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What is a Complete Astrology Reading?

This is by far the most comprehensive astrology reading available anywhere in the USA. Appointments are by phone or in person.
Your Cross of Dharma is one of the most useful tools for living a fulfilled life. It holds the secret for accessing your inner and outer power though an expanding consciousness. It also details your highest contribution in the world as your Dharma. This is a valuable tool for pursuing self-realization.
Your Natal Chart or Birth Chart is calculated for the moment of your first breath.
Most people have an intuitive gift they're unaware of possessing. The Gate of Intuition explores how you can access your inner realm for greater intuitive guidance.

new-humanity-awakening-59A Complete Astrology Reading is perhaps the most powerful reading offered anywhere. It includes details on your life path and purpose, past life connections, Cross of Dharma analysis, and how your specific style of intuition is most easily accessed.

A Complete Astrology Reading is also referred to as a Natal Chart Reading or birth chart reading. This is perhaps the most powerful reading available with its focus on identifying new access to your intuitive gifts,  your life path, life purpose, and highest potential. The power of this reading stems from Steven’s gift of past-life vision. Included in this reading is a look at your past life, your karmic which is supporting you in a positive way once you understand its significance. When you have a complete picture of your life with the continuity of who you are through time, your current circumstances take on a deeper significance and purpose. Releasing the past becomes easier as you embrace your role in the bigger picture. There’s plenty of time for specific questions to be answered. This reading has the long-term effect of harmony and fulfillment through a deeper understanding of yourself and circumstances.

  • Price $250
  • Reading Length 1.5 – 2 hours by Steven Shroyer
  • Includes your “Cross of Dharma” Overview
  • Past Life Vision (Steven’s psychic gift)
  • Gate of Intuition
  • All Your Questions
  • Steven’s Preparation Time is 3 hours due to the level of interpretation.

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