The Lunar Journal

aka The Lunar Cosmic Journal

The Lunar Journal has revolutionized the awareness of how our Lunar cycles interact with us on a day-to-day basis.

The Journal is published every New Moon and Full Moon

The Lunar cycle is in part, many things, … astrology, nature, numerology, energy, evolution, and consciousness. The Lunar Journal focuses on the personal-growth and self-realization aspects of the New Moon and Full Moon relationships.

Full Moon in the heart of Winter

Dancing with the Light

The Full Moon is a powerful time of the month. Let examine just why it’s so powerful. To begin this discussion, let’s back up a bit and review what the New Moon energies hold. This new era will be marked with an increase in the power and quality of Light available to all.
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Spectacular Winter Solstice 2012 with Capricorn Magic

The Magic of Winter Solstice of 2012

A Magical Solstice I find it most fascinating that buried in the collective consciousness of the average person is the idea of the “end of the world.” This is somewhat accurate from an esoteric point of view. Allow me to explain this idea further. This year’s Winter Solstice is occurring during a powerful and magical…
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Twelve-Twelve Esoteric Perspective

12:12 on 12/12/12 Written by Steven Shroyer The astrology of 12-12-12 features the planet Jupiter in a prominent way.  Depending on your point of view, either all energies are flowing through Jupiter, or Jupiter is distributing all energies to the other planets. Either way, on 12-12 Jupiter is retrograde at 10 Gemini, which is very…
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New Moon Cosmic Horizon

Acceleration of Solstice Power

Two weeks ago during the Lunar Eclipse, a cosmic portal opened which is allowing deep new emotional connections to the Earth’s life-force. Along with it is the potential for you to experience an emotionally significant feeling of rebirth.
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