Expanding Your Individuality: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Astrology April 2014

  • Article Window: April 15 to May 11
  • The Full Moon is Tuesday, April 15, 12:42 AM PDT
  • Sun is 26° Aries, Moon is 26° Libra
  • Current New Moon Theme (thru the April 28 New Moon): New Dimensions in Consciousness
  • Eclipse Portal stays open until the May 11, 2014

The Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon. This semi-rare event only occurs twice in 2014. It always brings a special gift of new consciousness from beyond normal perceptions of time and space.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon. The light of the Sun normally illuminates the entire Moon during its Full Moon phase. During a Lunar Eclipse the light of the Sun is temporally blocked by the Earth, and the light of the Moon disappears (Eclipse). This allows for a doorway, or cosmic portal, to open in the sky at the exact degree of the Eclipse. Energies from the galaxy and other star systems stream through this portal to Earth without interruption from our Sun Moon cycle. Each Eclipse portal brings a new cosmic gift to our consciousness. The portal remains open for one month, until the Moon passes over that same degree again.

The Grand Cross, or grand square as it’s sometimes called, is a powerful astrological pattern occurring the same time as the Lunar Eclipse. Neither the Eclipse nor the Grand Cross is ever negative or troublesome. This grand cross isn’t a pattern to be feared. The pattern offers an opportunity to create new forms of stability through a shifting of energies. The grand square is a symbol for the container which supports a changing image of our self. Light creates shadows. The shadow of a grand cross is a refusal to integrate these naturally shifting energies responsible for building new forms of consciousness and stability.

Full Moon Partial Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Astrology Article: Expanding Your Individuality

Each Lunar Eclipse brings a special gift through a cosmic portal or doorway which opens at the point where the Moon’s light is interrupted by an Eclipse. The cosmic gift of this Eclipse is a new type of individuation or individuality from the depths of our galaxy directly to your consciousness.

My understanding of individuality is best understood in light of its dynamic relationship with unity. Both individuation and unity are part of, and contained within, the greater whole of universal consciousness (which is referred to by many names). Individuation and unity are the opposite poles of universal consciousness. They are both necessary parts of the whole.

Individuation contains the qualities of uniqueness, diversity and multiplicity. The contrasting polarity of unity is expressed by oneness, union, and the collective.

This Eclipse gift of individuation enables a new level of consciousness to grow within your psyche. We all possess a degree of individualism, but this gift expands your experience of individuality beyond being unique. Instead of being an individual in the typical sense, it carries with it the expanded experience of being an individual in the galactic sense. This is a type of individuality that embodies the individual expression of the greater whole.

Galactic Perspective and Inner Freedom

To understand the galactic sense of this cosmic gift is to embrace the concept of individuation as a path of inner freedom. Being a true individual frees your mind to follow your own unique path in the world. Walking your own path allows for a larger perspective of your own life purpose to surface.

Inner freedom can take you beyond the idea of seeing the world as either good or bad. We all grow up in a particular place, a particular time, and with the values of a family, school, and community. Most people’s ideas of good and bad stem from a particular cultural location in which they were raised, and we have the freedom to change these cultural values.

Realizing the changing nature of cultural values can free your own understanding of the world. From this more expanded perspective you have the freedom to expand your own ideas of good and bad at any moment, completely independently of what you were raised to believe.

Expanding into a new realm of individuation involves leaving behind old ideas of right and wrong while embracing a larger point of view. Our Lunar Eclipse in combination with a grand cross provides a new framework for holding a new image of yourself. Holding an awareness of working in cooperation with galactic or universal energies will help you feel the inner freedom needed to move beyond any limiting ideas left over from the past.

Individuated Relationships and the Grand Cross

April 2014 Lunar EclipseEach grand cross, also known as a grand square, provides tools for expanding relationships.

The formation is created by the large obvious square you see in the chart. In astrological terms each side is called a “square,” involving two planets 90 degrees apart. Thus every grand square holds a pattern involving four astrological squares.

The four squares are all connected and encourage you to move forward in life with new decisions, new attitudes, new perspectives, and a new quality of relationship.

A grand square is also known as a grand cross, because of the cross formation created by the two oppositions 180 degrees apart. The two oppositions allow for new revelation or illumination to enter your consciousness so that you have new tools for creating dynamic relationships instead of getting caught in stagnation.

You can see by the geometric shape of the square that the form is stable and supporting. The grand square, grand cross pattern is never bad or negative. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It provides the necessary tools and desire for action needed so that life and growth don’t come grinding to a halt.

The challenge comes when we choose stagnation – holding to the past – when the energies of life are calling for expansion. Problems arise, not because of the grand cross, but because of resistance to the natural urge to release the old and transform into a new and more stable form.

The urge associated with our current grand cross eclipse is to expand into a new form of individuality. This transformation is ultimately an inner process, expanding you into a new identity and a relationship with something much bigger.

In the astrological chart, Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn is providing a boost in will power and a more mature understanding of how to express the character needed to embrace a larger point of view. With Mercury, Uranus, and Sun conjunct in Aries with Moon in Libra there’s the possibility for a brilliant realization of how to use your own life-force to expand consciousness through polarizing energies.

The Art of Polarization

The grand cross involves two polar opposites that desire to be integrated. This seems like the perfect opportunity to expand on the concept of polarization, especially since this term is often associated with negativity.  Examples of polarity in the current chart can be seen in the zodiac signs of the grand cross. Aries opposite Libra contains the polarities of the individual versus the collective. Cancer opposite Capricorn contains the polarities of personal identity versus collective achievement.

The conscious acceptance of polarizing energies within any type relationship is a solution to the problem generated by individualism.

The natural problem of individualism is the tendency to become isolated, with a narrowing or self centered perspective. When you are able to fully experience one polarity, it opens up the possibility to experience the other pole also operating within you.

The art of polarization can be used to expand your own sense of life purpose through the awareness that polarization is part of your divine nature. This divine nature is activated by the realization that both polarities are within you.

In the big picture, the galaxy and the individual are both operating as polarities within your consciousness. The ultimate gift of our Lunar Eclipse is the experience, uniting these complementary opposites, that you are a child of the universe with both the galaxy and individualism working together in your divine being.

Working with Our Eclipse Energies this Month

The practical use of the eclipse energies in your life during the next month is dependent upon recognizing that opposites and polarity can coexist as long as there is an exchange of energy. An exchange of energy occurs when they operate with purpose within the greater whole.

  • Recognize all polarities as existing within the greater whole. Each pole is in relationship with the other pole.
  • As with the energy exchange between the day and night, see the working principle as active and necessary.
  • Practice seeing how the balance between polarities supports the exchange of energies.
  • Feel your own sense of individuality working at a new level.
  • To expand into a new level of individuality it’s necessary to use the available inner freedom. Take time to reflect on your current attitude of what’s right and wrong. Determine if you’re simply following cultural patterns, or if you’re taking an individualized perspective and decide for yourself.

Full Moon  Eclipse Tarot Video

By Elizabeth Schermer.  Visit Elizabeth’s website for a complete explanation of the tarot reading.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/GJNN5L9N_cE” rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″]

In Closing

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.

Have a wonderful month,
Steven Shroyer

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