A New Horizon for Personal Peace: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology April 2015

A New Horizon for Personal Peace: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology April 2015

Astrology Article Window: Apr 4 to May 3
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Apr 4, 5:05 AM PDT
• The Lunar Eclipse is Saturday, Apr 4, 5:00 AM PDT (NASA)
• Sun is 15° Aries, Moon is 15° Libra
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Apr 18): Momentum
• Next New Moon Apr 17

Current Lunar Cycle

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal that offers a unique activation stemming from the power of the Full Moon. The portal releases a special cosmic gift resulting in a new ability you can use for inspired action in your life. The Eclipse portal will remain open until the Moon returns to 15° Libra on April 29.

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

2015 lunar Eclipse in Africa

Lunar Eclipse Astrology Article: A New Horizon for Personal Peace

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a special event in astrology. With the light of the Full Moon temporarily blocked, the Eclipse opens up a portal in the Zodiac at the exact degree in which the Eclipse occurs. In this open portal, or doorway, energies far beyond our solar system have direct access to Earth.

This week’s Eclipse is delivering a Cosmic Gift of Inner Calm and Alignment. There’s also an emphasis on relationships. Inner calm comes from the opportunity to receive additional help, support, and resources from your connections with others.

The Effects of Enormous Momentum

In addition to the special opportunity of the Eclipse, the momentum we are currently experiencing from our last New Moon is still active and operating in a very powerful manner. The main theme of this month is to use this push of momentum to recognize – or even create – new opportunities for yourself.

Despite the positive nature of the change, there is so much momentum that all of us need to be aware of the possibility of becoming overwhelmed and losing focus of the opportunities at hand. The overwhelm can be related to short term practical details, as well as your focus on long term goals and dreams.

The Full Moon Eclipse is offering the opportunity to get back on track.

You have the chance to regain your focus and clarity with an inner calm. The Eclipse offers stability and counteracts the urge to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of potential you may be feeling. There’s a new horizon of possibilities just ahead, especially if you can move forward with a sense of personal peace.

Getting Back on Track

There’s no denying the powerful momentum for change. In my last New Moon article I used the analogy of a surfer riding a giant wave. (See “Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015.”)

If you’ve been challenged over the past two weeks, you might be asking, “What happens if I fall off the wave, or feel completely overwhelmed or disoriented and unfocused? Do I lose my ability to take advantage of all this momentum?”

The answer is NO. If you have ‘fallen off the wave’ all is not lost. Our Full Moon Eclipse directly addresses this important question, and then offers opportunities for getting back on track without a setback.

Transpersonal Peace and the Eclipse

The momentum you’re currently feeling can be small or large, but when you’re on track you’ll most likely feel it as a type of excitement or inspiration. You might be inspired by something you’re currently doing, or it could be something new that’s coming into your life. Either way, you feel the excitement just below the surface, like static electricity building up and ready to discharge at a moment’s notice.

Once you understand the excitement beneath the surface, a Libra Lunar Eclipse can manifest as a type of transpersonal peace. This is the Cosmic Gift of this Eclipse.

The inner calm offered by the Eclipse isn’t from withdrawal or lack of interest. It’s an inner confidence and knowing that life is headed in a positive direction. You trust the momentum. You don’t need to know the details and specifics of just how it will all play out in real time. Your centeredness will keep you focused on the right things. You also feel connected, and that these opportunities belong to everyone as humanity moves forward together.

The excitement is necessary because it connects you to others. It is a frequency stemming from Libra’s gift of relationship and the realization that this powerful energy wave you’re feeling is a group experience.

If you’re having trouble experiencing the positive, and tapping into this powerful wave of energy, then you should consider the possibility that you’re experiencing the zodiac phenomenon of “Libra boredom.” If you’re not feeling inspired by momentum and positive change, then perhaps you’re feeling bored – with life, or even humanity itself. The experience of boredom or lack of focus is a shadow or depletion aspect of the current potential for change. There may be a time and place for boredom, but this is not the month!

This current wave of momentum is toward solutions, new opportunity, and progress. The highest potential comes especially through groups or relationships. If you’re feeling bored or uninspired, then perhaps you are disconnected? This experience of inner withdrawal may stem from isolation. The result of feeling isolated is to feel uninspired, and to focus on problems rather than solutions.

With the Full Moon in Libra, the force of momentum lies within your relationship to others and to life.
You know you’re on track when you experience inner peace that goes beyond the personal (you) to encompass the transpersonal (beyond you). The feeling of peace and connection comes from participating in something beyond yourself.

In short, to maximize potential and ‘get back on the wave,’ you can turn your attention toward others, to individuals or even toward a group with which you resonate.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology Chart for April 2015.At the time of the Eclipse the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are working together in a powerful way. Mercury and Uranus both support processes related to electricity. Mercury’s connection is through the mind and the synaptic focus necessary to learn. Uranus’ connection with electricity is at a quantum level. Combined together with the Sun, they have a tremendous effect on our nervous system and mental activity.

This electrical activation could be having an overload effect. Once you know what’s happening you can work with it positively.

This powerful activation of Sun, Mercury, and Uranus is combined into a fire grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. This combination offers you the ability to reactivate the momentum of life and get back on track anytime you need to. You can’t lose your momentum unless you become detached – “bored” – with people and with life.

Libra always enables you to generate a new quality in all of your relationships with others. With the Eclipse in Libra, there’s additional special support to reconnect you with the energy of the group. Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response to the intensity in the momentum wave we are experiencing, but attuning yourself to group energy you’ll have the opportunity to experience relief and get back on track.

The shadow side of this Lunar Eclipse portal is boredom rooted in withdrawal and a backwards pull away from relationships. The opportunity is to move forward with a deep peace that is connecting you to life beyond your personal feelings. You have the opportunity this month to experience a new level of transpersonal peace through your connection to others.

Article Summary

This Lunar Eclipse is packed full of energy and momentum. You’ll feel the impact of the Eclipse for the next 29 days. It’s so powerful it may feel as if you’re surfing a huge wave. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you have fallen off the wave, it will be easy to begin again provided you are able to connect with others for support. It’s through your inner process of expanding all forms of relationships that you will reconnect with inspiration, and a renewed feeling of inner peace.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful Full Moon, month,

Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015

Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015

Article Window: Mar 20 to Apr 19
• Sun is 30° Pisces, Moon is 30° Pisces
• The New Moon is Friday, Mar 20, 2:36 AM PST (Solar Eclipse, 2:36 AM)
Vernal (Spring) Equinox March 20
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Apr 4 (Lunar Eclipse, 5:05 AM)
• New Moon Theme (Mar 20 thru Apr 19): Momentum

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow this energy to guide you while adjusting to changing circumstances. This month’s Lunar Cycle will offer a new tool set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose.

Solar Eclipse New Moon Astrology - Seattle Astrology.

Astrology Article: Riding the Great Piscean Wave

During this month’s New Moon astrology there will be a powerful release of energy carrying a tremendous amount of momentum. The momentum is due to the convergence of several factors, and brings the energy of positive change. This next month presents a bright future, full of optimism and some well-deserved relief from a high level of intensity many have been feeling.

The last two months have carried a level of intensity that many found difficult to navigate. In some cases, it’s been tough to make the necessary adjustments to feel successful. For those who’ve been struggling, a degree of relief is on its way. This break in the intensity will be available during the entire coming Lunar cycle. This is especially true if you can take the opportunity to feel the magnitude of the coming wave of change and just “ride the wave.”

Change and Momentum

The New Moon always brings a wave of change, however this Moon is absolutely unique because of the convergence of several other powerful factors. This month’s New Moon carries the following additional waves of new momentum:

• The New Moon is located in 30 degrees Pisces. (As the last degree of the zodiac it carries the momentum of the entire previous year.)
• Several planets are in New Phase. (There are a total of nine new-phase combinations involving the Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune.)
• The Vernal Equinox. (The new momentum of the now dominate day-force.)
• A Solar Eclipse. (Adds additional energy to the New Moon.)

Those schooled in astrology can work with the specifics of each of these events. However, even if you don’t understand the specifics, you can appreciate the unique convergence and understand the extra support of the fresh start.

The combination of these factors is creating a powerful and pivotal energy source, with enough momentum behind it to sustain a long-term new cycle. The quality of energy supporting this new wave of change is positive in nature and represents your strongest ideals made real and tangible. In other words, this wave brings real change capable of benefiting everyone to some degree.

What’s most important to understand is that this New Moon is offering you the unique opportunity for a fresh start.

Integrating Current Waves of Change

The Spring Equinox always represents a powerful point of change in our yearly cycle, but when combined with the power of a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, along with the planetary power of Venus, Mars, Uranus, Sun, and Mercury all involved in various new phases … All I can say is Wow!

If you’ve been experiencing intensity over the past several weeks, then the news of impending change my bring up fear or discomfort. You might even be saying, “Please, no more change! I need some stability!”

This is a moment to take a breath and realize that you are being carried in a process that’s already begun.

The coming wave of change is all about carrying forward the process of metamorphosis that began with last month’s New Moon. You can feel relief in knowing that the current momentum is being integrated and can carry you forward, as long as you can maintain inner balance and understand the bigger picture.

The silver lining of this New Moon wave of change is that you are in complete control of how you choose to see what’s coming. There’s plenty of support for optimism, curiosity, and perhaps even plain old fun.

Surfing the Wave

The pattern of this New Moon reminds me of the story of the surfer who had been out in the ocean all day and found himself in trouble. He realized he was so far out that he didn’t have the strength to paddle to shore. He felt the breeze stiffen and noticed a shift in the rhythms of the ocean swells. He began to panic. His intuition told him to turn around and look out toward the sea.

He turned around just in time to see the largest wave he had seen all season. He mustered the last bit of strength in his weary body and caught the huge swell with perfect timing. He stayed calm and relaxed, and concentrated on nothing but balance and controlling what he could. He rode the wave all the way to shore. In retrospect, the surfer remembered that massive wave as the most intense, most satisfying and rewarding wave he ever rode.

This story highlights the perfect way to approach this wave of New Moon energy coming your way.

Watch for new opportunities. Both Jupiter and Saturn are working together to support wise choices, and Jupiter is supporting the deeper desires of your Soul as it finds new ways to express itself through your humanity and connection to others. Stay calm and relaxed, and keep your sense of balance. You can even have a little fun, trusting that this wave has the potential to take you exactly where you need to be.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for March 2015. by Steven Shroyer, Seattle Astrology.The New Moon is occurring on the very last (30th) degree of the zodiac sign of Pisces. It’s especially potent because this is the last of the sequence of twelve signs, and the next degree initiates a new annual cycle (at 1 degree Aries, also the Vernal Equinox). It’s the equivalent of bringing forward the entire previous year in one moment. In other words, at this New Moon we have an entire year’s worth of momentum condensed into a super potential seed. The 30th degree of Pisces represents the power latent in all seeds and, furthermore, the latency for self-transformation in humankind itself.

To have the New Moon occur at this point is powerful, indeed!

Neptune provides a key piece to the wave of momentum when you realize that Neptune’s energy performs two important functions. Neptune not only dissolves old boundaries, but it also provides a new matrix for successful living with harmony and spiritual principles of unity. The New Moon is continuing to support the Neptunian theme of metamorphosis (change) that began with last month’s (February 28) New Moon.

You can see from the New Moon chart that the planet Neptune sits with seven other planets (including the Moon and Sun). From our vantage point all of these are proceeding at a faster rate of momentum than Neptune. In other words, Neptune is the slowest planet of the eight planets all grouped together. It establishes the intent and foundation for the new energies moving forward.

All of this is also occurring on the Spring (Vernal) Equinox, which is another huge spring board for moving forward as energies shift toward personal development and inspiration.

Mars and Uranus in conjunction are also working together to create an optimistic outlook for inspired action. Breaking free from old, stubborn patterns that aren’t useful anymore can be easily accomplished during this Lunar cycle. This is just one of the opportunities for successful living that you’ll be able to use to your advantage this month.

Celebrating the Vernal Equinox

Spring Equinox is a key aspect of the momentum of this New Moon. On March 20 this year the day and night are of equal length. This is the yearly point when the day-force increases to become of equal strength with the night. Ever since Winter Solstice the day-force has been gaining momentum, and now it has the power to overtake the night-force and dominate for the next six months (until the Fall Equinox).

This yearly point of transition has always been a time for celebration and inspiration. It is a perfect time to set personal intentions for yourself and your growth for the coming year.

Article Summary

This month’s New Moon Astrology provides you the opportunity to relax and stay balanced as a giant wave of momentum takes you to a new level of living and success. Go with the changes which will take place this month. These changes are for your benefit and provide the extra momentum you’ll need to move forward, as well as to release whatever is not useful. Spring is here and it’s time to create your own joy in life as you experience success at new levels.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful New Moon,

Widening Your Experiences through Relationships: New Moon Astrology for Oct 2014

Article Window: Oct 23 through Nov 22
• The New Moon: Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm, PDT
• Sun is 1° Scorpio, Moon is 1° Scorpio (A Solar Eclipse)
• New Moon Theme (thru Nov 22): Widening of Experiences
• Next Full Moon is Thursday, Nov 6

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

A Solar Eclipse occurs at the New Moon immediately following a Lunar Eclipse. It supports the energies released at the Lunar Eclipse by blocking the Sun for a short period of time. This blocking period places the Moon between the Sun and the Earth to reinforce the organic influences of change initiated by the Moon during the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago.

Scorpio New Moon October 2014

Astrology Article: Widening Your Experiences through Relationships

As the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, relationships will take on an increased importance, especially considering the New Moon is also conjunct with the planet Venus. Venus’ energy when combined with the New Moon’s brings an energizing element to all types of relationships. This will be especially true with your own willingness to seek out a deeper experience within your intimate relationships.

Neptune is playing a key role in expanding your understanding of your relationships to include all types of social and personal relationships. Although the New Moon and Venus specifically involve the energizing of personal relationships, Neptune is also supporting a broadening of all of your experiences in general. This widening of experiences brings all types of social and cultural interactions into clearer focus, not just your intimate relationships.

Re-Vitalizing Your Relationships

This Lunar month (until the next New Moon) is an excellent time to bring new life and vitality into all the relationships you cherish. Because the New Moon is increasing the potential for vitality within relationships, this can be an especially useful time for relationships which have become stagnant or depleted.

Scorpio’s desire is to relate and connect, even if it is through conflict. However, stagnation is a quality Scorpio won’t easily tolerate. With this New Moon there is a solution to any feeling of stagnation or conflict. The solution is through the developing of a more conscious awareness of how polarizing energies can bring both tension and vitality into a relationship. Tension is a shadow quality, where as vitality is a beneficial quality.

Polarizing energies need not be divisive or negative. Day and night are two examples of polarizing energies which, when harmonized, result in vitality. Polarizing energies are always in some type of relationship. Widening your experiences to discover the hidden vitality of these relationships is an important key in working with this New Moon.

Another type of polarizing energy we all carry internally is the masculine and feminine principle. This isn’t a specific reference to only male and female. All of us have both masculine and feminine energy. We manifest the combination of these in ourselves as different expressions of creative, intuitive, decisive, and active energies.

Polarizing energy can be one of the cornerstones of relationship if the focus is on vitality. Vitality becomes the dominate quality if there is a healthy exchange of compassion, intimacy, and empathy which feeds this vitality. When these are in depletion, or polar energy isn’t adequate exchanged, tension can be the result.

As you widen your perspective though embracing polarity, especially through the dynamics of relationship, the possible tension will be replaced with vitality.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon astrology chart for Oct 2014.With the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn all in the sign of Scorpio, it’s necessary to dive into the depths of all types of relationship in order to widen your experience and find the commonality of opposite energies.

Scorpio has a depth associated with it that can become murky if it’s not fully penetrated in the context of relationship. Within these depths you’ll to find a “common ground,” which is Scorpio’s strength. With the New Moon and three planets in Scorpio, there’s access to a great deal of untapped energy. This can be useful in directing energy toward a positive outcome, but it must be directed, or a becomes murky.

To offset this concentration of Scorpio energy, we have both Neptune and Uranus in excellent positions.

Neptune in Pisces brings a universal and shared beneficence to Scorpio’s search for commonality. With Pisces there’s the shared compassion and empathy that is needed to sustain relationships under stress.

Uranus take on an extremely unique role in providing a powerful solution (Pluto T-squared Mercury/Uranus) to prevent getting stuck in Scorpio’s intoxicating journey into the depths of the unknown. Uranus sits on 14° ARIES and hold a powerful archetype as seen in its Sabian Symbol.


The archetype speaks to the conscious acceptance of polarizing energy in intimate relationship. It also speaks to a solution to the problem of individualism without integration in one’s community (Aries New Moon trine Neptune). In this case, individualism is one polarity and community is the other. As such, Uranus offers a new vitalizing energy into all types of Scorpio relationships.


A new wave of New Moon energy is providing a new depth of experience to all types of relationship. It’s through a more conscious use of polarity within relationship that you can experience greater vitality to re-energize all forms of stagnation. As a result, you can experience a widening of your experience in the world and integrate your purpose more easily in your community.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,
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Lunar Eclipse: Using Change to Break Free and Pursue Your Goals. Oct, 2014

Article Window: Oct 8 to Nov 8
• Greatest Eclipse Oct 8, 3:56 AM (According to NASA)
• The Full Moon is Wednesday, Oct 8, 3:51 AM PDT
• Sun is 16° Libra, Moon is 16° Aries
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Oct 23): The Alchemy of Change
• Next New Moon Oct 23

Current Lunar Cycle

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal that offers a unique activation stemming from the power of the Full Moon. The portal releases a special cosmic gift resulting in new ability you can use for inspired action in your life. The Eclipse portal will remain open until the next Full Moon.

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Space Needle and the Lunar Eclipse

Astrology Article: Using Change to Break Free and Pursue Your Goals

This month’s Lunar Eclipse will trigger within the patterns of your own consciousness a more complete understanding of how nature is working with you to achieve your goals and desires. New internal patterns including freedom and a vision of your goals will emerge.

It’s all too easy to forget how we are inseparable from the powerful rhythms and changing energies which surround us, support us, and create constant change. These rhythms are part of nature and constantly helping us achieve our desires. With Pluto working through the current spectrum of Capricorn, the rhythms of change become our friend and ally.

Restrictive Trends Lessen as Individual Freedoms are Supported within a Society

Restrictive trends in society come from Capricorn’s energy and its ruler Saturn. This is not because Capricorn is bad, but because the nature of Capricorn is a crystallizing type of energy which is used to protect and stabilize our most cherished ways of life. By its nature, Capricorn doesn’t like to give up any of its power or control. As a result, over time this energy can manifest within a society as a form of control by those in power.

Limits, sanctions, and laws are Capricorn’s way of protecting and stabilizing for “the good” of the people. It’s noble in desire, but can problematic in its longevity. When Capricorn’s sense of control is expressed through the use of power it can deemphasize the individual’s freedom. This polarity is the basis of endless debates between the protection of laws and importance of individual freedoms.

The Lunar Eclipse Balances Capricorn’s Desire to Control

Capricorn needs constant change in order to balance out the constant need to stabilize. As mentioned, the need to stabilize can result in control and crystallization. The Lunar Eclipse brings the “gift of attunement to nature” as a balancing agent to this influence of Capricorn. With this attunement comes greater inner freedom and balance.

Nature is constantly changing and this is the antidote to Pluto’s power in Capricorn. It’s through the alchemy of change that new opportunities emerge. These current opportunities for change challenge the rigid structures of Capricorn power.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was approximately 1762-1778. A look back that time period clearly shows how natural cycles of change were a catalyst for new directions. Examples include the printing press, and the harnessing of some of nature’s hidden secrets in chemistry and electricity. These changes upset the status quo and set the stage for modern culture to develop along a new and different trajectory. This is precisely the power of change that can have on the world moving forward from this Eclipse.

The invisible forces of change as observed in the force of nature will reveal themselves to you during the Lunar Eclipse. There is an opportunity deep with all human consciousness to realize the power of changing factors and to leverage the changing patterns in ways to break free from the hold of oppressive control and abuse of power.

Once the realization of the power of naturally occurring change is made, the conscious thought pattern of all things takes a leap forward. What was once hidden becomes clearly visible and clarity resumes. This can result in a new sense of freedom, or a clearer vision of how to use change to shatter crystallized controls in your personal life, community, or even broader political systems of control.

No system of control can last forever. Nature itself has seen to that. This Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to wake up to new, naturally occurring changes. Subtle though they may be, you can use these changes to create more freedom in your life. This is inner freedom that moves you toward your goals and desires.

The Lunar Eclipse Chart of Oct 8th, 2014Astrology Pattern: Lunar Eclipse 2014

The astrological pattern that’s occurring during our Oct 8th Eclipse is spectacular and unusual. Pluto and Uranus each play a special role along with a prominent Kite formation. Overall, this is an extremely powerful pattern that holds the potential for a shift in how we understand and process change in our lives.

The Kite pattern contains the energy of vision as well as the organizational skills for implementation. It also holds the realization needed to link the outcome of action to one’s larger destiny or dharma. The Kite also supports integration. By linking all four quadrants of the horoscope, the Kite brings a new level of integration to one’s circumstances. This pattern often holds a type of fate, in the sense that changing factors are so interwoven and dynamic that key events or circumstances seem to naturally to fall into place.

Now let’s turn our attention to Uranus which is making a conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse (Moon). This is huge! The Eclipse is energized with a new sense of inner freedom (Uranus). Its location at 16° Aries indicates that any act of self-realization can have a profound effect on the fulfillment of one’s desires and goals.

Pluto indicates the nature of realization that is possible. Pluto’s position (T-square the Sun, Moon in Capricorn) presents an ongoing crisis in your relationship with all institutionalized areas of society (Capricorn). This would include the financial sectors, governmental controls and any type of authority that limits your experience of personal freedoms.

The entire focus of this current astrological pattern is to provide the insight for effectively using normal and naturally occurring forces of change to create an opportunity for something new. This includes dissolution of what has already crystallized and is resistant to change. This change can occur through new world developments, natural phenomenon, or new discoveries. It can also occur on a personal level from changing circumstances, unexpected developments, or just the ups and downs of life.


This Lunar Eclipse astrological pattern, using change to break free of constraint, will stay in effect until the next Full Moon on Nov 6th. The forces of change are represented through a Kite pattern which offers a deeply integrative attunement to natural energies. During this time you have an opportunity to increase your sensitivity to naturally occurring change. Change becomes your ally to introduce a new quality of energy for the purpose of creating more freedom in your life.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

New Growth from Appreciation and Happiness – New Moon Astrology April 2014

New Moon Astrology for April 28, 2014

  • Article Window: April 28 to May 28
  • The New Moon was Monday, April 28, 11:14 PM PDT
  • Sun is 9° Taurus, Moon is 9° Taurus (Solar Eclipse)
  • New Moon Theme (thru the May 28 New Moon): New Growth from Appreciation and Happiness
  • The April 15 New Moon Eclipse Portal stays open until May 11, 2014
  • Full Moon is Wednesday, May14

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential and sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month, allow the energy of this New Moon theme to guide you and help you adjust to changing circumstances. Each week of this month’s Lunar Cycle will offer new tools and momentum for energizing your life purpose.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. During a Solar Eclipse the Moon blocks the Sun’s energy, light, and significance. Instead, there’s a boosting of the frequency of earth energy and life through growth and abundance. From an astrological viewpoint, the solar eclipse amplifies whatever of Lunar energies are currently active.

Taurus New Moon 2014

Growing with Appreciation and Inner Happiness

The New Moon brings a new manifesting wave of energy and one of the year’s most powerful growth cycles. This new cycle is activating the Taurus urge for growth, resources, and abundance. In the coming month, you can set the intention to experience an influx of warmth, inner beauty, and compassion to help get you through any dark times or challenges you may be experiencing.

The New Moon energies are combining with the Lunar eclipse two weeks ago, which brought a gift of individuality capable of helping you operate at a new level and expanding your sense of self.

This energy behind the April 15 eclipse is active until May 11th and is still having very powerful effect on everyone. Any tension, stress, or difficulties you may be experiencing are most likely a direct response to these new energies.

The Gift of Contrast

The eclipse gift of individuality may have introduced a “new factor” or experience into your life. This may appear as something different and unexpected that you must now integrate. Be aware that you may experience this new factor as a challenge.

Because of the intensity of this new impulse or factor introduced at the eclipse, many people aren’t prepared to take on the responsibility of the eclipse gift. Fortunately, the New Moon is providing a shift and a positive boost.

If you are experiencing difficulty in any area of your life, especially through circumstances that emerged in the past couple of weeks, you’ll be happy to hear that the New Moon is offering a shift. I recommend a two-step process to take advantage of the Taurus New Moon.

  • First, remind yourself is that you are in a powerful eclipse cycle.
  • Second, feel the new impulses from this new cycle of intense growth and opportunity.

Opportunities in the Taurus Moon

Taurus offers the opportunity for new growth through a process of struggle to overcome inertia and then to expand and blossom.

This new cycle of growth is offering the opportunity to work with any current challenge specifically through the feeling of appreciation for what you have, and your faith in the new process of growth just beginning.

Life is full of naturally occurring ups and downs. A low point of a cycle can be completely transformed by the remembrance of the high points in life. Because struggle is a natural component of a cycle, it’s important to recognize that struggle is only a phase. You didn’t get to where you are now without overcoming countless obstacles and various crises. Life without the appreciation of the joy and blessings that follow the tough times is ultimately non-productive.

Finding Time to Celebrate

One way to access appreciation this week is by connecting with friends. The astrological energies are aligned and encouraging you to gather with close friends or family to celebrate and appreciate all that is good and beautiful. This is necessary to keep life fresh and renewed.

The warmth of togetherness, the inner beauty you and each of your friends holds, is an example of the compassion that can flow from acknowledging both the lows and the highs of life. Celebration with friends and family is often saved for the holidays, but sometimes the astrological energies say “Celebrate now!” This is one of those times.

Whether you are experiencing a low point or a high point at this New Moon phase, my recommendation is to find a way to celebrate. Immediately after the New Moon (anytime in the next 7 days, up to the first quarter moon on May 7) plan a dinner party, a celebration, or a get together to appreciate the goodness in life. You’ll find an important boost of inner happiness, maybe just when you need it the most.

Astrology Patterns of Significance

Solar Eclipse New Moon Astrology Chart 2014The planets at the New Moon are beautifully aligned.

There is still the energy of the Grand Cross to help you create a useful framework for expanding and building something solid in your life. However, the Grand Cross is no longer being directly activated by the Sun or Moon as it was two weeks ago at the Lunar Eclipse. Instead of directly interacting with the New Moon, the Grand Cross is now stabilizing the Eclipse gift. The purpose of this is to support a new level of individuality to blossom with new growth during the Taurus growth phase. This growth is triggered by the New Moon.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus, and are all activating Saturn with a powerful opposition. Saturn is the ruler of all structures and form. In Scorpio, Saturn builds relationships through fellowship and faith in the process of becoming more than we are. Saturn in this pattern, structures a new types of inner freedom out of the depths of self-renewal and regeneration (two themes of Scorpio). The ability to experience hope and faith in even one’s darkest hour is a theme empowered within the depths of Scorpio. It’s the Universe’s way of giving you boost.

The conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Mercury are amplifying the relevant themes of Taurus, including expressing what’s real and tangible, as well as acquiring new personal resources. Taurus is fertile and potent, and as a result its growth is expressive and self-reliant. Being an earth sign, Taurus is also motivated with gathering. Personal resources can be anything you accumulate, own, or possess. With Taurus your resources become a form of personal expression.

All of these themes are supporting the Grand Cross by expanding your individuality through inner freedom and the appreciation for what you have and possess. Appreciation also flows from the realization of what you have had to overcome to move forward. Think of this as the experience of living with grace.


You’re starting a new cycle of growth. The planetary energies are aligning to provide specific help and assistance. Success will come from embracing the new impulse to accumulate the wealth (Taurus) of individuality (Grand Cross) and the inner freedom (Saturn) that flows from appreciation (New Moon conjunct Mercury).

New Moon Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer.  Visit Elizabeth’s website for a complete explanation of the tarot reading.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,
Steven Shroyer

The Shocking Truth about a “Blood Moon” Eclipse!

The Shocking Truth about a “Blood Moon” Eclipse!

This short article addresses the truth behind the “Blood Moon” hoax.

The term “Blood Moon” was popularize by a fringe Bible prophecy story teller named John Hagee to create fear among his fanatical followers.

John Hagee took NASA’s use of the term Blood Moon to apply to the full moons of the upcoming tetrad – four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons) – in 2014 and 2015.

John Hagee appears to have popularized the term in his 2013 book; Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change. His goal was to create fear among his followers. Mr. Hagee used an obscure biblical passage to create the premise of his book.

Here is the actual King James Version passage where the term “moon into blood” originated.

Joel 2: 29-32 KJV

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

Blood Moon is an Astronomical Term used by NASA

The full lunar eclipse known as a “blood moon” is, as NASA explains, the sunset red glow that rings the earth as it blocks the light from the sun is cast upon the moon creating an eerie red color.

Astrological Point of View

According to Steven Shroyer, expert astrologer, the lunar eclipse itself is by far the more important event. Steven claims that each eclipse opens a doorway or portal allowing cosmic opportunity to reach earth.

This cosmic gift, as he calls it, brings a potential for new abilities and awareness to blossom in the consciousness of all. Read his latest article describing the April 15th lunar eclipse.

Expanding Your Individuality: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Astrology April 2014

  • Article Window: April 15 to May 11
  • The Full Moon is Tuesday, April 15, 12:42 AM PDT
  • Sun is 26° Aries, Moon is 26° Libra
  • Current New Moon Theme (thru the April 28 New Moon): New Dimensions in Consciousness
  • Eclipse Portal stays open until the May 11, 2014

The Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon. This semi-rare event only occurs twice in 2014. It always brings a special gift of new consciousness from beyond normal perceptions of time and space.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon. The light of the Sun normally illuminates the entire Moon during its Full Moon phase. During a Lunar Eclipse the light of the Sun is temporally blocked by the Earth, and the light of the Moon disappears (Eclipse). This allows for a doorway, or cosmic portal, to open in the sky at the exact degree of the Eclipse. Energies from the galaxy and other star systems stream through this portal to Earth without interruption from our Sun Moon cycle. Each Eclipse portal brings a new cosmic gift to our consciousness. The portal remains open for one month, until the Moon passes over that same degree again.

The Grand Cross, or grand square as it’s sometimes called, is a powerful astrological pattern occurring the same time as the Lunar Eclipse. Neither the Eclipse nor the Grand Cross is ever negative or troublesome. This grand cross isn’t a pattern to be feared. The pattern offers an opportunity to create new forms of stability through a shifting of energies. The grand square is a symbol for the container which supports a changing image of our self. Light creates shadows. The shadow of a grand cross is a refusal to integrate these naturally shifting energies responsible for building new forms of consciousness and stability.

Full Moon Partial Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Astrology Article: Expanding Your Individuality

Each Lunar Eclipse brings a special gift through a cosmic portal or doorway which opens at the point where the Moon’s light is interrupted by an Eclipse. The cosmic gift of this Eclipse is a new type of individuation or individuality from the depths of our galaxy directly to your consciousness.

My understanding of individuality is best understood in light of its dynamic relationship with unity. Both individuation and unity are part of, and contained within, the greater whole of universal consciousness (which is referred to by many names). Individuation and unity are the opposite poles of universal consciousness. They are both necessary parts of the whole.

Individuation contains the qualities of uniqueness, diversity and multiplicity. The contrasting polarity of unity is expressed by oneness, union, and the collective.

This Eclipse gift of individuation enables a new level of consciousness to grow within your psyche. We all possess a degree of individualism, but this gift expands your experience of individuality beyond being unique. Instead of being an individual in the typical sense, it carries with it the expanded experience of being an individual in the galactic sense. This is a type of individuality that embodies the individual expression of the greater whole.

Galactic Perspective and Inner Freedom

To understand the galactic sense of this cosmic gift is to embrace the concept of individuation as a path of inner freedom. Being a true individual frees your mind to follow your own unique path in the world. Walking your own path allows for a larger perspective of your own life purpose to surface.

Inner freedom can take you beyond the idea of seeing the world as either good or bad. We all grow up in a particular place, a particular time, and with the values of a family, school, and community. Most people’s ideas of good and bad stem from a particular cultural location in which they were raised, and we have the freedom to change these cultural values.

Realizing the changing nature of cultural values can free your own understanding of the world. From this more expanded perspective you have the freedom to expand your own ideas of good and bad at any moment, completely independently of what you were raised to believe.

Expanding into a new realm of individuation involves leaving behind old ideas of right and wrong while embracing a larger point of view. Our Lunar Eclipse in combination with a grand cross provides a new framework for holding a new image of yourself. Holding an awareness of working in cooperation with galactic or universal energies will help you feel the inner freedom needed to move beyond any limiting ideas left over from the past.

Individuated Relationships and the Grand Cross

April 2014 Lunar EclipseEach grand cross, also known as a grand square, provides tools for expanding relationships.

The formation is created by the large obvious square you see in the chart. In astrological terms each side is called a “square,” involving two planets 90 degrees apart. Thus every grand square holds a pattern involving four astrological squares.

The four squares are all connected and encourage you to move forward in life with new decisions, new attitudes, new perspectives, and a new quality of relationship.

A grand square is also known as a grand cross, because of the cross formation created by the two oppositions 180 degrees apart. The two oppositions allow for new revelation or illumination to enter your consciousness so that you have new tools for creating dynamic relationships instead of getting caught in stagnation.

You can see by the geometric shape of the square that the form is stable and supporting. The grand square, grand cross pattern is never bad or negative. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It provides the necessary tools and desire for action needed so that life and growth don’t come grinding to a halt.

The challenge comes when we choose stagnation – holding to the past – when the energies of life are calling for expansion. Problems arise, not because of the grand cross, but because of resistance to the natural urge to release the old and transform into a new and more stable form.

The urge associated with our current grand cross eclipse is to expand into a new form of individuality. This transformation is ultimately an inner process, expanding you into a new identity and a relationship with something much bigger.

In the astrological chart, Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn is providing a boost in will power and a more mature understanding of how to express the character needed to embrace a larger point of view. With Mercury, Uranus, and Sun conjunct in Aries with Moon in Libra there’s the possibility for a brilliant realization of how to use your own life-force to expand consciousness through polarizing energies.

The Art of Polarization

The grand cross involves two polar opposites that desire to be integrated. This seems like the perfect opportunity to expand on the concept of polarization, especially since this term is often associated with negativity.  Examples of polarity in the current chart can be seen in the zodiac signs of the grand cross. Aries opposite Libra contains the polarities of the individual versus the collective. Cancer opposite Capricorn contains the polarities of personal identity versus collective achievement.

The conscious acceptance of polarizing energies within any type relationship is a solution to the problem generated by individualism.

The natural problem of individualism is the tendency to become isolated, with a narrowing or self centered perspective. When you are able to fully experience one polarity, it opens up the possibility to experience the other pole also operating within you.

The art of polarization can be used to expand your own sense of life purpose through the awareness that polarization is part of your divine nature. This divine nature is activated by the realization that both polarities are within you.

In the big picture, the galaxy and the individual are both operating as polarities within your consciousness. The ultimate gift of our Lunar Eclipse is the experience, uniting these complementary opposites, that you are a child of the universe with both the galaxy and individualism working together in your divine being.

Working with Our Eclipse Energies this Month

The practical use of the eclipse energies in your life during the next month is dependent upon recognizing that opposites and polarity can coexist as long as there is an exchange of energy. An exchange of energy occurs when they operate with purpose within the greater whole.

  • Recognize all polarities as existing within the greater whole. Each pole is in relationship with the other pole.
  • As with the energy exchange between the day and night, see the working principle as active and necessary.
  • Practice seeing how the balance between polarities supports the exchange of energies.
  • Feel your own sense of individuality working at a new level.
  • To expand into a new level of individuality it’s necessary to use the available inner freedom. Take time to reflect on your current attitude of what’s right and wrong. Determine if you’re simply following cultural patterns, or if you’re taking an individualized perspective and decide for yourself.

Full Moon  Eclipse Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer.  Visit Elizabeth’s website for a complete explanation of the tarot reading.

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In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.

Have a wonderful month,
Steven Shroyer

Lunar Eclipse Energies all Month Long


Full Moon at Gold Canyon Arizona

Lunar Eclipse Summary

A Lunar Eclipse opens a portal, or energetic doorway, that offers a unique activation. The portal acts with the Full Moon to release a special cosmic gift, offering a new ability you can use for inspired action in your life.

The Full Moon Eclipse is offering a cosmic gift of courage. This is courage full of eagerness and inspiration that moves you forward in your life. It also holds the confidence to move through barriers that in the past have held you back.

This eclipse portal offers a unique opportunity to take a leap forward. This cosmic doorway will be open for the coming month, until next month’s Full Moon. Celebrate the illumination of light this week, and in the coming days continue to express your new courage and eagerness to move forward,

Trust your inner guidance and a new sense of connection to your Higher Self. Speak of your new ideas, share them, live them, BE them. Feel your power expand from within.

 Courage to Take the Next Big Step

Steven Shroyer’s weekly astrology reading offers unique insight into the specific potentials of Cosmic support available to us at this time.

The importance of this Full Moon Eclipse cannot be overstated. This is an incredibly exciting event, representing a powerful new opportunity to move forward in your life with positive momentum.

This Lunar Eclipse opens a cosmic portal directly to Earth and provides a new level of courage to help you move forward in your life. What’s unique about this Full Moon is that you have a special opportunity to move forward in a really big way. You can now take that next big step in your life with the confidence and courage necessary for success as new opportunities begin to unfold.

This doorway remains open for the coming month, until the next Full Moon on May 24. You have the opportunity this week to set the foundation for permanent and lasting changes in your life.

 The Gift of Courage

Full Moon April 2013This week’s astrology chart holds the Sabian symbol of a “Gold Rush” as a means of explaining the energetic potentials. A look at a related historical event offers some context and perspective. The California gold rush in 1849 offered new hopes and the prospects for unbelievable good fortune. This opportunity produced an eagerness that led some to risk it all and take a huge leap forward, regardless of the outcome. This step required courage. Some people risked everything for uncertain results.

This image of the intensity of the historical gold rush offers an important symbol to hold in your minds-eye, for it represents the type of eagerness and vision of unlimited possibility future that is possible at this point in your life. (See the end of this article for an expanded description of the California Gold Rush and the relationship of the two astrological charts.)

During this Full Moon, you’ll have the chance to experience a quality of eagerness, with the potential for life-changing expansion. This is an eagerness full of confidence, and provides the courage to risk it all for the potential for a greater life.

There is support during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse to take advantage of these spectacular energies and commit to moving forward, release limiting patterns, or make a life decision you’ve lacked the courage to make in the past.

 The Risk Involved

With great potential also comes great risk. Without inner guidance there’s the potential for using this new level of courage in a chaotic or even harmful way. Your actions in the coming days don’t need to be grandiose. What’s important is your own “inner leap” of courage and your intention to commit to the best for yourself and others.

Going back to the image of the Gold Rush, the point of the Eclipse energies is not to use the gift of courage to risk it all for a get-rich-quick scheme, but to use the potential to gain a new sense of personal adventure. Oral histories of the Alaska Gold Rush reveal that despite the hardships, for many it didn’t matter whether they found Gold. The success of the journey wasn’t marked by this external measure. They left the adventure a changed person and the experience became a marker in their life.

In the astrology chart, the exploration of spirit (Pluto) and a heightened sense of inventiveness (Saturn) are offering support during the week following the Full Moon. Pluto is offering a new ability to explore your relationship to your Higher Self, including new awareness of connections that you already have. Saturn is offering creativity and the ability to think outside of the box.

 There are two important consideration in all of this expansion.

You may have the feeling that your actions need to be productive. The coming days are NOT about an external form of “productivity,” but rather about taking action to initiate something new. In other words, it’s not about acquiring more “stuff” or “doing more.” It’s not about meeting any kind of external standard of success. It’s about taking action from a new level of inspiration and eagerness, regardless if there is “success” in an external kind of measure. What’s important is success based on overcoming the obstacles and inertia that have kept you from moving forward.

You may also feel that you need to protect what you have. Avoid the tendency to feel that you need cling to physical security. What needs to be protected is your sense of expansion and creativity. You are being propelled by a cycle of growth and expansion, but only if you are able to move past the urge to horde security, or cling to the past, and retreat in fear.

The impulses for productivity and practicality are good, especially when they are connected to the good of your inner expanded guidance and not something that isolates you. All in all, this gift of courage is being offered to help you conquer obstacles which, in the past, you have been unable to surmount or move through.

 End Note on the California Gold Rush

Gold Rush 1849The Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Scorpio includes the image of a gold rush, which is what led me to explore the possibility of a historical connection to this country’s largest gold rush, which peaked in the spring of 1849.

I consulted the astrological chart for exactly 164 years ago (1849) and found some surprising correlations with our Lunar Eclipse chart. In the 1849 chart, Mercury and Uranus were also in Aries, and Venus was also in Taurus. Pluto was in Taurus (an earth sign) and now Pluto is currently in Capricorn (also an earth sign). I believe this look into the past can be used to gain a glimpse of how powerful this Full Moon Eclipse portal can be.