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  • Captain of the Full Moon

    Standing for Your Own Truth: Full Moon Astrology Aug 2015

    This month’s Full Moon is extraordinary and can have a positive long term effect in your life path moving forward. The New Moon theme this month is “creative leadership.” The current Pisces Full Moon is building on that theme with the realization that true leadership honors the truth of your inner being. This truth of your being, your essence, has the strength come what may to stand uncompromisingly for your personal truth within the circumstances of your life.

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  • New Moon and Venus Sparking Leo Creativity

    Leadership as a Creative Response: New Moon Astrology Aug 2015

    The New Moon this month is packed with creative energy capable of elevating your natural gifts into the realm of personal leadership. Creativity, leadership, and service to the greater good are related and are being activated now in an integrated way. Leo, being a fire sign, incorporates the areas of your life where there is some sort of energy that’s capable of creating a spark. The creative spark must come from activity, from some type of interaction or friction that produces fuel for the Leo fire to burn. This is Leo’s creative process. It requires circumstances in your life to spark the flame of your self-expression.

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  • California Moon Rockaway Beach

    Aquarian Power and Inner Balance: Full Moon Astrology July 31, 2015

    This Aquarian Full Moon brings a level of personal power to unite body, mind, and spirit through emotional integration. Emotional integration is perhaps the hardest skill to master, but there is extra help available. Any challenging circumstances are opportunities for personal mastery, through your ability to use authentic and mature emotions. This is especially true in the realm of all of your relationships. Uranus is providing additional power to activate an overall pattern of integration and self-mastery.

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  • The New Moon in a Futuristic World

    Emotional Integration for Personal Fulfillment: New Moon Astrology July 2015

    This month’s New Moon is supporting a three-fold integration of your emotions, mental processes, and spiritual ideals. With the zodiac sign of Cancer there’s the deep desire to fully embody your life, and to experience inner fulfillment and inner stability.

    Stability is often felt through home, family, and relationships, however, this is only the most outward manifestation of the Cancerian potentials. Ultimately true stability comes from inner fulfillment and connection to Source.

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  • Summer Night Full Moon

    Trusting Your Process: Full Moon Astrology for July 2015

    This Full Moon will bring illumination and activate a new sense of clarity, especially regarding any issues, challenges, projects, or opportunities you are currently working through. In the coming two weeks there is also the potential for a new sense of personal empowerment, fueling your inner stability and nurturing your effective use of power in the world.

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  • New Moon Night Sky

    Secrets for Mental Clarity: New Moon Astrology June 2015

    The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar Cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

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  • Full Moon 2015 over Blue Lake

    Recognizing Your Prosperity: Full Moon Jan 2015

    Our Full Moon astrology for the beginning of 2015 has a very positive tone. The chart carries the feeling of prosperity in combination with an attitude of helping others. For those of you looking for a fresh start, our 15 degree Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto, which is a strong indicator that 2015 will be nothing like 2014.

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  • Full Moon over Mount Baker, Washington.

    Creativity is Fully Available: Full Moon Astrology Dec 2014

    With our current Full Moon there’s a definite shift toward creativity with a powerful ‘grand fire trine’ pattern which is bringing creativity, passion, and inspiration into our lives. You can clearly see this powerful astrology pattern in our Full Moon chart as the triangle created by the blue circled planets. These three planets are activating the energizing aspect of the element of fire through the three fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

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  • Supermoon Nov 2016

    A Path of Excellence: Full Moon Astrology March 2014

    Your unique life path is based on your soul essence. In the big picture your Life Path is also known as your Dharma, the way in which your daily life supports your highest contribution to the world.

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  • New Moon Pisces

    The Art of Connecting to Your Life Path: New Moon Astrology February 2014

    This New Moon in Pisces is bring an awareness of a new gift you can use to more deeply connect with your life path. The New Moon impulse will specifically assist you in finding the necessary guidance to help you emotionally connect to your highest purpose. This guidance is will be available as increased access to your intuition and supports the deeper feelings associated with knowing your work in the world.

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