A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

A Balancing of Accounts: Full Moon Astrology Jan 2017

Article Window: Jan 12 to Jan 27
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Jan 12, 3:34 AM PST
• Sun is 23° Capricorn, Moon is 23° Cancer
• Next New Moon: Jan 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Dec 28 – Jan 27): A Call to Action

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Solstice Village Seattle 2017

Astrology Article: A Balancing of Accounts

Our Full Moon astrology has an unusual emphasis this month based on the natural conflict between the energies of Capricorn (Sun) and Cancer (Moon). When these two powerful zodiac energies collide, there is often a showdown between what’s best for the individual, and what’s best for the established order. This is the case with our current Cancer Full Moon.

The specific showdown this month is especially related to systems of political power within the establishment. What the individual needs for success in the world can oftentimes be at odds with those who make the rules, especially if those rules are for political gain and not the greater good. This is the classic conflict between the individual and collective, specifically that portion of the collective with agendas set by a ruling elite that isn’t in alignment with the greater good. When goals and agendas collide, the individual’s power can be squashed with the power of a co-opted collective.

The Dance of the Individual and the Collective

There is a natural and healthy push-pull relationship between the individual and the collective. Sometimes it is necessary that their needs collide, but each also holds a fundamental responsibility for the good of the other. The individual has a responsibility to support the collective with uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions that promote healthy growth and evolution of the group. The collective has a responsibility to provide resources, opportunities, and rewards, especially to those individuals who fulfill their responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

A balancing of accounts is necessary when either the individual or the collective becomes out of harmony within this dance between the two. Our current Full Moon is offering new awareness of what is out of balance, as well as realizations that will enable you to move forward and contribute in positive ways.

The Nature of These Colliding Forces

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Jan 2017In our current astrological pattern, we find the Sun conjunct Pluto with the Full Moon in direct opposition. Pluto’s energy is considered by many astrologers as the most powerful planet in our solar system.  This is because its natural force has the potential to completely transform whatever it contacts. The outcome and determining factor of this transformation is dependent on the intentions behind the actions, specifically whether they are centered around control or empowerment. To understand the significance of Pluto’s activation in our current chart, it is helpful to review the Sabian Archetype for Pluto’s position at 18° degrees Capricorn.

ARCHETYPE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
COMMENTARY: Institutional power can be used to control groups or individuals, especially when it is required to maintain a specific outcome of social order or social relationships. This ultimate expression of power needs to be balanced by justice and compassion, rather than elitism justifying authority through abuse of power.

Pluto’s energy is contributing this month to the opportunity for a balancing of accounts, especially where there are situations of unchecked power. The current energies are supporting a relationship of trust that’s balanced by justice and compassion, without elite groups or individuals attempting to justify their own authority, especially when that authority is used to justify abuse of power.

In short, Pluto is contributing to our Full Moon in Cancer by empowering the individual to clearly see the larger needs of the collective, including areas of injustice and imbalance. In the coming days you can expect to experience a heightened awareness of the need for greater justice against abuses of power. This will be true within your personal own circumstances as well as the world at large. In all areas the desire for a greater level of accountability will predominate.

How to Work with the Full Moon this Month

The Full Moon this month has the potential to be challenging. In addition to the Pluto/Sun conjunction, we are experiencing a grand square with the additional energies of a Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Jupiter will give you an objective voice, while Uranus provides for a potential shift in social power, including imbalances in current power structures.

What this all means is that it’s time to look objectively at expectations, responsibilities, and potential rewards that are offered and exchanged between you the individual and the collective. Your collective can be personal and immediate as well as global. It’s time to see things clearly and make an objective evaluation of where you fit in this equation.

The key this month is to be willing to face these opposing energies and then integrate them in such a way as to provide a clear pathway for personal forward progress.

Be mindful of a tendency to be concerned about rule-breaking. With the Moon in Cancer, there is  a sub-theme that’s operating in the background related to the need to be successful within the established rules of order. This Moon is requiring you be mindful of what happens when those rules aren’t fairly or justly applied to everyone. It is this unjust relationship of power that’s precisely the dilemma we face at this time.

The Full Moon is always associated with new understanding. This year’s Cancer Full Moon is offering a new realization that will help you move forward in a positive way, not just in your own life but in your understandings of how you can contribute to positive and necessary changes within the systems at large.  When it’s appropriate, demand a balancing of accounts in your life, both of yourself and of others. Call into question the abuse of power where it appears, while continuing to bring your uniqueness, creativity, and new solutions to the world.

A Call to Action: New Moon Astrology Dec 28, 2016

A Call to Action: New Moon Astrology Dec 28, 2016

Article Window: Dec 28 to Jan 27
• The New Moon is Dec 28, 2016  10:53 PM PDT
• Sun is 8° Capricorn, Moon is 8° Capricorn
• New Moon Theme (Dec 28 to Jan 27): A Call to Action
• Next Full Moon is Jan 12, 2017

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Starry Night New Moon Photograph

Astrology Article: A Call to Action

This month’s New Moon Astrology is unusual in that each individual’s experience will be quite different. The reason for such a high degree of variability in our New Moon energies stems from a highly compact group of planets working together. In astrology terms, we call this planetary grouping a “stellium.”

Stelliums, with their nature of competing and diverse energies, are complex and as such are often inherently difficult to work with.

The overall signature of this stellium includes an underlying experience of happiness and joy. When looking closely at the pattern of current New Moon energies, two possible paths emerge. The first is a superficial and generalized response to this impulse of happiness, while the second is more complex and personal.

The first path of superficial response leads to a superficial kind of happiness. This will come from a tendency to bury one’s head in the sand as a way to ignore the deeper call to action. This surface level of happiness leads to distraction as a way to avoid working with the complexities of energies contained in this New Moon.

A Diversity of Individual Response

New Moon Astrology Chart for Dec 28, 2016Happiness and joy are available to everyone this coming month, however the potential for lasting change will rise  from the individual response to a deep sense of participation and call to action. Each person will hear and respond to this call in very different ways.

The most significant thing to understand about this astrological stellium is that these energies are highly structured. They are specifically designed to activate a certain area of life for the purpose of creating new change and growth.

You can identify the nature of the activation in your life by paying attention to what you’re drawn to and the ways in which you’re called to take action.

You can also understand your personal form of activation by finding the location of the New Moon stellium in your own birth chart. To determine this area of activation simply identify the houses in your natal chart that span the last half of Sagittarius through the first half of Capricorn. More specifically, this is the section of your chart from 22° Sagittarius (Saturn) to 17° Capricorn (Pluto).

Here is a generalized list of twelve possible ways that you might feel this New Moon activation in your personal life. This general overview highlights the ways the twelve individual houses are activated by the current New Moon stellium.

1. A commitment toward self-care and your inner world.
2. Standing up to family pressures and following your own path.
3. Searching out new information about what is really going on in the world, beyond the reality propagated by status quo and corporate media.
4. Cooperating and supporting the bigger picture of what’s important to those you love.
5. Seeking out new levels of creative involvement, especially where you see a clear and present need.
6. Re-evaluating what you have been told about your role and purpose in life.
7. Noticing what others are doing to find meaning in their life and seeking out new relationships that support your expansion.
8. Looking beyond and beneath the surface of things and feeling moved by the positive, yet unseen forces for good.
9. Looking at the general state of the world and seeking to expand those values and principles that guide you.
10. Standing up to the abuse of power and covert control, including those individuals who think they know what’s best for you.
11. Identifying actions you can take to undermine corruption and deceit by policy makers.
12. Contributing to solutions that perpetuate world peace, including grassroots attempts toward cooperation with those of like-mindedness.

This list is general in scope, but does show the diversity of experience we can all expect during this coming Lunar month. By holding mindfulness for the complexity of the possibilities, and taking action on your insights, you can expect to experience new meaning in your life.


This month’s Lunar cycle will be very diverse, including the way that circumstances in our lives are highlighted. The stellium of energies that are being activated by the New Moon is producing a high degree of happiness and joy. For those who choose the path of distraction, this happiness will be superficial and temporary.  For those, however, who choose to respond to a deeper and personal call to action, this is a happiness that can result in lasting change.

This deeper activation is designed to help you expand personally as you
also contribute to the collective good. As you read through the generalized list of possible experiences, notice if one or more of them speak to you. By responding to new awareness in these areas, you’ll experience a personal call to action that can result in lasting change and deeper meaning in your life.

Happy New Year,

Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2016

Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2016

Article Window: Dec 13 to Dec 28
• The Full Moon is Tuesday, Dec 13, 4:05 PM PST
• Sun is 23° Sagittarius, Moon is 23° Gemini
• Next New Moon: Dec 29
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 29 – Dec 28): The True Nature of Reality

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Photograph on a Misty Solstice Night

Astrology Article: Harmonizing Unresolved Conflict

Our Full Moon astrology for the next two weeks holds a rare configuration referred to as a “Temple Pattern.” The temple pattern, as outlined in our current astrology chart, takes the shape of a building. The name comes from its ability to hold and distribute high frequency energies. With the Full Moon in Gemini, these frequencies will contribute and support a greater understanding and perspective in all areas of life.

This Full Moon temple pattern is the dominate signature for the next two weeks and sets the stage for a new level of experience and opportunity. This is the culmination and full expression of our New Moon theme for the month, releasing new insights into “the true nature of reality.”

The new levels of awareness and understanding we can achieve this month will, at the highest level, enable humanity to work together to create, build, and establish new social structures that serve the world in ways that our current systems don’t. For more details on the significance of this Lunar month, review my New Moon article, “The True Nature of Reality.”

A New Harmonizing Factor

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Dec 2016The most unique feature of the temple pattern is that it contains two separate oppositions, which in this case are easily harmonized, and working together to resolve conflict. Oppositions, in general, require you to resolve two forces that are by their nature opposed.

The only way to accomplish this task is through a greater understanding or perspective that’s large enough to hold the two competing energies. This greater understanding and perspective is what the temple pattern provides.

Another interesting feature of this configuration is the fact that each of the five points that make up this unique pattern unite all four quadrants of the chart. This is true not only of the Full Moon chart itself, but also of your personal astrology chart.

By spanning all four quadrants, each of these five planets is working together in an organized way to create an overall harmonizing effect in your life. The pattern is extremely beneficial for resolving all forms of conflict in order to expand into more transcendent perspectives.

Working with the Temple Pattern in Your Life

During the next two weeks, conflicts in your life may be highlighted or activated. There are extraordinary energies available now to help with resolving any and all types of conflict. It’s important to realize that the activation is only occurring until a new perspective and understanding can be reached.

The key is to remember that the energies that are being activated in your life want to be harmonized and balanced.

If you can understand the opportunity, then any conflict within your personal circumstances will be temporary. Think of this as a transition period to greater understanding and higher frequencies within your circumstances.

With this Full Moon temple pattern, there’s a high degree of creative integration taking place on the entire planet. This should have some very positive effects, not only in your own life, but worldwide as well.


Our Full Moon this month is part of a powerful astrological configuration called a temple pattern. Its purpose is to provide a harmonizing effect in every area of your life, especially where there is unresolved conflict.

During the next two weeks you are entering a new stage of experience where creativity is being integrated at the highest levels of consciousness. Look for new opportunities to expand your awareness and expect to enter into a new stage of personal development.

Revealing The True Nature of Reality: New Moon Astrology Nov 29, 2016

Revealing The True Nature of Reality: New Moon Astrology Nov 29, 2016

Article Window: Nov 29 to Dec 28
• The New Moon is Nov 29, 2016  4:18am PST
• Sun is 8° Sagittarius, Moon is 8° Sagittarius
• Next Full Moon is Dec 13, 2016
• New Moon Theme (Nov 29 to Dec 28): The True Nature of Reality

Current Lunar Cycle

“This month I am departing from the usual article format because this month’s New Moon energy is unusually powerful and significant. I hope that this month’s New Moon insight helps to connect you with the larger potentials and the new possibilities that are becoming available to us now.” -Steven

A Sagittarius New Moon Photograph

Written by Steven Shroyer
Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article: Revealing The True Nature of Reality

This month’s New Moon Astrology is infused with a powerful signature of new awareness and understanding that will enable humanity to work together to create, build, and establish new social structures that serve humanity in ways that our current systems don’t.

We are at a threshold of new possibility. Many of the current systems in our world are completely broken. Circumstances are trending to reveal previously hidden shadow elements with remarkable clarity.

Recent events have been a wake-up call and as a collective mind we are ready to see things that we weren’t able or willing to see before. The New Moon on Nov. 29 launched a new cycle that is designed to help us see clearly so that we can access new solutions to the problems we face.

The first two weeks of the current cycle, from the New Moon on Nov. 29 to the Full Moon on Dec. 13, are all about revealing new understandings regarding the “nature of reality.” What I mean by this is the ability to see circumstances for what they truly are as well as the deeper meaning and patterns hidden within. The energy of this month then will build momentum in the direction of these new insights.

Significantly, Winter Solstice follows the Full Moon and falls in the middle of the second half of the cycle which ends with the Capricorn New Moon on Dec 28th. This entire period will reveal new ideas and insights into possible solutions regarding our current collective trends.

Now that you have a sense of the significance of the entire 4-week cycle, the remainder of this article will offer insight into the first half, leading up to the Full Moon. It’s my intention to help you recognize the opportunities that are available and understand practical ways to incorporate the new understandings that you can expect from this new Lunar wave.

Understanding the Mystery of Sagittarius

To understand the significance of the current Lunar month, it’s first important to explore the deeper significance of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is perhaps to the most difficult of the Zodiac signs to understand. The reason for this difficulty is related to the level of abstraction that is required for deeper understanding to occur. This is one of the two key processes embedded within Sagittarius. The other is transmission.

Abstraction refers to the way we access the ‘deeper meaning’ of things. It is also connected to the idea of a higher vibration or frequency. The quality of abstraction leads to archetypal symbols, which imply a relationship that’s scalable and/or fractal in connection. It’s this abstract archetypal understanding that provides the true power behind symbols.

The word Transmission refers to the energy signature of what’s being passed along. What’s significant is not mere information. What’s significant in Sagittarius is the meaning of the information. What’s transmitted is the energy signature embedded within the meaning.

It’s this concept of higher-frequency and deeper understanding that is most important about Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is all about connecting with the principle of truth.

Here are two traditional ways that you can easily recognize Sagittarius in your life.

Sagittarius is traditionally associated with philosophy. That’s because we experience deeper meaning as ‘truth’ through the symbolic languages of philosophy, poetry, spiritual teachings, mathematics and music. With all of these systems it’s the transmission of the core truth or principle that is the key.

All authentic truths are rooted in holism and work at all levels. The “Golden Rule” for example is a container of a philosophical truth. It holds its integrity from the level of the personal to the family, group, community and nation. It’s scalable because of the simple truth that’s being transmitted at the core.

Sagittarius is also traditionally associated with travel. That’s because travel expands understanding by allowing us to see new connections within a new context and over a larger area. Travel provides a larger context than personal life and these expanded frames of reference allow us to experience a larger connection to our world. The result is an expanded understanding of personal truth that’s scalable and connects us to a larger reality.

It’s our capacity for abstraction that connects both travel and philosophy and enables us to expand into a higher vibration. This is because they are both scalable; they are connected to bigger picture and deeper meaning, and they are capable of holding their integrity while they expand.

The Mystery of Sagittarius lies in our experiences of connection, truth, transmission, deeper meaning, and higher frequency.

The Nature of Reality

Astrology New Moon Chart for Nov 2016This month’s Lunar theme is centered around an increased capacity to see the true nature of reality, specifically from the stand point of a higher frequency and perspective.

With four significant planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Mercury), humanity now has an increased ability to recognize these higher frequencies in action. Saturn’s position between the New Moon and Mercury is highlighting the qualities in our lives that are NOT in alignment with higher truth.

Now, more than ever, we are able to see governmental, religious, and corporate corruption, as forces of greed actively try to frame our reality according to their own agenda. It’s extremely easy right now to see the attempts to block, control, and distort those groups and individuals who are working with higher frequency toward new social structures.

In the US, for example, we’re able to see these forces at play in the situation at Standing Rock, in the recent elections, and in the distortion of truth through corporate media. With the New Moon occurring just before Saturn (balsamic phase) there’s a opportunity to re-think  how much protection we really need from those who want to control our lives.

Saturn is supporting our ability to see clearly what does and doesn’t work within our current social structures. We are able to clearly see the lack of harmony within corporate narratives and governmental assertions that tell us that everything is trending in a positive way. We are also able to see and experience the transmission of higher truth through circumstances that create true harmony, unity, and cooperation. This aspect is also Saturn at work in the creation of institutions that promote connections with others through deeper meaning and understanding.

During this new cycle, we are all able to experience a greater understanding and clearer perception of these higher vibrations. The New Moon is providing momentum so that we can act and think accordingly. You have the opportunity now to expand into something larger by recognizing your own truth and then using that truth to connect with the deeper meaning of life and reality.

There are many avenues for exploration. You can gravitate toward anything that holds deeper truth and brings greater harmony to your life. Spiritual teachings contain transmissions capable of expanding your consciousness and helping you connect to larger realities. All forms of travel support expansion through your ability to understand your own connection to the larger world. Whatever the action, remember that you’re intending to align yourself with a higher frequency and therefore guiding principles.

Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking truth to power is another significant way to align yourself to a higher frequency and participate in new awareness of the true nature of reality.

The importance of speaking truth to power (Mercury new phase to Saturn) comes directly from our understanding of Sagittarius. Our new awareness of the nature of reality has in some ways been forced through current events, and we are witnessing the need to speak out both in large scale circumstances as well as within our own groups.

A powerful placement of Pluto and Venus working together as a conjunction also supports the New Moon theme. It suggests the necessity to rethink how even the most basic values within a culture can become compromised if left unchallenged. For example, the long term relevance of what is unfolding at Standing Rock speaks to the true integrity of our values.

Saturn’s position to the New Moon represents our general awareness of how our access to information can become distorted. The Sabian symbol for Saturn speaks to the need to discern appropriate types of leadership and raises the question of how much a society should be controlled under the guise of ‘protection.’

All of this speaks very much to current circumstances. With Saturn and Mercury working together with the Sagittarius New Moon there’s a clear opportunity to transform current structures and elevate systems of power, especially through connecting with a higher vibration and guiding principles aligned with wholeness and truth.


I can’t stress enough the importance of this particular Lunar cycle and the energies that are being introduced. These first two weeks of the cycle are all about revealing new understandings about the “true nature of reality” in our world, and using these new understandings to build positive momentum.

Understanding the mystery of Sagittarius reveals the guiding principle of a higher frequency of consciousness. When we become aware of higher frequencies being blocked or distorted it’s important to speak out. Speaking truth to power is an expression of the Sagittarius principle of expansion.

Our New Moon energies of Sagittarius will continue to build until they are fully developed and ready for full integration at the Full Moon.

Happy New Moon

Finding the Elusive Inner Calm: New Moon Astrology Oct 2016

Finding the Elusive Inner Calm: New Moon Astrology Oct 2016

Article Window: Oct 30 to Nov 29
• The New Moon is Oct 30, 2016  10:38am PDT
• Sun is 8° Scorpio, Moon is 8° Scorpio
• New Moon Theme (Oct 30 to Nov 29): Inner Calmness
• Next Full Moon is Nov 14, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of the Milky Way at New Moon

Astrology Article: Finding the Elusive Inner Calm

Our New Moon Astrology for the coming month brings a new cycle of mental clarity. This new level of clear thinking will utilize a calmness and inner peace, especially available to those who can access the emotional depths of Scorpio’s archetype of inner power.

Scorpio, being a water sign, has great depth of feeling and connectedness. This depth of feeling can be harnessed into a powerful social force to be used for common goals and group purpose. On occasion Scorpio gets a bad rap for being controlling and/or emotionally out of control, but this shadow element only becomes an obstacle for those who haven’t learned to connect with the power of their own depths.

Superficial Turbulence on the Horizon

The days immediately following the New Moon have the potential to be somewhat rocky and turbulent, but not catastrophic. This unsettling period is akin to a bumpy flight on a commercial plane. If you’re not careful you may spill your coffee, but the plane is in no real danger.

I call the potential turbulence superficial, because one of the most significant elements of this New Moon chart is the underlying energy of calm. The Sun/Moon conjunction with Mercury emphasizes the significance of the mental component of this Moon, enabling you to access inner clarity. The conjunction also follows right after the Moon crossed over Jupiter, which is in the positive position of supporting the clarity of new information, and the ability to use this information to expand into a new cycle of activity.

Understanding the importance of connecting with inner calm, it may be helpful for you to know that most of the action, or potential turbulence this month, will occur in the first two weeks, between now and the Full Moon.  Significantly, toward the end of this cycle, you can anticipate an activation of optimism when the Moon goes conjunct Uranus on Nov 12, just two days before the Full Moon.

Leading up to that activation with Uranus, the Moon is going to transit all of the other planets. Each of these conjunctions will offer an opportunity, however if we’re not able to maintain inner calm and clear perspective then the opposite can also happen. In other words, the pattern of concentrated planetary conjunctions could lead to ongoing challenges through experiences of irritation, misunderstanding and stress.

This is where the power of Scorpio comes in to provide some depth of feeling to help you anchor your mind and connect with clarity and that elusive sense of inner calm. The key is to have a depth of perception coupled with feelings that are anchored in calmness.

The good news is that for a select number of people this is going to be a time of creative expansion, especially through the experience of new levels of inner clarity and calm. This internal calm will be in contrast to the confusion that you may experience around you and within the larger culture. This is important because we are each going to need to be ready to receive the clarity, not just for ourselves but in order to contribute to the world.

Astrology Patterns

Astrology Chart for the New Moon Oct 2016Because of the astrological complexity of this cycle, it may be helpful to touch on the potential energy signatures of the coming two weeks.


With this New Moon Sabian symbol of inner calm conjunct Mercury, we’re talking about moving within, keeping your head on straight, and not getting activated with all of the external intensity and craziness that’s happening right now.

Our Saturn/Venus conjunction on November 2nd may activate uncertainty. Venus will challenge the type of value we place on our own dependencies. At the same time, Saturn may trigger an awareness that anticipates a turn of events that challenges your dependence on the status quo. Calmly redefining your relationship to the status quo is the key for your success.

Our Pluto conjunction on November 5th will be stimulating and may trigger a kind of unhealthy activation. All that’s needed here is to make sure you get enough exercise and to realize that that your experience of stimulation doesn’t need to turn into agitation or anxiety.

Our Mars conjunction on November 6th may activate insecurity and feelings that your circumstances don’t feel safe. There are too many scenarios to describe all the possibilities, but the antidote is to connect to security within, through the depths of your personal spirituality.

Election day is November 8th, which occurs during the 1st Quarter Moon. Without your connection to inner calmness and clarity, this First Quarter Moon can bring a high-degree of uncertainty and indecision.

Our Neptune conjunction on November 9th will further require internal calm. Otherwise, it may activate disillusionment with the entire world. A sense of what’s the use of even trying with a strong desire for escapism may be predominate. Your sense of spirituality and clear thinking is required.

Our Uranus conjunction on November 12th, as mentioned before, completes the cycle of planetary transits and will give you complete access to a new level of cosmic optimism. This conjunction occurs right before the Full Moon and sets the stage for you to move forward with hope and clarity.

Your ability to stay connected to the inner mental calmness of this New Moon through the coming days will enable you to connect with this optimism and carry forward the highest potentials of this cycle.


The overall signature of this Lunar Month is that of using a calm perspective to deal with life’s circumstances. The positive potential and opportunity of this lunar cycle can’t be accessed without this perspective of inner calm. You’ll recognize your alignment with this potential by your capacity for clear, calm thinking. (This is of course in direct opposition to what is being currently encouraged in the larger culture.)

The Moon transits all the planets in the first half of this cycle, leading up to the Full Moon. Each conjunction will activate a specific pattern which can open new opportunities in your life, or alternately contribute to stress if not properly understood and accessed.

The only sure avenue to success this month is the commitment to your connection to internal calm. From there the creative opportunities will be clearly available. This connection with inner equilibrium provides a clear avenue for rising above the activations of disorder and distress that are apparent all around us, and also enables you to contribute much-needed frequencies of calm and order.

A Frequency Boost in Consciousness: Full Moon Oct 2016

A Frequency Boost in Consciousness: Full Moon Oct 2016

Article Window: Oct 15 to Oct 30
• The Full Moon is Saturday, Oct 15, 9:23 PM PDT
• Sun is 24° Libra, Moon is 24° Aries
• Next New Moon: Oct 30
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 30 – Oct 30): Ideas for a Better Future

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Photo of October Full Moon

Astrology Article: A Frequency Boost in Consciousness

Our Full Moon astrology holds huge new potential for all of us. The planet Uranus is powerfully positioned to assist you in a significant energy jump forward. This article will explore why this Full Moon is so significant and how you can personally take advantage of this massive boost in energy.

Looking at our current astrology chart you’ll see the highlighted Full Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. The current Lunar cycle is building on the Libra New Moon theme of “Ideas for a Better Future.” This theme of new awareness and higher-level insight has now come into its full potency and the potential for new growth at a higher frequency has become fully activated. It’s time to initiate what began at the New Moon.  Your opportunity for growth is about to be accelerated, fueled by an influx of Uranian energy.

The Transforming Power of Uranus

Uranus is responsible for the acceleration of evolution and self-quickening of consciousness. It operates within the higher functions of the mind and is often experienced through brilliance, individuality, and a desire for reform (or even revolt) against what’s not working in the world. In short, Uranus transforms by increasing the vibratory rate of consciousness.

This Uranian increase in frequency typically operates beyond the conscious awareness of the average person. However, during this Full Moon we all have the opportunity to intentionally connect with this potential, increasing our own vibratory rate and accelerating our opportunity for growth. What’s available now is a very specific potential for expanding your consciousness. You may experience this expansion by connecting to a higher dimension, developing a psychic gift, or simply increasing your innate intuitive processes.

The main point to consider in this discussion is that in some way you can expect to experience a significant boost in energy resulting in a vibration or frequency jump. This is a significant step in the steady increase and acceleration of positive spiritual energies that we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year. This Full Moon is bringing forward all your hard work into a harvest period where additional abundance is possible.

Full Moon Astrology Chart for Oct 2016Uranus energy is brilliant, transpersonal,  and unpredictable. Because of this raw transcendent power behind Uranus, it’s recommended that Uranian energy is focused toward the highest purpose of serving humanity.  As one’s personal frequency or vibratory rate is increased, humanity becomes the beneficiary due to the higher level of personal resonance and cooperation that can be experienced and acted upon. This also means that any attempt to control the energy of Uranus for a self-serving agenda will have an unintended or karmic outcome.

Using the energy of Uranus in a conscious and “service-to-others” manner can have spectacular results. This is especially true if your effort and activity (Mars square Uranus/Full Moon) is focused on the clear awareness of what is possible.

The most important course of action during the coming two weeks following the Full Moon is to use your own life circumstances to practice new modes of reacting and participating. This new level of reaction will occur simply as a result of you increasing your frequency. Your new vibrational ‘set-point’ will result in new perspectives and awareness. You will find new insights, new clarity, and new capacities to respond from internal awareness rather than reactionary patterns of the past.

This is a time for inner growth to accelerate you to new levels, but only if you hold onto and anchor the Uranus brilliance and insight you feel. Flashes of Uranian intuition are momentary, remaining  in your consciousness as a lightning flash insight. It’s up to you to create the container to store your own harvest.

An Abundant Harvest

The Full Moon is providing an openness to the incoming energies, but your response to these energies is the key to receiving them.

The Sabian archetype for the exact degree of the Full Moon, found at Aries 24°, states,   “BLOWN INWARD BY THE WIND, THE CURTAINS OF AN OPEN WINDOW TAKE THE SHAPE OF A CORNUCOPIA.” This is an additional indication that an abundant harvest is available to all who can remain receptive and open to the influx of spiritual energies that are entering our consciousness.

Uranus is stimulating your desire for growth and abundance, but only if your mind can create the container. This importance of retaining the energies is indicated in the Sabian reference to the cornucopia, the symbolic container for holding the fruits of harvest.

In Conclusion

This Full Moon is introducing a significant boost in energy for the purpose of spiritual growth. The energy of Uranus makes this energy boost available in a transpersonal or “service-to-others” capacity.  To harness the power of Uranus and anchor this jump in your frequency, focus on keeping an open and receptive mind.

Remember, Uranian energies operate at a higher frequency than is commonly encountered. As such, thoughts and activities that support “service-to-others” and the highest good will help in retaining and incorporating these energies into your life in a more permanent way.

We are in the midst of a powerful Lunar cycle. This Full Moon holds great promise for transformation and a positive influx of spiritual energy.

Happy Full Moon

An Idea that Sparks the Future: New Moon Astrology Sept 30, 2016

Article Window: Sept 30 to Oct 30
• The New Moon is Sept 30, 2016  5:11pm PDT
• Sun is 9° Libra, Moon is 9° Libra
• New Moon Theme (Sept 30 to Oct 30):   New Seeds for a Better Future
• Next Full Moon is Oct 15, 2016

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Sept 2016

Astrology Article: An Idea that Sparks the Future

The New Moon astrology for this month is centered around a new seed idea entering our conscious field of perception and overall thinking process. This new seed idea will come in the form of a foundational vision or insight. The combined impact of this expanded seed idea has the potential to change and impact the world far into the future.

The overall New Moon pattern supports the importance of the “NOW.” The energies that are combining now are bringing a huge seed of potential that will grow into the future. This potential is way beyond what we would normally experience, bringing together the past and the future into this very moment of New Moon energy.

All roads lead to the opportunities presented at this specific moment in time. The seed of new vision of possibility planted now can not only heal the past, but also become the future we envision.

The experience of the seed idea will be different for everyone. For some it will be an impulse for greater participation, for others it will be a new idea of the kind of world they want to live in. From what I can see it will vary from person to person. What’s important is showing up to your own experience and not allowing the impulse of this New Moon to lie dormant or fade into the past. In order to expand into a better future, this New Moon seed needs to be nurtured with spiritual energy.

Before we explore more about this concept of a seed growing into a better future (the new seed idea), I would like to explore the New Moon energies of Libra which are focused on achieving a greater level of participation in the world.

Libra is an air sign that functions well with the intellect. Three primary qualities of Libra’s intelligence are observation, connection, and learning how to participate as an equal in the world. These qualities are necessary skills in order for us to participate in something larger, whether it be social, career, or any intentional forms of planetary work to help make the world a better place.

The balancing energies often associated with Libra are a necessary part of new relationships. They support your ability to thoughtfully step into something larger. As you move out of your personal comfort zone into a larger field of context, staying grounded and centered is of great importance. Maintaining a sense of who you are is necessary to prevent an imbalance from causing any setbacks. This is especially true as the bigger picture of the world begins to form in your consciousness.

The Importance of Jupiter Conjunct the New Moon

I’ve noticed a lot of interest among my astrological colleagues regarding the importance of the New Moon occurring only 4° after an exact Jupiter conjunction. The following general qualities of Jupiter can help you understand the significance of additional manifesting support that this conjunction is offering.

  • Jupiter helps us to assimilate all aspects of life through the expansive qualities of growth and abundance.
  • Jupiter helps us expand our sense of self beyond our personal boundaries to include our society and culture.
  • Jupiter supports all forms of management and organizational skills as an expression of the geometric patterns (grids) of light that support and expand life.
  • Jupiter supports all forms of societal structure, and helps us come into relationship through our participation in culture with the power to grow through cooperation.

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 30, 2016What I would like to contribute to this conversation is a better understanding of Jupiter’s impact at this specific moment, especially in terms of providing a clearer picture of the opportunities ahead as they relate to the New Moon.

Jupiter’s power with this New Moon stems from its organizational ability working in tandem with organic patterns of growth. In other words, Jupiter can assimilate the new energy and then create patterns of organization that allow both life and consciousness to grow and expand.

Therefore, Jupiter helps facilitate your ability to organize, manage, and expand your life in positive directions. The power of this New Moon anchors a specific point in time, allowing Jupiter to organize and expand life way beyond actual time constraints of our current Lunar cycle.

What makes this New Moon placement of Jupiter super interesting is the Sabian archetype for 5° Libra, which states: “A MAN REVEALING TO HIS STUDENTS THE FOUNDATION OF AN INNER KNOWLEDGE UPON WHICH A ‘NEW WORLD’ COULD BE BUILT.”

The Sabian underscores how the New Moon, which by its very nature releases a new seed, is combining with an additional foundational seed idea (Jupiter) that’s powerful enough to organize, manage, and build an entire new and better world.

Libra energies are preparing all of us to participate in the idea that we CAN build a “New World.” As these ideas and energies form and organize with the help of Jupiter, we can each participate in the creation of something larger and better than we have imagined before.

Not only does this New Moon hold perfect manifesting potential for creating a positive impact in your personal life, it also enables you to connect in a more immediate way with your larger Self and your ability to participate in creating a better world.

In Conclusion

This New Moon offers a message of hope, empowerment, and encouragement for all of us as we step into the potential to create a larger reality. This powerful New Moon is working with Jupiter to expand your opportunity to help shape the future. This future begins with your own inspired idea upon which a ‘new world’ can be built.

In order to be fully present to these opportunities, it’s important to stay grounded and at the same time expand into a greater understanding of who you are in the world. It’s a time to embrace a bigger picture of the world in which you want to participate, a world in which you have a necessary and important role to play.

The past, future, and the present have converged into the NOW. Happy New Moon.

The Gift of Positive Outcome: Lunar Eclipse Astrology for Sept 2016

Article Window: Sept 16 – Sept 30
• The Full Moon is Friday, Sept 16, 12:05 PM PDT
• Sun is 25° Virgo, Moon is 25° Pisces
• Next New Moon: Sept 30
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 1 to Sept 30): The Dawning of New Intuition

Our Lunar Eclipse delivers a Cosmic Gift that results in a new awareness, ability or insight that you can use for inspired action in your life. The cosmic gift is delivered through a portal that opens in the Zodiac at the exact moment of the Eclipse.

The Eclipse portal will remain open and active until the Moon returns to this location in the sky during the next lunar cycle. In the coming 4 weeks, while the portal is open, look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially through the nature of the Full Moon gift and whatever you have embraced or experienced during the current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Eclipse Photo

The Gift of Positive Outcome: Lunar Eclipse Astrology for Sept 2016

Our Lunar Eclipse astrology for September 2016 is quite possibly the most dramatic astrological pattern I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. The significance of this pattern is amplified by the fact that it occurs during the second of two consecutive Lunar eclipses.

I would like to state from the outset that, despite what others may claim, this astrology chart doesn’t contain doom and gloom. What our astrology chart does contain is a significant pattern signifying the opportunity for a possible split from normal conscious perceptions. This would be a positive and good split. There is powerful opportunity in the days ahead.

Before I go into the details of the current chart I would like to describe what happened astrologically on August 24th, 2016. This date is significant as it relates to the initiation of a possible split in conscious perception and the ways in which reality is fundamentally understood.

The August 24th, 2016 Story

August 24th occurred only six days after the first Lunar eclipse. On this day, the planets Mars and Saturn made an exact conjunction with the Moon, creating positive alignments (trines) with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.

This Mars/Saturn conjunction occurred at 10° Sagittarius and set in motion a brand new type of energy. Specifically this is a new direction of growth within society that supports the opportunity to perceive a new and more positive direction for humanity.

The Sabian symbol for 10° Sagittarius suggests that a new  positive direction must be taken, one that is no longer based on fear, ambition, or greed. The Sabian also suggests that that if positive growth isn’t accepted, that it may be forced upon us as a dramatic result of amplified dysfunctions within society. On the other hand, it implies that expansion will come with ease if it’s experienced through participation as a collective cooperation.

The reason the Mars/Saturn conjunction is so important is that it prepares us for the current Lunar eclipse, with the opportunity for another dramatic and positive shift represented by Pluto’s energy in Capricorn.  Pluto’s position calls for the need to end the abuse of power and corruption of our political and financial systems. The Saturn/Mars conjunction provided a foundation and set us up for this positive shift that’s offered in Pluto’s energy signature.

To follow the significance of August 24th even further, I looked online through the top 55 mainstream news stories on August 24th. I discovered the following general breakdown of topics: 28% political corruption, 15% military invasions, 19% civil unrest and violence, 31% describing various discrepancies in world events where the facts don’t add up nor make sense, 2% natural disasters, and 5% positive news about the future.

Only 5% of the articles in the mainstream news that day offered any positive news, or expressed any hope or  opportunity for a positive outcome in current situations. The vast summation of the articles of the day presented a world-picture of doom and gloom, now and moving forward.

It’s important to understand that this preponderance of gloom and doom isn’t the only perspective. There is good news ahead.  A change in perspective is about to occur, especially when the power of the Lunar eclipse can be fully activated.

The Lunar Eclipse

Astrology Chart for Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16, 2016Moving forward from the significance of the August 24th conjunction, in order to better understand the power of this Lunar eclipse, we can look now at the pattern in the current astrology chart which is comprised of five T-squares. There is no other significant configuration. This is extremely rare and unusual.

T-squares force our consciousness to make fundamental shifts, especially in perspective and in our decision-making process. If a shift in perspective cannot be made, conflict and polarizing behaviors begin to occur. I believe the significance of this Lunar eclipse lies in the opportunity to make a positive shift in perspective. The strength of the formation indicates that this is not only a personal shift but planetary as well.

Remember, this eclipse is a worldwide event. The symbol of 10° Sagittarius  that I discussed earlier in the article suggests that growth will either be in cooperation through positive choice, or else the growth will be forced through energetic reactions to the overwhelming levels of corruption worldwide. Either way, growth occurs.  Both avenues of change will happen simultaneously. Change and positive growth will occur through those actions directed toward common good and service to others. It will also be forced upon us collectively as a response to unsustainable corruption and control, and those actions taken in service to self.

This Lunar eclipse is providing each of us the tools to see the positive elements within the overall direction of our planet. All of these changes and impulses toward collective good are what many speak of as  the growth process of Earth moving toward ascension.

This Lunar eclipse is all about making a collective shift toward a positive outcome, for individuals, the human family, and for the Earth as a whole.  The question to ask yourself on a personal level is how you will show up in your own life.  When you show up and choose alignment with the collective good, you will have the opportunity to expand by receiving a change in your personal perspective as well as your circumstances and life experience.

In terms of human culture, the eclipse most likely will result in a greater polarization within society.  Positive individuals will be in greater alignment with service to others, and they will draw those experiences to themselves. Those with self-serving or fear-based focus will be drawn to the more negative perspective and tend to gravitate toward those experiences.

We are experiencing another step toward a planetary shift in consciousness, with a clear separation from those who choose a negative perspective. For them the world will further polarize into conflict, corruption, and greed. For those who are able to shift their perspective and choose to align with a positive outcome, their personal experience and the world itself will become more positive.  From a planetary perspective, this process is preparation for what is sometimes referred to as Earth’s ascension.

In Summary

This dramatic Lunar eclipse is focused on providing a shift in your personal perspective and life experience. For those who choose to focus on positivity and the collective (greater) good, the eclipse will result in new perceptions that allow them to see the world and those around them in new ways. In practical terms, this eclipse will strengthen your ability to see the positive in the present moment, and simultaneously clearly discern and understand those who would choose to polarize into conflict.

This Full Moon provides a huge opportunity to turn the corner, strengthen your intuition, and support the positive changes that are coming to our world.

Happy Lunar Eclipse

The Dawning of New Intuition: New Moon Astrology Sept 1, 2016

The Dawning of New Intuition: New Moon Astrology Sept 1, 2016

Article Window: Sept 1 to Sept 30
• The New Moon is Sept 1, 2016  2:03am PDT
• Sun is 10° Virgo, Moon is 10° Virgo (Solar Eclipse)
• Next Full Moon is Sept 16, 2016 (Lunar Eclipse)
• New Moon Theme (Sept 1 to Sept 30):  The Dawning of New Intuition

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Night Sky with New Moon in Virgo.

Astrology Article: The Dawning of New Intuition

The New Moon astrology for this month is focused on new developments in your personal intuitive processes. These new intuitive abilities will enable your mind to operate at a higher frequency. It will be as if your mind has more processing power, especially around your capacity to simultaneously process and integrate both emotional and intellectual information.

These intuitive capacities of the New Moon are supporting the expansion of Higher Mind that’s available to each of us this month as a result of the August 18th Lunar Eclipse. (See previous article for more information on the Lunar Eclipse portal.)

To better understand this new connection to your intuition it is helpful to review the archetype of Virgo, an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgo’s ability to intellectualize and analyze is commonly understood. What is not always represented in astrological literature is Virgo’s equally important emotional component. In addition to Virgo’s key intellectual perceptions, Virgo is also in constant emotional response to life’s circumstances.  Virgo uses these dual abilities of intellect and emotion to respond to life from a place of personal mastery.

As an Earth sign, Virgo can be very reactionary. This is one aspect of the emotional component of response. It’s through the use of the intellect that Virgo discriminates, balances the emotions, and makes sense of things that happen. Virgo’s ability to analyze the details, understanding the “why” of things, gives the ability to counteract a purely reactionary response to circumstances.

What’s important to take away from this discussion is that Virgo is both emotional and intellectual at the same time. It is Virgo’s mastery that helps us to integrate these two aspects of our being. It’s this ability to integrate the intellect with the emotions that leads to a mature response to life’s circumstances. In its highest form, Virgo leads to the development of personal character through the transcendent qualities of insight and understanding.

Putting this New Moon into a Virgo perspective will help you to fully understand the significance of this new boost to your intuition and your intuitive processes. In order for your intuition to function at peak capacity, it is necessary to be fully connected to your emotions in order to perceive the subtle psychic information available to you at all times. Your mind then needs the intellect to process, integrate, and conceptualize what was first perceived through your emotions.

It will be valuable this month to pay attention to the ways that Virgo’s reactionary responses appear. In immaturity, Virgo defaults to extremes, responding as either overly emotional or overly intellectual. When at the emotional extreme Virgo shuts down the intellect and reacts defensively without perspective. In the other extreme Virgo shuts down the emotions in favor of a purely intellectual response which leads to extreme attention to detail and analysis, removed from emotional connection.

Each of us can  recognize these patterns of imbalance in our own responses to life. The opportunity at this New Moon is to receive a new intuitive capacity that increases your ability to respond with maturity to life circumstances, specifically through the ability to integrate your emotional and intellectual perceptions at a higher level of understanding.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Sept 1st, 2016The most dramatic aspect of this New Moon astrology chart is the stellium (large planetary grouping) in Virgo, directly opposed by Neptune. With four planets and the North Node all in Virgo this stellium clearly puts the emphasis of the New Moon on spiritual and intuitive development.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury forms a significant aspect for intuitive expansion. When working harmoniously, this planetary pair forms a prime archetype of strong intuitive function. Most notable with the current conjunction is the fact that at the time of the New Moon Mercury has just barely moved into a new-phase relationship with Jupiter. As such, this formation signals a new period of development for everyone’s intuitive functionality.

The other dramatic aspect of the chart, once again emphasizing the elevated energies of Higher Mind, is the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon: Sabian at 10° VIRGO: TWO HEADS LOOKING OUT AND BEYOND THE SHADOWS.  The descriptive theme for this symbol is: “The Self-Transcending Activity of the Mind.”


This New Moon gives each of us access to the transcendent aspects of the powerful Virgo archetype. As you work with these principles in your own life over the coming days you can expect to experience increased intuition and integrated awareness in your reactions to life’s circumstances.

You’ll have stronger access to your innate emotional intelligence and you’ll also be able to use your intellect to put things into a larger perspective. The more you are able to actively work with these practices, the more you will learn about the intuitive approach to life, and experience the freedom that comes when your intellect and emotions work together in harmony.

Discovering New-Found Freedom in Self Expression: New Moon Astrology Aug 2016

Article Window: Aug 2 to Sept 1
• The New Moon is Aug 2, 2016  1:44pm PDT
• Sun is 11° Leo, Moon is 11° Leo
• New Moon Theme (Aug 2 to Sept 1):  Self-expression through Spontaneity
• Next Full Moon is Aug 18, 2016 (Lunar Eclipse)

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.


Astrology Article: Discovering New-Found Freedom in Self Expression

The New Moon astrology for this month brings a new quality of energy that thrives on self-expression and the experience of spontaneous freedom to engage in new types of creative activities.

The particular type of spontaneous activity that’s being supported this month isn’t necessarily carefree, nor is it free from the consequences of poor judgement. Rather it arises from a new sense of mental clarity. This is the spontaneity of a balanced mind capable of thinking clearly, able to make good decisions, readily able to express itself, and energized by feelings of freedom and self-expression.

The hard work and character building that the Lunar cycles have established over the past several months (see last month’s New Moon article) is now being harnessed for this new level of creativity and freedom.

This Lunar month you can look forward to reaping rewards from those challenging times when it felt difficult to rise to the occasion. It’s time to celebrate the rewards for your perseverance, maturity, and your commitment to personal growth.

Spontaneous Activity

Spontaneous activity isn’t the same thing as random, or even unstructured, activity. Spontaneity in this New Moon context rises from a mind free from past conditioning and the cultural controls taking place around you. There are many pressures and responsibilities we all must face, but what’s important during this lunar phase of growth is the freshness of life that is flowing through you in the present moment.

This creative freshness is everywhere. The spontaneous new energies are rising from the Earth below and simultaneously pouring down from the Universe above. To take full advantage of the opportunities this Lunar month, it will be important to feel the freedom and clarity that is flowing everywhere around you and through you.

During the next two weeks, focus on reaping the rewards of your past efforts. Freely express yourself as you feel the creativity flowing through you. Your new-found sense of freedom and mental clarity will be most easily experienced through your own self-expression.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart for Aug 2016Along with all the creative energy readily available during this New Moon, there is also a Mars/Saturn conjunction that occupies a prominent position in our New Moon chart. On a personal level, this is an extremely beneficial configuration.

The configuration represents your ability to take action (Mars) and reap the reward (Mars balsamic to Saturn) of past efforts and struggles (Saturn). It also emphasizes the positive pathways and structuring of clear thinking and the freedom that comes with it (Mars/Saturn T-square Mercury/Neptune).

On a collective level this conjunction can potentially be problematic, as the energies can be leveraged to stir up trouble at an institutional, corporate, and governmental level. With the current pattern, the collective energies of Saturn can be harnessed in negative ways, however because of the balsamic phase of the configuration, it’s likely that the collective problems that emerge at least at this first part of the cycle, will be related to the past and to patterns that are outdated and being released.

All in all, this is a very positive astrology pattern and a positive New Moon. Your opportunity for expansion comes directly from personally expressing the creative energies that are building in Leo and through this expression experiencing a new sense of freedom and spontaneity in your life.

Happy New Moon