Standing for Your Own Truth: Full Moon Astrology Aug 2015

Standing for Your Own Truth: Full Moon Astrology Aug 2015

Article Window: Aug 29 to Sept 11

  • The Full Moon is Saturday, Aug 29, 11:35 AM PDT
  • Sun is 7° Virgo, Moon is 7° Pisces
  • Current New Moon Theme (Aug 14 thru Sept 11): Creative Leadership
  • Next New Moon: Sept 12

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Captain of the Full Moon

Full Moon Astrology Article: Standing for Your Own Truth

This month’s Full Moon is extraordinary and can have a positive long term effect in your life path moving forward.

The New Moon theme this month is “creative leadership.” The current Pisces Full Moon is building on that theme with the realization that true leadership honors the truth of your inner being. This truth of your being, your essence, has the strength come what may to stand uncompromisingly for your personal truth within the circumstances of your life.

What separates this type of inner truth from mere facts, opinions, or wishful thinking can be found within the Pisces archetype. Pisces is the most powerful of the water signs in the zodiac. The power of Pisces can create a momentum at the soul level that manifests as a powerful self-assertiveness. When this Pisces momentum is directed toward goals it can be as unstoppable as a tsunami.

We are each continuously making decisions. The cumulative weight of these decisions adds up over time to steer us in either of two directions: either toward or away from our destiny. At this Full Moon as you align more clearly with your inner truth, you have the opportunity make decisions and take actions that align you with your destiny.

Another significant player right now is Neptune, which is conjunct the Full Moon. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so there is an additional emphasis at this Moon on the spiritual blessings available. You can feel this during the Full Moon as a self-quickening or energizing effect that speaks to the truth of your being.

The ultimate power of this Full Moon lies in the realization that you are divine, a son or daughter of the universe. When you assert your own truth in the mist of the outward confusion of those around you, you experience this truth of your divinity.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon Chart Aug 2015There are three powerful concentrations of energy in this Full Moon astrology chart. They appear as conjunctions: the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, Venus is conjunct Mars, and the Moon is conjunct Neptune.

These conjunctions occurring at the same time as a Full Moon represent one of the most powerful patterns possible. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction offers a new sense of connectedness to others without judgement and preconceived ideas of their worth. The Venus/Mars conjunction offers a surge in life momentum that supports the deeper intent of the Soul. The Moon/Neptune conjunction offers an increased sensitivity to an inner surge of self-quickening energy to reach your highest goals in life.

This pattern is powerful not only because of the depth of realization that is possible, but because of the possibility to more clearly see and release the shadow aspects of these patterns, which are also being activated.

The shadow side of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is a kind of expanding yet detached freedom that results in emptiness from a lack of connection to others. The shadow side of the Moon/Neptune conjunction is an inability to let go of a desired outcome. As a result you can be trapped in other people’s ideas or expectations. The shadow side of the Mars/Venus conjunction appears as hesitation or procrastination, denying the internal urge for a new start toward a path of self-actualization and a new beginning.

I’m including the shadow aspects here to help you understand the power contained within our Full Moon astrology pattern. Living the fullness of your essence and staying aligned with your “personal truth” will automatically guard against any of these shadow elements.

Standing for your own truth also honors the highest good of those around you. It allows you to let go of others expectations and stand for your own truth. It activates the leadership quality of your being so you can move forward toward self-actualization as a divine being of the universe. In turn you support others to do the same.

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