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  • Full Moon over San Francisco Bay

    Cosmic Update – Full Moon Astrology Aug 20 to 28

    There are two contrasting experiences available this week. The Astrology Kite brings an experience of creative expansion, an inspired sense of destiny, and feeling of moving forward with inner freedom. At the same time the Grand Square, with a powerful Moon/Neptune conjunction opposite a Sun/Mercury conjunction, brings feelings of stability and the opportunity for integration. The sense of life without change will be very comfortable.

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  • California Moon Rockaway Beach

    Cosmic Update: Aug 14 to Aug 20

    This week there is an abundance of creativity, which is inspiring us and supplying us with new ideas. The First Quarter Moon is supporting your natural assertiveness to take charge of the creative energies available this week.

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  • Captain of the Full Moon

    A Message of Unity from Your Higher Self

    Special Edition: There is a very unusual astrological configuration with the New Moon. This article was written for the Lunar Matrix website. I’ve decided to share it with everyone at Seattle Astrology. This New Moon is special, indeed. In fact, there is a once-in-a-lifetime astrological pattern that supports this building of energies and offers a new impulse for personal expansion.

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  • Leo Full Moon Opposed by an Aquarius Sun

    Claiming Your Life Instead of Reacting to Chaos

    Sun in 8 Aquarius Moon in 8 Leo Lunar phase is Full Full Moon Jan 26th, 8:38p Pacific The Full Moon energies are supporting a shift toward embracing a new level of “claiming” your life experience, instead of reacting to circumstances that don’t seem to …

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  • January New Moon

    A Graceful Inner Strength

    New Moon, Friday, Jan 11th, 11:44a PST. This is when the magic happens. When the Moon’s orbit comes between the Sun and Earth, the Moon’s light is hidden. Past traditions have referred to this Sun-Moon conjunction as “The Dark Moon.” as if there were an absence, But the Moon’s dark period is when the activation occurs.

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  • The Lunar Matrix grids of Light

    What is the Lunar Matrix?

    The Moon is your personal connector to the cosmos and all the other planets in our solar system. Lunar light, which changes daily, is the distributor of all the energies life needs in order for growth and transformation to occur. The Moon’s light is constantly supporting, loving, and caring for us. It also keeps a strict schedule of growth.

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