There are Several Types of Astrology Readings to Choose From

Compare all the readings to determine the reading that will benefit you the most.

The Specific Purpose

Your life has a specific purpose. Each reading shows you a different view of your potential and who you are. Steven Shroyer is currently available to book an astrology reading.

A Note from Steven

“Astrology is so special for me and I so happy I can share what I know. I’m really looking forward to exploring your astrology chart with you.” ~ Steven Shroyer

Compare all the Different Readings

The Complete Astrology Reading of Your Birth Chart

A Natal (Birth Chart) Reading

The Complete Astrology Reading is a natal (birth chart) reading that is calculated from the minute your of birth. The moment you took your first breath, the solar system imprinted in your field a new relationship to the universe. As such, your birth chart is a blueprint of your life and your highest potential.

This reading is perhaps the most powerful reading available anywhere.Your highest potential can be identified through your relationship to your your natural and intuitive gifts and how to access them. These can be identified through an astrological method called your ‘gate of intuition.’ This reading also explores how to access positive relationships, your soul’s essence and unique life purpose.

The power of this reading is increased by one of Steven’s gifts, which allows him access to ‘past life vision.’ You will want to add a ‘Past Life Reading’ to your complete astrology reading for a look at your past life, and how your karma is supporting you in a positive way once you understand how yours past in working through your present circumstances.

When you have a more complete picture of continuity and who you are through time, your current circumstances have a deeper significance and purpose. In addition to answering specific questions you may have, this reading has the effect of creating harmony through a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • $260
  • Reading Length 1.25 – 1.75 hrs
  • Introduction to your Cross of Dharma (This is the dynamic interplay between your soul’s essence, inner realms, inspired relationships, and life purpose.)
  • Steven’s Preparation Time 3 hrs

Birthday & 12 Month Horizon Reading

A Solar Return Chart reading

A Solar Return Reading is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the energies you can expect to encounter during the coming calendar year. Have you ever wondered what challenges you are most likely to face next year? A Solar Return Chart is calculated for the moment the Sun aligns with the Sun’s position the moment you were born. It reveals your upcoming challenges, but it also reveals their importance along with what gifts the universe has for help you and your personal growth.

You may have questions about whether or not it’s good timing to make a relationship change, or start or expand your business. Or you may interesting in a more esoteric question about the type or level of transformation you can expect. In whatever areas you are interested in finding answers to, a Solar Return Reading will give you answers you’re looking for. You have a four month window of opportunity to schedule a Solar Return Reading.

My recommendation is one month before your birthday, up until 3 months after your birthday.  This reading is based on a thorough understanding of your life path and purpose, soul essence, past life connections, and your Cross of Dharma. These topics are covered in a “Complete Astrology Reading.” A Solar Return Reading is great birthday present either to yourself, or someone you care about.

  • $250
  • Reading Length 1 – 1.75 hrs
  • Steven’s Preparation Time 3 hr

Self-Realization & Ascension Reading

A Progressed Astrology Chart

Instead of focusing on the moment of birth and your birth potential, a progressed chart moves to the present, with focus on your current life circumstances. An advance technique of wholeness within Holograms are created with a type of fractal imaging. Astrology uses the same principle to view the relationship of larger cycles imprinting within smaller cycles. Astrological progressions are an extension of these principles is used.

This unique procedure allows you to look at exactly what is really going on in your life. This allows for extra insight beyond what the birth-chart can reveal. This chart is used to understand the spiritual phase you are currently experiencing and how to maximize your individual spiritual path. It offers special help for the present and clearly points to forms of support you may not recognize that you have available.

It also identifies energetic blocks keeping you from your full potential and experiencing the pure joy of life. Because it is necessary to fully grasp your life potential, life path, intuitive gifts, and inner power to get the most from a Progressed Chart Reading, a Complete Astrology Reading is a prerequisite.

  • $250
  • Reading Length 1 – 1.75 hrs
  • Steven’s Preparation Time 3 hrs

Cross of Dharma Astrology Reading

A Cross of Dharma Specialty Reading

The Cross of Dharma is the dynamic interplay between your soul’s essence, inner realms, inspired relationships, and life purpose. It details the what, how, who, and why of your life in an easy to understand format. This is a dynamic and fun reading.

  • $125
  • Length 1 hr

Life Compatibility & Partnership

A Relationship Astrology Chart Reading

Are you in the right relationship? This is a complex reading of your chart, your partner’s chart, and a composite chart of you and your partner. It reveals your highest potential as a team with focus on the relationship strengths and key productive adjustments. This reading is designed for both personal or business relationships and is extremely powerful.

  • $395
  • A 3 Chart Analysis

Developing Your Business Sense

A Business Relationship Astrology Chart Reading

How do business and astrology mix? Very Well.

  • $295