. This freedom is only available, however, when we are able to access our inner strength and compassion. These qualities of inner strength and compassion will lead us to take action together in the direction of truth and authentic leadership.

A Practical New Moon Summary

The Pisces Moon is bringing an opportunity now to become consciously aware of your own power and inner strength. With the influence of the stellium pattern, Neptune has the ability to awaken and to mobilize this new stream of Pisces energy.

The activation of inner strength includes the ability to transcend your inner fears. One of the consequences of this mobilization of inner power is the awakening to all forms of shadow elements within the world, including misinformation, delusion, external control, and repressed freedom. Through inner strength you will be able to see beyond and rise above the influence of these external controls.

Through the energies of this New Moon, as you rely on inner strength, you are invited to feel more connected to the positive elements of compassion and connection to humanity working together as a whole. It’s our connection to inner strength that allows us to feel the connection to others. True compassion takes a tremendous amount of inner strength, and it is this inner strength that gives rise to your connection to humanity. Your inner strength is the source of your compassion.

A planetary reaction of compassion is needed in order to repolarize humanity away from fear, and toward common goals that invite a greater connectedness and freewill.

Claiming Your Future: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Feb 2017

Claiming Your Future: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Feb 2017

Article Window: Feb 10 to Feb 26
• The Full Moon is Friday, Feb 10, 4:33 PM PST
Lunar Eclipse
• Sun is 23° Aquarius, Moon is 23° Leo
• Next New Moon: Feb 26
• Current New Moon Theme (Jan 27 – Feb 26): Personalizing Power

Current Lunar Cycle

Each Lunar Eclipse opens a cosmic doorway that results in a new awareness, ability or insight that you can use for inspired action in your life. This cosmic gift is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.

The Eclipse portal will remain open and active until the Moon returns to this location in the sky during the next lunar cycle. In the coming 3+ weeks, while the portal is open, look for ways to express joy and take inspired action, especially through whatever you have embraced or experienced during the current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion.

Photo of Lunar Eclipse over Reflection Lake

Astrology Article: Claiming Your Future

Our Lunar eclipse in Leo is perhaps the most significant and important Full Moon in a multi-year span. A Lunar eclipse is rare, but even more rare is the astrological “temple pattern” in which it occurs. THIS Lunar eclipse, housed as it is within its temple pattern, is significant for what it sets into motion. The reason that this eclipse is so important is that it has the potential to enable us to create an entirely new future, different that anything we have ever known.

The Astrology Temple Pattern

To fully understand how to best utilize this incredible energy pattern, allow me to introduce some of the key ideas that make the temple pattern so spectacular.

The temple pattern derives its name from its shape, which looks like the outline of a building. It is known for supporting expansion into a greater understanding and perspective. The key distinguishing feature of this pattern is the planet that occupies the steeple area of the building. The “steeple planet” always plays the most significant role in uncovering the deeper meaning of the temple.

Before we go into specifics, it’s significant to mention that we are experiencing two temple patterns on nearly back-to-back Full Moons. The first was the Gemini Full Moon on December 13,  preparing for Winter Solstice. Mars was in the steeple position of that temple. The overriding signature, supported by Uranus, was the activation and removal of patterns of conflict that hold us back from full expansion.

The current pattern is taking that new foundation that was established and anchored over the past two lunar cycles and, again with the support of Uranus’ expanded consciousness, giving us the opportunity to step into an entirely new reality.

The Steeple of Saturn

Astrology Chart of Lunar Eclipse and Temple Pattern, Feb 2017In our current Lunar Eclipse temple pattern we have the planet Saturn occupying the steeple position. Saturn supports our ability to structure our reality with concrete ideas of time, rules, and the external support of all the hierarchical relationships and systems we take for granted.

Saturn’s position as the key to the temple pattern represents your ability to establish a new sense of reality, including a new understanding of what’s real within your current circumstances. In the big picture, Saturn’s position also signifies a co-creative aspect of humanity, in which humanity as a group has the opportunity to collectively decide what to make real and concrete within this great sea of energy we call life.

This idea of co-creating something real out of the “sea of energy” cannot be stressed enough. Modern physics is constantly reminding us that all of life is pure energy. The eclipse signature, with Saturn in the steeple position, is reminding us that what we think of as solid is actually pure energy and capable of transformation.

Within our world today, most people structure their connection to time and external systems of hierarchy and rules based on ideas of outer appearances, rather than their connection to the unseen structures of life and the energies beneath the outer surface of what’s seen. This attachment to external form is the shadow side of Saturn. This shadow shapes a world view devoid of Saturn’s most important role, which is to structure the hidden forces and energies that coalesce into the fabric of reality. This includes the reality that we experience as matter.

The Four Corners of a New Reality

We have discussed Saturn’s key role as the steeple of the temple pattern, but it is the other four corners that show us how to work with this pattern in more practical ways. The Sun, eclipsed Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus are the planets that occupy these four corners.

There is a great significance to the sequence of the pattern itself. Beyond the Sun and eclipsed Moon, the other three planets of the pattern, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, are working together in their natural relationship within the Solar System in order to expand our perceptions of what’s possible.  It is Jupiter and Saturn that help us orient to the known world, and it is Uranus that takes life to the next level and gives each of us access to information, perspective, and understanding beyond what is usually thought of as “normal.”

At this point in our discussion, it is of paramount importance to remember that we are putting this in the larger context of the Lunar eclipse. Through the eclipse portal, Uranus is helping us to expand our conscious field of awareness beyond our solar system. In general we can speak of this as a new awareness of potentials, but that’s just another way of saying that you now have the real opportunity to understand your reality beyond previously held perceptions of “normal” time and space.

This new access will manifest in different ways. For some of you it may mean a new healthy perspective on larger possibilities emerging from conflicts, including current social challenges, and your ability to transcend polarizing events to which others around you may be reacting.

For others who are able to work directly with higher dimensions, the eclipse means that there is a real possibility to jump timelines, moving into an entirely new reality. The future is not set and depends on the co-creative participation of humanity as a whole.

The Jupiter Factor of Managing Expansion

Each Lunar eclipse brings a gift of a new type of awareness. The current eclipse brings a whole new level of optimism and opportunity to your life. Jupiter as a corner of the temple represents how we will manage our expansion and the new optimism.

In this case, you have access to a new type of optimism that is connected to a new inner strength. Both of these abilities will need to be nurtured and possibly even managed throughout the coming eclipse cycle.

This new optimism connects you with new awareness centered around how you decide to perceive what we call reality. This new type of optimism will be needed to accurately perceive the underlying energies that are no longer shackled to a future of control and lack. Remember, the future is not set and we all play a part in the world we decide to co-create.

The Sun’s Role as Teacher

With the Sun in Aquarius the theme of breaking away from the shadow of Saturn is definitely emphasized. Further,  the Sun’s position in the temple pattern suggests that self-discipline is a requirement for lasting progress to be made.

The idea of the Sun as a teacher is taken directly from the Sabian archetype of 23° Aquarius.

ARCHETYPE: The self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.
COMMENTARY: The soul is the true trainer. Powerful energies can be trained once the realization occurs of the value and power contained in self-discipline which comes directly from source. Training is only truly successful when self-discipline is learned.

The Uranus Factor of Freewill

While Saturn holds the key position to this astrology chart, it is Uranus that is activating the purpose of the pattern.  Uranus is currently known as the Ruler of Aquarius. It’s interesting to note that the ruler of Aquarius used to be Saturn before Uranus was discovered. This fact in itself represents the current shift in consciousness and our ability to transcend the limits of the reality we perceive in the physical world that Saturn supports.

At the most basic level, Saturn represents the structure of what we currently call reality. It is Uranus that provides the energy to release the constraints of time, and structures of hierarchy and rules from the bounds of normal reality. Uranus forces Saturn to shake lose any structure that vibrates at a substantially lower frequency. It doesn’t destroy Saturn, but it helps it to function more effectively in order to structure all the energies before they coalesce into a newly manifest form.

Uranus works directly with the existence of freewill, individuality, and the higher vibrations of the unseen world of energy,  including humanity as a whole. Uranus is personal in its need to breakaway toward freedom, and yet impersonal in its capacity to shake loose the shadow of Saturn and those realities that vibrate at a low frequency. We often experience the impersonal side of Uranus in terms of difficulty, so in this way we can simultaneously experience both inspiration and challenge from these dual processes of growth.

In our current state of world affairs, we see  many deliberate attempts to take away individual freewill. The shadow effects of Saturn are evident, for example, in the mass media streams of information and polarizing ideas from those who speak for us in an official capacity. When we step away, it’s easy to observe that it’s always one side against the other, a perpetual stream of conflict. Even more, you are told by the existing structures that your future depends on choosing a side!

In the big picture these attempts to polarize and divide ultimately take away your power and prohibit your ability to choose the more transcendent future that we as humanity are capable of co-creating. From a spiritual point of view, co-creation isn’t possible  when we allow someone else to control our options for choice. When we rely on official information outlets, for example, to frame our reality and control our access to information, then our freewill is lost within the external controlled narrative. This is the shadow side of Saturn, evident in a corrupt system that is about to be exposed and transformed.

This eclipse has the potential to forge a pathway away from external control by brute force and hidden agendas (the shadow of Saturn) and toward greater freedom (the force of Uranus).

The Eclipse Signature

This entire discussion has been leading up to the defining characteristics that set this eclipse apart from others. Through all of the factors within the Temple Pattern, this eclipse portal is activating an internal courage that allows you to practice at your own skill level the conscious use of Uranus energy. In short, you have the opportunity for accessing personal power that can enable you to literally change your future.

In the past, a majority of humanity has only been able to react unconsciously to the powerful energies of Uranus. This is true because Uranus operates at a such a high frequency; in the past it has been difficult for most people to consciously access these frequencies and so the actions of Uranus have mostly been in the unconscious and impersonal realms. The conscious use of Uranus occurs through the Moon, primarily because the Moon and Uranus resonate harmonically. In fact, the eight phases of the Lunar cycle derive their transformational meaning from Uranus.  This is just another way to express the significance of the expansion that is possible.

In the most practical way, you can use this new-found access to Uranus to consciously transform your life into the future self you want to be. This eclipse is providing you with the internal courage to sense new potential realities of information, new situations, and even new capacities for health that vibrate at a higher level. You’ll then be able to use this sense of new potential as a guide. You can think of this as receiving an enhanced guidance system that enables you to utilize Uranus and its freewill thinking in a personal way.

Our future is a co-creative process. True co-creation requires your ability to choose a future that is not controlled by the shadow elements of Saturn. To be truly holistic, the future must be both peaceful and compassionate, where freewill is honored.

With the help of this eclipse and our incredible temple pattern, you have the opportunity to step into a new level of co-creation with Source. Your entire future has the potential to change.


Each eclipse allows us to take a giant leap into something more encompassing. The current eclipse provides the opportunity to begin seeing the fabric of reality as more pliable and energetic, rather than fixed. Our individual power can be harnessed more easily when we are able to shake free the control of what others are telling us about the nature of our world.

From the expanded perspective that Uranus provides, along with the eclipse portal of new opportunity beyond “normal” space-time constraints, we are at the dawn of an era. This is an era in which participation in life and culture isn’t based on fear and control, but instead on a greater insight born of an internalized authority that’s free from external constraints, especially those that tell you what to think and how to live.

The eclipse energy brings a new awareness in the form of a perspective that’s not controlled by religion, the corporate media, politics or science. With this Full Moon, Spirit is unshackled by time, hierarchy, and rules that are designed to suppress your true nature. Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness. Your opportunity now is to begin accessing your personal power in new ways, and to take your part in co-creating a better future for all.

Happy Full Moon.

How to Personalize Your Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 2017

How to Personalize Your Power: New Moon Astrology Jan 2017

Article Window: Jan 27 to Feb 26
• The New Moon is Jan 27, 2016  4:07 PM PDT
• Sun is 9° Aquarius, Moon is 9° Aquarius
• New Moon Theme (Jan 27 to Feb 26): Personalizing Power
• Next Full Moon is Feb 10, 2017 (Lunar eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Photo at Aquarius Beach

Astrology Article: How to Personalize Your Power

This month’s New Moon Astrology is bringing all of us to a crossroad of sorts. It’s a crossroad where one’s personal life choices intersect with the direction in which the world is headed.  This is an annual event that occurs each year at the Aquarius Moon, when our personal vision comes into alignment with the larger Aquarian potentials for change. The Aquarius Moon marks such a significant shift in consciousness that it is celebrated as the time of Chinese New Year.

Each of us holds a personal vision of a better tomorrow. The most significant question now, at this year’s Aquarius New Moon, is whether your vision for a better tomorrow will become fully activated when it reaches our New Moon tipping point. The more you’re able to connect with your internal feeling of power, the more you will be able to add your personalized contribution to the arena of a better future for us all. The focus of this article is to offer insights that will help you fully connect to these potentials.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius carries an energy capable of transforming the world through the qualities of freedom and uniqueness. Before we dive deeper into this month’s theme of building a better future through the use of personalized power, I would like to introduce the ways in which the powerful Aquarian energies are related to the unique qualities of this year’s Aquarius New Moon.

The Impersonal Working Along-Side the Personal

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Aquarius is that its energy is simultaneously both impersonal and personal. For example, at the same time that the Aquarian traits of freedom and uniqueness are expressed at a universal level, planetary and larger, they are also experienced personally and require individuality and personal expression for success.

The mystery of Aquarius is that these energies not only simultaneously operate at both collective and individual levels; they also operate within each of us at the same time. In other words, we have the capacity to experience both of these levels within our own range of perception.

This process of working in both the personal and impersonal dimensions simultaneously is a practical expression of the term “multi-dimensional reality.” This important concept and capacity is becoming more commonly understood, and has its roots in this aspect of the Aquarius archetype.

To understand this multi-dimensional aspect through Aquarius is to acknowledge the impersonal desire to transform the world for the better. This underlying transformative energy of Aquarius is aligned with the value of new and progressive ideas that represent the best of progress. In order to fully participate at the individual level, we must be able to let go of attachment to old ideas in order to recognize the impulses of healthy progress.

This personal aspect of Aquarius is centered on an individuality of personalized power. This leads to activity capable of transforming society by embodying these same new values.  These two processes work together: The impersonal attitudes and beliefs combine with the personal desire for freedom and uniqueness. This together harnesses personal power for new activity in alignment with change. This process is extremely personal and requires a quality of individualized focus and will.

Freedom is an essential aspect of the Aquarian signature. It is freedom that allows each  person to express themselves through all forms of creativity, spontaneity, and the simple brilliance that comes from being a unique being. This personalization of Aquarian energy can now, through connection to the larger potentials for change, become the opportunity to contribute your own unique mark, your signature activities, to the problems facing humanity.

Freedom and power work hand in hand to support larger processes of change by allowing the individual to contribute uniqueness and creativity. Through these expressions the individual contributes to the larger momentum of change, and challenges the collective forces of inertia that are more interested in control than progress.

Aquarian energy helps us connect with our true source of power which comes from within and is channeled directly from the intelligent, creative, eternal Source of all. This same process is both personal and impersonal, occurring at the same time. Power from within is personal and dependent on our focus, but the eternal intelligence is impersonal, and in continuous operation,  whether you are personally aware of it or not.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology Chart for New Moon Jan, 2017An astrological “Bowl” pattern forms our predominate signature for the New Moon chart.  The Bowl creates a container for mixing together all the planetary energies for the purpose of a holistic and positive outcome. The New Moon is featured at the center (bottom) of the bowl signifying the need for integration and cooperative use of power.

Overall, this pattern integrates individual patterns of conflict and destiny into a larger united purpose, and allows the collection of energies to work together in a very specific and holistic way.

The chart also shows a T-square. Although it is not directly activated by the New Moon, it is still significant and sets the entire framework for accessing our Aquarian energy this month. The T-square places Uranus (freedom) and Jupiter (expansion of society) as opposites, creating an opportunity for an unexpected expansion in consciousness, or an all-out rejection of the status quo. We also have a powerful combination of Mercury (intelligence) and Pluto (total control) working together to challenge everything we have been told is true.

Aquarian energy is designed to challenge anything that limits our personal freedoms, for without freedom the key qualities of individuality and uniqueness die a slow death. The impulse to be free is found within the desire to be an individual. Individuality dies without the freedom to be creative and unique. Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, supports the process of personal transformation through individualized freedom, and helps to give birth to personalized power.

Developing Personalized Power

During the next month the potential to develop personalized power will be at an all-time high. The key in developing your own personalized power lies in your awareness of working with Source energy that is simultaneously personal,  expressed through your own freely chosen and unique activities, and impersonal, carried within as the underlying belief and incorporation of new values supporting all of humanity.

The crossroads we face at this year’s Aquarius New Moon centers on aligning your belief in humanity and a better future with personally chosen activity and your own unique approach to life. This is an astrological moment where the personal intersects with the impersonal at the highest level of possibility.

The power of this moment holds the opportunity to expand our ability to perceive our reality, our world, as a living substance. The impersonalized universal consciousness of the Earth, our “mother nature,” is directly channeling the energies of Aquarian uniqueness which then become personalized in each of our lives through individual activity. In summary, this New Moon represents a shift in consciousness which allows each of us to personally harness the larger reality and create unique activity that changes our world in a positive direction.

During this Lunar Cycle, the more your own individualized sense of freedom can be uniquely expressed,  the more you will develop your unique qualities of personalized power.  It’s a process by which you take the impersonal and universal power of Nature and claim it with the stamp of your own unique signature. Through your unique actions you channel this power into your dream of creating a better world. It’s your personal and unique individuality that carries out the inspiration needed to change the world in a positive direction.

A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

Article Window: Jan 12 to Jan 27
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Jan 12, 3:34 AM PST
• Sun is 23° Capricorn, Moon is 23° Cancer
• Next New Moon: Jan 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 28 – Jan 27): A Call to Action

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Solstice Village Seattle 2017

Astrology Article: A Balancing of Accounts

Our Full Moon astrology has an unusual emphasis this month based on the natural conflict between the energies of Capricorn (Sun) and Cancer (Moon). When these two powerful zodiac energies collide, there is often a showdown between what’s best for the individual, and what’s best for the established order. This is the case with our current Cancer Full Moon.

The specific showdown this month is especially related to systems of political power within the establishment. What the individual needs for success in the world can oftentimes be at odds with those who make the rules, especially if those rules are for political gain and not the greater good. This is the classic conflict between the individual and collective, specifically that portion of the collective with agendas set by a ruling elite that isn’t in alignment with the greater good. When goals and agendas collide, the individual’s power can be squashed with the power of a co-opted collective.

The Dance of the Individual and the Collective

There is a natural and healthy push-pull relationship between the individual and the collective. Sometimes it is necessary that their needs collide, but each also holds a fundamental responsibility for the good of the other. The individual has a responsibility to support the collective with uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions that promote healthy growth and evolution of the group. The collective has a responsibility to provide resources, opportunities, and rewards, especially to those individuals who fulfill their responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

A balancing of accounts is necessary when either the individual or the collective becomes out of harmony within this dance between the two. Our current Full Moon is offering new awareness of what is out of balance, as well as realizations that will enable you to move forward and contribute in positive ways.

The Nature of These Colliding Forces

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Jan 2017In our current astrological pattern, we find the Sun conjunct Pluto with the Full Moon in direct opposition. Pluto’s energy is considered by many astrologers as the most powerful planet in our solar system.  This is because its natural force has the potential to completely transform whatever it contacts. The outcome and determining factor of this transformation is dependent on the intentions behind the actions, specifically whether they are centered around control or empowerment. To understand the significance of Pluto’s activation in our current chart, it is helpful to review the Sabian Archetype for Pluto’s position at 18° degrees Capricorn.

ARCHETYPE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
COMMENTARY: Institutional power can be used to control groups or individuals, especially when it is required to maintain a specific outcome of social order or social relationships. This ultimate expression of power needs to be balanced by justice and compassion, rather than elitism justifying authority through abuse of power.

Pluto’s energy is contributing this month to the opportunity for a balancing of accounts, especially where there are situations of unchecked power. The current energies are supporting a relationship of trust that’s balanced by justice and compassion, without elite groups or individuals attempting to justify their own authority, especially when that authority is used to justify abuse of power.

In short, Pluto is contributing to our Full Moon in Cancer by empowering the individual to clearly see the larger needs of the collective, including areas of injustice and imbalance. In the coming days you can expect to experience a heightened awareness of the need for greater justice against abuses of power. This will be true within your personal own circumstances as well as the world at large. In all areas the desire for a greater level of accountability will predominate.

How to Work with the Full Moon this Month

The Full Moon this month has the potential to be challenging. In addition to the Pluto/Sun conjunction, we are experiencing a grand square with the additional energies of a Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Jupiter will give you an objective voice, while Uranus provides for a potential shift in social power, including imbalances in current power structures.

What this all means is that it’s time to look objectively at expectations, responsibilities, and potential rewards that are offered and exchanged between you the individual and the collective. Your collective can be personal and immediate as well as global. It’s time to see things clearly and make an objective evaluation of where you fit in this equation.

The key this month is to be willing to face these opposing energies and then integrate them in such a way as to provide a clear pathway for personal forward progress.

Be mindful of a tendency to be concerned about rule-breaking. With the Moon in Cancer, there is  a sub-theme that’s operating in the background related to the need to be successful within the established rules of order. This Moon is requiring you be mindful of what happens when those rules aren’t fairly or justly applied to everyone. It is this unjust relationship of power that’s precisely the dilemma we face at this time.

The Full Moon is always associated with new understanding. This year’s Cancer Full Moon is offering a new realization that will help you move forward in a positive way, not just in your own life but in your understandings of how you can contribute to positive and necessary changes within the systems at large.  When it’s appropriate, demand a balancing of accounts in your life, both of yourself and of others. Call into question the abuse of power where it appears, while continuing to bring your uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions to the world.

A Call to Action: New Moon Astrology Dec 28, 2016

A Call to Action: New Moon Astrology Dec 28, 2016

Article Window: Dec 28 to Jan 27
• The New Moon is Dec 28, 2016  10:53 PM PDT
• Sun is 8° Capricorn, Moon is 8° Capricorn
• New Moon Theme (Dec 28 to Jan 27): A Call to Action
• Next Full Moon is Jan 12, 2017

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Starry Night New Moon Photograph

Astrology Article: A Call to Action

This month’s New Moon Astrology is unusual in that each individual’s experience will be quite different. The reason for such a high degree of variability in our New Moon energies stems from a highly compact group of planets working together. In astrology terms, we call this planetary grouping a “stellium.”

Stelliums, with their nature of competing and diverse energies, are complex and as such are often inherently difficult to work with.

The overall signature of this stellium includes an underlying experience of happiness and joy. When looking closely at the pattern of current New Moon energies, two possible paths emerge. The first is a superficial and generalized response to this impulse of happiness, while the second is more complex and personal.

The first path of superficial response leads to a superficial kind of happiness. This will come from a tendency to bury one’s head in the sand as a way to ignore the deeper call to action. This surface level of happiness leads to distraction as a way to avoid working with the complexities of energies contained in this New Moon.

A Diversity of Individual Response

New Moon Astrology Chart for Dec 28, 2016Happiness and joy are available to everyone this coming month, however the potential for lasting change will rise  from the individual response to a deep sense of participation and call to action. Each person will hear and respond to this call in very different ways.

The most significant thing to understand about this astrological stellium is that these energies are highly structured. They are specifically designed to activate a certain area of life for the purpose of creating new change and growth.

You can identify the nature of the activation in your life by paying attention to what you’re drawn to and the ways in which you’re called to take action.

You can also understand your personal form of activation by finding the location of the New Moon stellium in your own birth chart. To determine this area of activation simply identify the houses in your natal chart that span the last half of Sagittarius through the first half of Capricorn. More specifically, this is the section of your chart from 22° Sagittarius (Saturn) to 17° Capricorn (Pluto).

Here is a generalized list of twelve possible ways that you might feel this New Moon activation in your personal life. This general overview highlights the ways the twelve individual houses are activated by the current New Moon stellium.

1. A commitment toward self-care and your inner world.
2. Standing up to family pressures and following your own path.
3. Searching out new information about what is really going on in the world, beyond the reality propagated by status quo and corporate media.
4. Cooperating and supporting the bigger picture of what’s important to those you love.
5. Seeking out new levels of creative involvement, especially where you see a clear and present need.
6. Re-evaluating what you have been told about your role and purpose in life.
7. Noticing what others are doing to find meaning in their life and seeking out new relationships that support your expansion.
8. Looking beyond and beneath the surface of things and feeling moved by the positive, yet unseen forces for good.
9. Looking at the general state of the world and seeking to expand those values and principles that guide you.
10. Standing up to the abuse of power and covert control, including those individuals who think they know what’s best for you.
11. Identifying actions you can take to undermine corruption and deceit by policy makers.
12. Contributing to solutions that perpetuate world peace, including grassroots attempts toward cooperation with those of like-mindedness.

This list is general in scope, but does show the diversity of experience we can all expect during this coming Lunar month. By holding mindfulness for the complexity of the possibilities, and taking action on your insights, you can expect to experience new meaning in your life.


This month’s Lunar cycle will be very diverse, including the way that circumstances in our lives are highlighted. The stellium of energies that are being activated by the New Moon is producing a high degree of happiness and joy. For those who choose the path of distraction, this happiness will be superficial and temporary.  For those, however, who choose to respond to a deeper and personal call to action, this is a happiness that can result in lasting change.

This deeper activation is designed to help you expand personally as you
also contribute to the collective good. As you read through the generalized list of possible experiences, notice if one or more of them speak to you. By responding to new awareness in these areas, you’ll experience a personal call to action that can result in lasting change and deeper meaning in your life.

Happy New Year,

Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2016

Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2016

Article Window: Dec 13 to Dec 28
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, Dec 13, 4:05 PM PST
• Sun is 23° Sagittarius, Moon is 23° Gemini
• Next New Moon: Dec 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 29 – Dec 28): The True Nature of Reality

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Photograph on a Misty Solstice Night

Astrology Article: Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict

Our Full Moon astrology for the next two weeks holds a rare configuration referred to as a “Temple Pattern.” The temple pattern, as outlined in our current astrology chart, takes the shape of a building. The name comes from its ability to hold and distribute high frequency energies. With the Full Moon in Gemini, these frequencies will contribute and support a greater understanding and perspective in all areas of life.

This Full Moon temple pattern is the dominate signature for the next two weeks and sets the stage for a new level of experience and opportunity. This is the culmination and full expression of our New Moon theme for the month, releasing new insights into “the true nature of reality.”

The new levels of awareness and understanding we can achieve this month will, at the highest level, enable humanity to work together to create, build, and establish new social structures that serve the world in ways that our current systems don’t. For more details on the significance of this Lunar month, review my New Moon article, “The True Nature of Reality.”

A New Harmonizing Factor

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Dec 2016The most unique feature of the temple pattern is that it contains two separate oppositions, which in this case are easily harmonized, and working together to resolve conflict. Oppositions, in general, require you to resolve two forces that are by their nature opposed.

The only way to accomplish this task is through a greater understanding or perspective that’s large enough to hold the two competing energies. This greater understanding and perspective is what the temple pattern provides.

Another interesting feature of this configuration is the fact that each of the five points that make up this unique pattern unite all four quadrants of the chart. This is true not only of the Full Moon chart itself, but also of your personal astrology chart.

By spanning all four quadrants, each of these five planets is working together in an organized way to create an overall harmonizing effect in your life. The pattern is extremely beneficial for resolving all forms of conflict in order to expand into more transcendent perspectives.

Working with the Temple Pattern in Your Life

During the next two weeks, conflicts in your life may be highlighted or activated. There are extraordinary energies available now to help with resolving any and all types of conflict. It’s important to realize that the activation is only occurring until a new perspective and understanding can be reached.

The key is to remember that the energies that are being activated in your life want to be harmonized and balanced.

If you can understand the opportunity, then any conflict within your personal circumstances will be temporary. Think of this as a transition period to greater understanding and higher frequencies within your circumstances.

With this Full Moon temple pattern, there’s a high degree of creative integration taking place on the entire planet. This should have some very positive effects, not only in your own life, but worldwide as well.


Our Full Moon this month is part of a powerful astrological configuration called a temple pattern. Its purpose is to provide a harmonizing effect in every area of your life, especially where there is unresolved conflict.

During the next two weeks you are entering a new stage of experience where creativity is being integrated at the highest levels of consciousness. Look for new opportunities to expand your awareness and expect to enter into a new stage of personal development.