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Aquarian Age Journal

The journal is an astrological guide to help navigate the paradigm shift of Pluto's journey through Aquarius. It highlights the newly available astrology energies and is published on the New and Full Moon.

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Seattle Astrology is a pioneer in the field of pure principle astrological thinking. We have teamed up with the Sapphire Initiative to provide
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The Seattle Astrology library and archive contains an extensive index of astrology articles dating back to 2011. The depth of insight within these articles presents a rare look into the value of Lunar astrology.

The Aquarian Age Journal

Published on the New Moon and Full Moon

The Journal is a Seattle Astrology Publication

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  • The Aquarian Age Journal is a free astrology publication that is published every New and Full moon. The journal explores all the energy shifts that are occurring as we transition into the Aquarian Age.
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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

Reaching Beyond What’s Already Been Established — Gemini Full Moon Nov 27, 2023

Our Aquarian energies are now coming into great focus, especially as we anticipate Pluto re-entering Aquarius on January 20th. As these new energies continue to build we are creating a new direction with new choices that move us away from what has already been established and accepted.

This new direction is both personal and global. It is people-centric, meaning that it serves the people by providing an inspirational pathway to a better life. What we are currently experiencing is a shift in our collective desire away from serving those who don’t have our best interests at heart, toward a paradigm shift of greater prosperity and personal sovereignty for all.

One of the major changes that we are beginning to experience with these new energies is in the way we make our decisions. In the past, each of us has been conditioned to react to existing circumstances. Instead of a reaction-based life, consider the alternative of creating new action that’s completely independent of the past and rooted in the inspiration of the moment. Think of this new decision-making process as the new normal.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Consequences of Inner Freedom — Scorpio New Moon Nov 13, 2023

Each New Moon heralds the onset of a transformative ability or process that holds the potential to elevate
individuals to a higher frequency of light. When fully embraced, this process accelerates one’s journey along the spiritual path, often referred to as ascension or the awakening.

The new process introduced at our Scorpio New Moon supports a profound authenticity and inner freedom. These energies are empowering us with the inner authority to make choices in perfect harmony with our spirit.

The Sabian archetype for 21° Scorpio illustrates how personal integrity and inner freedom manifest, even within an authoritarian system. This scenario absolutely resonates with the world in which we find ourselves today.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

The New Gold Rush of Possibilities — Taurus Lunar Eclipse Oct 28, 2023

We are currently in the middle of an eclipse cycle. Each eclipse exposes the lunar shadow of mind energy by forcing our attention and awareness on whatever has been exposed through the lack of light. Although eclipse cycles can be challenging, these activations are good news for those of us who are beginning to see just how powerful the shadow of the moon has been on our expanding consciousness.

One of the major shadows in our world manifests as authoritarianism. This has been the overarching theme of Pluto’s movement through Capricorn. Now that Pluto has moved into Aquarius and returned again to the final degrees of Capricorn, we are witnessing the final breakdown of authoritarianism, as these energies have become unsustainable.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

Developing a Spontaneous Rapport with Nature — Solar Libra Eclipse, Oct 14, 2023

Libra is the sign of collaboration, rapport and true harmony. This type of harmony is naturally found within nature and within all beings of light. We become empowered when we learn how to find our own authentic connection to true harmony. In contrast, the lunar eclipse can highlight what is out of harmony. With our New Moon eclipse in Libra, it’s very easy to see who, or what, in our life is fighting against the harmonizing energies that are always present within prime creation.

One of the core qualities of Libra is the ability to see harmony in action. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which helps explain why the desire for harmony plays a prominent role in Libra. Other qualities are appreciation, collaboration, seeing the bigger picture, and connecting with everything through spirit. This expanded view of Libra allows us to see that Libra is much, much more than simply a sign for relationships, with which it is commonly associated.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Collaborative Field of Creative Consciousness — Libra/Aries Polarity Sept 29, 2023

Moving forward in life, it is becoming increasingly necessary to eliminate as many misconceptions and as much misinformation as possible. This ability to transcend old patterns and distortion becomes a requirement for successfully moving forward into the energies of the new Aquarian Age.

Our current energies, in the shape of a Kite, are directly assisting us in this process. Each Kite has a special focus that consists of highly harmonic and balancing energies, emphasized by the specific planets that are activated within each pattern. Our current Kite pattern (5th in a row) has Mercury in the tail position.

Mercury’s position in our kite tail is energizing our ability to reshape our understanding of how mind energy works. As each of us moves deeper into the new frequencies of our Aquarian era, a new understanding is quickly emerging of the relationship between our thinking process, or mind energy, and how spirit actual operates.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

Nobility of Spirit: An Artist’s Perspective — Virgo New Moon Sept 14, 2023

Things have definitely made another shift in a positive direction. Our understanding of how to work with the past and present is merging into a singular point of reference in a spectacular fashion. We’re learning how to operate in the moment. This new perspective of living in the present will help us to create a shift in how we’re able to perceive and contribute to our world.

We all hold the intention of making the world a better place. This is a fundamental quality of Virgo. Even though improving the world is a positive thing, our efforts don’t necessarily support our creativity unless we are operating in the present moment. We have been taught to respond and react to what isn’t working. This reactionary approach to what we don’t want doesn’t allow us to fully access our creative spirit in the moment. The highest form of creativity isn’t reactionary, it enables us to proactively create the world we desire.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

The Poetry of Life is in Constant Motion — Virgo/Pisces Aug 30, 2023

With the increased positive Aquarian Age momentum we are also experiencing increased institutional backlash to the Aquarian shift. This backlash is occurring within every aspect of life. Whether it’s the squeeze on your finances, or shortages and resources that seem to be magically drying up, or ways the new technocracy is forcing new levels of propaganda and censorship into your daily life, we are all feeling it.

Even though we can see our freedoms steadily being swallowed up, it is important not to despair. Nothing can stop the beauty, prosperity, and harmony that is swelling up like a tidal wave heading our way. With the Full Moon in Pisces, we are reminded not to lose sight of the bigger picture and keep our focus on what’s important.

The Aquarian Age is many things to many people, but what ties it all together is dynamic participation. This is not a static process, nor is this a time to sit back and watch from the sidelines as everyone else participates.

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Aquarian Age Journal
Steven Shroyer

Keeping Your Focus on What’s Important — Leo New Moon Aug 16, 2023

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the next major phase of our transition into our new era. This journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age through the energies of each New and Full Moon.

Pluto is continuing its retrograde movement and has moved back another degree to 29° Capricorn. This New Moon is allowing for Leo’s sense of dramatic flare to offer a new opportunity to refocus on what 29° Capricorn represents.

The archetype for 29° Capricorn speaks to our ability to see the energetic signature of what’s taking place all around us as events continue to unfold.

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What is Lunar Astrology?

Lunar astrology is the study of the eight phases of the Sun/Moon relationship in the monthly lunar cycle.

Each New Moon there is a release of cosmic energy to the Earth. This new energy transforms life and consciousness through eight phases of development.

What is The Lunar Journal?

The Lunar Journal follows the lunar cycle. This bi-monthly astrology publication maps personal success to lunar astrology and the lunar cycle. 

The Sun and the Moon work in harmony to energize all new successful growth. The Sun provides the energy, while the Moon supports integration through natural processes of time.

The Lunar Journal helps you connect to these potentials in your daily life.

The Lunar Cycle

The lunar cycle is divided into four quarters. The Moon travels through these quarters during its orbit around the Earth. The Moon’s movement consists of the following quarters, each representing 90°.

  • New Quarter
  • First Quarter
  • Full Quarter
  • Last Quarter

In addition to the four quarters, the Moon also presents in eight lunation phases as the result of the Sun and Moon working together.

The truest meaning of the Moon in any astrology chart takes into consideration the significance of the Sun/Moon phase. For example, to fully understand the success and growth dynamics of an individual we use both the lunar cycle and the eight phases of the Moon.

The Eight Lunar Phases

The New Phase

The 1st phase of the cycle releases a new pattern with the momentum and zest to discover its potential. Each New Moon is unique and follows an organic and instinctual pattern of growth. 

The Crescent Phase

In the 2nd phase the original momentum begins to slow, with a natural willingness to overcome any obstacle that is in the way. A spontaneous approach with small successful steps ensures steady and continued growth.

The First Quarter Phase

The 3rd phase is critical to the quality of growth throughout the remaining cycle. Practical and decisive activity is critical in establishing the best outcome or direction forward. Choices and circumstances will shape the individual character, determining what and how life unfolds. 

The Gibbous Phase

The 4th phase is creatively in sync with the rational and analytical processes of making adjustments. Aligning with the intelligent design of Nature allows inquisitiveness to become one’s teacher of success. This phase prepares for the coming shift in consciousness and the realization of purpose.

The Full Phase

The 5th phase activates a new level of awareness with the realization, or full picture, of the purpose of what was originally released at the beginning of the cycle. Objectivity and clarity are in full operation. There is an understanding of what must be done to successfully relate circumstances to personal potential.

The Disseminating Phase

The 6th phase consciously expands one’s individual awareness to include more of the world around them. Past learning, including experiences and challenges that were overcome, become markers of success to be shared. Common experiences then unite like minds to participate and share in a larger process, expanding one’s success to include others.

The Last Quarter Phase

The 7th phase is critical to the development of consciousness. It supports mature thinking, where the bigger picture of life is firmly grasped. There is a great power that lies within the choice to change one’s own perspective. The quickness of an individualized mind understands the ways that growth and success have been conditioned by society. Changing one’s perspective has the power to change one’s reality.

The Balsamic Phase

The 8th phase brings to conclusion the current growth cycle. The potential of what was originally released has now reached its pinnacle and all that’s left is the future. At this phase, each cycle incorporates its success, growth, and understanding into the seed of the cycle to come.

This final phase is full of hope and new potential. It inspires forward thinking. Letting go of past failures allows for unfettered momentum to nourish the soul that desires growth.

A Complete Astrology Reading

A “Complete Astrology Reading” is highly recommended in order to move forward in life with a solid understanding of how you function as an individual.

This reading covers many important aspects not typically included in a traditional natal chart reading, including an introduction to your Cross of Dharma, and how your specific type of intuition operates.

Seattle Astrology Education

The Seattle Astrology Educational System is a completely new approach to learning astrology.

This breakthrough approach provides a solid foundation to the universal principles of astrological thinking, including a new focus on Pure Principle Astrology

All of our courses will be moving to an online format in 2021.

Pure Principle Astrology

The Seattle Astrology University is an online astrology school specializing in Pure Principle Astrology techniques.

The Pure Principle Astrology system uses universal principles of natural law, geometry, numerology, and cutting-edge astrological thinking. It’s designed to teach the student how to think, rather than what to think.

The result is a break-through approach to learning astrology leading to new levels of mastery.

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