Last Quarter Moon Astrology: The Freedom to Expand

  • Last Quarter Moon was Monday, Nov 25 at 11:28 am PST
  • Sun is 4° Sagittarius, Moon is 4° Virgo
  • Last New Moon Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Connecting More Authentically

Current Lunar Cycle

The Last Quarter Moon supports integration as well as letting go, especially in terms of the gifts and lessons you have received in the last three weeks since the most recent New Moon. What new awareness will you carry forward? What old beliefs and habits will you release? Your decisions and actions this week will help you prepare for the manifesting wave that arrives with next week’s New Moon.

Astrology Article: The Freedom to Expand

Expansion occurs in many different forms. This week, leading up to Monday’s New Moon, provides an opportunity to get out of your own way by allowing your personal maturing process to precede on schedule. You’re expanding your use of personal power by letting go of perspectives that keep you boxed in.

By making a slight adjustment to your outlook in the world you’ll have an opportunity to move more easily into your own power. This is a mature type of power capable of balancing justice with compassion. It’s the authentic part of you which desires freedom over conflict. It’s free of bias, strong opinions, and preconceived ideas.

For this maturing process to continue on schedule, expansion is necessary. Without the willingness to expand, conflict will feel like the most appropriate response to life’s struggles. This may require some discipline on your part. Concentration and the ability to look within will be the key to expanding your perspective.

Look at your own biases and limiting perspectives in areas where you are finding conflict. This objective viewpoint will enable you to let go of limitation and expand into a more authentic version of yourself. Letting go will give you the freedom and ease needed to get out of your own way and embrace your own power.

Astrology Chart and Patterns

Jupiter’s in a powerful position in this week’s chart. It’s in opposition to both Venus and Pluto and offers a path for your personal expansion. The reason it’s so powerful is that it activates a connection (trine and sextile Venus ) to the Saturn/Mercury conjunction.

There a tremendous amount power available both in the Venus/Pluto positions and the Saturn/Mercury positions. The key to accessing this power is maturity, and expansion from limiting ideas of how we are all connected. The mental discipline required (Saturn/Mercury) to go within (Jupiter retrograde) is strongly supported by Mars (new level of control) and letting go.

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