A Christmas Seed of Excellence — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Dec, 2019

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A Christmas Seed of Excellence — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Dec, 2019


December 24, 2019

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A Christmas Seed of Excellence — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Report Dec, 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Dec 25 to Jan 24

Capricorn New Moon: is Wednesday, Dec 25, 9:13 PM PST
New Moon Theme:  Dec 25 – Jan 24: A SEED OF EXCELLENCE
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

ASTROLOGY ARTICLE — A Christmas Seed of Excellence

Greetings My Dear Friends,
Our December 25th Capricorn New Moon brings a Christmas message of excellence and success to all who are willing and able to move forward with what we have learned from our cumulative past. This Lunar cycle, and in particular this New Moon, sets the stage for everything future to come.

Today is a very special day to remember and to cherish. It’s special not only because of what this holiday has come to mean to each of us individually, but because of today’s historic astrological alignment. On this Christmas day, there is a release of a New Moon seed that begins an entirely new 750-year cycle of potential success.

This Christmas of 2019 is a day for the history books. Today is filled with a powerful new energy that is been planted in the form of a new cultural seed idea. What’s now being released with the New Moon is a new energy that’s now ready to be fully activated within the consciousness of all humanity.

Merry Christmas to the World

This is a day to celebrate all that is excellent and to bring forward the successes that have been securely rooted in our past. I’m speaking not just of our personal past but of our collective past, and not just the past year, but the past five centuries.

We are experiencing the birth of a new great cycle of time. Today all that has culminated over this great period of time has now been condensed into a pure essence. This culmination of essence is what I am calling the Christmas New Moon seed. It’s this New Moon seed that will fuel our new 750-year cycle with a spirit of excellence and success.

In astrological terms, the current stellium in Capricorn, combined with a solar eclipse, is creating additional potency for the seed that’s being released. This seed is made of the highest standards drawn from the previous 500 years. What’s important now and moving forward is that we energize these highest standards of what excellence represents.

Our Christmas Solar eclipse launches this new Lunar cycle that represents the culmination of the previous 500-year cycle and also marks the beginning of a new era.  The previous cycle has now come to a close. This is a time to look forward with hope and a spirit of cooperation.

The Closing Chapter of a 500-Year Cycle

When Pluto and Saturn come together in Capricorn it signifies an opportunity for a new trajectory for an entire civilization for the next 750 years. On its most positive side, the archetype of Capricorn represents a spirit of global cooperation. In its shadow aspect, it represents the other extreme, which is the intent of total global control through totalitarianism.

The significance of the current Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is unprecedented in our lifetime, peaking in the upcoming Full Moon Lunar eclipse on January 10th. Our current Lunar cycle represents the moment of transition between these two great cycles. The last cycle was 500 years, and the coming cycle will be 750 years.

Astrology ChartIt was 502 years ago that Pluto and Saturn made their last conjunction in Capricorn. What is especially significant is that this last conjunction 500 years ago was at 5° of Capricorn, which happens to be the exact degree of our current New Moon (5° Capricorn). Let me say this again so that the significance fully sinks in: Our Christmas New Moon and Solar Eclipse is at the exact same 5-degree marker in Capricorn as the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction that occurred on January 3, 1518. Wow.

Pluto and Saturn are slow-moving planets. Because of their proximity over the past six months, we’ve been tracking and experiencing the effects that are significant to the closing of this current cycle. The formal activation of the current conjunction occurs in two weeks, marked by a Full Moon Eclipse. This will be covered in detail in my next astrology report on January 10th.

What’s most significant about the Lunar cycle that launches today is that we are transitioning from an old 500-year cycle and ushering in a new 750-year cycle.  In two weeks, a new Capricorn seed will be released through the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction. This conjunction signifies what is now being planted in the consciousness of all humanity. This cosmic seed will continue to grow and to bear its fruit over the coming 750 years.

The Capricorn Cultural Seed of Excellence

Our Christmas New Moon seed is imbued with an essence of excellence. This is the type of excellence that leads to an achievement of success over a period of time, both personally and in the lifetime of a culture. This New Moon is the last chapter in what we have previously achieved as a civilization. It’s the final goodbye to the past era, bringing forward what our culture considers the highest standards, or excellence, as the seed of wisdom to set the stage for the next 750-year cycle.

If we have learned anything over the past 500 years it is this: Individual and group success is predicated and proportionate to the excellence of an entire culture. The next 750-year cycle needs to use even higher standards of excellence as a guiding principle in order to maximize future success for our culture and civilization as a whole. If the higher standards of excellence aren’t adopted by the inner structures of a culture and supported at the level of individuals, then the group worth of the entire civilization will deteriorate and corruption will spread.

We have the opportunity to move forward now as a group, bound together by a spirit of excellence. This opportunity to move together in a spirit of excellence becomes the new seed of wisdom that has been handed down and planted in the hearts and minds of us all at this New Moon.

My prayer on this auspicious day of new beginnings is for the activation of this new seed of cultural excellence and future success. May this Christmas day of 2019 mark the planting of this final seed as a gift to humanity from the previous era. May it grow into success for all of humanity as we move forward together. Where we go one, we go all.

Merry Christmas,

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