A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity — Pisces New Moon Astrology Report Mar 2, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report Mar 2, 2022

Mar 2 to Mar 31

• 13° Pisces New Moon is Wednesday, Mar 2, 9:34 AM PST
• New Moon Theme: Mar 2 – Mar 31: Foundational Courage for New Directions
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity 

Our Pisces New Moon is initiating a huge change worldwide. What we are about to witness from this New Moon is an entirely new direction for humanity. This isn’t a time to listen to those who are parroting fear and doomsday rhetoric. It’s a time to appreciate just how big the shift is that’s taking place before our very eyes.

These energies are new. The cosmic energies that are coming into form will alter everything you know to be true. For this reason, the New Moon may be hard to understand, and hard to describe, simply because this IS new energy. It’s new and it’s also big. Even more, this new energy is being born out of old energy that is also very big and coming to a close.

For those who know how to look within, the new energies do include practical opportunities, especially through the Pisces spiritual tools of will power and inner strength. These spiritual qualities will help you maintain balance and health, and combat all of the stress and challenge we are facing. 

The Pisces tools of will power and inner strength are a key strategy for fighting fear, inertia and cultural breakdown. This new Pisces connection to individualized power is especially important now in order to succeed in a world that may be operating from a different set of values than your own.

The Importance of Pisces

Pisces always involve bigger types of energies that are continuously expanding. Because these energies are so big, Pisces energies can be difficult to understand and relate to.

1. Pisces is subtle, vast and pervasive. It is present everywhere and permeates everything.
2. Pisces expands through time. Space and time are friends of Pisces because big energies need vastness to fully operate. This is why Piscean processes often require patience and the room to unfold over time
3. Pisces expands through space. It’s not a focused or concentrated type of energy. Space and large areas are needed in order for the distribution quality of Pisces to be effective.

Because it is so pervasive and expands through time and space, it can be hard to identify Pisces energies and hard to describe them. We take them for granted. One practical example of Pisces energy is the idea of “context.” The ability to understand context and see the big picture within a specific detail is an example of a Pisces quality of awareness.

This New Moon is focusing and strengthening your connection to Piscean qualities. Traditional qualities of Pisces include intuition, emotional intelligence, compassion, and love for humanity (humanitarianism). From a spiritual perspective, Pisces is also a powerhouse of positivity. This is why hope, joy, inspiration, and altruistic love are also considered spiritual virtues of Pisces.

These Pisces qualities all support the expanded spiritual virtues of will power and inner strength. These are the spiritual weapons we need to fight the inner battle against the Pisces shadows of fear, inertia and despair. The reason we refer to will power and inner strength as spiritual weapons is to emphasize how effective and powerful they are when they work together to combat the shadow qualities of Pisces fear.

For too long our world has been controlled through fear. For example, it’s only through the use of mass fear that the current control through disinformation and propaganda have any real sway. The depth and power of Pisces energy enables us to transcend personal and collective fear-based consciousness. This is the power that is is available to us now.

The Pisces New Moon - Individual Worth

On a personal level, the Pisces New Moon is directly activating a spiritual quality of individualized Self worth. Self worth requires the inner strength of courage, with the will power to expand your self concept and the ways you view yourself.
The grip of inertia and fear that are so prevalent in the world will begin to vanish once we realize who we really are, and that we have a bigger role to play in the world.
The Sabian archetype of the New Moon at 13° Pisces describes how the spiritual quality of individual worth can manifest in your life through dedication to personal courage and will.  

ARCHETYPE: Through the effectual use of individualized will power, one’s solemn dedication to service can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in their footsteps.
COMMENTARY: Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon for an individualized person. Using it in an undeviating way becomes the mark of individual worth if it is used to meet both the basic challenges of inner life and outer adversaries. Will power used at a spiritual level becomes aligned with Cosmic Will when the Whole is focused through a single individual, but only after the individual has made the Whole aware of their need in a particular situation.

This archetype explains how individualized will power can be used as the ultimate spiritual weapon through service to humanity. As this quality of will power expands it opens a person to alignment within larger cosmic cycles of wholeness which are connected to the Aquarian Age of enlightenment.

This is a Piscean spiritual concept of wholeness, in which the intelligence of the universe is responsive and compassionately aware of each individual, and the transition period that we are currently traversing. In the context of global events, this is quite encouraging and comforting.

Astrology Pattern

Our bowl pattern is a very tight grouping of planets, with Uranus at the lead and a spectacular three-planet conjunction of Pluto, Mars, and Venus all at 28° Capricorn at the trailing edge of the bowl.

This concentrated bowl is focusing specific qualities of growth and expansion, while working within the context of the larger transcendent energies of Neptune and Pluto. This focus is specifically related to how each of us utilize our spiritual values in times of stress and change.

Pluto, Mars, and Venus Conjunct
Pluto is making an exact conjunction with Mars and Venus at 28° Capricorn. This spectacular conjunction is extremely rare. Over the last 1000 years this three-planet conjunction at 28° Capricorn has never occurred.

This conjunction indicates a turning point in history. This occurs both individually and collectively. We can further understand the significance of the conjunction through the archetype it activates at 28° Capricorn. The Sabian archetype reads:

ARCHETYPE: The enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications.
COMMENTARY: A group mastery of cosmic energies bring joy and a complex state of inspiration. The reaching of this plateau creates a level of rest where spontaneity and the thrill of discovery are replaced with a new challenge of discerning the next direction to go, and a responsiveness to many inner voices.

What is being activated with the timing of this spectacular conjunction is the next direction for humanity. Hope, joy, and inspiration are Pisces qualities that are anchoring the next stage of human history. There will be new challenges, but none of us are alone. This indicates the potential for a worldwide response to what our New Moon is initiating. 

This conjunction is another continuing confirmation that the Aquarian Age is not only here but active within the new matrix of freedom and prosperity that the developing new era represents.

Neptune is playing a prominent role in our New Moon chart. Neptune has two sides to its energy pattern. The shadow side of Neptune is responsible for current disinformation, chaos, and deception. The other side of Neptune is the transcendent aspect which includes transparency, seeing the truth of what’s good and right, and high frequency intuitive perceptions. It’s this side of Neptune that is responsible for dissolving the illusions of the outer shell of reality.

Astrology ChartThrough this Neptune process a type of spiritual metamorphosis occurs and high level spiritual values emerge. In this way Neptune is directly involved in exposing the shadow of disinformation and fearfulness so prominent in today’s culture.

We can observe how the shadow elements of Piscean fears have been exploited through Neptune’s shadow for the globalist agenda of cultural control. The antidote to fear is available now, through the focus on spiritual values which are based on freedom and true humanitarianism. This is in direct contrast to the goals of globalism and worldwide control.

With Neptune in Pisces (its rulership), and Jupiter also in Pisces (where it is exalted), the energies of Pisces have become extremely powerful, both at a personal and at a cultural level.

Neptune in Pisces – Building a New Culture
The expansive nature of Neptune in Pisces creates the room for spiritual values to coalesce into ideals that mold entire cultures. It’s through the effectual use of these attitudes and concepts over time (the expanse of space in Pisces) that we are able to build new cultural organizations and institutions.

Neptune has been traversing Pisces for the last 11+ years. These core values and principles of connecting us to something bigger have been quietly operating while Neptune has traversed Pisces. This has allowed Neptune to work most effectively in reshaping global perceptions through the spiritual power of Pisces energy. 

Now our New Moon in Pisces is giving us a new and expanded look to see first-hand what the true value of our global institutions really are, and how they do or don’t operate in the best interest of humanity.

With this New Moon the trajectory of humanity is forever altered.

The conjunction of Pluto, Mars, and Venus indicates a turning point in history. This occurs both individually and collectively. There is no going back to normal. We have reached an inflection point in human history where cosmic energies have come together and initiated a new direction that holds a complex state of inspiration, based in spiritual values for the  good for all of humanity.

Aquarian Age Update

Our spectacular conjunction of Pluto, Mars, and Venus marks a major turning point in human history. The last time Pluto was at 28° Capricorn was during the birth of America in 1776. We should not underestimate the power of this conjunction to bring about positive change and the ability to alter the course of history.
With this astrological conjunction we have reached a major milestone. As a result, we can anticipate this major conjunction to trigger more worldwide events and huge changes in the world. For those of you who are able to fully hear and understand the impact that 2022 will have on human history, this is a time to live with eyes wide open, and to hold no fear.
Changes need to – and will – occur. The changes may seem disruptive, but in the bigger picture they are good and necessary for the golden age of Aquarius to come into full form.


There is no going back to normal. With this New Moon the trajectory of humanity is forever altered. We have reached a turning point in human history where cosmic energies have come together to offer hope, inspiration and a sustainable direction for the growth of freedom to occur.

We are directly in the midst of major changes, both in the world and in our personal lives, as we begin to place a greater reliance on our spiritual values and trust them to guide us forward. With our New Moon we have tools available to increase our will power and inner strength, and use them as spiritual weapons against the forces of inertia, chaos, and despair.

Utilizing our individualized will and inner strength we are able to move forward without fear. We can understand and welcome the necessary changes that must occur as we step into the challenges of humanity’s next steps forward.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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