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    Current New Moon Theme (Nov 18 – Dec 17): Beyond the Facade

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a wave of new potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

Astrology Article: Moving Beyond the Facade

Written by Steven Shroyer

Our Scorpio New Moon astrology provides us with new opportunities to experience greater levels of authentic in all of our social interactions and cultural circumstances. There also a deeper quality to our New Moon this month that contains an unique Scorpio signature. We will explore this in greater depth as we look at what it means to live life beyond superficiality and beyond what some might referred to as the world’s outer facade.

A Unique Scorpio Signature of Authenticity

When we look at the overall signature of our New Moon we see a new momentum capable of a greater awareness of the world around us. Specifically, this awareness generates authenticity within all of our relationships and then extends it into society and our culture.

The challenge each of us will face during this Lunar cycle is how do we introduce a positive new frequency of authenticity within a world that can be perceived to be built on fake news, corrupt leadership, and the glitz of Hollywood entertainment. The answer to this lies in our ability to see, and then to live, beyond the typical facade and superficiality of how great everything appears to be on the surface.

What’s unique about this Scorpio signature is an emphasis on group unity. However, unity is only positive if the group has not been manipulated through various forms of social engineering. We must ask ourselves if it’s possible for group unity to come at the expense of social manipulation?

For example, the goal of Hollywood and corporate advertising is not to expose the truth behind reality, but a manipulated version of reality designed to entertain or to sell. To understand how easy social manipulation can occur in today’s world, we need only to look at how corporate values are projected on those who may be unsuspecting of hidden motives based on greed.

The scope of this article is to focus on what it means to be authentic in a world full of contradiction and a version of reality that isn’t based on what’s real. Every day we must strive to live our lives with qualities of peace and love that has the power to bring us together. This type of connection is deeply rooted in healthy forms of group unity.

Scorpio has the desire to ascertain what’s most important, or what’s the bottom line or the “truth” of a situation. To Scorpio, the feelings of connection comes directly from an ability to perceive and to have an experience of depth. This depth, as Scorpio sees it, is also the “truth” of it. It is this very idea of depth and truth that authenticity has its roots and meaning.

When we look at the issue of authenticity through the lens of Scorpio, we must consider two alternatives. The potential for growth is one alternative that comes from feeling the deepest connection possible. However, the shadow alternative of Scorpio is the feeling and depth of “power for control over others.” It is this shadow aspect that the pursuit of raw power can also emerge from the Scorpio archetype. However, “raw power” is not as potent as the depth of connection and the expanded feeling that’s associated with positive group unity.

As we reflect back to the challenge that each of us will face with this Lunar cycle, we must realize that our true Scorpio power comes from our ability to see through and beyond the facade of life. Our authenticity must start with ourselves as we see our own depth within, and then expand outward to include feelings of a deeper connection to others and humanity.

It’s with the nurturing of our own authenticity that this awareness will continue to grow throughout the next 4 weeks of this Lunar cycle. You can expect to begin seeing the world and others from a deeper level of truth that emanates from within yourself.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Chart Nov 2017With 4 planets in Scorpio, the Moon, Sun, Venus, and Jupiter, we must recognize the tremendous quality of raw power that Scorpio brings to the New Moon pattern. This raw quality of power can be redirected with a new awareness into a more refined quality of authenticity. This is directly supported through the Sabian archetype of 27° Scorpio (New Moon) and is reinforced by Neptune’s relationship to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

This Venus/Jupiter conjunction touches a deeper layer of astrology that is worth noting. The Planet Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all share a vibratory connection to the astro-numerology of 3. Venus is a 3, Jupiter is a 6, and Neptune is a 9. To have these 3 planets connected by a trine, another 3, it’s clear to see that the pattern is significant with a common denominator of 3. Without going into greater depth, what this means is that Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are working together to formulate and integrate a new set of values that will stand beyond any type of facade or illusion.

Lastly, we must also look at the T-square between Pluto, Mars, and Uranus. At first glance this may look like a signature for war, but when taken in context with the rest of the chart it is clear to me that it’s more a representation of the “illusion of war”, or the “selling of war”, rather than of an actual armed conflict. This facade of war is also supported by an element of isolation within the chart itself, meaning the T-square isn’t directly connected to the New Moon and Scorpio.


Our New Moon energies are focused on a growth pattern that increases our authenticity and our ability to see the facade and illusions in the world around us that we normally wouldn’t recognize. This quality of authenticity is dependent on our ability to experience a new depth of feeling and the awareness of what is real and true in our world. This Lunar cycle has the potential to see through the facade and even the illusions of the world around us to experience a deeper connection to others and humanity. Happy New Moon!

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