Article Window: Dec 3 – Dec 17
• The Full Moon is Sunday, Dec 3, 7:47 AM PST
• Sun is 12° Sagittarius, Moon is 12° Gemini
• Next New Moon: Dec 17
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 18 – Dec 17): Seeing Beyond the Facade

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Seeing Beyond the Status Quo

by Steven Shroyer

Our Gemini Full Moon has been building its energy since the New Moon and has now reach a fulcrum point of objectivity. I’m bringing this idea of objectivity forward because, even though it is always a key quality of the Full Moon, objectivity is especially emphasized now. This is because there are two very powerful T-squares that play a prominent role in the Full Moon chart, and helps our understanding of how to best work with our Full Moon energies in an objective way. With the strong influence of these dual T-squares, your success in the coming two weeks requires your willingness to be objective, both internally as well as in the outer circumstances of your life.

Before we discuss this unusual pattern of T-squares, it will be helpful to review the basic energies of the Gemini Moon. This is true especially because Gemini offers a useful approach for using clarity and objectivity in order to move beyond the facade of misunderstanding that is currently activating our world at large.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, holds the basic signature of discovering what’s new, and learning how things are organized. This Gemini concept of discovery wants to know the relationship between things and seeks to discover how to best interact and communicate based on those learned relationships.

While Gemini excels in discovering, quantifying, and objectifying, it can lack discernment of the deeper “meaning” of those relationships. The Gemini approach helps us to expand and understand how we are connected to the world, but only when the world is objectified, organized, and classified. The necessary component of meaning is found in Gemini’s polar opposite, Sagittarius. It is through the Sagittarian ability to seek the truth, and deeper real meaning of something, that we turn Gemini’s objective knowledge and insights into deeper wisdom and principles for life.

By understanding the signature relationship between our Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun, you can see how this Full Moon has the potential power to help us now penetrate all of the various social facades and lack of authenticity in the world today.

In the same way that the polar opposites of Gemini and Sagittarius hold a pattern of complementary contrast, the two powerful T-squares in the Full Moon chart hold a strong pattern of contrast that is key to understanding the signature of this Full Moon. The dual oppositions in our two T-squares carry forward this month’s New Moon theme of “moving beyond the facades” that exist at the surface of our culture so that we can objectively see the nature of reality and connect more directly to the issues in our world through inner truth. This is a quality of inner truth that can be felt and experienced internally and also observed objectively in the external world.

The overall emphasis of the two T-squares working together will to help us first objectify our insight into all the ways in which the status quo can no longer define us. Through this new perspective we can discover a greater clarity around the issues of respect and respectability. By ‘respect’ I mean self-respect through alignment with inner truth, in contrast to ‘respectability’ which implies a kind of status quo standard as it is measured by others.

Astrology Pattern

The two prominent T-squares in our chart provide the focal point and key signature of the Full Moon.

The first T-square we’ll look at is formed by the Mars/Uranus opposition squared to Pluto. This signature is powerful and volatile and should not be underestimated in the scope of its potential impact on all of humanity. This overall T-square holds the signature of aggressively breaking down whatever has been falsely represented to be of integrity when it’s not. This T-square also appeared in the New Moon chart. As I mentioned two weeks ago, on the surface this signature can imply warfare, but this tendency toward violence is only one possible expression and is not preordained. It does suggest that there are additional significant influences that can be accessed for an alternative and more harmonious outcome.

The alternative to the pattern of conflict in the current T-square comes from the additional influence of Saturn and Mercury, which are conjunct and hold powerful harmonizing aspects to the Mars/Uranus opposition. Together, Saturn and Mercury are working to bring forward new types of form and organization. This influence absolutely can diffuse the potential for explosive political conflict that Pluto represents.

This possibility for an alternative course of action is especially true with Mercury’s new-phase position with Saturn, which indicates that the current tensions in our world can transform and take on a new constructive form and organization that is good for everyone.

The second T-square involves the Sun and Moon opposition, which are both squared by Neptune. Beyond the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity that we already discussed, the deeper meaning of this signature lies in Neptune’s ability to dissolve the illusion of the status quo in favor of more universal principles of participation and mutual respect. Specifically, what Neptune is dissolving are our outdated and obsolete ideas of respectability and who gets to define and shape our thinking and values in this regard. The transcendent aspect of Neptune enables the current situation to evolve into something super positive. This is the transcendent quality and higher frequency for which Neptune is known.

Jupiter’s position in the chart is at 12° Scorpio. This is significant because it happens to be the exact degree of our Full Moon one month ago. This signature is carrying forward the ideal of authentic relationships, and what it means to authentically participate in a changing world.


The theme of challenge to the status quo has been ongoing this fall. Our personal and collective understanding and alignment with the status quo is being challenged in every way, as old systems and ideas dissolve and our world evolves into higher forms of order.

Our Full Moon in Gemini is bringing an objective awareness to the changing world all around you. The energies for the second half of the Lunar cycle will be focused on seeing the contrast of what’s real to you, what aligns with your inner truth, and what is false or artificial. Authenticity is the key to not getting lost in other people’s perspectives and versions of truth. This is a time to look objectively at the status quo and what currently exists in our culture, and then decide how you want to authentically participate.

Happy Full Moon.

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