Discovering New-Found Freedom in Self Expression: New Moon Astrology Aug 2016

Article Window: Aug 2 to Sept 1
• The New Moon is Aug 2, 2016  1:44pm PDT
• Sun is 11° Leo, Moon is 11° Leo
• New Moon Theme (Aug 2 to Sept 1):  Self-expression through Spontaneity
• Next Full Moon is Aug 18, 2016 (Lunar Eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.


Astrology Article: Discovering New-Found Freedom in Self Expression

The New Moon astrology for this month brings a new quality of energy that thrives on self-expression and the experience of spontaneous freedom to engage in new types of creative activities.

The particular type of spontaneous activity that’s being supported this month isn’t necessarily carefree, nor is it free from the consequences of poor judgement. Rather it arises from a new sense of mental clarity. This is the spontaneity of a balanced mind capable of thinking clearly, able to make good decisions, readily able to express itself, and energized by feelings of freedom and self-expression.

The hard work and character building that the Lunar cycles have established over the past several months (see last month’s New Moon article) is now being harnessed for this new level of creativity and freedom.

This Lunar month you can look forward to reaping rewards from those challenging times when it felt difficult to rise to the occasion. It’s time to celebrate the rewards for your perseverance, maturity, and your commitment to personal growth.

Spontaneous Activity

Spontaneous activity isn’t the same thing as random, or even unstructured, activity. Spontaneity in this New Moon context rises from a mind free from past conditioning and the cultural controls taking place around you. There are many pressures and responsibilities we all must face, but what’s important during this lunar phase of growth is the freshness of life that is flowing through you in the present moment.

This creative freshness is everywhere. The spontaneous new energies are rising from the Earth below and simultaneously pouring down from the Universe above. To take full advantage of the opportunities this Lunar month, it will be important to feel the freedom and clarity that is flowing everywhere around you and through you.

During the next two weeks, focus on reaping the rewards of your past efforts. Freely express yourself as you feel the creativity flowing through you. Your new-found sense of freedom and mental clarity will be most easily experienced through your own self-expression.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Aug 2016Along with all the creative energy readily available during this New Moon, there is also a Mars/Saturn conjunction that occupies a prominent position in our New Moon chart. On a personal level, this is an extremely beneficial configuration.

The configuration represents your ability to take action (Mars) and reap the reward (Mars balsamic to Saturn) of past efforts and struggles (Saturn). It also emphasizes the positive pathways and structuring of clear thinking and the freedom that comes with it (Mars/Saturn T-square Mercury/Neptune).

On a collective level this conjunction can potentially be problematic, as the energies can be leveraged to stir up trouble at an institutional, corporate, and governmental level. With the current pattern, the collective energies of Saturn can be harnessed in negative ways, however because of the balsamic phase of the configuration, it’s likely that the collective problems that emerge at least at this first part of the cycle, will be related to the past and to patterns that are outdated and being released.

All in all, this is a very positive astrology pattern and a positive New Moon. Your opportunity for expansion comes directly from personally expressing the creative energies that are building in Leo and through this expression experiencing a new sense of freedom and spontaneity in your life.

Happy New Moon

Discovering Your Personal Message: New Moon Astrology Feb 2016

Discovering Your Personal Message: New Moon Astrology Feb 2016

Article Window: Feb 8 to Mar 8
• The New Moon is February 8, 2016  6:39am PST
• Sun is 20° Aquarius , Moon is 20° Aquarius
• New Moon Theme (Feb 8 to Mar 8): Messages of Personal Truth
• Next Full Moon is February 22, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Feb 2016

Astrology Article: Discovering Your Personal Message

This month’s New Moon energies bring a personal message to each of us. This message will vary from person to person, depending on  circumstances and where you are in your life’s journey.  In this article I hope to shed some light on the breadth of possibility available, and help you discover what your personal message might be.

To begin, remember that each New Moon represents an opportunity for a new type of growth. The Moon is all about growth. Studying the Lunar cycle for personal and practical support allows you to more fully incorporate these energies into your life. When you can intentionally assimilate these New Moon energies, your growth can be more rapid, more complete, and more rewarding.

Let’s take a closer look at seven specific messages being introduced during this New Moon. These seven messages are embedded in the planetary positions and arrangement of the astrological chart. Each of the following patterns are readily available for your personal growth. As you read each one, reflect on those which most resonate.  In order to stimulate your personal growth pattern this month, focus on those messages that most directly speak to your own truth.

Seven Distinct New Moon Messages to Consider

  1. There is a paradoxical nature to inner freedom. Freedom requires limits. In order to experience freedom in one area of your life, it’s often necessary to apply self-discipline in another. To limit, withhold or deny something in one area of your life in order produce freedom in another is a paradox that is worth mastering.
  2. Nurture silence. When the mind learns how to be attentive, silence ceases to be empty. This month you have new access to transcendental knowledge.  The fullness experienced in silence has the power to sustain your faith in guidance and the type of knowledge that transcends mere information.
  3. You are ready to accept your own nobility. In the spiritual sense, nobility is only truly attained once a person feels deserving. This experience of receiving one’s worth and true nobility leads to inspiration and the acceptance of responsibility that comes with one’s  inspiration to fulfill their potential.  When you accept your nobility, you also experience that your potential is deserved and something to be respected as an instrument for good.
  4. Planetary rhythms support your visionary perspective. When you are able to strengthen your sensitivity toward the larger planetary rhythms, you can align with the consciousness necessary for planning future endeavors that serve the highest good.
  5. Personal balance is an important step toward success. There is opportunity to find new levels of personal equilibrium between the natural rhythms of rest and activity. Another way to speak of this is the necessary balance between inner silence and outward action.
  6. It’s time to release your inhibitions. Releasing what has been repressed is closely related to releasing distorted values that have, over time, become warped by a subservience to traditions that are no longer needed. By taking a closer look at your inhibitions, you have the opportunity to release these distorted patterns.
  7. This is a time for self-quickening. The term “self-quickening” refers to a deep process of inner activation in which you experience the integration and full vitality of your life force. This current lunar cycle holds the opportunity to release and direct your vital energies toward the mobilization of your spiritual goals.

Moving Forward

New Moon Astrology Chart for Feb 2016One or more of the above seven message will resonate with you. Work with these messages over the coming lunar month in order to experience your maximum growth potential.

In two weeks, the Full Moon in Virgo will help you further integrate these messages into your life and continue to expand in positive growth and prosperity.

Moving forward, I would also like to point you toward the Lunar Eclipse that will occur on March 23rd with the Libra Full Moon. Your particular Lunar messages during this New Moon won’t be fully realized until the Lunar Eclipse in March when the energies will fully coalesce, unfolding with a ripple effect throughout the remainder of the year.

Blessings to all my friends.

A Royal Banquet for the Soul: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2015

A Royal Banquet for the Soul: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2015

  • Article Window: Dec 25 to Jan 11
  • The Full Moon is Friday, Dec 25, 3:11 AM PST, Universal Time 11:11
  • Sun is 3° Capricorn, Moon is 3° Cancer
  • Current New Moon Theme (Dec 11 thru Jan 11): Preparing for Future Events
  • Next New Moon: Jan 11

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Christmas Full Moon 2015

Full Moon Astrology Article: A Royal Banquet for the Soul

Our Christmas Full Moon of 2015 will be an event to be remembered, not only for the glittering lights and gifts that accompany the season, but for the coalescing of all the energies that have come together on this auspicious day. It is precisely this energetic coming-together that creates the larger opportunity for a “royal banquet,” rather than a mere social gathering.

The astrology of this year’s Christmas Day is quite fascinating. There are three main elements that stand out in our Christmas astrology chart. Together they create this special celebration and opportunity.

The first element relates to the word “royal” that I have specifically chosen to describe the special significance of what’s being celebrated beyond the traditional festivities of the day. The exact Sabian Degree for the Moon suggests that the Christmas energies are illuminating your own connection to your higher-self and Soul.


This implies that this Full Moon is creating a higher connection and an awareness of your soul that accompanies your Christmas celebration this year. This is the deeper meaning of A royal banquet for the soul.”

Christmas Full Moon Astrology Chart for Dec 25, 2015The second element that stands out is a prominent opposition between Mars and Uranus. There is much craziness in the world right now, and that is being reflected in this opposition position between Mars & Uranus. However, along with this craziness, there are also neutralizing energies providing the opportunity for a positive choice and outcome.

Since the middle of November, with each New and Full Moon, I have observed these competing energies and they have clearly been available for a higher purpose. These current experiences of contrast are enabling us the access to transforming types of activities that neutralize conflict and support a more positive outcome.

Our Christmas astrology chart indicates this same neutralizing energy to the potentially disrupting Mars/Uranus pattern. Instead of the typical unexpected conflict often associated with this Mars/Uranus configuration, we have for a brief time (Christmas Day) the ability to see beneath the outer phenomenon of the world, to the inner structure of events, with their hidden reality.

Throughout the ages, glimpsing the deeper meaning of Christmas has been a cherished part of our traditions. This Christmas provides the energies to make “seeing beyond” even easier. This provides a practical way to see beyond any conflicting energies you may experience, both on a personal level and also larger global circumstances.

The third and last element I find super interesting is in the coincidence of the exact Universal Time of the Full Moon. The Full Moon occurs at 3:11 AM on the west coast, but the Universal Time is “11:11”. When we also take into consideration that our current Lunar cycle is “Dec 11 to Jan 11,” we another 11:11 synchronicity. This pattern is definitely worth noting.

Although there are many interesting and varied ideas and interpretations for the numerological meaning of the 11:11 pattern, let’s keep it simple and just focus on the current context of it occurring on Christmas Day, at the Full Moon, and with a specific astrological pattern of turning conflict into peace, with an ability to see beyond our normal perceptions of what we call ‘reality.’

Taking in all of this current context, our “11:11” coincidence takes on a more significant meaning which can be summarized with the title of this article, “A Royal Banquet for the Soul.” What’s implied with “11:11” is an energetic doorway or “portal” to a larger and divine aspect of yourself. This aspect is your “Royal Self” seeking embodiment in human form. This is also what’s often referred to as embracing the Christ Consciousness.

Christmas Day this year is indeed a special day. Celebrate, rejoice, and connect with that aspect of your own divinity which is reborn at each and every Winter Solstice.

Blessings to all, and have a wonderful Christmas.
Steven Shroyer

Winter Solstice 2015: The Next Cosmic Trigger

Winter Solstice 2015: The Next Cosmic Trigger

Winter Solstice each and every year is an important and powerful milestone. This year’s Winter Solstice is perhaps the most spectacular event I’ve covered since the ending of the Mayan Calendar on Dec 21, 2012. I believe it’s more than just a coincidence that the Mayan calendar ended exactly three years ago. The number three (3) holds the same frequency as the planet Venus, which gives us some important insight into a special opportunity that goes beyond what is already special about this holiday season.

Solstice Mountain Moon 2015

The Reason this Winter Solstice is so Important

This year’s Winter Solstice is activating an awakening of consciousness that has the potential to be a game changer. What is implied is a dramatic and fundamental change in how we response to our own authoritarian patterns of aggression and how this pattern is reinforced within society. This cosmic trigger is awakening all of human consciousness to the potential for healing internal personal patterns, especially those that result from aggression and imbalance of power. In the biggest picture, this Solstice gives us the power and possibility for world peace.

Winter Solstice Kite Astrology Chart 2015I would like to bring to your attention our magnificent astrology chart for Dec 21, 2015. Contained within the overall astrological pattern is a very special configuration called an “Astrological Kite Formation.”  If you look at the Winter Solstice astrology chart you can see the unmistakable outline of a kite. An astrological kite is one of the most powerful astrological patterns that exists.

For those who are interested in what makes an astrological kite pattern so special, be sure to read my companion article “The Unique and Special Nature of the Astrology Kite Pattern.” This  advanced article breaks down in complete detail the astrology behind the powerful kite.

The nature of this Winter Solstice kite presents a powerful paradox. On one hand, there is the opportunity to experience new levels of peace, not just on a personal but also a planetary level. On the other hand, in addition to peace there is an equal opportunity for conflict. This conflict takes the form of deep patterns of aggression, and must be resolved in order to move forward in life with love and understanding.

What is required is that we collectively say “No” to the aggressive elements within ourselves and within society. “Aggressive elements” in this case pertain to anything or anyone holding authority over you with the intent to control or suppress. On a global scale we release this pattern by accessing peace within and then working together to create peace in the world.

Within the paradox that must resolved, the Winter Solstice kite pattern offers a spiritual outcome that has the potential to be a life-changing event.  The fact that this powerful kite occurs at the exact moment of Winter Solstice  provides the additional energetic shift that inspires and activates the full potential. As the solar day-force awakens and reverses the trend of lengthening night, so the basic energies of Winter Solstice reawaken our individual potential for power and personal authority.

Planetary Influences within the Kite

Solstice Planetary Alignment Dec 21 2015This reawakening that always accompanies Solstice is also embedded within this year’s kite pattern theme of  claiming your authentic authority in the world. The spiritual activation of the kite pattern represents an intense acceleration in growth. This acceleration is indicated by the Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. As the Zodiac sign for winter solstice, Capricorn grounds this capacity for stepping into personal power.

Venus and Jupiter also have very significant roles in the kite. Venus in Scorpio indicates that if a life full of “harmony” is seen as something of value, then what must be incorporated and integrated is a complete resistance and refusal to accept all aggressive forms of authority, both within and without. Freedom, both inner and outer, must now become a forefront value that anchors your individual actions with a positive attitude grounded in service to others and the greater good.

Jupiter expresses that same sentiment of service, as well as the sentiment of freedom from aggression, by reconditioning your emotional response against all forms of aggression.   Jupiter in Virgo awakens and activates the character within each of us to shape the world towards cooperation for all people everywhere. On a global level there are currently powerful factions polarizing and escalating conflict. This solstice kite gives you the power to add your influence for peace.

The Moon’s position in the kite pattern is most unusual in that it brings a purity to this amazing configuration. The Moon’s position in Taurus makes this Winter Solstice very personal in order to purify and clear away and all internal programming that is fear-based. Specifically, these are any conscious or subconscious beliefs that tell you  who, what, and when to fear. Aggressive power rules and dominates by creating fear. By stepping out of fear you are able to more fully receive the gift of this Solstice, which is your own power and authority to contribute to Peace in the world.

Preparing for Future Events: New Moon Astrology Dec 2015

  • Article Window: Dec 11 to Jan 9
  • The New Moon is Friday, Dec 11, 2:29 AM PST
  • Sun is 20° Sagittarius, Moon is 20° Sagittarius
  • New Moon Theme (Dec 11 to Jan 9): Preparing for Future Events
  • The next Full Moon is Wednesday, Dec 25

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: Preparing for Future Events

Our New Moon Astrology is focused on the Sun and Moon at 20° Sagittarius. The integrated energy of this New Moon will help you on an individual level to prepare for upcoming future events. This type of supporting energy is designed to help you manage future circumstances in your life in a positive and loving way.

The raw energy of Sagittarius is supporting the New Moon through new levels of understanding. One element of this understanding is an awareness of the unfolding of events through the ebb and flow of larger currents and cycles of time.

With this understanding comes a responsibility to act on this new awareness. Your actions this month are supported with this New Moon’s quality of ingenuity that brings a creative mindset to how you interact with your life, both now and moving forward.

Taking action now with the energy of foresight will help you prepare for the future so that the future doesn’t catch you unawares.

This entire Lunar month, ending with the next New Moon on January 9th, you can focus on your circumstances with a creative mindset that leads to the ingenuity and foresight that will prepare you for future events. This is not a dire warning of impending doom, but encouragement for a type of foresight that’s enabled by an understanding of the ebb and flow of patterns and cycles and the direction of events. This perspective of foresight connects your personal circumstances to larger events that are happening in the world.

The practical message contained within December’s New Moon helps you to connect with and understand the patterns of what’s happening around you. Ask yourself, “What are the larger patterns developing in my circle of influence? How are these patterns connected to the larger patterns in my life, and how do these patterns connect me to the larger patterns on earth?”

Astrology Pattern: Personal Foresight through Understanding

New Moon astrology chart for Dec 11, 2015Our New Moon astrology pattern is powerfully positioned to aid in developing a deeper understanding of your personal circumstances, and then using both ingenuity and foresight to initiate your response.

Saturn is directly influencing the New Moon through awareness of your concerns with society and your culture. Saturn represents an anchor and a point of reference enabling you to put into action your own style of ingenuity. As you move forward this month, you can act from a place of understanding the direction things are going. This allows you to act with foresight, or at least react with the expectation of a positive outcome.

Uranus and Jupiter are positioned to make the overall pattern extremely powerful. Uranus brings insight and foresight, available through an inward withdrawal of your outward attention. You’ll be able to clearly observe outer events from an internal perspective. Jupiter’s’ position in our astrology chart gives you access to a new level of ingenuity, combined with the patience to plan ahead and anticipate circumstance.

Overall, our New Moon astrology chart demonstrates new energy that you can access for the purpose of anticipating future events in a prepared way.

I’m looking forward to an inspiring Full Moon which falls on Christmas Day, December 25th. As we also anticipate Winter Solstice, I send blessings and positive energies to all my friends.

A Hidden Opportunity: New Moon Nov 2015

A Hidden Opportunity: New Moon Nov 2015

Article Window: Nov 11 to Dec 11
• The New Moon was Wednesday, Nov 11, 9:47 AM PST
• Sun is 20° Scorpio, Moon is 20° Scorpio
• New Moon Theme (Nov 11 to Dec 11): Hidden Opportunity
• The next Full Moon is Wednesday, Nov 25

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Night Sky

Astrology Article: A Hidden Opportunity

Happy New Moon.

The New Moon energy from this week’s November 20° Scorpio Sun and Moon conjunction is focused on the discovery of hidden opportunity.

New Moon Nov 2015New choices and opportunities may be directly in front of you, yet remain undiscovered. In order to actualize these undiscovered potentials you must find your own hidden pathway. Harnessing Scorpio’s energy of faith and courage will aid in your search for the hidden. In Scorpio, “faith” is the underlying substance of your intention to move forward in life, whereas “courage” is the acceptance of what will come next.

This New Moon may also activate a deeper search for the path leading you toward a more mystical type of beingness. This is a life characterized by faith and courage, where the darkness of fear and self-importance disappear. It’s a life that’s lived with reliance on inner guidance, capable of rising above the “Scorpio shadow” of self-serving morality, and soaring the heights of personal power and growth.

During the remainder of this Lunar cycle (through Dec 11th), choose to live life while embracing the Scorpio qualities of faith and courage. This will facilitate your discovery of new opportunities as hidden paths begin to open up, revealing your next steps toward personal success.

Personal Note

Thanks for your patience around the late timing of this issue of the Lunar Journal. My current traveling and writing responsibilities don’t always coincide. Thank you for reading my articles and supporting my astrology dharma and work. Blessings to everyone.

Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology July 2015

Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology July 2015

  • Article Window: July 15 to Aug 14
  • The New Moon is Wednesday, July 15, 6:24 pm PDT
  • Sun is 24° Cancer, Moon is 24° Cancer
  • New Moon Theme (July 15 thru Aug 14): Emotional Integration
  • The next Full Moon is Friday, July 31

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of creative potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This article explains the unique gifts this New Moon offers to create momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

The New Moon in a Futuristic World

New Moon Astrology: Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment

This month’s New Moon theme is building on last month’s Lunar cycle theme of mental clarity. The opportunity for new clarity last month was experienced through a powerful build-up of energies. This week’s New Moon in Cancer carries forward these aspects into the emotional realm. You’ll have the opportunity for new clarity and balance of your emotions, as well as fulfillment of purpose through emotional integration. as you experience an integration of your most powerful emotions.

The emotional balance and new emotional clarity are positive benefits of this month’s Cancer New Moon. The combined factors expressed in the New Moon astrology chart will enable you to harness and integrate all of the build-up of power we’ve experienced over the last several weeks.

Cancer always promotes inner security and stability, especially through establishing relationships that support and nurture. It’s the zodiac sign which is most often associated with the home, because it provides a basic foundation from which to go out into the world and experience success. As the ruler of Cancer, the Moon offers extra help for integration and emotional clarity this month by helping you adapt to new situations and learn to nurture yourself by experiencing success and stability in the world.

This Cancer Moon supports your ability to embody life and to experience fulfillment and joy. Emotions this month will be more in sync with mental and spiritual outlooks, and also in relationships with others. This alignment offers the opportunity for increased inner stability, inner balance and equilibrium.

All factors are contributing to amplify and balance the deepest potentials of Cancer, creating the opportunity for you to experience fulfillment and joy this month. It’s through the successful integration and balance of emotional energies that you’ll be able to effectively express the high concentration of energy which has been building ever since the last Lunar cycle.

Astrology Pattern: Fulfillment through Independence and Action

New Moon Astrology Chart July 2015Emotional integration is a key theme for this entire Lunar cycle (until the next New Moon). In addition to the natural conjunction of the Sun and Moon (the New Moon), we have two other conjunctions which are contributing to the potentials for integration and providing some very positive support.

With Venus and Jupiter conjunct, the two combined energies help create enough independence so that personal relationships don’t become overbearing or exhausting. Jupiter is supporting your emotional self-reliance, which results in clarity by strengthening your personal boundaries. Venus provides new capacities for additional growth and harmony within your relationships.

Mars in conjunction with Mercury is providing the strength of will to implement decisions in a straight-forward manner. This pairing also helps to establish a level of emotional integration that supports rational decision-making. The combined result is new clarity, both emotionally and mentally.

Overall, this extra help of the planetary conjunctions supports the integration of your spiritual, mental, and emotional faculties. These three aspects of your being function best when they are balanced and interdependent. It’s precisely this balance which will offer new levels of emotional integration and clarity.

Pluto continues to be in a very powerful position in the overall astrology pattern for the entire Lunar cycle this month. In its present position opposite the New Moon, Pluto amplifies and brings awareness to all of the other elements of growth already mentioned, and represents powerful processes of personal transformation with the potential for making big changes in your life.

Astrology Summary

This month’s New Moon is supporting a three-fold integration of your emotions, mental processes, and spiritual ideals. With the zodiac sign of Cancer there’s the deep desire to fully embody your life, and to experience inner fulfillment and inner stability.

Stability is often felt through home, family, and relationships, however, this is only the most outward manifestation of the Cancerian potentials. Ultimately true stability comes from inner fulfillment and connection to Source.

This month continues an ongoing build-up of power and energy. If you can maintain equilibrium you can use this power for personal transformation. The New Moon’s gift of emotional integration will provide you a great deal of support and offer balance across the spectrum of challenges or opportunities that may emerge.

How to Secure the Resources You Need: Full Moon Astrology January 2014

How to Secure the Resources You Need: Full Moon Astrology January 2014

  • Article Window: Jan 15 to Jan 30
  • Full Moon was Wednesday, Jan 15 at 8:52 pm PST
  • Sun is 26° Capricorn , Moon is 26° Cancer
  • Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Charting Your Own Path in the World
  • Next New Moon is Thursday, Jan 30, 2014
  • Chinese New Year, Jan 31
  • Spring Equinox (Sun enters Aries) Mar 20 at 9:57 am PST

Moonrise Jan Full Moon 2014

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: How to Secure the Resources You Need

There’s an abundance of inspiration and resources available for you to use now that the Moon has reached its full phase in the Zodiac sign of Cancer. As you begin to integrate these Full Moon energies you’ll have the opportunity to realize how to better establish yourself in your life path. You may also notice your attention naturally beginning to shift toward acquiring the education or knowledge needed to establish yourself in a more fulfilling way. This feeling is natural and directly related to our current Full Moon energies.

How to Take Advantage of this Month’s Full Moon Energies

This month’s zodiac energy of Capricorn works naturally with your ability to secure resources for moving forward and achieving your goals and dreams. The current Cancer Moon is providing a way to expand your perspective on Charting Your Own Path in the World (the New Moon theme).

Energies are aligned to make it easy to integrate your emotions and intellect.

To successfully gather together these additional resources, you may need to focus on your ability to separate “what you need” on an emotional level, from “how to get it” on an intellectual level. It is important this month that your mental focus be  fully involved in the creative process..

The Moon is all about feeling, and there are times when “feeling” through your intellect can be a very effective strategy. This is one of those times. For the next two weeks, until the New Moon on Jan 30, the planet Mercury is activating your creativity through the ability to visualize symbols of inspiration in the mind. Without this mental inspiration to guide you, your desire for stability may work against you and hold you back from accessing the mental creativity needed to move forward on your life path.

The Need for Stability

Stability is a cornerstone of healthy expansion. We all need it. The most creative way to harness a greater sense of stability right now is through involving the strength of your mind (Mercury) to understand what type of information is needed to support resources, acquiring what you need in life. Resources can be money, things, or information.

With Mercury being extremely active in the mental realm, studying, learning, and observing are especially important types of resources available during the next two weeks. All of these gifts of Mercury will lead to your experience of greater stability.

Sources of Inspiration

With Mercury in the sign of Aquarius, look for inspiration in all of your authentic relationships.  Not just in your personal relationships, but in your connection to cultural leaders, and in any relationships where you can see new cultural developments occurring. For example, take note in individuals who are putting themselves on the line for a cause which inspires you. During this two week window, access creativity through inspiration from the individual or cause.

To help narrow down your sources of inspiration during this two week period, try identifying with others or with a group which shares your world view or who resonates with your path in the world. Use your intuition (Cancer Moon) to recognize that securing resources this month will be best accomplished through figuring out what you don’t know and then learning it.

In Closing

It is our deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you. Thank you again for your participation.

Have a wonderful week,
Steven Shroyer

Last Quarter Moon Astrology Aug 28 to Sept 5

  • The New Moon was August 4 – This month’s theme is “Expressing Your Creativity”
  • The Last Quarter Moon is Wednesday, Aug 28 at 2:35 am PDT
  • Sun is 6° Virgo, Moon is 6° Gemini
  • Next New Moon is Thurs, Sept 5
  • Sun entered Virgo on Thurs, Aug 22
  • Fall Equinox is Sun, Sept 22

Last Quarter Moon Bodhi Prana Tree

Current Lunar Cycle

The Last Quarter Moon supports integration as well as letting go, especially in terms of the gifts and lessons you have received in the last 3 weeks. What new awareness will you carry forward? What old beliefs and habits will you release? Your decisions and actions this week will help you to prepare for the manifesting wave that arrives with next week’s New Moon.

Going Deeper with Venus and Mars

This week’s astrology offers a special opportunity to connect with your inner vitality and creativity, and at the same time release old habits of identifying with external circumstances.

August Last Quarter Moon 2013The relationship between Venus and Mars is the keynote of this week’s chart . These planets are normally complementary, however this week they are out of sync. Their relationship this week will raise circumstances of contrast and conflict that require you to go within. This is because internally, they are still working in harmony. It’s only in the external world that they are seemingly in conflict.

A Summary of the Contrast

  • Venus is giving us the urge to sustain ourselves through the value of relaxing.
  • Mars is contradicting this urge through the desire for action by rushing into new situations.

These two contrasting forces will require you to make a choice. The decision you face this week may be a choice to let go of some deeply needed relaxation in order to pursue a great opportunity. On the other hand, perhaps you will be called to let go of activity and over-extension in order to rest up and recharge.

Either way, this decision represents the opportunity to choose from within – to re-sync these two ways of being at a deeper level within yourself. The opportunity of Venus is for self care and honoring your limitations. The opportunity of Mars is to release patterns of over-extension and to work with more subtle form of energy that come from within.

Going Within

Deep inside, your vital energies, your chi or prana, are active and waiting for an opportunity to be creatively expressed. During this coming week, Venus and Mars may be conflicting externally, but they will sync and work together at the deeper levels of your being.

It’s often mistakenly thought that vital life force can only be accessed through crisis, or unconsciously in life and death situations. Some have also learned to access it intentionally during deep meditation or possibly through an intense yoga practice.

It is time to let go of these limiting ideas. It’s time to learn to consciously access our inner life force. Your vital chi is inseparable from your creativity, and what enables you to revitalize and regenerate. When you learn to operate from within you can merge self care with creative activity in the world.

This week you have a special opportunity to practice this skill, by using your vital life force for your own creative expression.

In Closing

It is our deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you. Thank you again for your participation in The Lunar Matrix community.

Have a wonderful week,
Steven and Elizabeth,
The Matrix Team

Cosmic Update – Full Moon Astrology Aug 20 to 28

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. This week look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Choosing Your Path: A Clear Creative Choice

Steven’s astrology reading offers insight into the specific potentials of Cosmic support available to us at this time.

Recently, I had someone ask me why they are feeling so heavy and uninspired if there is so much creative energy available for us to tap into this month. The answer to this question is embedded in the Full Moon astrology chart, which clearly expresses this experience of contrast. There is still an abundance of creative energy available. At the same time, there is also a pattern of stability and integration. This stability, if we resist it, can feel like a thick layer of density and heaviness.

In the coming days, especially this week leading up to next week’s Last Quarter Moon, we are faced with one of two paths. On the one hand there is expansion, creativity, and inner freedom. On the other hand there is security, integration, and stability. The contrast is clear, and from the chart it appears that many of us will be predominantly in one or another of these patterns.

The Astrology Kite and the Grand Square

Full Moon Astrology Chart Aug 2013There are two contrasting experiences available this week. The Astrology Kite brings an experience of creative expansion, an inspired sense of destiny, and feeling of moving forward with inner freedom. At the same time the Grand Square, with a powerful Moon/Neptune conjunction opposite a Sun/Mercury conjunction, brings feelings of stability and the opportunity for integration. The sense of life without change will be very comfortable.

Both of the forms hold a shadow, or uncomfortable side. The Kite’s expansion can be unpredictable and lead to stress and instability. The Grand Square’s security can lead to heaviness and a feeling of density. Neither is “good” or “bad.” These are simply the normal patterns of depletion within the form.

Each of us will be making a choice (whether conscious or unconscious) at the Full Moon. The pattern with which we align will highly impact the two weeks to follow. We are choosing between aligning ourselves with either the Expansion of the Kite or the Stability of the Grand Square. Some will make this choice consciously, while others will be making this choice unconsciously, completely unaware they are even making a choice.

Making a Wise Choice and Living in Trust

Don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that there is only one good or correct choice to make. You can trust that both scenarios hold opportunities. In once sense, you may already know from your experiences of the past several days which of these patterns is most ideal for you right now.

If you are recovering from an illness, or traversing a difficult life circumstance, perhaps choosing stability, integration, and security (the Grand Square) is a wise choice. If this is your choice it’s prudent to remember that a certain level of uninspiring heaviness may be part of this package deal.

If creative expansion, inner freedom, and a chance for destiny to reveal itself is first on your list, then by all means make this (the Kite) your conscious choice. Just remember that this choice comes with rapid expansion, uncertainty, an element of stress, and possibly unpredictable outcomes.

Whatever path you choose this Full Moon, choose it with conscious intention. If you’re unclear about the most beneficial form then simply hold the clear intention to align with the highest and best of your own potentials. Your Inner Being and Source will respond!