A New Path to Self-Expression — Leo Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 16, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 16, 2022

Feb 16 to Mar 2

• 28° Leo Full Moon is Wednesday, Feb 16, 8:56 AM PST

• Full Moon Theme: Individuation Feb 16 – Mar 2

• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — A New Path to Self-Expression

Our Leo Full Moon occurs at the midpoint of a powerful Lunar cycle that began two weeks ago with our Aquarius New Moon. Through Leo, our halfway point is expressing the Aquarian energies that we have been describing over the past year.  

Leo’s expressive nature is full of a multitude of inspiring potentials, especially when the individual has developed the necessary discipline to focus their attention in order to see their own individuated path forward.

The Leo Path of Individuation

Leo is one of the most important zodiac signs to support personal individuation. In astrology the term individuation refers to the natural process of developing an authentic selfhood that emerges beyond the unconscious control of the collective.

Leo’s path of individuation occurs over time, in a process through which the individual learns to develop their own sense of personal identity. In this way Leo helps each individual move beyond, or transcend, their reliance on group identity.

Leo is the master of this quality of individualized growth. The Leo path to individuation is important now to help us directly counteract the current cultural trends in which group identity supersedes personal identity.

Leo’s energies are closely aligned with personal identity through the ‘singularity principle’ of the Sun. The term singularity principle refers to the unified (singular) focus of the Sun’s energy. Through this principle of Unity, the Sun reflects an image of the true Self within one’s inner consciousness. This reflection from the Sun is in direct response to the unique divine spark of the Universe, the God principle, within us all.

Through this connection with the Sun, the Leo path of individuation enables each of us to experience a personalized integration into our unique place in humanity as a whole. Through this ongoing process of individuation, each individual experiences the development of Selfhood and directly expresses to the world their own personal reflection of wholeness within their life.

Leo's Role in Uncertain Times

The Aquarian Age is bringing necessary and positive energies of change to the planet. Along with change comes uncertainty. Leo’s traits of leadership and individuation support personal empowerment in times of change. The strength of Leo’s power stems directly from the power of the Sun, which is its ruler. The Sun energizes individual creative power. The Leo qualities of inspiration, self-expression, divine creativity, and individuation are directly energized by the solar principle of the Sun. These qualities are available to each of us now.

Leo Full Moon – Creative Potential
Our Leo Full Moon at 28° holds tremendous potential.  Since the Leo Full Moon is opposite Aquarius, there’s a focus on expressing all of these Leo qualities that are being directly energized by the Aquarius Sun. The Sabian archetype for 28° Leo describes this creative potential.

ARCHETYPE: A broad, and occasionally confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities.
COMMENTARY: When the individual is able to limit their field of vision and activities, these adjustments will provide the focus needed to fully express the most impressive potential from a myriad of inspiring paths for self-expression.

With the uncertainty of our times, Leo’s vast creative energy can be inspiring, but it can also become overwhelming. From the Sabian archetype we can see that it’s necessary now to be willing to make adjustments and focus our attention onto what’s most important. This is the key to not becoming overwhelmed by all the potentialities around us.

The deeper meaning of this focus is to use the opportunity of our circumstances, with Leo’s solar principle of individuality, to become stronger individuals.   

Aquarius Sun – Intelligent Foresight 
Our Sun in the opposing degree of 28° Aquarius indicates the air of uncertainty that humanity is facing. This isn’t a time to respond with fear or trepidation. In fact, our Full Moon in Leo is encouraging us to creatively express the very opposite, as we prepare for the unknown through a new level of foresight, inspiration and will.

The Sabian archetype for 28° Aquarius highlights how intelligent foresight protects us. Expecting the unexpected, we can use intelligent foresight to make good decisions as we prepare for the unknown.

ARCHETYPE: Knowledge and skill used in their natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs.
COMMENTARY: Strength, efficiency, and intelligence are needed to incorporate a harmony capable of permeating life in every action. Foresight can stem from a harmonic that allows for the beauty of rituals and events to become illuminated with a deeper significance. Intelligent foresight involves the individualized use of preparation when outcomes are uncertain. Planned contingencies are necessary during cyclic phases and events.

The Leo principle of individuation is the key to fully understanding and integrating this 28° Aquarius archetype occurring at the Full Moon. Ultimately, the knowledge and skill of intelligent foresight involves an individualized approach to decision making. Individuation provides the solar energy and impulse that enable us to respond to life’s challenges from a vantage point of personal freedom, without the controlling or limiting influence of a group identity.

The Leo-Aquarius Polarity
It’s important to remember that in the big picture Leo and Aquarius energies work together in a complementary fashion. Even though Aquarius is group-oriented and Leo is individual-oriented, the brilliance of an Aquarian group is because it’s comprised of individuated and inspired people. 

Aquarian consciousness is socially oriented toward new levels of progressive freedom, however it must always be balanced with the inspiration and creativity of what it means to be a true individual. Leo provides this balance to Aquarian commitment to the group. Leo’s sense of responsibility is to the self. In Leo the quality of individual responsibility is associated with self-expression and creativity, which then contributes to a new type of group creation in Aquarius.

Life’s challenges are intended to be personal, designed for the growth of the individual. In other words, by design most challenges in life aren’t intended to be solved solely through a group dynamic. Life’s challenges are best addressed first through the individual, since the group tends to subjugate the individual to group controls.   

This ongoing process of individuation through the Leo-Aquarius polarity ensures that true creativity and self-expression are preserved, by separating and protecting one’s divine essence from the control and identity of the group.

Astrology Pattern

Our Full Moon singleton chart pattern has three key areas of focus.

The first main focus in our chart is the Moon in Leo, which is functioning as a singleton. This pattern funnels a tremendous amount of energy from the rest of the chart through the Moon.

In this particular chart the focused energy of the singleton Moon is supporting an Aquarian shift of focus. The Leo Moon is shifting the focus from group control (the Aquarius shadow) toward inspired creativity and individual expression (Leo) that’s capable of reshaping Aquarian groups toward greater societal freedoms.

The second main focus of the chart is on Uranus, and the way that its energies are fanning out and energizing every other planet (with the exception of Neptune – see chart).

Uranus is the ruler  of the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the Aquarian Age. When Uranus interacts with other planets, there’s often an activating, awakening, or acceleration effect that occurs. The significance of the Uranian influence in this chart cannot be over emphasized.   

In our current evolutionary cycle Uranus is stimulating, or quickening, our consciousness at every level of our being. This quickening affects people in different ways. Some of the qualities we can see include brilliance, new inventions, individuation, forward thinking, new social horizons, and the desire for freedom at every level. The shadow qualities of Uranus are also evident. These include fear, anxiety,  Astrology Chartdetermination to maintain the status quo, and acceptance of the societal controls of group identity.

The exact Full Moon degree of Uranus at 11.11° Taurus is also significant. 11.11 has many numerological implications that further emphasize the harmony and universalization of the energies coming forward. This 11:11 synchronicity is yet another indication of the raw power of this particular Lunar cycle.

In my last article (A Call to the Service of Humanity — New Moon Astrology Report Jan 31, 2022), I discussed the significance of our current Lunar cycle in relationship to activation of the coming six months. Now at the Leo Full Moon our collective attention is focused on the importance of balance between the greater collective and the individual. We’ll be watching closely how this dynamic evolves over the coming months, leading up to the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th.

Sun at 28° Aquarius
The third interesting area of focus in our Full Moon chart is the Sun’s position at 28° Aquarius. This position is directly activating the central theme of the Capricorn New Moon on Jan 2nd, when the midpoint of the New Moon bowl chart was also at 28° Aquarius.

The theme of the Capricorn New Moon was ‘Shifting into a New Paradigm‘. I discussed in that article how the 28° Aquarius midpoint in the Jan 2nd New Moon chart set the stage for the following six months, indicating the massive social changes that are on the horizon.

There’s a greater astrological significance in play now with our 28° Aquarius Sun, which revisits that theme and indicates a potential path forward that minimizes unnecessary challenges. This is because the Lunar cycles build over time, and the patterns support each other as the energies build.

The significance of this synchronicity at Aquarius 28° speaks directly to the larger patterns of Cosmic harmony and synchronicity. We can see this in the timing of movements that are occurring worldwide, where individuals across the planet are awakening to a higher frequency of freedom. These types of worldwide shifts represents the next phase of the dawning of our new Aquarian Age. 

Aquarian Age Update

As we continue to move into the Age of Aquarius, group identity will be gradually replaced by group participation, expressed as an aspect of free will and free choice. Group participation will become a choice, not a requirement for social acceptance.
In Aquarian consciousness group identity and participation will continue to evolve into an expanded vision of humanity operating as a unified group, emphasizing freedom of choice and without artificial divisions that require acceptance. No longer will there be segregation of peoples based on group differences, in the ways we are currently seeing this process being used as a divisive element throughout the world.
When the natural development of personal individuation is replaced by the Aquarian shadow quality of group identity, then humanity becomes divided and controlled by those same divisions. Where this shadow quality of group control takes root, then the natural development of planetary evolution is slowed or temporarily halted.
This idea of moving away from group identity to group participation may be a new Aquarian Age concept for some. As the Aquarian Age becomes more established in the consciousness of humanity, we can expect group politics, group control, and group identity to become gradually replaced by voluntary and inspired group participation, with new models of organization and federations of individuated members of the human race.


This Leo Full Moon is highly significant as we move further into the coming six month phase of growth, with Aquarian energies operating in full force. We are collectively in a process of shifting our awareness away from group identity and away from groups that control by segregating differences and assigning social designations of acceptance and behavior.
This empowering Leo Moon is inspiring new levels of personal responsibility toward individuation and the freedoms that follow. It’s the rising of empowered individuals that is needed now. It’s inspired individuals who will keep the collective in balance as we move forward together, seeing others not for their differences, but for our common humanity.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  2. Thank you again. Deeply grateful for this input during such a radically charged week here in Canada. Needing to focus in order not to be overwhelmed. And the Hope you observe, drawing us beyond the grievous events of dismantling. . .

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