The Eye of the Storm

New Moon Astrology Sept 2017

Article Window: Sept 19 to Oct 19
• New Moon is Tuesday Sept 19, 10:30 PM PDT
• Sun is 28° Virgo, Moon is 28° Virgo
• Next Full Moon: Oct 5
• Current New Moon Theme (Sept 19 – Oct 19): The Eye of the Storm

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Photograph of Sept New Moon

Astrology Article: The Eye of the Storm

Written by Steven Shroyer
Co-author Elizabeth Schermer

Our Virgo New Moon astrology brings a calming quality of energy, but this calm will only be available to those who are able to live their lives centered amidst the changes and potential chaos taking place all around.

While the New Moon chart indicates the potential for further activations of conflict and contrast, it also clearly indicates the potential to transcend these conflicts into a personal experience of harmony and inner calm. This quality of inner calm in the midst of external intensity is very much akin to finding one’s still center at the eye of a storm. If you’re able to move your focus away from the chaos of external events, you can find inner calm through alignment with the spiritual principles of love and higher will.

The higher perspective of these of New Moon energies will lead to a certain degree of grace and ease, provided you choose to respond to your circumstances from within. The ability to center within requires strength and comes from the New Moon quality of “higher will.” Higher will refers to your inner power to choose to align with what’s best for you as seen from the stand point of your higher-self.  If you’re able to transcend your perceptions of being trapped within uncomfortable circumstances, you’ll have access to a more spiritual understanding of the larger unity that always exists. From this vantage point you’ll be able to make choices in alignment with new perspectives and new possibilities.

The ability to transcend limited perceptions of what is possible in the world comes from this internal balance of the qualities of higher will in relationship with love. Our ability to align within through these spiritual powers removes us from the chaos of the world and places us within the calm center at the eye of the storm. This Virgo form of mastery, the choice to respond from inner strength, leads to a kind of internal “insulation,” a buffer from outer intensity, and allows us to maintain inner calm even in the midst of challenge and adversity.

When you choose to move within and find your center you’ll receive new perspectives of your spiritual connections to everything and everyone. From here you’ll be able to work with your higher-self at a new level, in order to shape those connections through your focus of new spiritual understanding.

Astrology Pattern

As with the Lunar charts from the previous Solar eclipse cycle, we have another Kite pattern in our Virgo New Moon. The Kite always represents a kind of harmony and predetermined potential. What is significant now is that the New Moon is isolated from the actual Kite, and offers a separate viewpoint of the patterns being activated and set in motion.

The key concept to take away from this New Moon chart is your ability now to transcend limited perspectives and cultural conditioning, and move away from current patterns of chaos. This includes those patterns of dualistic thinking that currently predominate in our world, resulting in a good-versus-bad and us-against-them mentality.

This idea of transcending duality is further expressed in the backbone of the Kite’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Jupiter here is in the position of coordinating the expansion, specifically by transcending and working beyond normal reality, which is represented by the position of Uranus. If we are able to effectively use our intuition (Uranus) we will see that the organized chaos around us doesn’t have to dominate our spiritual focus.

The Kite in this configuration also emphasizes the need for us to use discrimination as we make our own decisions amidst the craziness of power-hungry forces and collective misunderstandings that are operating within the world around us  We have the power now, using our strength of inner will, to choose how we will act and to what and to whom we will align.


The Virgo New Moon is introducing a new spiritual strength that will enable you to transcend all forms of limited thinking and limiting circumstances. When you’re able to apply your new skills of will power through the responsible use of your soul energies you’ll experience a kind of inner “insulation” or buffer, an inner calm at the eye of the storm. From this place of inner calm you’ll gain new perspectives and new ways to work with your connections to everything and everyone.

The key to understanding this Virgo New Moon chart lies in your ability to recognize the need to step away from the chaotic circumstances around you and connect to the calm within.  Set your intentions now and in the coming days to find inner alignment through your own center at the eye of the storm. From this vantage point you can look  for new focus, new perspective, new understandings, and new ways to see your own connections to the world from this expanded and transcendent point of view.

Happy New Moon

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