Full Moon Astrology Report
Jan 28 to Feb 11

Leo Full Moon is Thursday, Jan 28, 11:16 AM PST
Current Full Moon Theme (Jan 28 to Feb 11):  Structuring a New Spiritual Direction
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — A New Collective Situation

Our Leo Full Moon presents the possibility for a new realization to occur within each of us. We have now entered a new collective situation, in which each of us must resolve within our own individualized awareness how to proceed forward.

This Full Moon realization follows the powerful New Moon in Capricorn. Humanity is currently experiencing a shift and a split in consciousness. For simplicity’s sake, let’s think of this as a shift from 3D to 5D thinking. We each experience this shift from our own perspective. For many individuals this shift is seamless and non-eventful. For others, the shift is quite transformative and possibly unexpected.

This shift in consciousness is currently being talked about from many divergent perspectives. Our approach in this discussion is from the astrological point of view. Keep in mind that we have been objectively observing this transition to this new collective situation over the last 13 months, during the historic Capricorn conjunctions.

For those of you who have been following the Lunar cycles during this time, this is not a big surprise. For those who are new to the Lunar Journal, we are currently on a new trajectory that is dramatically different.

Developing a Personalized Response to Our New Situation

To begin, we can look directly to the Full Moon Sabian to access the energized and individualized response to the energies of change that many are currently feeling.

Our 10° Leo Full Moon is activating the following Sabian archetype:

ARCHETYPE — The exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested their strength and faith.
COMMENTARY — When passing through a dark night of the soul, it’s one’s vitalistic connection to the soul that floods the consciousness with light. The end result is a creative transfiguration and a new beginning.

With our current Full Moon at 10° Leo we have an opportunity to experience a creative transformation at the beginning of something new. Many of us who are walking through the dark night will awaken now to find the dew sparkling as the sunlight floods our field of consciousness.

A New Factor

We are currently living in a polarized society, and at the same time entering a new collective situation. This isn’t simply a difference of opinions or a clash of ideologies, it’s much more than that. What we are living through is a literal transition point that is marked by a new beginning. (To better understand the significance of our current Lunar cycle, see The Epiphany of a Completely New Direction.)

This is the starting point of an entirely new trajectory. This trajectory won’t necessarily include everyone. This new direction is of a higher frequency, marked by the planet Uranus and the new Aquarian Age.   Many are calling this trajectory a 5th-Dimension reality, in contrast to the existing 3D world which includes fear-based systems of corrupt power structures and control.

As we move forward you can expect the unexpected. The weeks and months ahead will reveal a more distinct separation in how people live and think. I’m encouraging everyone to do their best to find common ground. Seek kindness and compassion for yourself and others, for without compassion and empathy the dark night will continue.

Astrology Pattern

Our primary astrology pattern for the Full Moon is a T-square between the Leo Moon and the opposing the Aquarius Sun and stellium. This T-square resolves (squares) the Full Moon opposition through our powerful Mars/Uranus conjunction.

A T-square always signifies an opportunity to make the necessary changes between two potentially conflicting perspectives. T-squares only produce stress when we’re unable to make the necessary shifts or adjustments through our perspectives, decisions or actions.

With Mars/Uranus forming the mid-point (T-square) between the Sun-Moon opposition, we have extremely dynamic and volatile energies playing out, both personally and within the consciousness of humanity.

As you may recall, the Mars/Uranus conjunction was also acting as the “trigger point” for our recent New Moon. (See previous article.)

The difference between the recent New Moon conjunction and the current Full Moon is that Mars was in the balsamic position at the New Moon, whereas now Mars is new-phase to Uranus. This shift suggests that it’s now time to initiate a response to the new collective situation.

Between New Moon and Full Moon, Mars formed a direct conjunction with Uranus at  7° Taurus.
The energies of this exact zodiac degree with Uranus suggest that Mars is initiating a new mental process, or a higher function of the mind.

Astrologers typically think of Mars as predominantly operating in the physical realm, however, Mars’ ability to initiate and expand occurs in all realms of body, mind and spirit. We can understand more by exploring the Sabian for 7° Taurus.

ARCHETYPE — A meeting of the traditional past with the energies of Creative Spirit pointing to the future.
COMMENTARY — One’s effort is not based solely on past knowledge, but a meeting in the present that introduces a potential of a new collective situation. This potential represents a “new factor” which transcends the current situation and reveals whatever old patterns are obsolete.

What we see with this archetype is that the Mars/Uranus conjunction is introducing a “new factor” of higher consciousness and unexpected situations that is initiating a new potential outcome for our current trajectory. The highest activation of the conjunction in this pattern includes a new quality of freedom and independence that’s operating at higher frequencies of awareness (Uranus).

Moving forward with new awareness of our collective situation is dependent on each individual recognizing for themselves which patterns are in alignment with higher Uranian potential and which patterns are now becoming obsolete.

Understanding the Aquarius-Leo Dynamic

Each Full Moon introduces a new type of realization that incorporates two opposite zodiac signs. The dynamic between Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Leo (ruled by the Sun) can help you understand why our new collective situation is also crucial to your own plans for the near future.

Aquarius/Leo dynamic is prominent in our understanding of how to personally and practically work with our Lunar energies over the next two weeks.

Aquarius is an air sign with a mental quality that supports group cooperation. Aquarian energies function with both Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn’s influence on Aquarius supports the status quo and preserves the established power structures as an ideology for cooperation. Under Saturn’s influence, Capricorn power structures are reinforced as the backbone for society to operate under controlling types of authority.

Aquarius, when operating under the influence of Uranus, attempts to shatter any existing patterns of obsolescence. Under this influence, Aquarius is forward thinking in terms of supporting individuality, freedom and liberty, rather than top-down power structures and control over people. Uranus operates at a higher frequency than Saturn. Its influence in Aquarius is progressive, promoting all forms of freedom and independence.

Understanding these differences you can see how Aquarius can function in the 3D world, operating under Saturn, and then simultaneously in the 5th dimension, operating under Uranus.

The Leo Full Moon provides a catalyst of inspiration to help facilitate this shift in consciousness.

Leo is a fire sign and carries an energy of individualized and inspired leadership, confidence and expressiveness. Leo has a personal and practical energy that will help you work with our Lunar energies over the next two weeks.

By looking at the entire spectrum of the polarity between Aquarius and Leo we can understand how these polarities can work together as complements.

Aquarius (the realm of ideas, mind, collective thinking and social progress) needs the creativity and inspiration that Leo provides. Leo (the realm of self expression) can be short sighted and have trouble seeing the big picture. This is something that Aquarius provides.

As we continue to move into the Aquarian Age, we need to rely on Leo’s creative inspiration and individualized perspective in order to ensure that we aren’t simply following the status quo, or worse, giving our power and freedom away. Going along with the collective sentiment, simply because it’s popular, is something the inner strength of Leo would never do.

The Sun/Jupiter Conjunction

With an exact conjunction at 10° Aquarius, the Sun and Jupiter are providing the energy for a new expansion of social cooperation.

Our Leo Full Moon is emphasizing the contrast between our ideals and the existing reality. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction is helping us to manage the new collective situation through the realization that ideals and reality are not the same thing.

In other words, our ideals for a sustainable future aren’t the reality in which we currently live. This is where the practical management of Jupiter comes in.

A closer look at the Sabian for the conjunction at 10° Aquarius will provide some additional insight.

ARCHETYPE — The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than screens upon which to project one’s dreams and ideals.
COMMENTARY — To embody a new social ideal energizes and enhances one’s life through the inspiration of universal principles. Social embodiment of a popular idea, however, should never be confused with one’s personal identity as a centralized foundation of selfhood.

What we see with this archetype is the need for personal self-evaluation so that personal identity doesn’t become confused with popular ideas. Our Jupiter conjunction supports your personal expansion in alignment with universal principles, instead of a mere projection of something artificial.


Each of us has an opportunity to expand our thinking and our perspective of the world around us. We are currently entering a new collective situation for humanity that we, as a collective, have never before experienced. The planet Uranus is in the process of activating a higher level of awareness over the entire planet. The Leo Full Moon is supporting that process.

Many of us are experiencing this natural shift in consciousness. A clear indicator that Uranus is active in your consciousness is an aversion to authoritarianism and those who want to control through fear. What will continue to emerge is an intense desire for freedom, independence and liberty. This Leo Full Moon is working as a catalyst for this shift in consciousness.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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