Article Window:  Nov 3 – Nov 18

• The Full Moon is Friday, Nov 3, 10:23 PM PDT
• Sun is 12° Scorpio, Moon is 12° Taurus
• Next New Moon: Nov 18
• Current New Moon Theme (Oct 19 – Nov 18): A Greater Capacity to Participate

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Participation through Ambitious Effort

Our Taurus Full Moon astrology brings each of us a practical ability to participate and function in the world in new ways. This ability to participate is woven within the deepest values we each hold toward our community and our feeling of connection to others.

The deeper values of this Taurus Moon are expressed in several ways: through the power of lineage and healthy connection to our roots; through the value of being productive in collaboration with the natural world; and through those activities and resources that connect us to humanity.

These values of Taurus include practical goals, productivity, and acquiring resources that can be shared.  I’m taking time here to describe these qualities precisely because they are both practical and tangible. By connecting with the concrete power of the Taurus moon you can better connect with the deep emotional power that is available to you during this zodiac month of Scorpio.

We’re now at the midpoint of the lunar cycle. The energies we’re focused on this month are providing each of us a new form of momentum for a greater type of practical participation in the world.

In the New Moon article we specifically looked at how we’re receiving new capacities that enable each of us to expand our ability to participate in the world, including a new ability to work directly with whatever is holding each of us back from reaching our highest potential.

The Importance of Ambition

Now that we have reached the more objectified Full Moon energies, it is time to take a closer and clearer look at the desire to participate and the role that our social ambitions play in our life’s work.  At the Taurus Full Moon, ambition can be expressed and understood in two basic ways. Through Taurus our ambition is related to the acquisition of resources. Through Scorpio our ambition is related to social or political power.

At the most basic level, both forms of ambition are social, in the sense that they are related to the individualized desire to participate. The shadow side of this drive for social ambition is very familiar throughout our world, expressed through a narrow and self-serving vision of what it means to acquire more power, prestige, or wealth.

The deeper focus of our Full Moon gives rise to a much higher form of ambition. At higher frequencies, the ambitious drive to acquire  and expand is an ambition for the larger good and transcends self-serving motives. Through this drive to participate we’re expanding our connections with others in order to express our individual power in a way that benefits the highest ideals of our collective. These ambitions to contribute and relate are based on the inner sense of spiritual connection that arises from one’s commitment to contribution.

In practical terms, this form of ambitious effort requires us to commit to interactions with others based on alignment of the heart and our deeper nobility of spirit. It means that we bring our highest intentions to each encounter and place our best foot forward. This willingness to see the highest within others creates a new level of connection and aspiration for moving forward.

Astrology Pattern

The Full Moon chart has a distinct bowl configuration, which is also highlighted by three sextiles that together form half of a grand-sextile. Overall this is a signature full of organized and harmonious energies that enable us to discern contrast and learn through new levels of awareness.

The Moon is at 12° Taurus. One of the deeper lessons within the early degrees of Taurus is the value of what it means to acquire resources. We must learn to apply positive ambition toward the efforts of having more, and acquiring more. Eventually we must learn through experience when having “more” is too much.  We must face the necessity of discernment regarding the role of resources in our lives. We must learn when our resources become a burden, rather than being supportive and cherished, and then make our decisions accordingly.

With the Sun in Scorpio, the specific resources we’re exploring now relate to all forms of relationships and collective endeavors.  We are learning how to apply our ambition toward our participation in the world. Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn are occupying key positions within the bowl configuration of the chart. These three planets all contain big energies that will help us to expand and anchor the Full Moon potentials.

Pluto transforms our use of power so that it benefits all rather than to be used as a means of control. Neptune helps us release the past and supports our ability to do the right thing without distraction. Saturn is located in the late degrees of Sagittarius and contributes principles of maturity to the pattern. Saturn’s position reveals the urge within each person to be responsible to her or his own noble idea of human interactions.


In order to successfully expand into greater social participation we each need to pass through the realm of learning about our resources, and understanding the positive role of social ambition in our life and culture. The shadow of social ambition can be dominate when an individual or group’s purpose is distorted through the principle of acquiring more and more for its own sake. When founded in the desire to contribute to something larger than oneself, the same energy of ambition can be used to help us all rise to a higher expression of cultural excellence.

We’re each being called now to step up and participate in the world with a more selfless quality of ambition. This form of social ambition is beyond what many have previously known or imagined. This higher form of ambition ceases to be ego driven and gives us the capacity to meet each other at the highest level, enabling us to collaborate together toward new creations and new possibilities.

In the coming two weeks, pay attention to new levels of discernment especially through circumstances of contrast in your life. This includes awareness of external challenges that demonstrate ways in which you’ve unconsciously adapted to old values that are based on limited definitions of power, prestige, and wealth. There is an opportunity now to show up in your life with new nobility, toward yourself and toward others.


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