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  • Spectacular Winter Solstice 2012 with Capricorn Magic

    The Magic of Winter Solstice of 2012

    A Magical Solstice I find it most fascinating that buried in the collective consciousness of the average person is the idea of the “end of the world.” This is somewhat accurate from an esoteric point of view. Allow me to explain this idea further. This …

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  • Esoteric Twelve 12

    Twelve-Twelve Esoteric Perspective

    12:12 on 12/12/12 Written by Steven Shroyer The astrology of 12-12-12 features the planet Jupiter in a prominent way.  Depending on your point of view, either all energies are flowing through Jupiter, or Jupiter is distributing all energies to the other planets. Either way, on …

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  • New Moon Cosmic Horizon

    Acceleration of Solstice Power

    Two weeks ago during the Lunar Eclipse, a cosmic portal opened which is allowing deep new emotional connections to the Earth’s life-force. Along with it is the potential for you to experience an emotionally significant feeling of rebirth.

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  • Learn Astrology with Esoteric Thinking

    Learn Astrology Level I

    Beginning Esoteric Astrology A Brief Description of the Planets, Sun & Moon It is important to realize that Astrology is a symbolic language. The language of astrology interprets and describes the overall cosmic pattern, a rhythm of wholeness and intelligence, which is operating both in …

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  • The Lunar Matrix grids of Light

    What is the Lunar Matrix?

    The Moon is your personal connector to the cosmos and all the other planets in our solar system. Lunar light, which changes daily, is the distributor of all the energies life needs in order for growth and transformation to occur. The Moon’s light is constantly supporting, loving, and caring for us. It also keeps a strict schedule of growth.

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  • Thumb

    The Hidden Portal of Rebirth

      Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 – The Hidden Portal of Rebirth Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini This week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings the opportunity for a true “emotional rebirth” gifting you with new abilities and capacities that can manifest completely new …

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  • Seattle Astrology Classes Teaches Esoteric Astrology

    Astrology Classes

    Astrology in the Classroom A Fun Way to Learn and Study Astrology is with a Group of People in a Classroom Setting Mark your calendar, classes will be starting in 2015. Classes are limited to 8 persons for the highest quality. Your Lunar Birthday & …

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  • Esoteric Owl Wisdom2

    Esoteric Astrology

    Esoteric Astrology is moving us beyond what most people traditionally think of as “astrology.” Astrology has a long history and rich tradition, but in current times there has also been a tendency for cultural biases and limited understanding to relegate it to the realm of entertainment, …

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