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  • Supermoon Nov 2016

    A Deeper Peak into Current Events: Full Moon Astrology Nov 2016

    Our Full Moon astrology is riding a powerful wave of energy that was introduced at the New Moon on Oct 30th. The primary frequency is calm and stability under the surface, and now the wave is cresting. To use a surfing term, it’s time to ride in the pocket. The pocket is the most powerful part of the wave, just ahead of where the wave is breaking. The point here is to trust the momentum and see the beauty of the ride, understanding that the power beneath the wave is predictable and stable, however much the surface may be full of intensity and thrills.

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  • Solstice Mountain Moon 2015

    Winter Solstice 2015: The Next Cosmic Trigger

    Winter Solstice each and every year is an important and powerful milestone. This year’s Winter Solstice is perhaps the most spectacular event I’ve covered since the ending of the Mayan Calendar on Dec 21, 2012. I believe it’s more than just a coincidence that the Mayan calendar ended exactly three years ago. The number three (3) holds the same frequency as the planet Venus, which gives us some important insight into a special opportunity that goes beyond what is already special about this holiday season. The Reason this Winter Solstice is so Important …

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  • Solstice Village 2015 Seattle

    The Unique and Special Nature of the Astrology Kite Pattern

    The most intriguing of the geometric astrology patterns is called the “Kite Pattern ” or the “Astrology Kite Formation.” Its most distinct feature is the actual shape outlining a simple kite. (See image below.)

    The inspiration for this article is the upcoming kite formation occurring on at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice of 2015. My prediction is that, in retrospect, astrologer’s will look back to this date, and in particular this astrology kite pattern of Dec 2015 and say that it was a major turning point 21st century history. Will history reflect an element of fate or free will?

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  • Age of Aquarius

    The Age of Aquarius: Has the Quickening Begun?

    The age of Aquarius will last approximately 2160 years. What is yet to be known is when this period will actually begins and the idea that perhaps it already has. This article explores the energies that drive Aquarius so that we can better understand what humankind can expect during the imminent Aquarian age.

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  • New Humanity Awakening 59

    What is a Complete Astrology Reading?

    The Complete Reading is the most powerful reading Seattle Astrology offers. It includes details on your life path and purpose, past life, Cross of Dharma, and how your specific intuition is accessed.

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  • New Moon Night Sky

    How to Energize Your Life Purpose

    This New Moon in Aries contains more potency than I’ve seen in a long time. This special “potency” is a type of concentrated power with great potential. Aries potency propels activity forward. This is focused power that’s been concentrated for a specific purpose. In one sense, it’s a cosmic boost of pure potential just waiting to be used.

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  • Lunation Birthday Moon

    Understanding Your Lunar Birthday

    Class Description This 3-week class teaches you how to interpret the astrology of the Moon and your own Lunar birthday. To my knowledge, this is the first time this information has ever been released for classroom study. This class teaches you how work with and …

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  • Leo Full Moon Opposed by an Aquarius Sun

    Claiming Your Life Instead of Reacting to Chaos

    Sun in 8 Aquarius Moon in 8 Leo Lunar phase is Full Full Moon Jan 26th, 8:38p Pacific The Full Moon energies are supporting a shift toward embracing a new level of “claiming” your life experience, instead of reacting to circumstances that don’t seem to …

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