Awakening to a New Situation — Virgo New Moon Astrology Aug 2019

Our Virgo New Moon indicates that a major change is starting to occur, both personally and collectively, just under the surface of our conscious awareness. This article takes a closer look at one of the more dramatic New Moons of our entire year. From a quick visual glance at the astrology chart you can see that we have a Grand Trine with a prominent stellium that’s surrounding our New Moon. The stellium is formed of the entire group of inner planets (Sun through Mars) clustered together.

New Tools For Accessing Your Creative Potential – Aquarius Full Moon Aug 2019

Our Aquarius Full Moon expands upon the current New Moon theme of ‘spiritual creativity’ through an awareness of the role that self-discipline can play within all of our creative endeavors. The mental aspect of Aquarius is quite beneficial in directing Leo’s creative power, both in terms of focus as well as through understanding the context of any given situation.